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10 Best Drum Sets for Toddlers and Kids in 2023

No one is born with the ability to play a musical instrument. In fact, it requires a lot of practice and patience to master a musical instrument. If your little one loves to create music, a musical toy set could offer fun ways to nurture your baby’s artistic mind. Most importantly, a musical instrument set could offer hours of fun for children. Among many musical instruments, the piano keyboard, guitar, and drums are the most common choices among kids. We have already recommended some high-quality guitars and piano keyboards for kids on our other posts. In this article, we will look at some of the best drum sets for toddlers and kids on the market.

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When your child starts nagging you to purchase a drum set, you might wonder whether a drum set is suitable for a little kid. Well, since drum sets out there for kids aged under 12 are mostly toy drums designed for young, energetic drummers, they are kid-friendly. Even there are toy drum sets for toddlers under 1 year old. Junior drummers will love to whistle, bang, and make tons of noise with these sets. Apart from that, they will get the benefits of grasping the fundamentals of musical rhythm at an early age.

Finding a perfect drum set for kids is a daunting task if you have limited knowledge about musical instruments. Don’t worry. We have some custom recommendations for the different age groups. Read on!

Best Drum Sets for Toddlers and Beginner Kids

Best Toddler Drum Set for 1-3-Year-Olds: VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

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If you want to gift your child an interactive musical instrument that is easy to play, a drum set is perfect for toddlers and little kids. Though there are many kids’ drum and percussion instruments on the market, it will be hard for anyone to find a better toy drum set than this VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set.

Affordable yet decent-quality, these two attributes are the main concern for parents while buying musical instruments for kids. The good news is this VTech drum set will exceed your expectations with its quality and fun features for the price point.

First and foremost, the set comes with a perfect size and age-appropriate features. Along with the four different electronic drums to tap, the light-up drumsticks offer enough fun to keep toddlers busy for hours. Whether your child is interested in rock, dance, or pop, the nine pre-set melodies make it easier to play along. As a parent, you will appreciate the educational aspect of this musical toy set as well as the leverage of keeping your sanity as a new parent. 

This well-made set has excellent battery life and sound quality. Also, the sounds aren’t overpowering. What’s more, the set is equipped with many cool features that are easily understandable by toddlers. However, the freestyle mode isn’t so functional.

Best Drum Set for Kids Ages 3 to 5 Years Old: Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set

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If you are on the hunt to find a good starter drum set for your aspiring tiny drummers, the Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set will be a great choice. Comes with a perfect size and height for kids aged 3-5 years; you will be quite impressed with the quality of this drum set.

Do not be deceived into thinking that it is just a toy drum set like the previous one. Crafted utilizing high-quality materials, this one is pretty much like a genuine drum set but way smaller than an adult drum set.

Like an adult-sized set, the unit comes with tunable heads, a real brass cymbal, and a great sound system. As for the accessories, the package includes a set of drumsticks, a height-adjustable stool, and easy to use foot pedal. So, no doubt that playing with these accessories will help develop children’s hand-eye coordination skills.

The drum set is available in six different colors. Plus, the assembly of this set is pretty straightforward. For the price, you won’t find a better beginner drum set for your kids.

Best Drum Set for Kids Ages 6 to 10 Years Old: Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum Set

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Someone who is just starting out doesn’t need a drum set that breaks the bank. A good beginner drum set should combine a few features, such as excellent sound quality and aesthetic design, at an affordable price.

As the name suggests, the Ashthorpe drum set comes packed with everything a junior drummer needs for a complete learning experience. Also, the cool design of this set will encourage enthusiastic young drummers to experiment and explore. 

Not just looks like an adult set, the set also comes with high-quality accessories, giving junior drummers the opportunity to create rich sounds. Apart from the 5-piece drum varieties, there is a drum adjustment key,  a padded stool, stands, drumsticks, pedals, and more. The size of the instruments is not comparable with a full-sized adult set but perfect for young kids practicing at home. However, the sound quality is impressive, plus most users think that it is as good as an average adult drum set. 

With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, the set is easy to put together even if you don’t have any previous drum assembly experience. The junior drum set is available in attractive colors and is ideal for kids aged 6 years and above.

Drum Sets for Toddlers and Kids

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Stoie’s 17 pcs Musical Instruments Set for Toddler and Preschool Kids

Parents love this 17 piece toddler musical instrument set for many reasons. The first thing most parents like is the quality of each instrument. Most of the instruments are really cute and made of high-quality wood. Apart from all these instruments, the set also comes with a cute little bag to keep the instruments organized. Furthermore, the backpack offers easy portability.

The size of the instruments is perfect for toddlers and easily manipulatable. Not just they produce nice sounds, but the sounds aren’t annoying to the ears as well. Therefore, your child can have fun for hours without bothering anyone in the family. 

This beautiful instrument set will be a perfect gift for your little one. The set will encourage little children to explore different musical instruments. Not to mention they help the development of different social and fine motor skills in children.

Music Alley Kids Drum Set

Does your little one keep on jamming at home with make-shift drum sets? Then look no further. Music Alley Kids Drum Set is a great drum set for preschoolers who love music. With realistic sounds and look, it will feel like a real deal for young beginners aged from 3 to 8.

Don’t assume that it is a toddler drum set made of plastic. Constructed using wood, metal, and tuneable skins, it is more like a miniature version of adult drum sets. What makes this functional mini drum set stand out from other sets is its excellent sound quality. The set produces great sound and is almost similar to a real drum set, making it an ideal starter set for young children. 

The set comes with all the essential accessories that aspiring drummer need to start learning within a single package. You will find it easy to put together and quite sturdy once assembled. Young children will love the lightweight drumsticks and the cushioned chair that come with the package. Though the set doesn’t cost much, you might feel it’s worth every penny.

Remo KD-5822-01 Kids Percussion Gathering Drum Set

The Remo Kids Percussion Gathering Drum is a great musical instrument that will meet the needs of any music-loving child. This super sturdy set will not only hold up for years but also looks cool with its vibrant colors and design.

The set consists of an acousticon shell and a pre-tuned Skyndeep drumhead. All the drum accessories are well-made for the price. The synthetic drum top design ensures high durability, while the vibrant rainforest finish of this model makes it very appealing. Though it is recommended for kids aged 5 years and up, even a 2 or 3 years old will enjoy making noise and banging away.

Besides, the set is super easy and fun to play, pretty similar to how toddlers usually play with kitchen utensils. As for the sound, the set comes with a couple of drumsticks that allow kids to produce rich and beautiful sounds. They can also use hands or mallets to create lots of different beats.

Not just kids, even the adults will enjoy playing with it. If you are looking for an affordable musical instrument to teach your child the basics of rhythm and percussion, this Percussion Gathering Drum Set is highly recommended.

Alesis Drums Debut Kit – Kids Electric Drum Set

From toddler drum sets to musical keyboards for kids, Alesis is well-known for making awesome musical instruments for kids. As the name implies, The Alesis Drums Debut Kit will be a great first drum set for kids of all ages. Along with free lessons, the set comes with everything a beginner drummer needs to get started.

You may underestimate the Alesis Drums Debut Kit as a musical toy set, but it is actually not. This kid’s drum set is thoughtfully designed for kids aged 5 – 9. Kids will surely love the mini mesh heads and the accompanying drum key. Like playing real drum sets, they get a feel for head tension as it is adjustable with a key. Aside from the drum key, the drum kit also has multiple acoustic presets to make the learning sessions very simple and full of enjoyment for kids. Moreover, there are more than one hundred custom drum sounds to keep little kids engaged and entertained.

Even more, your little one will not face any issue while playing any of the music on the controller. However, the kit doesn’t allow to adjust the cymbal heights, which you should keep in mind if you have a tall child. It has a simple and quick setup. If your child already knows the basics of musical rhythm, it will be an excellent drum set to try.

Other Recommended Drum Sets for Toddlers and Kids

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QoQoba Electronic Drum Set for Kids

If your child is interested in playing drums, the QoQoba Electronic Drum Set will be a great choice for your instrumentally curious little drummer. With features like built-in drum sounds and several demo songs, this electric drum pad is perfect for beginner kids and teens.

This electric musical instrument comes with all the accessories for your child to start learning how to play drums, including a couple of drum sticks, cables, headphones, a user manual, and more. As a result, your kid can start practicing the moment it arrives. What’s great? This set’s compact design makes it way more portable than a full drum set for kids. So junior drummers can take it wherever they want for their drum practices.

The electric drum set is specially designed for junior drummers, as it comes with a thoughtful and well-made design. The size of the headphones is perfect for kids older than 3 years. They are also great for solo practicing with the demo songs without interrupting anyone. The dynamic sound system produces crisp and surprisingly realistic sounds that will give aspiring drummers a professional feel. No doubt that it will keep them engaged and busy for hours.

Not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also durable enough to ensure sturdiness and a longer lifespan. Lastly, the set comes with attractive color schemes, so it will be a great addition to your child’s instrument collection.

Rabing Baby Musical Instruments Toys, 5 in 1 Toddler Drum & Piano Set

The Rabing Baby Musical Instruments Set is an excellent option for toddlers under 3 years old. The size of each musical instrument is perfect for toddlers to play with. 

As it is a 5-in-1 set, your little one gets to play with an electronic xylophone, a piano keyboard, and a drum set at the same time. Therefore, your child can have endless fun making noise and singing while you can get some household chores done. 

Aside from these, the set comes with a detachable microphone that gives children an opportunity to sing alone and with others and encourages vocal exploration. You can take advantage of the volume control feature if the sound is too loud. The flashing bright lights and built-in songs are also nice additions to the set.

So toddlers get early exposure to loads of music and musical instruments to explore their creativity and imagination. This cool instrument set comes at an affordable price, and it is fairly easy to put together.

Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

Ehome has one of the most popular toddler musical instrument sets in the market. The set not only comes with lots of instruments, but they are also made of high-quality non-toxic materials.

All the instruments are easy to play and suitable for numerous play styles. Children will love all the different sounds from different instruments. When done playing, they can organize the instruments in the included small backpack.

A negative aspect of this set is its durability. The instruments aren’t as well-made as the others in this list. However, it is a good musical set for the price.


If you are looking for a decent drum set for kids, numerous alternatives are available, from cheap, moderate to top-notch quality. We have tried to cover all the crucial details for each set to let you know everything about them.

You can choose one from the above-listed drum sets. We can ensure that you will get the best value for your price, whichever one you buy.

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