Best Dinosaur Movies

10 Best Dinosaur Movies That Kids Will Absolutely Love

Kids love roaming in the land of dreams, especially those with giant and unearthly living beings. If you ask them what kinds of movies they like, there’s a strong possibility they’ll answer- the ones with dinosaurs!

Now you don’t have to worry when your kids ask you for some dinosaur movie. Here are some great suggestions for you.

Best Dinosaur Movies for Kids

The Good Dinosaur

Age Appropriate: 8+

A single kindness can change everything.

A sweet little dinosaur Arlo tries to get back to his family. But was it as easy as it sounds? No! There were so many beasts that hiders his way. Then there was a Neanderthal kid who helped the dinosaur find his way to his root!

The Good Dinosaur is a beautiful story of love, friendship, and kindness. It inspires children to face their fear and unleash their greatest capabilities. The movie throws a thought-provoking question toward the adult audience- would dinosaurs be extinct if they could live with humans side by side?

The Land Before Time

Age Appropriate: 6+

Five little dinosaurs get detached from their family, but they want to go home. The place they were lost in was a land of wonders. But there were some dangerous things too.

The Land Before Time is a sweet story of adorable baby dinosaurs with big eyes. Universal productions gave their best. Kids of any age can watch and enjoy this one. Later on, a movie series was made with the same title.

The Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Age Appropriate: 8+

There is a museum where everything comes to life at night, the pharaoh, the historical living beings, and the dinosaurs as well! Night-watchman Larry Daley visits the British museum and makes the journey wonderful with all the unbelievable adventures!

The Night at the Museum is one of those movies that has all the perks to make a movie night fantastic! The kids will absolutely love the experience!

Jurassic Park

Age Appropriate: 8+

Dinosaurs were indeed extinct thousands of years ago. But what if they can be created again? How will they act? Will it be a wise decision?

Wise or not, scientist Ian Malcolm invents a park of dinosaurs. He invites a mathematician couple and their family there. Then their whole trip turns into some jaw-dropping adventures!

When Steven Spielberg directs a movie, there is no need to say much! Not only was it a big hit, but also it became a classic example of the most entertaining movie ever!

King Kong

Age Appropriate: 14+

With amazing cinematography, score, and screenplay,  King Kong (1933) was one of the smashing films of that time. Staying true to the original story, Peter Jackson remade the movie again in 2005!

Even if it is a remake, the major improvement in special effects offers thrilling and jaw-dropping scenes throughout the movie. With various fearsome natives and beasts, the film will keep the audience on edge for the long 3 hours.

We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Age Appropriate: 5+

Imagine how amazing it would be if the kids could meet some friendly dinosaurs and have fun with them! In the movie, We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, an enthusiastic scientist travels back in time to send some kid-friendly dinosaurs to New York City! They roam around the city where children celebrate their existence. Yet this happy moment doesn’t last so long. Soon there comes danger to those giant creatures. The story continues ahead.

Kids aged 5-7 will enjoy the movie for sure.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Age Appropriate: 11+

“The biggest event in two million years is about to go to a whole new dimension.”

The event is all about dinosaurs’ entry into the ice age land. Unlike the other movies, the dinosaurs are enemies here. The story starts when Sid The Sloth steals some dinosaur eggs. Manny and Diego, with the entire battalion, go to great lengths to rescue him from the land of dinosaurs. The whole journey is filled with hostility, fear, and challenges. But definitely, all of it is full of humor and entertainment!

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Age Appropriate: 9+

Jules Verne’s adventure novel, a classic cult, Journey to the Center to the Earth, will give you goosebumps every minute. Kids will absolutely love this movie. Though you won’t see lots of dinosaurs in action, you’ll surely find it a fantastic family movie. This movie was made and remade a few times. The 1959’s one has the best art direction. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece!

Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone

Age Appropriate: 5+

This one is another film where the filmmaker dreamed of the co-existence of humans and dragons. An orphaned boy, who does not know how a family feels, finds a family in the land of fairy tales, where there is no clash between dinosaurs and humans. All of them are very happy! It is a perfect movie to fill the little heart with kindness and love!

Meet the Robinsons

Age Appropriate: 13+

Everyone in this world has a dream. The question is- how long will you go to make it come true?

An orphan boy dreams of having a family. One day, he gets a strange opportunity to travel in the future. There he meets weird people, dinosaurs, and so on.

Meet the Robinson is a fun-filled family movie by Walt Disney, and the graphic work is remarkable. Most important of all, the movie teaches children an invaluable life lesson: keep going forward, despite your failures. 

Final Thoughts

Most of these movies have easy-to-understand stories, great effects, and lots of funny scenes. You can instantly stream these kid-friendly movies on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and many other streaming platforms. No matter which one you choose to watch with your kids, it will be a blast for the whole family!

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