Best Baby Soaps for Eczema

12 Best Baby Soaps for Eczema and Sensitive Skin in 2023

Babies usually come with sensitive skin. That’s why many new parents struggle to choose safe bath products like soaps and shampoos for their babies. Using the wrong baby bath or skincare products might cause dry, irritated, and itchy baby skin, resulting in crusty, flaky patches in babies. These crusty, flaky patches are more specifically called baby eczema. 

If you have a baby with eczema, switching to a baby eczema soap might work wonders. Baby eczema soaps are available in a few forms on the market, such as bar soaps and washes. Whatever you choose, make sure your chosen baby eczema soap is specifically formulated to treat eczema in babies. Other than that, the baby eczema soap should be hypoallergenic as well as free from alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and strong fragrances. Though some eczema soaps include mild scents to make bath time soothing and fun for babies, it’s better to go for a fragrance-free eczema soap.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to a few small details while choosing a baby eczema soap. Don’t worry. We’ve made it easier for you by narrowing down your options to choose the right baby eczema soap for your baby. Let’s check them out.

Baby Soaps for Eczema & Sensitive Skin

Our Top 3 Picks


User Rating

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap


Dr. Bronner's - Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap


Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash For Baby

Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash


Best Eczema Baby Soap: Everyone 3-in-1 Soap

Everyone 3-in-1 Soaps for Eczema & Sensitive Skin

Everyone 3-in-1 soap is one of the baby products pediatricians often recommend for eczema and super-itchy seasonal dermatitis in babies. This cleanser contains a unique blend of organic herbs such as aloe, calendula, white tea, and chamomile. Besides, the main ingredient of this soap is coconut oil, which is responsible for creating bubbles and rich foam. Along with all these, the relaxing scent of lavender will make bath time interesting and fun for kids.

This formula is also highly nutritious since it contains vitamin E and Vitamin B5, which helps in keeping the baby’s skin moisturized. The antioxidant-rich formula soothes your child’s skin and makes it soft. Moreover, the formula is free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, and gluten, making the soap ideal for a baby with sensitive skin. 

Finally, you get two bottles at an affordable price. Therefore, there’s more than enough for many more bathing fun.


  • Moisturizing and soothing for the baby’s skin
  • Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
  • Versatile and lathers well 
  • Non-allergic


  • Nice scent but a bit strong.

Best Baby Soap for Babies with Sensitive Skin: Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap

Unlike the Everyone 3-in-1 Soap, Dr. Bronner’s bar soap is unscented, making it very useful for sensitive baby skin. Not just work wonders for baby eczema, but the soap also kills 99.9% of all germs or bacteria without using any toxic ingredients.

The main ingredients of Dr.Bronner’s soap are organic oils, which is great news for parents looking for a skin-friendly soap for eczema-prone babies. This soap produces great lather and gently cleanses your baby’s skin. Further, it’s versatile and great for delicate hair too!

You will love that there are no chemical agents, whiteners, artificial fragrances, or dyes. Everything about this soap is eco-friendly and vegan. Though it is a bit costlier than most cleansers, the six-pack of unscented bar soap delivers the best value for your money.


  • Cruelty-free formula 
  • Prevents skin dryness
  • Excellent value for money
  • Free from chemical additives
  • Made from plant-based, vegan ingredients


  • It’s a pricier option.

Best Baby Soap for Dry Skin: Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash

Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Baby Wash

An eczema flare-up is every new parent’s worst nightmare. Luckily, you can turn this into a quick relief by using Baby Dove shampoo for your baby. Dermatologically tested, this hypoallergenic baby wash is safe for a baby’s delicate skin.

You can use it for bathing your child from the tip of the head to the toe. The soap will soothe your baby’s skin and offer quick relief against eczema flare-ups. Also, your baby’s skin will be soft, clean, and nourished like never before. No doubt that your baby will enjoy every minute of his bathing time.

The ingredients are purely natural. The formula doesn’t contain dyes, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. To conclude, it is a versatile product that’s worth every cent.


  • Lathers well
  • Comes with a sweet milky scent
  • It has a soothing effect on the skin
  • Made from 100% natural materials


  • Strong smell for preemies and newborns

Good Body Washes and Soaps for Eczema in Babies

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash

Weleda Calendula is both a versatile baby wash and shampoo for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. As a two-in-one cleanser, it effectively cleanses the skin and hair plus keeps them moisturized. Affordable, it comes in 6.8 ounces tube.

One thing we all like about Weleda products is that they use natural ingredients in their personal care products. Their personal care line is free of chemicals, mineral oils, artificial preservatives, or colorants. This baby wash & shampoo is no different, making it gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

The soap preserves the natural skin layer and soothes your baby’s skin. It doesn’t irritate the eyes, so your baby will enjoy bathing under the bubbles.


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Doesn’t dry the skin out
  • Also effective for mild cradle cap 
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemical additives


  • It’s scented but not too powerful.

Mustela Cleansing Gel

The Mustela Baby Cleansing Gel has a unique formulation that can be used as baby shampoo and body wash. For baby acne, eczema, and cradle cap treatment, this cleansing gel has been a go-to baby product for new parents. 

With mostly plant-based ingredients, this cleanser effectively prevents dryness and itching of the skin. Mustela’s patented formula includes Avocado Perseose, which is well-known for skin-boosting benefits. You don’t have to worry about your child’s dry and sensitive skin since the formula doesn’t dry out the skin or cause irritation.

Moreover, it contains vitamin B5 and a hint of avocado oil that cleanses away dirt for the skin while protecting its natural oil layer. A little pricier, it’s worth splurging a few extra bucks considering it’s soothing and gentle on your child’s delicate and soft skin.


  • Made from more than 93% natural ingredients 
  • Free from toxic chemical additives 
  • Excellent for dry, sensitive skin
  • Lathers well


  • It’s a little pricey.

Vanicream Body Wash

If you are looking for a dermatologist-recommended body wash, this Vanicream body wash is a wonderful choice. Most parents love that its clean formula is free from harsh cleansing agents. Great for super sensitive skin along with eczema, this is truly a safe body wash for babies.

This cleanser is made of natural components and doesn’t contain dyes or fragrances. It also doesn’t contain lanolin, formaldehyde, or parabens. Additionally, it’s tear-free and doesn’t contain soap or oil. So it is no doubt that your baby will enjoy a calming bath with the Vanicream body wash. 

Gluten and sulfate-free; even you can use it as a facial cleanser as well. Overall, it’s a great deal for the price.


  • Free from dyes or artificial fragrance
  • Clean and effective ingredients 
  • Gentle on the sensitive skin
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It comes in a small package.

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

We recommend Cetaphil baby wash to parents and caregivers for a few good reasons. For parents on a budget, it comes at a low price. Even though the price is low, the shampoo is packed with goodness to treat baby eczema and cradle cap situations.

If you’re worried about irritants in baby eczema soaps and washes, worry no more! This cleanser is made of organic ingredients and doesn’t contain colorants, mineral oils, and parabens. So not just safe for babies with sensitive skin, it is also highly effective in removing impurities on the skin while leaving the natural skin layer intact.

Most testers claimed this cleanser doesn’t cause the skin to dry or crack.


  • It’s gentle on the skin
  • Produces a rich lather
  • Free from chemical additives 
  • Comes from a dermatologist-recommended brand


  • Not completely tear-free

Aveeno Bath Treatment

Aveeno is a big name when it comes to baby bath products, and their eczema therapy offers the best relief for dryness and skin irritation. This versatile treatment is also suitable for calming the skin due to itchiness, exposure to plant poison, and insect bites.

This therapy is a unique mix of colloidal oatmeals and emollients to soothe a child’s skin. After dispersing into the water, this cleanser creates a creamy lather to offer instant relief. It’s fragrance-free and doesn’t contain soap, steroids, parabens, or phthalates.


  • Lathers well
  • Fragrance-free
  • Soothes the skin
  • Versatile treatment
  • Made from natural colloidal oatmeal


  • Irritates the eye

Recommended Body Washes and Soaps for Eczema in Babies

Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Baby Wash & Shampoo

Johnson's Head-to-Toe Gentle Tear-Free Baby & Newborn Wash & Shampoo

Specially formulated to cleanse a baby’s delicate skin, there’s every reason to consider Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash. First of all, it contains more than 90% natural ingredients that are non-irritating for your baby’s sensitive skin.

The pH-balanced formula of this Johnson Wash & Shampoo has been tested by pediatricians and dermatologists as safe for babies. The gentle formula offers the right nourishment to your baby’s hair and skin. Additionally, the formula lathers up easily so that your baby enjoys every minute of his bathing time.

As expected, the list of ingredients is free from mineral oils, artificial dyes, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and similar toxic additives. Tear-free, it costs the same as other baby eczema soaps. However, it’s not ideal for babies who are sensitive to scents.


  • Tested safe for babies
  • Nourishes the skin and hair
  • Ultra-gentle on your baby’s skin
  • Doesn’t contain dyes and sulfates


  • It’s scented

Aveeno Baby Soothing Hydration Creamy Body Wash

Aveeno Baby Soothing Hydration Creamy Body WashIf you are looking for an alternative to Johnson body wash that is fragrance-free, consider this Aveeno Baby Soothing Hydration Creamy Body Wash. Not just unscented, Aveeno also works better than the Johnson Body Wash to keep the baby’s skin moisturized.

Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that this is one of the mildest baby wash available on the market. If your baby has sensitive skin, this body wash is all you need since it’s made from ingredients that don’t irritate the skin.

That’s because this baby body wash has been formulated keeping the soft and sensitive baby skin in mind. It’s soap-free, fragrance-free, and doesn’t irritate the eyes. In addition, you can use it to cleanse the baby’s hair and scalp as well.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Nice creamy formula
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin


  • The packaging could be better.

Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo

Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo

Although some eczema soaps come with a sweet smell, they can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin and cause dryness. Thankfully, this is not the case with Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo. It’s made with natural ingredients to ensure your baby gets a soothing and enjoyable bath moment.

The ingredients are derived from organic substances and are clinically approved. The soap is gentle and greatly recommended for infants and toddlers. This soap provides the skin with the right nutrients since it contains natural shea butter and pro-vitamin B5.

For kids with allergic skin, Eucerin is a great choice since it’s hypoallergenic and free from soap, alcohol, and dyes.


  • It’s tear-free and doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Made from organic materials
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It’s soap-free


  • It’s strong for preemies and infants
  • Expensive

Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bars

Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bars

Here is a baby eczema soap from Southern Natural, which is one of the best baby eczema soaps available on the market. It makes an excellent option for babies with itchy, dry skin.

It clears dryness by moisturizing the skin and providing a cooling or calming effect. Since it lathers very well, you can also use it to give occasional bubble baths to your baby

This goat and lavender soap is all your baby needs to cleanse the face and the body. Even better, it’s gentle on the eyes and doesn’t contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, or phthalates. Made from natural products, it has a lavender scent that is therapeutic and calming.


  • No chemical ingredients
  • Great for eczema-prone skin
  • Made from natural compounds
  • It has a moisturizing and calming effect on the skin


  • It has a strong scent.

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Best Baby Soaps for Eczema & Sensitive Skin

Questions & Answers

What soaps to buy for kids if they have eczema or sensitive skin?

Washing a little baby’s body requires much care and attention as their skin might not be fully mature. This is even more important for babies with eczema.

Regular soaps and soap-based cleansers can disrupt skin balance leading to intense itching, infections, and scaly rashes. So it’s tricky to find a baby soap that helps with dry skin or eczema.

Instead of soaps, pediatrician recommends using soap alternatives or emollients on the skin of babies with eczema or sensitive skin. As reviewed by our experts, Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment is the best bathing solution for babies with dry, itchy, irritated skin. This gentle, unscented emollient leaves tender skin soft and smooth after use. If you’re looking for more, Weleda and Dr. Bronner’s soap is good enough for babies with eczema.

What are the best soap brands for babies with sensitive skin and eczema?

As parents, we always want to get the best items for our little ones. From Everyone 3-in-1 Soap and Dr. Bronner to Mustela, there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a baby eczema soap.

It’s easy to feel confused by so many choices. We get it. That’s why We have carefully reviewed each product before picking them for our list. For an effective bathing solution for your baby, you can just go for one that smells amazing and is gentle on the baby’s skin.


If your child is suffering from eczema, there are many body washes or soaps to relieve the itching and prevent drying the skin out. However, not all products are safe for babies as some may contain artificial products and dyes. Thankfully, we have whittled down the selection for you. As you can see, the best product is one that’s truly natural, free of dyes or synthetic fragrances, tear-free, and gentle on your baby’s skin.

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