Baby Gates for Stairs

10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs in 2023

When your baby starts to crawl, there’s no slowing down, especially the toddler age. However, it’s not all bliss when your kid can climb up the stairs, as there are significant risks associated with that. If you don’t become aware of the looming danger, some serious injury could occur. That’s why you need to put up baby gates on places like the top of stairs, the bottom of stairs, and doorways.

A baby gate is an essential baby-proofing product as far as your baby’s safety is concerned. Like a pool fence, a baby gate for stairs can offer a safety barrier in precarious spots throughout your home.

Now that you understand the importance of baby gates for stairs, the next step is determining the right baby gate for your home. As a parent, you might find the selection process a little tricky as there are different types of baby gates out there. Don’t worry. We have featured some of the best baby gates for stairs in this comprehensive guide. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the discussion.

Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Top 3 Picks

Best Baby Gate for Top of the Stairs: Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate

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Toddleroo Baby Gate is a hardware-mounted gate ideal for mounting on top of stairs and large indoor openings. It’s one of the most popular baby gates for stairs on Amazon and is highly recommended for parents on a budget.

Firstly, the gate is solid as a rock! It comes with heavy-duty metal and vertical bars to provide a durable structure. The design has all the safety enhancements to prevent your child from climbing over the vertical bars.

Unlike some baby gates on the market, this particular baby gate has greater reassurance of safety. For example, it doesn’t have a threshold bar that means it won’t cause trip hazards. Other than that, you’ll get real value and satisfactory performance just like those high-end gates.

The style of this gate is elegant, which will look good in your home. While you should look for a gate that complements other things in your home, the assembly should also be an essential consideration. The good thing is this unit is easy to assemble and comes with everything for a hassle-free installation.

The hardware-mounted locks are easy to open and close with one hand. When not using it, you can simply collapse it into a small package for storage. The flexibility of this gate makes it versatile as you can adjust the width to fit different spaces. What’s more. Toddleroo Baby Gates are JPMA and ASTM-certified.


  • The one-hand operation feature allows you to open the gate easily when holding your child
  • A thoughtfully designed gate for the top of the stairs
  • No threshold bar reduces the risk of trip hazards


  • The instruction manual isn’t straightforward to follow

Best Baby Gate for Stairs with Banister: Regalo 2-in-1 Wall Mounted Baby Gate

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If you are looking for a baby gate for stairs with a railing, you can check out Regalo two-in-one gate. This stairway and hallway wall-mounted baby gate is an ideal choice for parents seeking to enhance their children’s safety at home.

First of all, it’s super wide and can expand up to 43″, so you can easily cover your extra-wide staircase. Also, the 30.5″ tall gate won’t allow your active toddlers to climb above it. Further, it’s durably made for long-lasting use.

Not just it looks good, it will also blend well with your home decor. Additionally, it’s a multi-functional gate that you can use on the doorways and many other places in your home. So, this gate will be a valuable addition to your home.

The installation is easy since it comes with everything for hassle-free mounting. Inside the package, you’ll find poles, corner protectors, banister adapters, plastic spacers, and other mounting hardware. So, you can set it up in no time. The removal process is bliss as well.

In terms of safety, the gate has all the safety features to address new parent’s safety concerns. Once your baby outgrows it, you can use it for keeping pets where they should be and safe.


  • A versatile gate that can be used for doorway, hallway, top, and bottom of stairs
  • Durable construction ensures the utmost safety for your child
  • Very useful if you have a wide staircase
  • No tools are needed for setting it up


  • The locking mechanism is somewhat difficult to lift with one hand

Best Baby Gate for Bottom of the Stairs: Safety 1st Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate

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From baby first-aid kit to baby room humidifier, safety first is well-known for producing quality baby products. Safety 1st Baby Gate is another well-designed product from the brand. If you are wondering why the Safety 1st Baby Gate made it to our top picks, take a look at the features. 

This gate has a classical design that allows you to open and close the gate with one hand quickly. Indeed, the baby gate is very appealing, thanks to the combination of modern design and color. However, don’t think that your child can open it easily. The gate comes with height protection so that the baby doesn’t climb over it, and it’s wide enough to fit in many places.

It’s a pressure-mounted gate that means you can use it for the bottom of the stairs or the doorways. As it comes with a tool-free design, you don’t need tools to mount this gate. And your walls will look as good as new ones since the installation doesn’t require drilling holes in them.

This gate has an innovative design as it comes with a pressure indicator. Therefore, it lets you know when you need to adjust the pressure for enhanced safety.

Unlike some gates, it comes with three size adjustments so that you can mount it in places such as wide doorways and openings. This feature increases flexibility or versatility.

Finally, this gate has passed all the quality tests for safety, hence an excellent choice for parents.


  • Innovative design to guide you during the installation process 
  • JPMA-certified baby gate with one-year limited warranty
  • Tools and hassle-free pressure-mounted installation 
  • The baby gate is sturdy and well-designed


  • The locking mechanism could be more user-friendly 

Baby Gates for Stairs

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Cumbor has an innovative baby gate that will keep your baby safe and secure in a closed area. This baby gate has a retractable design that allows it to extend to a maximum of 44 inches. Also, it is 30.5 inches tall. Therefore, you can fit it on any openings, door, or stairways. The mesh design blends well with your home decor. And it is easy to retract away when you’re not using it, making it a space-saving option.

One unique thing about this gate is that the door would stay open when pushed to 90 degrees, making it incredibly easy to use for anyone. Also, there is a locking mechanism on the top for busy parents.

Like most new parents, you will feel that the safety lock feature is a great addition to this gate. The gate is easy to mount as it comes with an installation hardware kit. Plus, once your child outgrows it, you can recycle it to use inside the house or outside on the patio. You can also use it to keep your adorable pets confined at night.


  • This versatile baby gate can serve multiple purposes very well
  • The baby gate is adjustable to fit extra-wide doors/stairs
  • It has a lock feature on the top that makes it safe 


  • The gate’s price is on the high side  

Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate

Evenflo never disappoints when it comes to making high-quality baby products. That is why this safety gate is one of our highly recommended baby gates for stairs. Other than serving its primary purpose well, it will be a great addition to your home.

This baby gate is ideal for use at the top of the stairs to protect your child from accidental falls. It’s pretty versatile since you can also use it on the doorways and the bottom of the stairs. As it lacks the bottom trip-hazard bar, you might think twice before installing it at the bottom of the stairs.

When it comes to installation, the hardware-mounted design makes installation a breeze. Thus within a few minutes, your gate will be fully functional. Best of all, it is easy to operate using the one-hand glide handle.

For a convenient walk-through, the gate swings in both ways. The dimension of this gate is perfect to fit it in most spaces. It is 33 inches high. Thus, your child can’t climb over it.


  • Versatile and sturdy baby gate for top and bottom of the stairs  
  • The one-hand handle makes it easy to open and close 
  • The gate swings open in both ways 


  • No trip hazard bars at the bottom 

Summer Banister and Stair Gate

Summer banister stair gate is popular for various reasons. For new parents, it’s relatively easy to install using the dual installation kit.

The dual installation kit makes it easy to put it on the stairways and the doorways. You don’t need to drill anything, and the whole process will last a few minutes. With a height of 33 inches, this gate can fit openings between 32 and 48 inches.

The convenience of this gate is another reason users like it. Once you install this gate, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to operate. You can steer the gate with just one hand. The quick-release mechanism is a handy feature that allows you can to bring it down quickly.

This baby gate is safe and secure. You let go of your concerns that your baby will roll down the stairs while exploring the house. This gate has a classic design that will look good in your home. On top of that, there are three different designs to choose from.


  • The gate allows you to operate with one-hand
  • The auto-close feature reduces a lot of hassle
  • Three different sized gates to fit your needs


  • The locking mechanism doesn’t line up in the correct order

Cardinal Gates

Cardinal Gates is yet another well-designed baby gate for stairs to enhance your child’s safety. Although it’s designed for use at the top of your stairway, it’s also excellent for use in other areas in your home, such as doorways and the bottom of the stairs.

Most of the time, you might find that one of your hands is occupied. Keeping that in mind, this gate comes with a latch system that enables a one-hand operation. But, make no mistake! This system is complicated for toddlers to figure out how to open.

Another feature that enhances its safety is the one-way stop bracket. This feature helps prevent the gate from opening on the stairway.

Sleekness is another positive aspect of this baby gate. The width is adjustable to fit different spaces, while the height is ideal for preventing babies from climb over it. Overall, this gate is a decent build quality decent for the price.


  • You can use extensions for your extra-wide staircase 
  • Lightweight and durable baby gate 
  • The gate opens in both directions


  • The gate isn’t the easiest to operate

Other Recommended Baby Gates for Stairs

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Summer West End Safety Baby Gate

Summer West End Safety is a lightweight yet incredibly sturdy baby gate. Thanks to its thoughtful design, you can easily install it using the included kit. To mount it, you don’t need to drill the walls or other places. Besides, this gate is ideal for wide staircases and spaces since it can fit into 36” to 60” wide openings.

Other than that, the Summer West End Safety baby gate also looks stylish. The design of this gate is unique and combines a metal frame and a stained wood door. So, this wide gate will enhance the appearance of your home decor.

The baby gate comes with an auto-close feature. Impressively, the gate automatically closes every time you pass through it. Even more. The adjustable built-in door stoppers stop the gate from swinging open when you’re not using it.

Also, it’s straightforward to handle and lift it out from the locked position. For safety enhancements, this gate is tested for quality assurance as per US standards.

If you are the kind of parent who makes several trips up and down the stairs, you’ll be glad that locking and unlocking the gate is easy. Though it’s a little pricey, it’s worth every penny.


  • You will love the auto-close and hold-open feature
  • The gate works excellent for wide openings
  • It looks stylish and sturdy


  • This Summer Safety baby gate is pricier compared to others

Lemon Tree Baby Gates

If you’re worried about your child tumbling down the stairs, then you need to install a safe baby gate. Not all baby gates are safe and sturdy. But you can’t do anything wrong choosing Lemon Tree baby gate. It’s a versatile baby gate that you can use at doorways, hallways, and the bottom of stairs.

This gate can cover an impressive dimension of 30 to 40.2 inches. Therefore it is safe to say that it can fit into most openings. Also, it has a height of 30 inches, making it impossible for the baby or pet to climb over.

The installation is pretty straightforward and is gentle on the walls since you don’t have to drill holes. Who doesn’t prefer an easy-to-operate baby gate? Don’t worry! This gate swings open in both ways and will not bother you even when you’re holding stuff with your other hand. After you open it less than 90°, it closes automatically! Otherwise, it will stay open. 

For safety, this gate has a dual locking system and will be hard for your little one to figure out. Also, the gate is lightweight, making it easier for you to lift open. To conclude, you will love that it’s durable and deliver the best value for the price.


  • The gate offers flexible installation methods
  • The self-closing feature is quite handy 
  • It’s a sturdy gate at an affordable price


  • The gate doesn’t fit into wide spaces well

Munchkin Baby Gate for Stairs

Munchkin Baby Gate is the final product on this list. It can cover up to 37.8″ wide areas. You can even buy additional extensions if you need them. So, this gate allows you to extend to your desired specifications. Also, the height is good enough to protect your child.

Besides that, the pressure-mounted baby gate makes mounting easy. Even it comes with a hardware kit, making the installation a breeze.

This versatile gate can be mounted on the stairs or even the doorways. When your child outgrows it, you can put it away in a small place. It can also be a suitable restraint for your pet. Even better, it would look good in the garden.

Operating this gate is easy since you can open or close easily, thanks to the dual-locking features. Overall, you’ll be impressed with this gate since it comes with all the features to keep your child protected from falls or tumbles.


  • Among many features, the auto-close feature is especially useful
  • Fits well with the most common door frames
  • Versatile and sturdy baby gate 


  • Some users reported that the gate is a little loud when closing

Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Questions & Answers

Are baby gates safe for babies?

The short answer is Yes, the primary purpose of baby gates is to keep your little one safe. This is an essential childproofing item you will need before your baby starts crawling.

Baby gates can also pose safety hazards if they aren’t installed incorrectly. Below is a video on how to attach a baby gate to the stairs.


How to choose a baby safety gate?

Here is a quick checklist you should keep in mind before purchasing baby gates.

  • You might be confused about whether to choose a hardware-mounted baby gate or a pressure-mounted gate. Keep in mind that hardware-mounted gates are ideal for the top of the stairs, whereas you can use pressure-mounted gates in doorways between rooms or at the bottom of stairs.
  • If you want the gate screwed securely into your banister, make sure that the baby gate comes with a banister kit.
  • Check if the gate is made from steel, metal, or wood. Whatever it is, there shouldn’t be any sharp edges and pieces.
  • Make sure the gate is properly designed to prevent climbing.
  • Check that the gate maintains safety standards plus has ASTM/JPMA certification.


We’ve come to the end of our discussion and one thing is clear; your child’s safety is paramount. A baby gate for stairs ensures your child stays safe at home and doesn’t tumble down the stairs. We’ve seen that some baby gates for stairs have better safety enhancements when it comes to protecting your active child who may want to climb over. One final piece of advice to parents, look at user-friendly design features when choosing the best baby-proofing product.

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