Amazon Prime Student Vs Prime

Amazon Prime Student Vs Prime: What Are The Differences?

Is Amazon Prime Student the same as Amazon Prime? It’s one of the most common questions that comes to a new user’s mind. In this comprehensive comparison, you will learn about two popular membership programs of online giant Amazon: Amazon Prime Student VS Amazon Prime.

There are different types of Amazon membership programs. Among them, Amazon Prime is probably the most popular membership program. If online shopping is your thing, this is the membership you want. If you are in college and looking to save a few bucks, there is another membership plan for you. It’s the Amazon Prime Student program, which is much more affordable for students than Amazon Prime.

Below you will get to know what these programs are and how they will benefit you. Eventually, you can decide which one is most suitable for you and worth your penny.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a membership program specially designed for college students. This one provides students with a six-month free trial with a lot of excellent benefits included in it.

Any college student with an email address of extension will be eligible to get a Prime Student subscription. This will be valid until a student graduates from their respective institutes.

Amazon Prime Student can benefit students for their educational purposes as they can collect their books and resources easily. Also, students can enjoy many popular movies and TV shows with their membership to get a break from study-related stress and anxiety.

Pros Cons
6-month free trial No sharing with others
Unlimited access to Prime Reading,  Prime Gaming, and Amazon Music Prime
Also access to free videos, free eBooks, audiobooks, and more
Exclusive deals and discounts for student members
Lower membership fee

Cost of Amazon Prime Student

The Prime Student program costs only $69 a year for four years or until graduation. However, it’s only $44.94 for the first year, courtesy of Grubhub’s 6-month trial. 

Students can also choose to pay monthly. The membership is $7.49 per month, making it slightly more expensive than the yearly plan.

Amazon Prime Student Benefits

Compared to Amazon Prime, young learners get to enjoy limited benefits with the Prime Student membership. This is acceptable, considering the fact that the Prime Student program costs half of what Amazon Prime charges and offers a more extended trial period.

Here are some key benefits of Prime Student–

Prime Reading

The main feature of Prime Student is the accessibility to a huge selection of e-books and magazines. This feature can be very helpful for developing the reading habits of students. Not to mention, it can also help students keep up with their studies.

Amazon Audible

The membership also allows the users to explore a great selection of audiobooks and originals from Amazon Audible. You can even enjoy this fantastic feature after subscribing to the Audible free trial period.

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Prime Music

Users can enjoy the wide range of music available on Amazon. The ad-free experience is surely a plus.

Referral Bonuses

If you are looking for ways to make extra money, the Amazon referral program allows you to make a few bucks. But in the trial period, users don’t get to earn money by referring their friends to Amazon.

Although these features get unlocked after the trial period ends, all the other benefits from Amazon Prime are also available in the Student Prime program.

There are some exclusive benefits to the Prime Student as well.

Early Access

This one is available for both Amazon Prime and Prime Student memberships. It’s the privilege of having access to lightning deals 30 minutes before regular Amazon users.

Saving on Textbooks

Amazon Student enables students to rent textbooks, which is a massive help for them as it saves a lot of their money. Also, Amazon’s discount makes it much cheaper to buy the book than any other place. Moreover, users can sell their books back to Amazon once they are done reading their books.

College Deals

Amazon Student gives the students their very own discount opportunity. It’s called college deals. With this feature, students can enjoy discounts on electronics, beauty items, video games, and snacks. However, this is limited to Amazon Prime Student members.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon is, without a doubt, the biggest online marketplace out there. None can deny its quality service and massive variety of product lines. To keep up with that, Amazon offers premium membership programs that come with a lot of benefits.

Amazon Prime is one of those programs. As soon as you sign up for the Prime membership, you become a premium member of Amazon, which opens up a lot of extra benefits for you. But this additional benefit comes with a cost.

Anyone who shops online regularly will surely enjoy the amazon prime membership program. It’s also an excellent option for students who are just getting started at college or university. Amazon Prime will save both their time and money.

Pros Cons
30-day free trial Higher annual cost
Exclusive access to Prime Video, Prime Reading,  Prime Gaming, and Amazon Music Prime
Also access to free videos, free eBooks, audiobooks, and more
The convenience of sharing with household members

What does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon first launched its Prime program in the U.S. in 2013 and has since rolled out similar services across most countries.

Amazon Prime has only a one-month free trial, after which the membership charge is $139 per year. You can also pay $14.99 as a monthly fee for a Prime membership. Now you are probably wondering, is it really worth the money?

Key Benefits of Amazon Prime

The features of Prime membership may be different from country to country. However, two things have made the amazon prime program popular. One is unlimited free same-day or two-day shipping, and another is access to thousands of movies and TV shows online. Let’s find out more about amazon prime benefits.


When you become a member of Amazon Prime, you get benefits like free shipping within two days of the order. If you want, you can also get your product within 2 hours of ordering. These benefits are limited to eligible zip codes. The 2-hour delivery benefit is called Prime Now.


You can access your favorite movies and shows from Showtime, HBO, and other channels without any cable or additional apps. You get to watch your favorite shows for an extra $4.99 to $14.99.

Maybe you love to hear songs on the go. Well, get a load of all the music you like with Prime membership— unlimited music from all genres without any annoying ads popping up on the screen. Also, don’t worry about those high prices anymore if you have an Amazon Music account. With the Prime membership, you can get discounts on Amazon music and enjoy the beats you were craving.

Like to read a lot? But don’t want the hassle of buying books? Then get on board with Amazon Prime’s digital library. Here you can borrow books on your tablet, Kindle reader, or different reading apps.


You get some additional benefits on shopping from Amazon with a Prime membership. Now, you can order household items and groceries from the Prime Pantry just by paying an additional delivery fee. Also, prime membership serves you special packages and 2-hour delivery in selected areas.

Other Benefits

Along with all those benefits, you get to enjoy some additional benefits like membership sharing.

Key Differences between Amazon Student VS Amazon Prime

Actually, there’re no significant differences between an Amazon Prime Student account and a regular Amazon Prime account. Both programs share some common key benefits. Such as:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • Unlimited kindle books
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Free same-day delivery in some areas

While Amazon Student offers a 6-month free trial, new amazon prime members only get a 30-day free trial. For many, it’s a huge deal when deciding between a Prime Student account and a regular Amazon Prime account.

If you are a music lover, you should pay a little attention here. Prime Student program offers unlimited music streaming via Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 per month. You will also love features like ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and offline streaming. In comparison, Amazon Prime costs $8.99/month for Amazon Music Unlimited access.

There are also some minor differences. Amazon Prime has some additional benefits, such as account sharing. With account sharing, you get the opportunity to share Amazon Prime benefits with other adult family members and children. Also, you can enjoy up to 15% discount on baby registry items.

You can share a traditional Amazon Prime with one adult or up to four children. But the Amazon Student Prime account isn’t sharable. One account only belongs to a single user.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Student has features like college deals and savings on textbooks. You can trade your used books using prime student and get back up to 80% of their price. Amazon also offers deals and discounts for students through offer partners on specific items, which could be helpful for college students.

Summary: Prime Student VS Amazon Prime

Actually, both programs are great additions to Amazon. And yes, they are definitely worth the money in terms of the benefits. Amazon Prime Student is, without a doubt, the best solution for students’ needs. It fulfills every requirement a student can have in their student life.

But not everyone is eligible to become a member of Amazon Student Prime. So, they both have their pros and cons.

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