14 Secret Senior Discounts You Need To Know

Aging is not pretty, but it comes with its perks. You don’t have to play nice, wear uncomfortable clothes, and complain, which can be perceived as charming. It also comes with senior discounts, some of which are not well known, though they likely deserve your attention. We listed some you might like the most, and among them are those that include AARP membership, which costs $12 annually. 

Marriott hotels 

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If you’re over 62 and planning a trip, you can stay in a Marriott hotel for a reduced price. Your room will be at least 10 percent cheaper, and all you have to do is book the Senior Rate. You can prove your age via I.D. or driving license. 

Steak ‘n Shake

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Steak’ n Shake offers 10 percent off every Monday and Tuesday for those over 50. If you are part of the Steak’ n Shake Rewards Club, you can also collect points to earn rewards and get a free milkshake if you download the app. 

Rite Aid wellness

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Rite Aid rewards citizens over 65 with extra points, free consultations with pharmacists, and blood pressure screening. Each month, you learn about topics vital to your overall health. You have to become a member, and the only requirement is to be 65+. 


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You don’t have to be officially senior to get a discount at Walgreens. People over 55 can save 20% online and in stores. This offer is valid every first Tuesday of each month, so remember to set your alarms for the Seniors Day discount. This offer applies to the majority of Walgreens products, though not all, and you can check out the list on the website. 


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If you’re looking for new clothes, beauty products, or gifts, you can check out Kohl’s selection and get 15 percent off if you are over 60. It applies in stores only, and you must show proof of your age at checkout. To find out more, visit the website or check out the nearest store every Wednesday.


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Applebee’s offers 10-15 percent discounts, depending on the location. For those over 60, a Golden Apple Card may be required. If you are unsure about your local Applebee’s, call them before claiming your discount. 

U.S. National Parks

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If you are a nature lover, this one’s for you. National Parks Senior Annual Pass costs only $20, while the lifetime pass is $80. This offer applies to all U.S. citizens over 62 and allows you to explore thousands of parks nationwide. These passes cover entrance and amenity fees. 

AMC Theatres

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AMC Theatres has programs for seniors, students, and military personnel. Discounts depend on your location, and if you’re over 60, check out the list of all locations that will welcome you with cut prices. 


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AARP members can get 15 percent off products and some services and 5 percent off domestic and international shipping at UPS. All you have to do is find a store and use the AARP membership advantages. 

Papa John’s

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In addition to UPS, AARP members get 20% off regular menu prices on online orders at Papa John’s. This discount can be handy when watching movies with your family or during a poker night.


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Amtrak seniors over 65 can earn a 10 percent discount. All you need is proof of age. The discounts are accessible for the majority of trains and most destinations, but remember to check out before your trip and enjoy the ride. 


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AARP members can get exclusive deals with LensCrafters. You pay $55 for an eye exam, 50 percent off for purchasing lenses, 30 percent off for sunglasses, and 15 percent off for frames. 


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Chili’s also has great news for those over 55. Chili’s restaurants offer a 10% discount in most locations. The offer is valid on all items except alcohol. You may get even more discounts if you join My Chili’s Rewards program. 

Krispy Kreme

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Delicious Krispy Kreme offers 10 percent off for all over 50. Additionally, you get a free donut with the purchase of a coffee as part of Krispy Kreme’s way of ensuring their customers are well-fed.

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