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10 Best Electric Guitars for Kids, Teens and Youth Beginners in 2023

You might have heard that music is good for the kids. Even multiple studies conducted over the years have shown that music could be the secret to raising smart, emotionally intelligent kids. As a first musical instrument, there are only a few that are popular among kids and teenagers. A guitar is one of them, and it ranks as one of the most admired instruments by kids when it comes to learning how to play and appreciate music.

If your child has some knowledge of music or already knows how to play a musical instrument, it’s time to switch to a guitar. From acoustic to electric, there are a huge number of different guitars available on the market. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best electric guitars for beginner kids and youth on the market. However, if you think your child is too young for an electric guitar, either a ukulele or a piano keyboard will be a great alternative.

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Unlike the traditional guitar, electric guitars for kids come with a compact, kid-friendly design that is easier to handle, play and carry. In contrast to the full-sized guitars, they are much more affordable yet excellent in quality.

However, choosing the right electric guitar for your child may present some challenges, especially if you have no clue about acoustic instruments. Don’t worry. This comprehensive buying guide about kids’ electric guitars will make it easier for you.

Best Electric Guitars for Kids and Youth Beginners

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Electric Guitar for Beginner Kids: Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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When looking for the right electric guitar for kids, affordability is key, as you don’t want to spend a fortune in the beginning. This Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic-Electric Guitar might be the perfect choice for beginners, as it is one of the cheapest yet quality electric guitars for beginners kids out there. The cute small design also makes this electric guitar appealing to kids.

At first glance, the high-quality craftsmanship of this electric guitar gives the impression of a professional mini acoustic guitar. Looking at the craftsmanship, the materials used are of superior quality than expected for such a small instrument. Its small body made of rosewood gives a great amplified sound, while the built-in-tuner is a great feature for beginners. However, the sound might seem a bit thin at standard tuning because of the small body size.

The steel strings are soft and light. The strings feel not only comfortable but also well-balanced. Kids will love creating tunes on those quality strings. Like a pro guitar, the frets are nice and polished to facilitate creating various tunes.

Lastly, it is small enough to fit easily in the small space. Also, the accompanying gig bag makes it easier to carry.


  • The built-in tuner makes it fun to play
  • Comes in different colors and styles
  • Made of high-quality materials 
  • Perfect size for beginners
  • Easily portable


  • The tuning pegs don’t stay tuned for long

Best Electric Guitar for Teen Beginners: Squier by Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack

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If you’re looking forward to gifting your teenage child a top-notch and starter musical instrument, go for this Squier by Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack. Fender boasts of producing superior quality electric, acoustic and bass guitars, and this Squier Stratocaster Pack lives up to its standard.

The Squier Stratocaster Pack is precisely designed for the highest level of comfort and performance. The solid instrument comes with super-light steel strings that are great for practice. Comfort to hold, the guitar sounds great once a few strings are tuned. The included amp offer a clean, harmonically rich tone, while the low and smooth frets make playing this electric guitar a breeze.

The craftsmanship of this electric guitar is outstanding and presented in a truly vintage look. In addition, the combination of ergonomic Maple wood to the neck and a lovely dark stain finish gives a soft, smooth feel. Also, its fretboard is made of dark-stained rosewood material, while the body is poplar wood-based. Both the body and fretboard come with a nice finish and without any sharp edges.

Carry straps, a gig bag, 3-month Fender play subscription – all these goodies come in one affordable pack to make your child’s musical journey a smooth process. However, there is no built-in tuner. And the gig bag that comes with the set seems cheaply made. Apart from these minor issues, it is a great starter set for teenagers at a very affordable price.


  • Handy extra accessories along with a 3-month subscription plan
  • Made of nice solid maple wood with well-finished
  • Great value pack for the beginners
  • The neck and frets feel smooth
  • The sound quality is great


  • No built-in strings tuner

Best Electric Guitar for Youth Beginners: LyxPro Full Size Electric Guitar

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If your child already owns a classical or acoustic guitar and now wants to play an electric guitar, LyxPro 39″ inch Full-Size Electric Guitar will be a great economical choice. The overall quality of LyxPro is much better than some similar brands with the same price tag. 

At first, the guitar has all the features that are needed for beginners. If you look at the body, you will notice the solid and clean craftsmanship of this instrument. The seamless finishing is so even that you can’t tell where the joints are and might assume the entire instrument is made from one piece of solid wood. However, the combination of rosewood fingerboard and maple wood neck not only gives the guitar a cool look but also keeps it scratch-free.

The tuning pegs are easy to adjust, making it easier for beginners to get the guitar tuned. Also, the digital tuner does the magic of keeping it in tune. The frets are precisely set so that you don’t experience issues like vibration or buzzing. Moreover, the Amp is good enough for encouraging your budding musician to continue practicing. These outstanding features make it an excellent starter kit for beginners and a good backup for seasoned players. 

The gig bag with a laser-engraved logo is a nice addition to the kit. With the shoulder straps, young musicians can easily carry the guitar wherever they want.


  • Comes with a gig bag, shoulder straps, spare strings, picks, and more
  • Available in multiple cool looking designs and color scheme
  • The steel strings are durable and smooth 
  • Clip-on tuner makes it easy to tune


  • The Amp works fine but not good as advertised.

Recommended Electric Guitars for Kids and Youth Beginners

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Coluber Cable Kids 30 Inch Electric Guitar and Amp

Coluber Cable is an excellent choice if you want to give your teenage child a head start in music. As an innovative and trustworthy electric guitar manufacturer, the quality craftsmanship of the Coluber Cable Kids Electric Guitar is impressive enough to make just about any child overjoyed. 

This electric guitar comes with everything a beginner needs at an affordable price. Most importantly, it is nice looking and produces excellent sound, making it an almost perfect beginner kit to get started. 

Thanks to the top-tier engineered maple wood, the fretboard isn’t just gentle to the fingers but plays smoothly without too much noise. If your child own a digital piano keyboard or any other tuning device, that’s great. Otherwise, they can use the included digital tuner for fast and accurate tuning. Your child will be over the moon with how it sounds once it’s tuned. It will also stay in tune, no matter how long or rough your kid plays the strings.

This budget-friendly electric guitar comes in six vibrant colors and two different sizes. Compared with other expensive brands, the basswood body with a high-gloss finish is a good deal. Kids will like the cute carrying case with a handle. So no doubt that it will be a great first electric instrument for children and youth beginners.


  • Most users love how easy it is to tune and play
  • The set comes with all the extras to get started
  • The digital tuner makes it easy to tune
  • Produces smooth and nice sound


  • Some users found it hard to keep in tune

KidKraft Lil Symphony Electric Guitar

Who doesn’t want good value for their hard-earned money? Instead of fruitless searching, take a look at this KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Electric Guitar Toy. The warm sound of this electric toy guitar is something that stands out among many useful features.

In addition, toddlers can easily switch modes between two different beats while creating a new song. And to make it more exciting, it comes with a flashing light bar along with a smooth finish. Even when your child wants to carry it around, the removable shoulder strap makes it easier.

As for build quality, the KidKraft Lil Symphony Electric Guitar is made of hard plastic. So your kid will certainly enjoy the pleasure of playing this toy guitar for years to come.

Since specially designed for toddlers and younger kids, this is the perfect starter kit for them to learn how to play guitar. The only drawback is that the strap doesn’t stay on well!


  • The preset tunes and volumes are great for toddlers
  • A few handy extra features
  • Lightweight yet sturdy 


  • Poorly designed shoulder straps

LyxPro 30 Inch Electric Guitar

The idea behind constructing a top-notch starter musical instrument is to produce high-quality sound without making things complicated for beginners. As for this LyxPro Electric Guitar, the combination of good craftsmanship, sound, beginner-friendly functions has made it a popular electric guitar for beginners.

This one comes with six high-polished real strings. The strings are well-balanced for creating various tunes. Not only do the strings feel soft and smooth to touch, but they also produce rich sounds. The included second set of strings ensure no stopping practice sessions in case one string breaks.

The guitar also comes with a digital clip-on tuner, which makes it easier to tune. The amp is pretty powerful and makes great sound with no buzzing noises. An accompanying instruction book with the pack will also help your child learn to do the tuning very quickly. 

Keeping children’s comfort and safety in mind, it comes with highly-polished frets. Also, the package includes a backpack with comfy and adjustable straps for easy carrying everywhere your child goes. 


  • Great starter kit for a child at an affordable price 
  • The frets are well-polished for added comfort
  • Multiple colors are available to choose from
  • Well-made and beginner-friendly


  • The strings stay tuned for some time but not for long

Smartxchoices 30″ Black Electric Guitar

This kid’s electric guitar from Smartxchoices is an impressive starter electric guitar considering the price tag. The craftsmanship is solid and thoughtful, so it is hard to find an issue as far as its design is concerned.

Smartxchoices has a 5W amp that is small yet loud, which is rare among kids’ electric guitars. It also comes with a smooth rosewood fretboard on which the strings stay well-balanced. The frets are gentle textured and safe for the little children’s fingers, so they will hardly get scratched when rolling over the frets.

What’s even more impressive? This starter kit comes with everything your child needs to start playing the guitar immediately. Actually, it’s quite surprising to get all the accessories at this price point.

A kid’s guitar should be lightweight. That is because the instrument will vibrate and resonate freely to produce a higher but warmer sound. Therefore, the lightweight design of Smartxchoices is yet another positive aspect.


  • The frets are soft with no sharp edges
  • A great starter kit for beginners
  • Comes with lots of accessories 
  • Affordable yet well-built


  • Some users claim that the tuner keys are inconsistent

    Other Recommended Electric Guitars for Kids and Youth Beginners

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Ibanez 6 String Electric Guitar

One aspect you cannot compromise when it comes to choosing an electric guitar for kids is craftsmanship. With a poorly-made guitar, your child may end up losing interest rather soon than creating tunes each day. You can’t go wrong by picking this beginner-friendly guitar from Ibanez.

In terms of performance, the sound quality is as good as it looks. The short-scale guitar is so much fun and easier to play for beginners. And to make tuning easier, there are 2 different digital tuners. Moreover, the lightweight design also makes it portable. All these features will help beginners get in the groove as soon as they start creating the tunes.

Finally, the GRGM 6 maintains the same high standards set by other Ibanez GIO series guitars. However, some users suggest that the fret sprouts are poorly made. Other than that, it’s a perfect choice for kids who want to learn their way into the digital music world.


  • Features super-light strings made of nickel metal
  • Excellent sound quality once tuned properly
  • Easy to tune with the digital tuner app
  • Good value for the price


  • Quality issues with the fret sprout 

WINZZ 30 Inches Electric Guitar

The WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar is made from the finest quality basswood to bring out its fantastic tone and appearance. This one is finely polished with a high gloss varnish to give the feel of a real rock star. Also, the small size and lightweight design make it easier for kids to hold it comfortably.

The included digital tuner is very helpful in tuning the guitar. More importantly, you will not be tuning it now and then, as this one stays in tune for some time.

As for sound quality, the craftsmanship brings out the best of the guitar. The nickel silver frets are arranged in such a way with the strings that they make the sound smooth, rich, and crisp clear. There are 6 different color options; your little one will fall in love with the cute and vibrant colors.

The kit includes a gig bag so your child can carry it around everywhere. If you want to train your child at home, there are free online lessons on the manufacturer’s official website to make learning a breeze.


  • The soft steel strings make it easy to tune 
  • Comes with lots of useful accessories
  • Made with good-quality materials 
  • Easy to play strings


  • Flimsy straps

Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar

Boasting an eye-catching design, the Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar will surely draw the attention of young children. Available in multiple colors, it is an ideal instrument for both boys and girls.

As the name suggests, it is designed to offer the opportunity for beginners to rise to a new occasion. The sound quality of this electric guitar is not so loud yet pleasing to hear.

The quick start guide and online guitar lessons are very helpful to give your child a head start. Learning from home is now much easier with these easy-to-follow online guitar tutorials! It is very convenient, especially when it is not possible for your kid to attend a music class. 


  • Available in great-looking design 
  • The strings are soft and smooth
  • Surprising loud sound
  • It seems sturdy


  • Hard to keep in tune

Best Electric Guitars for Kids: Buying Guide

When looking for a guitar for kids, you neither want to spend big nor waste money. Therefore, you should keep in mind a few things before purchasing an electric guitar for children. 

At first, the guitar should definitely be quality enough to keep your kid interested in it. Make sure it does not feel like a toy and feels comfortable to play with.

Secondly, there are different-sized electric guitars out there. Go for the one that feels the right size for your child and looks exciting.

Once you have settled on an appropriate size, take a look at the strings. Most good-quality beginner guitars usually come with nylon or Aquila strings. Whatever you pick, make sure the strings feel soft and smooth. Otherwise, your child might lose interest too soon if the strings feel rough on the fingers. Don’t forget to check the sound quality as well.

In Summary

An electric guitar can be a fantastic gift for your music-loving child. There are many benefits of learning to play an electric guitar as well. Choosing the best electric guitar for your kid shouldn’t be too challenging. All of the above-recommend models are beginner-friendly and come at a budget-friendly price. You will definitely find one that both you and your child will like.

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