Halloween Songs for Kids

15 Best Halloween Songs For Kids in 2022

Halloween is the time for both kids and adults to have parties with friends and family wearing scary costumes and makeup. A Halloween party seems incomplete without some Halloween-themed movies and songs. As we have already recommended a few kid-friendly Halloween movies to include in your family watchlist, check out our top picks for kids’ songs this Halloween.

You can play these songs either on YouTube or stream them using Amazon Music with its 3-month free trial. So grab your favorite Halloween costume and get ready to trick or treat with some of the best Halloween songs for kids. 

Best Halloween Songs For Kids

Halloween Halloween

The song is produced by The Kiboomers, one of the most popular Halloween songs for kids. Halloween is the time kids love midnight trick or treating, going to graveyards, listening to scary songs, and having fun. Whenever they listen to this song, they will feel like Halloween is already tricking and threading.

Halloween, Halloween Creepy, crawly Halloween

Trick or treat all in fun,

October 31st has come.

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Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?

Want to make this Halloween more enjoyable than ever! Get ready for Halloween trick-or-treating with one of the best songs for kids. There are many different versions of this song. This one from Super Simple Songs is probably the best version of the song yet.

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Five Little Pumpkins

One of the must-do things during fall is to visit the best pumpkin patch in your area. Kids would love to see scattered pumpkins in the pumpkin patch! But what happens when five little pumpkins escape from their patch on a Halloween night.

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Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed

So many kids believe there is a monster under their bed. Listen to find out who are the real monsters on and under the bed.

The song is associated with finger play and actions. A perfect Halloween song for Halloween parties and classes.

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Baby Shark Halloween

Who doesn’t like Baby Shark? This time, everybody’s favorite nursery rhyme, Baby Shark, is back with a Halloween twist! Baby Shark is now one of the most popular Halloween songs for kids and families on YouTube. Play this on, and everybody in the house would love to show off their favorite Baby Shark Moves.

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Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate

It is a sweet and fun Halloween song for kids. The lovely animation and the simple little verse will bring so much joy and laughter to any small child. They will love to listen to this amazing song repeatedly until they are ready to nap and dream of their own five little pumpkins!

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Down By The Spooky Bay

This is such an easy and fun song that tells all the silly things of the Halloween celebrations. Kids will love the funny Frankenstein character, the vampire, the rat and bat, and the ghost. Can they find more than these silly things?

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Go Away, Spooky Goblin!

It’s another fun Halloween kids’ song from Super Simple. Kids will love the cute animated characters such as spooky goblins, scary spiders, spooky skeletons, and scary bats. They all want to hang out with the kids this Halloween. Don’t worry. A little trick will make them go away.

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Halloween Rules and More!

Who wouldn’t love all of their favorite Halloween songs in a single video? The song is a collection of Bounce Patrol’s popular songs for Halloween, which include Halloween Rules, Halloween Peek a Boo, Halloween Stomp, Everybody Loves Halloween, Let’s Get Spooky, and Finger Family.

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Who Took The Candy?

It’s Halloween time. Grab your candy bag and get ready for Halloween. But who took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag? Is it the monster, the witch, the pirate, the vampire, or the ghost? Listen to find out who took the candy!

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Witches on Halloween

Halloween monsters are an essential part of Halloween songs for kids. They bring the scary Halloween theme to the songs. Kids will laugh when they see these creepy Halloween witches riding a broom, waving a wand, or casting a spell.

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Five Creepy Spiders

Watch out for the creepy spiders, bony skeletons, black cats, and wicked witches! Super Single hits gold with another Halloween song for kids. The animation and music are delightful for kids to listen to.

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Haunted House

Halloween season is here. It’s a perfect time for getting cozy with some Halloween-themed music for kids and family. Here is such a super cute Halloween song for kids, which isn’t that much scary.

In a haunted house on Halloween night,
Ghosts and goblins, what a fright.
Creepy, crawly, grimy goo,
A wormy, squirmy, slimy stew.

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Little Red Car

It’s a Halloween song for kids from USP Studios! The song is spooky in some way and can be used as a great way to introduce the Halloween theme to kids in the context of “scary” music and Halloween.

It’s a little scarier than the Haunted House. So parents are advised to use their best judgment while playing this song for their kids.

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Wheels on the Bus Halloween Song

“Wheels On The Bus” is a spooky Halloween-themed song for kids. The song takes the kids through a scary haunted town. It’s probably the scariest song on this list.

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