Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

50 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas is officially here. It’s time for Christmas gift shopping for your family and friends. It’s also a great time to start preparing for the holidays by adding some best Christmas-themed movies to your calendar. Here is a list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies you will love watching during this holiday season.

Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Of All Time

The list contains some of the most-watched Hallmark Christmas Movies and movies from the Hallmark Hall of Fame. You can stream most of them instantly on Amazon Prime Video. 

1. Royal Matchmaker

Kate Gleason (Bethany Joy Lenz) was enjoying great success with her own New York-based matchmaking firm, True Love Matchmaking. Impressed with her reputation for sniffing out soul mates, a monarch (Simon Dutton) decided to use her services for his wayward son, Prince Sebastian. He felt that it was high time for his son to take on more responsibility for the crown. Kate Gleason indeed found a perfect partner for the prince, but soon she realized that she’s fallen in love with the prince.

Royal Matchmaker is a blustery romantic comedy that turned out as a feature of Hallmark’s Christmas Movies for 2018. Like the typical Hallmark Christmas movies, the movie is full of romance, comedy, and so many wondrous cliches. Bethany Joy Lenz was fabulous in this movie, although you should check out The Christmas Secret to see her at her best.

2. The Christmas Secret

Christine Eisley (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a single mom who was struggling to make it financially during the Christmas Season! Her life got harder when he was laid off from her work and ousted from her home. But no matter what life threw at her, she saw the good in stepping outside and helping others.

However, things started to look a little brighter for Christine when she landed a new job. Where she met Jason, and her life took a new turn. By the end, Christine’s kindness and patience pay off as she’s rewarded with what she’d always searched for a sense of security and place and belonging.

The romantic mystery movie is full of so many twists and turns that it keeps you guessing. The very happy ending emphasizes the love and importance of family in our life.

3. Mingle All the Way

Molly (Jen Lilley) owns a dating app named Mingle All The Way. Determined to make her app a success, moly signs up for the app. At the same time, Jeff, a busy professional signs up for the app. When Molly and Jeff are matched, they are both horrified to realize they’ve already had not one, but two disastrous previous encounters. 

4. A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

Noelle (Candace Cameron Bure) who works in the Fulton departmental store accidentally got locked in on Christmas Eve. However, things took a new turn when she encountered a delightful guardian angel named Charlene (Jean Smart). 

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas is adapted from Beth Harbinson’s novel of the same name. Anyone would love this entertaining, witty, and emotional holiday story, with a contemporary modern-day twist!

5. Christmas in Evergreen

Allison Louise Shaw (Ashley Williams) is born and raised in the town of Evergreen, a town whose magical snow globe grants Christmas wishes. She’s on her way to visit her long-distance boyfriend (Marcus Rosner) of two years in D.C. for the holidays. To make it on time, she hops on her grandpa’s temperamental old truck. 

On the way, she met Ryan Bellamy (Teddy Sears), a single parent. Ryan was traveling with his little daughter Zoe (Jaeda Lily Miller). They’re driving to Florida for a Christmas day cruise. 

Whether it’s fate or the universe or, a certain snow globe conspiring – Allie, Ryan, and Zoe find themselves stranded in Evergreen.

6. A Bramble House Christmas

A Bramble House Christmas is a heartfelt and heartwarming Hallmark Christmas movie that first aired in 2017. It’s based on a popular Christmas-themed book series by C.J. Carmichael.

A Bramble House Christmas is about a young woman named Willa in Montana who runs the Bramble House B & B. Willa Fairchild. After dealing with her son’s childhood cancer and her own broken marriage, Willa receives a transforming trip to Marietta and a substantial financial bequest from one of her hospice patients.

It is a wonderful Christmas movie to watch with the kids and the whole family. 

7. The Christmas Train

What’s more fun than sitting down and enjoying the Christmas train? You can hop on the Christmas Train to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. It is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies in recent times.

8. A Crown for Christmas

It is a great Christmas romantic movie. You can watch it several times, and you will still love the story of a heartwarming father-daughter bonding. Hallmark hit gold with this movie.

9. A Christmas Detour

It is another great addition to Hallmark Christmas movies. The hilarious and heartwarming story will make you laugh every time you watch it. 

10. Christmas Ornament

It is a story of a newly widowed woman named Kathy (Kellie Martin) who has lost her husband, Scott. Kathy and Scott owned a bike shop together. Christmas is coming around, and Kathy feels she has to keep their bicycle shop open in order to honor him. The cute storyline makes it a great Hallmark Christmas family movie that can be enjoyed over and over. 

11. Northpole: Open For Christmas

This one is the second in a series of Northpole movies. The story centers around a woman who inherits a hotel from her favorite aunt. It has something for both kids and adults. Surely one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies you will ever see.

12. A December Bride

If you love watching Hallmark Christmas movies, you would love the chemistry between Daniel Lissing and Jessica Lowndes in this movie. This isn’t your usual Hallmark romance movie but a great family movie nonetheless.

13. The Christmas Card

It is one of the highest-rated Hallmark Christmas movies. The story of the movie centers around a handsome soldier named Cody, who receives a Christmas card from a complete stranger, who happens to be a very beautiful woman named Faith Spelman. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

14. A Royal Christmas

It’s time to drink your hot chocolate, wrap up in a comforter, and watch A Royal Christmas. Yes, it is a little cheesy and predictable, but in a fun way. You would love to watch it with family and friends. 

15. Falling for Christmas

It’s a feel-good Christmas movie about the changes in our life. The simple storyline with captivating acting makes it a perfect movie before the holiday.

16. Every Christmas Has a Story

Mystery, humor, and romance – what do you need you to get into the Christmas spirit? This movie has everything. The best Hallmark Christmas movies are ones you want to watch again and again, and this is one of those.

17. The Christmas Switch

The Christmas Switch is a feel-good comedy movie about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a little different than the usual Hallmark Christmas storyline, but you will definitely enjoy it while watching with your family.

18. Christmas at Holly Lodge

It’s a great addition to the Hallmark Christmas movies which you can watch all year long. Watching the great chemistry between the main actors will give you a warm feeling that even a warm fireplace cannot provide. 

19. A Christmas to Remember

“A Christmas To Remember” is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies. Snow, kids, dogs, romance – this movie has it all for a perfect family movie night during Christmas.

20. The Christmas Lodge

Christmas Lodge is a feel-good Christmas movie and a great addition to the Hallmark Christmas movies. The movie focuses on the importance of family and memories during the Christmas season. It is also a love story and the spirit of helping others during the holiday season.

21. Christmas Angel

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, it’s a must-see during the Christmas season. This movie will leave you bursting with happiness, joy, love, and tears at the same time.

22. An Hour Behind

If you are a fan of Hallmark romance movies, then this is right up your alley. The great story-line and likable characters make it a lovely film to watch with the whole family. You will also want to watch it again and again.

23. 12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas is an enjoyable Christmas spinoff of Groundhog Day. It has become popular among Christmas viewers because of the positive message it conveys.

24. A Christmas Tree Miracle

The movie revolves around a family that descends rather quickly into poverty. The heartwarming story is focused around Christmas trees, and it has a unique reminder for all of us that the best gifts in life are the simple ones!

25. Christmas Grace

Christmas is the ideal time to get back to the root of our culture and religion. This movie is all about redemption, forgiveness, tolerance, and kindness which Christmas teaches us. 

26. The Beautiful Beast

The movie resembles the Beauty and the Beast. If you’re a fan of typical Hallmark Christmas movies, this is a good one to watch. 

27. A Wish for Christmas

If you like Hallmark Christmas movies for visuals and mood, this movie is for you. This movie will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit while watching it.

28. Best Christmas Party Ever

It is a story about a party planning business and the complications they face during Christmas. You will love the hilarious and captivating acting of the two lead characters, Steven Lund and Torrey DeVitto.

29. A Princess For Christmas

If you’re a Hallmark Christmas movie fan, then you’ve probably seen this. If you haven’t watched it yet, add it to your Hallmark Chrismas Movies watchlist. We promise you won’t regret it.

30. Every Christmas Has a Story

It’s a little different than the typical Hallmark Christmas movie.  You need to watch the family fantasy several times to figure out the time sequence and the relationship of the various characters. 

31. Finding Father Christmas

This movie is full of fun and easy Christmas-related activities. The typical Hallmark love story elements will also give you the warm fuzzies you need during Christmas.

32. Journey Back to Christmas

The movie tells a captivating story of a  nurse from the 1940s getting transported to modern-day Christmas. The fascinating storyline and great acting of Candace Cameron Bure will definitely draw you into the Christmas mood.

33. Holiday Engagement

Holiday Engagement isn’t a heavy drama like the typical Hallmark Christmas movies. It’s just a light romantic comedy with a holiday setting in the background. A great Christmas movie to watch during the Christmas holiday. 

34. Christmas Under Wraps

Who doesn’t like Candace Cameron Bure in a Hallmark Christmas movie? She has done a great job again with this Christmas movie. 

35. Lucky Christmas

Lucky Christmas is a story of a single mom who is struggling financially and emotionally. The storyline will keep you engaged with a happily ever after type ending. The movie delivers everything you could want in a good Christmas movie – drama, romance, holiday spirit, friendship, etc.

36. Love on the Air

“Love on the Air” is one of the best hallmark Christmas movies ever. It’s a great romantic movie that you will definitely love during Christmas.

37. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is a heartwarming Christmas-themed hallmark movie. If you love Christmas movies, you should definitely give it a chance, and you won’t be disappointed.

38. The Love Letter

“The Love Letter” is a time travel fantasy written by Jack Finney. This TV movie is a real hallmark Christmas classic. You can watch it several times, and each time you will enjoy it more.

39. Loving Leah

“Loving Leah” is a Hallmark Christmas movie released in 2009. This movie has such a lovely story that you would love to watch during this Christmas season.

40. Ice Sculpture Christmas

“Ice Sculpture Christmas” is a great Christmas-themed comedy film from Hallmark. It’s a must-see if you are looking for a fun and slightly romantic Christmas movie to remind you about the spirit of Christmas.

41. Trading Christmas

“Trading Christmas” is a comedy movie with likable characters and a good story. The story has a nice plot than regular Hallmark movies. Overall, it is a great Christmas movie to enjoy with your whole family.

42. The Christmas Shoes

“The Christmas Shoes” is a sweet, bitterly sad, heartwarming, and family-oriented Hallmark Christmas movie. This movie is a great one for families to see together. And It is a must-have on your Christmas movies list for the holiday season.

43. A Very Merry Mix-Up

“A Very Merry Mix-Up” is one of the popular hallmark Christmas movies of all time. Christmas is all about tradition, family, and romance, and this movie has it all.

44. Snow Bride

“Snow Bride” is an amazing Hallmark movie with a Hollywood-like motion picture plot and acting. The movie plot is full of twists and turns and surrounded by a Christmas feeling. This is another must-see Hallmark Christmas movie.

45. A Boyfriend for Christmas

“A Boyfriend for Christmas” is a feel-good Hallmark Christmas movie. If you aren’t feeling the vibe of Christmas yet, this is the perfect movie for getting you into the Christmas spirit. You will love watching this movie with the whole family.

46. A Bride for Christmas

“A Bride for Christmas” is a feel-good Hallmark Christmas movie released in 2012. If you’re in the mood for a Christmas movie, give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

47. Autumn in the Vineyard

“Autumn in the Vineyard” is adapted from Marina Adair’s best-selling book “Autumn in the Vineyard!”. The movie plot is fantastic and capable of bringing on the Christmas vibe.

48. The Nine Lives of Christmas

“The Nine Lives of Christmas” is one of Hallmark’s best Christmas movies. The movie is full of sweetness and a lovely romance. This is a must-watch Hallmark Christmas movie.

49. Summer Villa

“Summer Villa” is another hallmark Christmas classic.  You will enjoy the movie a lot especially if you like movies about food, restaurants, and chefs.

50. All for Love

“All for Love” is a popular hallmark Christmas movie. It sure is worth watching if you love romantic movies.

51. Christmas Getaway

“Christmas Getaway” is one of the most popular Christmas movies in recent times.  It’s definitely a must-see Hallmark Christmas movie.

What are your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies? Let us know in the comment box below.

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