43 Hazardous Items You Should NEVER Buy From a Thrift Shop

Once a haven for frugal shoppers, thrift shopping has become a thrilling and economical way to shop for many. However, caution is advised—not every item is safe to purchase, and some can bring hassles and health hazards that make their low price tags unworthy.



The thought of purchasing a used mattress can be quite unsettling. 

Beyond the discomfort of sleeping on something that has been used by someone else (let your imagination run wild), mattresses from thrift stores can hide bed bugs, dust mites, and a variety of allergens. Coupled with the difficulty of thoroughly cleaning them, these risks make new mattresses the safer, cleaner choice for a good night’s rest.



It might seem like stating the obvious, but it’s worth repeating—never buy used underwear. The hygiene and personal safety risks are significant. Dirty underwear can become a hotbed for bacteria like yeast and E. coli, posing serious health threats. 

Undergarments should only be purchased if they are guaranteed to be unworn, complete with panty liners and original tags intact. Prioritize your well-being and opt for new when it comes to any personal garments.

Car Seats


The history of a used car seat is a mystery, often hiding potential past accidents that could affect its structural integrity. 

With frequent updates in safety standards, older car seats might not even meet current safety criteria. For peace of mind and the safety of your little one, buying a new car seat is always the best route.



Used shoes often come with a history of wear and potential foot health issues, like fungus or skin infections from previous owners. Moreover, shoes that have molded to another person’s feet can cause discomfort and problems like corns and blisters for new wearers. 

For comfort, health, and durability, new shoes are the best choice.

Furniture with Dated Fabric


That vintage couch might look chic, but it could be harboring harmful chemicals. Many pieces manufactured between 1984 and 2010 used fire retardant chemicals in the fabric, which can pose health risks. 

To avoid potential toxins, steer clear of old furniture or have a sample tested by experts before making it a part of your home.



Consider the history of a pre-owned rug before bringing it into your home. 

They can harbor years of stains, allergens, mold, and mildew, which can be a nightmare for anyone, especially if you have allergies. Opting for a new rug is not only cleaner but also safer for maintaining indoor air quality.

Antique Crystal


Antique crystal ware is beautiful but best left on display rather than used for dining. 

Pieces like glasses and decanters made before modern regulations might contain high levels of lead oxide, posing health risks if used for food or drink. It’s safer to admire these items from afar.



When it comes to bedding—sheets, duvet covers, and blankets—it’s wise to choose new. 

There’s no fail-safe method to thoroughly sanitize used bedding, and considering the amount of time you spend enveloped in these fabrics, investing a bit more for new items ensures both cleanliness and comfort.

Workout Equipment


The condition of second-hand workout equipment can significantly impact its safety and effectiveness. 

Items like weights, yoga mats, and exercise machines may have hidden wear that could pose safety risks. 

Kitchen Appliances


Thrift stores might be treasure troves for vintage finds, but when it comes to kitchen appliances like blenders, food processors, or mixers, think twice before buying. 

If you can’t test these appliances to ensure they work properly, it’s best to pass them by. Opt for new appliances to guarantee functionality and safety.



The allure of a bargain-priced used laptop can be strong, but the risks often outweigh the savings. Pre-owned laptops may lack key components like operating systems or hard drives, and their care history is a mystery. 

For peace of mind and guaranteed functionality, investing in a new laptop with a warranty is a far better choice.

Personal Electronic Devices


Buying used personal electronics like earphones or smartphones can be risky due to hygiene concerns and the potential for residual data from previous owners. 

These items often lack warranties, which can be problematic with issues like battery life. 

Damaged Clothing


Shopping for vintage clothing can be thrilling, but it’s important to inspect each item closely. Look out for stains, tears, and odors that can render a garment unwearable. 

Always take your time to check each piece thoroughly to avoid the frustration of buying damaged clothing that you cannot return.

Stuffed Animals


While those second-hand teddy bears might capture your heart with their worn-in charm, they could also bring a host of unwelcome germs and bacteria into your home. 

Instead of trying to sanitize these plush pals (a real hassle), it’s wiser to opt for new, germ-free stuffed toys for your little ones.



Dreaming of a blissful night’s sleep? A pristine, new pillow might be the best choice. While the temptation to snag a deal on used pillows from a thrift shop might be strong, it’s a risky move. 

According to health experts, pillows are breeding grounds for germs, hosting a slew of unwelcome guests like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Stick to buying new to keep your sleeping space sanitary and comfy.

Pet Furniture


Just as you’d likely pass on a second-hand mattress due to its unknown past and potential unpleasant surprises, the same caution should apply to pet furniture. 

Dog beds, for instance, come with histories you can’t see but definitely wouldn’t want in your house. Stick to new purchases to ensure your pet’s space is fresh and clean.

Bed Linens and Towels


While the idea of saving a few bucks on bed linens and towels might be tempting, the reality is often less appealing. 

Used linens can come with stains, tears, and a buildup of allergens and bacteria. They also tend to lose their softness and absorbency over time. Investing in new linens ensures that your home remains clean and comfortable.

Old Dishware


Vintage dishware can add a touch of elegance to your home, but it may also come with hidden dangers like lead. 

If safety concerns you, opt for newer tableware for everyday use and reserve those antique dishes for decoration only.

Construction Materials


If you’re eyeing up architectural salvage like old doors, windows, or moldings, be cautious of lead, especially in items pre-dating 1978. 

Before committing to that distressed window frame, conduct a lead paint test using an available kit to ensure it’s safe to bring into your home.



Hygiene is non-negotiable when it comes to swimwear, making used options less desirable. Pre-owned swimwear often suffers from wear and tear like stretched elastic and weakened fabric, which reduces its effectiveness at protecting against UV rays. 

For hygiene and durability, new swimwear is recommended.



Though thrifted hats might offer style at a low price, they come with risks. 

Used hats can be breeding grounds for lice and bacteria. If you’re set on a second-hand hat, consider the potential hygiene issues before making your purchase.

Slow Cookers


The charm of vintage slow cookers is undeniable, but so is the risk. Faulty wiring and worn-out motors are real concerns with older appliances. 

For safety, it’s best to purchase new slow cookers—and while you’re at it, check that smoke detector battery too.

Rain Boots

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While finding rain boots at a thrift store might seem like a steal, remember that waterproofing can degrade over time. Worn-out boots may let water in, leading to uncomfortable, soggy feet. 

For reliable dryness and comfort, it’s best to invest in a new pair of rain boots.

Suitcases and Travel Bags


Travel smart with durable and clean luggage. 

Used suitcases and travel bags might come with hidden damages or cleanliness issues from previous adventures, risking both the security and hygiene of your belongings. Opting for new luggage ensures that your travel essentials are well-protected and ready for any journey.

Pots and Pans


Daily-use items like pots and pans are better purchased new. Over time, cookware can accumulate food residues and even begin to release harmful chemicals if the surfaces are worn or damaged. 

To ensure safe and healthy cooking, replace your pots and pans every few years.

Plastic Storage Containers


Secondhand plastic storage containers may seem like a savvy purchase, but they often come with hidden issues. 

Wear and tear such as warps, lost lids, and scratches can make them less effective and even unsafe, as damaged containers can harbor bacteria and potentially release harmful chemicals. For safety and durability, investing in new storage containers is advisable.

Children’s Toys


Safety should never be compromised, especially when it comes to children’s toys. 

Toys from thrift stores, while economical, might not adhere to current safety standards and could be damaged or contain hazardous materials no longer used in manufacturing new toys. To ensure the safety and health of children, it’s best to purchase new toys that comply with the latest regulations.

Television Sets


That discounted flat-screen might be tempting, but thrift store TVs often come without a full warranty, leaving you vulnerable if something goes wrong. Additionally, older models might be more costly to repair than buying a new one. 

For the best features and reliability, opt for a new television.



Using second-hand makeup (even if unopened) poses risks such as bacterial infections and skin irritations. The history of these products is unknown, including their expiration dates and whether they’ve been tampered with. 

To stay safe, always buy cosmetics from reputable sources.

Wigs and Hair Extensions


Second-hand wigs and hair extensions can be problematic in terms of both hygiene and aesthetics. They may not match your hair color or texture well and could have diminished quality from previous use. 

For the best look and cleanliness, buy these items new.



Medications should always be prescribed by a healthcare professional and purchased from a licensed pharmacy. 

Even over-the-counter medicines should be bought new to safety and effectiveness.

Computer Software and Media


Be wary of buying older software or media from thrift stores as they might be outdated (or, worse, pirated). 

Outdated software can be incompatible with current systems, and illegal copies carry legal risks. Always purchase software and media from reliable, official sources.



Shopping in the jewelry section of a thrift store without expert knowledge can lead to disappointing purchases. What appears to be a steal might actually be low-quality or costume jewelry. 

For genuine quality and value, consider purchasing jewelry from reputable sources where authenticity is guaranteed.



Opting for second-hand lingerie isn’t only a question of fit—it’s a matter of hygiene. 

Pre-owned lingerie may have been altered by its previous owner’s body shape and could carry hygiene risks. To ensure comfort and cleanliness, purchasing new lingerie is advisable.

Non-Stick Cookware


Damaged non-stick cookware, such as items with scratched or peeling surfaces, can be hazardous. These imperfections may release harmful chemicals during cooking. 

For your health, replace any non-stick items showing signs of wear with new, safe cookware.

Vacuum Cleaners


Buying a used vacuum might seem like a steal, but it could turn out to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. With key components like belts, hoses, and bags showing wear after about eight years, a thorough check is essential. 

Even if it seems to work at first glance, the longevity and efficiency might disappoint. For a truly clean start, opting for a new vacuum is the smarter, hassle-free choice.

Medical Equipment


When it comes to your health, accuracy is non-negotiable. 

Pre-owned medical equipment like blood pressure monitors and glucose meters may deliver inaccurate results and also pose serious health risks due to potential contamination with bacteria and other pathogens. For dependable and safe health monitoring, it’s essential to invest in new medical equipment.



Used strollers are a gamble not worth taking. 

Strollers from thrift stores may not comply with current safety standards, posing risks that outweigh any cost savings. Like fitting into someone else’s shoes, a used stroller may not suit your baby’s needs or provide the necessary safety.

Baby Cribs


The stakes are high with used baby cribs, given the frequent safety recalls and improvements in standards over the years. 

To avoid any risks that could come with outdated or worn-out cribs, it’s advisable to steer clear of second-hand options. Your baby deserves a safe and secure sleeping environment, best guaranteed by a new crib.

Helmets and Safety Gear


When your safety is on the line, second-hand helmets and protective gear are a risky bet. These items may have been compromised in past accidents, diminishing their protective capabilities. 

For activities requiring helmets or pads, buying new ensures you receive products that meet the latest safety standards and are free from unseen damage.

Cooking Utensils


Old, worn-out cooking utensils perform poorly and can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Investing in new utensils ensures that your cooking tools are effective, clean, and safe, helping you avoid any unnecessary risks in the kitchen.

Anything that Smells Weird 


Falling for a piece of furniture like a rug, sofa, or bed with a strange smell can be a misstep. An odd aroma could be a mix of mold, dust, pet stains, or chemical residues from old paints and stains, and pinpointing the exact cause is nearly impossible. 

Odor removal can also be both expensive and time-consuming. Trust your nose—if it smells odd in the store, it will smell odd in your home. 

Anything with Old or Chipping Paint


When it comes to items with old or chipping paint, exercise caution. 

According to health guidelines, these pieces might contain lead paint, which poses significant health risks. Always test for lead before making a purchase to ensure safety, especially with vintage finds.

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