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10 Best Four-Wheeler ATVs for Kids and Youth in 2023

If you take your kids on rides on a regular basis, someday, they might insist on having their own. Whether you call them all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), quad bikes, or simply four-wheelers, these motorized ride-on vehicles offer kids and youth a different level of thrill and experience. Riding an ATV is something kids and young children do for fun. But as a parent, you might think twice before making the decision to buy your child a ATV or four-wheeler.

If you are worried about safety, note that kids and youth ATVs are a lot different than full-sized ATVs. Not just these motorized versions run on rechargeable batteries; they usually have low top speed. Even some models allow parents to control how fast their child can drive. We have done the hard work for you, rounding up all the safe options for the younger kiddos and youth.

Yes, these motorized vehicles still can be dangerous if not proper precautions are taken. Make sure your child is wearing appropriate safety gear, especially a helmet when riding a four-wheeler ATV!

Best Four-Wheeler ATVs for Kids & Youth

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Four-Wheeler ATV for 3 to 5-Year-Olds: Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV Ride On Toy

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If you’re going to buy your growing kid a four-wheeler, then this Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV is a great option. Your child will love the Spiderman-themed design of this ATV. Not just looks cool; the four-wheeler is also fun to ride.

Ideal for kids aged 3-5 years, the vehicle allows driving at different speeds. Don’t worry about your child’s safety. The speed control feature makes it easy to keep a new rider in check. Moreover, it is easy to maneuver, thanks to the Power Trax rubber traction strip tires. So, riding is fun on different surfaces. Moreover, the foot pedal accelerator provides a real driving experience for your child.

Once the package arrives, you can easily put it together in under an hour. However, you might feel that the assembly instruction should be more straightforward. As reported by the users, the 12-volt rechargeable battery allows riding for some time. The well-padded seat will keep little riders comfortable while on a mission.

Best Four-Wheeler ATV for 6 to 9-Year-Olds: Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

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Razor is well-known for making electric scooters and rideable for kids. This 24V Razor Dirt Quad ATV is a great choice if you are looking for an electric four-wheeler for your young child. Keeping young children in mind, Razor has tried to make the metal frame along with the tires and brakes look so realistic. The four-wheeler is fast enough for younger children to feel the thrill of driving while slow enough to allow parents to catch up with them. With safety features like variable-speed, twist-grip throttle, and hand-operated rear disc brake, you can let go of any worry about your child’s safety. However, you might feel it’s heavy and fast for kids under 6.

Having said that, this electric four-wheeler has a lot to offer for young children. The vehicle can reach speeds up to 8 mph, which is ideal for children aged 6 to 9 years. Thanks to its air-filled rubber tires, riding through rough outdoor terrains is fun and easy. The real rubber tires and rear suspension ensure a smooth riding experience, even while riding on mud, rocks, and sand. No wonder that most parents prefer this well-built and powerful four-wheeler over traditional power wheels. 

With an adjustable riser handlebar, it will grow with your child. Once charged fully, the battery lasts around 1 to 2 hours of solid ride time. So, your little one will have plenty of fun while shooting all over the yard. Make sure your child is wearing age-appropriate safety gear such as a helmet and goggles.

Best Four-Wheeler ATV for 10-Year-Olds and Youth: Razor Dirt Quad 500 Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Older Kids and Teens

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For older kids and teenagers, we found yet another excellent electric quad from Razor. With an array of impressive features, it deserves to be one of our top picks. This one is perfect for teen and youth children who have outgrown their power wheels and now are ready for something more.

Since gas-powered ATVs aren’t suitable for young children, this electric four-wheeler is the best you will find that ride like a gas-powered ATV. With the 36V battery, riders can continue riding for about an hour without stopping once fully charged. The top speed is ideal and safe for a child around 10-years-old, which is just under 10mph.

The combination of self-adjusting chain power and pneumatic rubber tires enables the four-wheeler to slog through mud, hills, and different wood terrains comfortably. Other than adjusting the handlebar, this one comes almost assembled. Moreover, its durable, powder-coated steel frame has received heaps of praise from most parents. So, this four-wheeler will be a great introduction to quad safety and handling for junior riders until they are ready for a gas-powered version someday.

Recommended Four-Wheeler ATVs for 3, 4 & 5-Year-Old Kids

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Racing ATV

The Kawasaki Racing ATV from Power Wheels is an excellent choice for younger kids who love racing adventures. With features and design like a real ATV, the ride-on vehicle is pretty heavy-duty, comfortable to ride, and fast enough for kids older than 3 years.

Designed and manufactured with an emphasis on safety, this stylish quad is great for kids learning how to ride a four-wheeler. Its simple drive system allows children to drive in multiple directions: forward, backward, and reverse. They can ride it at a top speed of 6 mph, while the maximum reverse speed is 3 mph! All they need to do is press a button to shift the gear. It can’t get simpler than that. Most importantly, the system allows parents to control the quad speed, which can be adjusted as they grow. So it will offer years of fun riding around the backyard.

Not just backyard, your child can ride it on almost all types of level grounds, including ruts, wet grass, gravel, even mud. The rubber tires are well-made and work fine on hard surfaces, but not so well on grassy terrains because of the long rear axle. However, adding a few extra washers should solve the problem.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

If your kid is a fan of dinosaur-themed movies and toys, go for the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer. With features like cool design and easy maneuverability, it is one of the best-rated four-wheelers on Amazon. Let’s take a look at some key features.

First of all, it comes with a sturdy steel frame that can support a child weighing up to 65 lbs. The large and wide rubber tires offer good grips on hard outdoor surfaces, muddy, grassy, and other rough terrains. Though it rides at a maximum speed of 6mph, the safety features of this vehicle will keep you tension-free. Apart from the high-speed lockout feature, the power-lock brake system takes the safety of this four-wheeler to a new level. The power-lock brake system automatically stops the engine when your child’s foot is away from the pedal, hence ensuring utmost protection for your little driver against impact and crashes.

The battery life is exceptionally good compared to other children’s ATVs on the market. Once fully charged, the battery is likely to last a couple of hours. The packaged product might seem quite heavy when received. Fortunately, assembly is easy and quick.

Recommended Four-Wheeler ATVs for 6, 7 & 8-Year-Old Kids

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Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV

For kids who love to ride, we highly recommend this Barbie Pink Racing ATV from Power Wheels. This Barbie-themed Power Wheels ATV is as durable as other models from Power Wheels and gives a cool vibe.

It’s pretty similar to the Power Wheels Kawasaki Racing ATV but meant for little girls. The tires offer excellent traction to power the ATV over rough terrains. The speed is just ideal for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. Riders can reach a maximum forward speed of 6 mph, whereas the top reverse speed is 3 mph.

The ATV is easy to control utilizing the power-lock brakes. Therefore, your little Barbie fan can ride it easily around the yard, on the sidewalk and driveway. Also, there is a high-speed lockout feature for parents to adjust the speed to suit their child’s age and experience. In addition, the well-padded seat will keep your adventure-loving child comfortable while riding for long hours. 

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Citrus

If you’re worried about the longevity of four-wheelers, then the Polaris Outlaw Citrus could be a great solution for kids aged 8 years old and under. Based in Italy, Peg Perego is one of the very few brands that produce four-wheelers in the USA. Therefore, you can expect quality construction as per industry standards.

Whether it is grass, dirt, pavement, or uneven grounds, the knobby wheels of Polaris Outlaw Citrus offer great traction on all the terrains. Therefore, your child will have more control while riding on rough terrains. Though the vehicle travels at 2½ or 5 mph, it allows parents to control the speed. If you think your child isn’t ready for a faster ride, just lock the second speed gear. No doubt that it’s a handy safety feature. Also, this one has decent battery life.

The ATV arrives with an in-depth instruction booklet. So you can easily put it together within an hour. Once assembled, your child will find it super cool and fun to ride.

Kid Trax Yamaha ATV For Toddler/Kids

The Kid Trax Yamaha ATV is another great choice for younger children. With lights, horns and engine sound effects, this ATV gives the feel of riding a real ATV. The build quality of the plastic frame is good enough to support up to 88lbs, making it ideal for little racers 8 years and under.

Kids who like off-road adventures will love this pick from Kid Trax. That’s because it rides well on the sidewalk, grassy surfaces and over bump terrains, especially thanks to the rubber traction strip tires. With the FM radio and MP3 player input, kids can even listen to music while driving the four-wheeler around the backyard.

The real foot pedal acceleration is fun and functional. Hence it’s battery-powered; it’s pretty fast. But the parent control feature should keep you worry-free. With this cool ATV, you will have a hard time removing your child from the seat.

Recommended Four-Wheeler ATVs for 9, 10, 11 & 12-Year-Old Kids

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X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads Youth ATV Quad ATVs 4 Wheeler

For kids between the ages of 9 to 12, X-PRO Youth ATV is really an excellent choice. With a weight capacity of 132lbs, even teenagers can have some fun with this ATV.

First of all, this four-wheeler is durable and safe, even for entry-level riders. Thanks to the integrated automatic transmission system, the gear changes occur much more smoothly with minimal shift shock. In addition, the knobby tires in the front and rear wheels offer excellent traction on different outdoor surfaces. So junior rides now can focus more on the trails while riding on various kinds of outdoor driving conditions. 

With an electric start, young riders can get it going in no time. If you are worried that the sped is too fast for your child, you can adjust the throttle range to limit the power available for a faster ride. Even there is a remote kill switch that allows parents to stop the engine completely. So these are some top-notch safety features that are hard to find in many name-brand ATVs for kids.

Though some assembly is required, you will figure it out pretty comfortably. For those looking for an affordable yet quality kids ATV, we highly recommend this one by Moto Pro.

Rollplay 12V Powersport ATV Quad

What better way to get around driveways and trails than on this Rollplay 12V Powersport ATV Quad? Recommended for kids ages 3 to 11 years, this ATV features authentic sounds, working headlights, foot pedal start, and oversized wheels to give junior riders a realistic feel.

Most parents feel that its speed is perfect for kids, which is 3 mph (forward) and 2.5 mph (reverse). Also, parents love the rubber strips on the large wheels since they offer better traction and stability on rough terrains. With a twelve-volt battery that lasts around 2 hours when fully charged, your little one will get to experience hours of action-packed fun.

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Driving a four-wheeler is fun for toddlers and young kids. Before buying a four-wheeler ATV for your child, ask yourself a few questions. Is your child old enough to ride a four-wheeler? Is your child ready to drive a four-wheeler? If both the answer is yes, then we recommend that you go for an age-appropriate four-wheeler ATV equipped with a speed limiter.

Even if you plan to buy a four-wheeler ATV that looks new and good, you should check the durability and safety features before you buy it. Don’t forget to check all the safety guidelines and recommendations before taking your little one for a ride. It is your responsibility to make sure your child wears seatbelts, helmets, and other safety equipment before every ride.

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