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13 Best Baby Memory Books for New Parents in 2023

When you are looking for baby gift items, you have so many options. However, when you are buying a gift for yourself or an expecting parent, you want your gift to be memorable. Therefore, one thoughtful option is baby memory books.

New parents often cannot grasp how fast time flies and how fast a little baby grows up. A good baby memory book will reduce their pain a little bit. Let’s take a look at some of the best baby memory books for new parents.

Best Baby Memory Books

Our Top 3 Picks

First-Year Baby Memory Book

Are you looking for a handmade yet gorgeous baby book? Then, we found a perfect baby memory book from an Etsy Store. This well-thought-out album has plenty of space for images and adding notes.

This baby memory book includes 75 easy-to-fill-in pages that will get the first five years of baby milestones covered. The pages are high quality and quite thick. Furthermore, the page dividers between the pages make it easier to handle.

However, it’s on the pricey side. But the album is so well-crafted that we think it’s well worth the price. No doubt that it will be an awesome baby shower gift for new parents


  • Gender-neutral design
  • Cute and gorgeous velvet cover
  • A Perfect baby shower gift item
  • Comes with lots of pages and custom details


  • A little expensive

Luxury Baby Memory Book

For expecting moms, nothing is better than what lets them store their precious little items. This baby book has more pages than the previous one, yet it costs almost half of that. 

There are 100 easy-to-fill pages decorated with beautiful prompts to document so many beautiful memories, moments, and thoughts for years to come. Also, the pages are so well-structured that you will never be out of ideas. 

Moreover, this book has a gender-neutral design and lots of photo slots with personalized space for writing. Most users love that this book has a good mix of a scrapbook, journal, and photo album. So it is still great if you are buying it for an expectant mother as a baby shower gift.


  • Easy-to-use prompts and pages
  • Features gold gilded edges
  • Quite affordable
  • Sleek design


  • It does not include monthly milestones pages.

Little One Baby Memory Book

If you are searching for the best baby memory books to document your baby’s early years, check out this beautifully made memory book on Etsy.

First thing first, this baby book is quite versatile and allows you to adjust a lot of things according to your wish. Other cool features include gold-lined pages, colorful animal graphics, room for personalization, and more. You get to include all the milestones of your precious one for at least 5 years.

Memory books are actually for adults, and the visuals and colors of this book really soothe a user’s eye. Overall, it is quite an affordable option.


  • Features gold-lined pages, giving a luxurious feel
  • A well-made baby memory book
  • The visuals are quite appealing
  • Good quality for the price


  • None found

Good Baby Memory Books

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

Baby Memory Books  Key Features Rating
Next Baby Memory Book w/Keepsake Box Includes 64 easy-to-fill-in pages, 30 milestone stickers, a super cute keepsake box 4.7/5
Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book For busy mamas, floral theme, easy to fill in, spaces for 5 years despite the “First Year” title 4.8/5
Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book and Baby Journal

Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book

Fun design, wonderful layout, includes pages for monthly milestones, holidays, and many more

Comes with a footprint kit, a nice design, easy-to-use pages, and lots of space for adding mementos and photos



Next Baby Memory Book

If you want a memory book to preserve and cherish your every memory of early motherhood, then this is the one for you. You will love the keepsake box that comes with this book. 

This book includes 64 beautiful pages to add all the photos and details. There are also 30 baby milestone stickers for marking all the memorable little milestones. The gender-neutral design is fun and full of bright colors.

This baby memory book has different-sized picture slots. So you don’t have to crop the photo to fit it in the book. However, it has a lot of pages about marriage and husband. Other than that, it offers you a lot of flexibility. The book is well organized too.



Comes with a cute keepsake box

Not ideal for single moms

Includes lots of stickers

Very classy illustrations 

Quite detailed yet flexible

Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

If you have an artsy mind, you would love Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book to keep mementos from pregnancy to your baby’s first year. This baby memory book is packed with all the first milestones and areas for the corresponding photos. 

What we love most about this memory book is, there is a lot of space for photos. It’s easy to fill in and well-made. With its retro floral theme, expecting moms couldn’t wait to start filling it in.

From your baby’s favorite things to the baby’s family tree, there is a page to store every important milestone. You can even document moments that go beyond the first year. Overall, this is such an elegant memory book for new moms who love to scrapbook.



Lots of space for pictures

Limited space to write

Cute floral theme

No keepsake box

Great format

Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book and Baby Journal

If you want a memory book to journal your baby’s​ precious moments instead of just adding pictures, you will love this memory book. There are 64 pages that will allow you to record major milestones and holidays from 1st to all the way to the 5th year of your baby. This book also features 12 colorful stickers.

It’s super adorable, easy to fill out, and has lots of room for pictures. The best part about this memory book is the keepsake envelope that can help you hold on to the little memories. 

The book itself is very nice, elegant, and detailed. It is one of the best baby memory books you will find online.



A colorful book

Even though the design of the pages is gender-neutral, you might feel it suits more baby girls

Good quality build

Comes with a keepsake envelope

Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book

This one is one of the best-rated baby memory books on Amazon. So what’s the big deal about this baby memory book?

This baby memory book is well made for the price. Other cool features include 50-guided journal pages, room for a family tree, and more.

Sometimes pictures, notes, and even envelopes are not enough. You need your baby’s actual footprint or handprint. This memory book comes with an ink pad and also a place to store these prints. 

In addition, it has a very detailed inside with nice colors. However, you may not be happy with the picture slots. Otherwise, it is quite a well-designed book and also very organized. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most-reviewed baby memory books out there.



Inkpad to keep your baby's print

Doesn't include monthly milestones

Good quality and elegant

Affordable price

Quite detailed

Other Recommended Baby Memory Books


User Rating

C.R. Gibson 'Sweet Baby' Pink Owl First Five Years Girl Memory Baby Book


Promptly Journals Keepsake Baby Book


As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby


KiddosArt Baby Memory Book


KeaBabies Baby First 5 Years Memory Book Journal


Bobee Memory Baby Book Girl


C.R. Gibson ‘Sweet Baby’ Pink Owl First Five Years Girl Memory Baby Book

Whether it’s baby journals, photo albums, or memory books, C.R. Gibson is a mom’s favorite brand.

You may not always know what to record or what to expect in the first five years of your baby girl. This memory book will guide you with all its details. It doesn’t include a lot of stickers but gives you a choice to buy additional stickers for around $5.

You will love the different designs on each page. However, it does not offer much opportunity for customization as it has stickers and details of its own. Your baby girl will have a great time reading it when she grows up. 


  • Enough space to add photos and details
  • Includes a family tree page
  • A very elegant book
  • Quite detailed
  • Great quality


  • Not gender-neutral design

Promptly Journals Keepsake Baby Book

Want a simple yet elegant journal with lots of pages to cover the stories from pregnancy to adulthood? Then, this baby memory book might be perfect for you. 

The most impressive thing about this baby memory book is this one goes all the way to 18 years. In order to cover every milestone until adulthood, this book includes 254 pages with meaningful prompts. You will love the elegant minimalist design of the book.

There is plenty of space for the photos to be posted. In addition, it has a lot of space for extra thoughts and stories. So for those who want to keep things recorded in detail, we highly recommend this baby memory book.


  • Covers from pregnancy to 18 years
  • It has a gender-neutral design
  • Plenty of space for writing
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Lots of pages


  • Some might feel it has way too many pages.

As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

If you are looking for something different than the traditional baby memory books, pick As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby. This modern, elegant book could be a timeless gift for expecting moms and their future babies. 

Whether it is a boy or a girl, this baby book is perfect for both. It has a nice minimalist design with lively colors. Furthermore, it comes with quite a lot of pages, 160 pages to be exact

It is quite detailed and has little pockets and slots for pictures. The pockets also allow you to store any extra documents, letters, etc. However, the picture slots may seem a little bit small. Other than that, it’s a great modern baby memory book.


  • Modern baby memory book
  • Great for any type of family
  • A minimalist detailed design
  • Extra pockets and slots for photos


  • The picture slots might seem on the small side. 

KiddosArt Baby Memory Book

Want something gender-neutral to preserve your baby’s milestones in the best possible way? Then, this is one of the best baby memory books you can buy. 

It includes 72 thick pages that are bound with wire rings. So you can easily add more pages or exclude unnecessary pages. The pages are decorated with adorable and colorful artwork. There is plenty of room for pics and notes.

Expecting moms can add a family tree, too. Furthermore, they can paste pictures easily on it. However, they may find the book a bit old-fashioned.


  • Quite affordable
  • A gender-neutral design
  • Plenty of photo and writing slots


  • Only a set of 12 monthly stickers

KeaBabies Baby First 5 Years Memory Book Journal

If you want an adorable modern memory book, this is the one for you. 

You will love all the 90 artsy and colorful pages. There’s room for photos, details, and a family tree. It even comes with a keepsake box.

This is more like a diary that allows you to store the memories in any way you like. You can paste the pictures in any size and in any way you like too. The book has a really nice cover and is quite durable.

However, if you are looking for something that provides a lot of room for keepsake items – this may not be the one. 


  • Paste the picture in any way you like
  • Lots of writing space
  • Great quality


  • Some users say this book has a strong odor.

Bobee Memory Baby Book Girl

If you want to use attractive stickers to mark your baby’s milestones, then this is the book you may be looking for. In fact, it comes with stickers and also detailed pages to guide you about what you should record.

The book has a total of 52 pages, which you might feel is enough to cover your baby’s journey through the first 5 years. There are also some pages intentionally left blank so that you can customize them on your own. 

What you may not like is the fact that this book doesn’t include a keepsake box to store special items. However, it is quite specific in the details. And the picture slots have the right ratio.


  • Attractive and meaningful stickers
  • Quite detailed
  • Good design


  • It doesn’t come with a keepsake envelope.

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Baby Memory Books: Buying Guide

Why every new parent needs a baby memory book?

What is a memory book? In short, a memory book is a collection of personal memories. And a pregnancy and baby memory book is a collection of pictures and other memorabilia of an expecting mom and a baby. 

Baby memory books are a great way to treasure early motherhood memories. Babies grow so fast without you realizing it. When they grow up, they will enjoy going through the albums. The best part is they’ll cherish this one-of-a-kind experience.

Here are some milestones/memories that you may want to record.

  • Baby shower 
  • Family tree
  • Memories of pregnancy
  • First 5 birthdays
  • Every first like the first simile, first Dr. visit, etc. 
  • All the holidays
  • First trips/vacations
  • And more!

How to choose the best baby memory book?

Whether you want to buy a memory book for yourself or as a baby shower gift for someone, you should choose wisely. There are a few things you need to look for in a baby memory book.

1. Check how my pages the book includes. If you want to add as many details as possible, choose a book with a higher number of pages. Also, Make sure the book contains acid-free paper.

2. Finalize how many years you want a baby memory book to cover. Most of the baby book allows you to record milestones up to 5 years. If you choose a memory book that stretches to 5 years, make sure there are enough blank pages toward the end of the book for personalization. Otherwise, consider buying a memory book where you can add extra pages as needed.

3. A keepsake box is an important part of baby memory books. Even though many baby memory books don’t include a keepsake box, you should buy a book that includes a keepsake box. 

4. Check how many details a book allows you to add? Some baby memory books focus on only major milestones and holidays, whereas some books focus on month-by-month details. It depends on the effort and time you are willing to put in.

5. Do you have color and design preferences? A girly design or a gender-neutral design? Do you want to have some specific pages like a family tree or pregnancy page in your book? Check all of this beforehand to ensure you are buying the right book.

Final Thoughts

Your baby will grow up so fast that you will be left thinking it was just yesterday.  You were thinking of documenting things but were too lazy too and now it’s one year gone. Therefore, whether it is a pregnant friend or your own child, buy a good baby memory book and you will be able to give your baby a treat when he grows up. And, a walk down through the memory lane won’t feel bad either.

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