16 Things Your Kids Are Hoping to Receive After You’re Gone (More Than Just Money)

There’s no guarantee on how long you’ll be around for your children, but you can make arrangements to leave them things that truly matter to them once you’re no longer here.

A Properly-Prepared Will

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A well-prepared will can seem like a beacon of clarity amidst the chaos of grief. A will is your ultimate statement about your life’s accumulation—it outlines your final wishes and ensures they’re respected. To prevent any misunderstandings or legal hurdles, ensure that your will is crystal clear about how you want your assets divided after you pass away. Incorrectly titled assets or ambiguous instructions can lead to disputes or legal challenges. 

  • Pro Tip: Seek the help of an estate planning attorney to spare your kids from any potential hassle. Their expertise can help ensure your will is both legally sound and structured in a way that minimizes the risk of it being contested.

Family Keepsakes


When the time comes to reminisce about the past, those seemingly mundane items—watches, jewelry, or that antique chair from the living room—often carry the weight of memories and heritage. 

These will act as tangible connections to family stories and histories, cherished across generations.

Heartfelt Words


Imagine finding a dusty stack of letters or well-worn journals tucked away in a drawer. These personal writings often become invaluable, providing a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of loved ones. 

They serve as a direct line to their personal world, offering comfort and understanding that transcends time.

Financial Security


Building a robust savings account, securing comprehensive insurance policies, and making smart investments are all essential steps to ensure financial stability. This forward-thinking approach equips your family with the necessary financial resources and instills a sense of security. 

It reassures them that they will be protected and supported in the future, allowing them to face life’s uncertainties with confidence. The value of such preparedness is immeasurable, offering material security and emotional peace of mind.

Photos and Videos


Family photos and videos are a bridge for the past, capturing fleeting moments and turning them into lifelong memories. 

These can be as simple as an old photo of a family picnic or a video of a holiday dinner, but they offer a precious glimpse into our collective past, helping to strengthen bonds and keep the stories of previous generations accessible and alive.

Lifelong Friends’ Contact Information


One valuable legacy you can leave behind is the contact information of close friends and mentors. 

These connections provide your children with a network of support and advice that can guide them as they continue their journey, keeping them connected to those who shared important parts of your life.

Personal Creations


Items like handcrafted artwork or unique crafts carry a personal touch that transcends ordinary possessions. These creations often become family treasures, symbolizing the creativity and passion of the ones who made them. 

Preserving these items ensures that future generations can cherish and draw inspiration from these tangible expressions of family talent and love.

Art and Literature


Collections of art and books often become cherished heirlooms, reflecting the cultural and aesthetic values of a family. 

These collections offer insight into the artistic preferences and intellectual pursuits of previous generations, serving as a source of both inspiration and education for the future.

Life Stories and Anecdotes


Sharing your life stories and family anecdotes ensures that the lessons and laughter of past generations endure. 

In addition to entertaining, these stories also impart life lessons and build a family’s identity through shared history and values.

Digital Wealth

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In our digital era, assets like online businesses, digital art, or cryptocurrencies are increasingly important. 

These digital holdings can represent significant financial value and embody the modern advancements in how we create, exchange, and preserve wealth.

Personal Videos and Voice Recordings


Videos and voice recordings of you can become priceless treasures, giving your children the chance to hear your voice and see you. 

These personal snippets allow them to relive moments with you, providing comfort and a vivid memory of your presence.

Life Experience and Accumulated Wisdom


The value of sharing life lessons and advice cannot be overstated. This accumulated wisdom—gained from personal experiences and challenges—are often imparted through stories and advice, becoming invaluable guides for future generations. 

This exchange of knowledge helps your kids deal with life’s challenges and also preserves the essence of personal and family identities through generations.

A Letter to Each Child


Writing a personal letter to each of your children can be an incredibly meaningful gift. 

In these letters, you can express your love, hopes, and dreams for them, providing comfort and guidance for moments when you can’t be there in person.

Tailored Wisdom for Each Child


Offering personalized advice to each child is sure to leave a lasting impact. 

This tailored guidance reflects the unique relationship and understanding between a parent and each child, helping them face their individual life challenges with confidence.

Favorite Family Recipes


Recipes and culinary traditions hold a unique place in our heritage, surpassing even the most sophisticated written works in personal value. Favorite family recipes serve as a reminder of home’s warmth and traditions, rich with family history and shared joy. They also offer comfort and a sense of continuity, letting your children recreate cherished family moments with every meal.

Each dish is bursting with the flavors and stories of ancestors, providing a comforting link to the past and a shared sense of heritage. By preserving these culinary traditions, families uphold a continuous sense of identity and celebrate their rich history with every meal they share. 

The Times Spent Together


Ultimately, the most precious inheritance might be the memories of shared experiences. 

These moments—from simple everyday activities to special occasions—form the emotional backbone of a family’s history and are treasured far beyond any material possession.

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