Best Indoor Basketballs

Top 10 Best Indoor Basketballs in 2023

In order to play indoor shooting hoops, you’ll need to get an indoor basketball hoop and a basketball. We have already reviewed some of the best indoor basketball hoops. In this article, we will cover some of the best indoor basketballs in the market.

Indoor basketballs tend to be better and easier to use, especially for beginners. This is because these balls go through lots of daily rough use.

The thing is, there are varieties of different indoor basketballs on the market. With so many options available, you might get confused. To make things easier for you, our expert team has spent long hours analyzing the best indoor basketballs. Check them out below.

Best Basketballs for Indoor 

Our Top 3 Picks

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

The Wilson Evolution Game basketball is one of the best indoor basketballs of all time. For many years, it has been a top choice basketball for schools as well as colleges. There are several factors behind its popularity.

The most liked factors are its quality of build and materials. The combination of these two makes it feel great as soon as someone touches it. Usually indoor basketballs are soft, but this one’s softness is way more noticeable.

It is also famous for its cushion core carcass. This feature makes it easier to grip and even softer. The rubber sponge lining replaced with the foam inside makes it more exceptional than others.

Its microfiber composite cover gives the perfect texture for indoor basketball game. Not just that, this microfiber cover also makes it more durable. You will be able to use it for many more years to come.
Another unique feature of this basketball that gives a superior grip is its composite laid-in channels. These channels create a texture to provide the ultimate control, making you more comfortable while playing the basketball game.

This basketball is approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The ball comes in three different sizes keeping in mind the indoor audience- official size basketball 29.5″, intermediate size 28.5″, and youth size 27.5”. The weight of each basketball is also perfect for indoor basketball.

Indoor basketballs are mostly expensive because of the manufacturing process and quality materials. Evolution basketball has a high price point. However, we think it is definitely worth the price considering the quality. As a bonus, you will get a limited warranty provided by the Wilson company.


  • Unique feel
  • Bounces well
  • Soft and excellent grip
  • Hold up well with heavy daily use


  • Not great for outdoor play

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

If you have already used the Wilson Evo and want to give another indoor basketball a try, then Baden elite indoor game basketball can be the best option for you. Its superior quality will make you fall in love with it. It is no wonder why it has more than one thousand positive reviews on Amazon.

The first thing we list about this basketball is its cushion. With the amount of cushion this ball has, you will indeed feel great when you hold it. The Cushion Control Technology is what differentiates Baden Elite from the other indoor basketballs. Though Wilson Evolution uses the Cushion Core technology, Baden Elite is the winner here.

Baden elite comes with an advanced microfiber cover that ensures a perfect balance between the tack and the softness of the ball. It takes Baden Elite’s moisture-wicking properties to a higher level with improved ball control thought the game.

To further improve playability, Baden Elite contains a stealth valve. The valve with the unique symmetrical panel greatly facilitates ball handling and dribbling. Moreover, the ball ensures better release and consistent bounce because of its unique symmetrical panel construction. So, you will feel very comfortable while playing indoors.

Unlike the other composite leather basketball, it has a soft feel. You will be impressed with its longevity. Even with rough indoor use, this basketball will hold up for years.

It’s an NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association) approved basketball. So, it is a perfect basketball for women’s college, high school, and club basketball. As you don’t have to break the bank, you can surely go for this basketball. 


  • Soft feel
  • Good bounce
  • Excellent grip
  • Cushion Control Technology


  • No obvious flaws

QBounce™ Silent Basketball

The QBounce™ Silent Basketball 2.0 is the best indoor basketball for dribbling around the house.

What separates the QBounce indoor basketball from other balls is its innovative design that delivers a silent basketball experience. Thanks to the foam composition and balanced weight, players of all ages can practice anytime, anywhere, without the worry of noise. Most parents love it because kids can practice their dribbling and ball-handling skills without disturbing anyone. 

There’s more. It offers a soft, tacky feel for better control. Users love how it bounces on the floor. Not less or not excessive, it gives the feel of a professional basketball game with a satisfactory amount of grip and bounce.

Finally, it’s cheaper than most indoor basketball out there. All in all, it is a fantastic indoor basketball for kids just getting into basketball.


  • Absolute fun for indoor play
  • Super easy to grip
  • Silent play
  • Affordable


  • None found

Good Indoor Basketballs

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

Wilson Evo NXT Indoor Game Basketball

Indoor basketball can make your immune system stronger and improve your mood in just a minute. Most importantly, regular indoor activities can help youth and kids get the much-needed physical exercise so that mental and physical development can continue smoothly. Keeping that in mind, Wilson brings you a fantastic indoor game ball, Wilson Evo NXT.

This ball is specially made for indoor basketball enthusiasts. With this ball, both young and adult players can continue practicing with unparalleled control. Not just indoors, this basketball can also be used outside while the weather is in favor.

Keeping in mind the youth players, Wilson has made the ball a little grippier to help develop their basketball skills. Wilson has used a superior quality micro-touch cover to improve the controllability and durability of this ball. That’s why it has grip and moisture management capability, much like the professional balls. 

Wilson Evo NXT Basketball has an NBA professional look and also provides a professional game feeling. Once you buy it, it will become your go-to indoor basketball.

However, it is pricier compared to the Wilson Evolution. Overall, it is a well-built basketball that you will be able to use for many more years to come.


  • Nice looking
  • Decent bounce
  • Feels soft and grippy
  • Durable indoor basketball


  • An expensive option

Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball

If you have an indoor basketball hoop and your kids love shooting, you might feel frustrated buying indoor basketballs on a regular basis. Instead of picking cheap indoor basketballs, you should invest in an indoor basketball that doesn’t wear out fairly quickly. Spalding has one such premium quality basketball for you.

Spalding NBA Replica is one of the best-rated indoor basketballs on the market. Its unique design, advanced technology manufacturing, longer durability are really praiseworthy. In addition, it holds up well against heavy indoor use.

As it is a replica, it looks like official Spalding NBA basketball. You will wonder how perfect this replica is. The ball has a classic look because of its orange color and is the same size as a genuine game ball.

The synthetic material used in this item offers excellent grip on indoor surfaces. However, it may seem a little bit slippery while playing outdoors. The ball gets better as you spend more time with it. 

For indoor basketballs, the bounce is a very sensitive factor. The ball should maintain a consistent bounce instead of being too bouncy or less. You don’t need to worry about the bounce level of Spalding NBA Replica. It gives the right amount of bounce for comfortable play. 

We found some negative sides to this ball. The first one is that the ball doesn’t hold air for long. Secondly, though it’s an indoor/outdoor ball, it feels more like an indoor ball because of its softness. We feel that youth players and kids will enjoy the most playing with it. 


  • Good grasp
  • Quality materials
  • The ball looks great
  • It offers consistent bounce


  • Air retention capability is poor

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is another top-quality basketball from the Wilson brand. With this basketball, you can enjoy a professional basketball game even if you are stuck at home. The best part is it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Let’s take a look at its key features.

Like the Wilson Evolution, this one also feels nice and has a soft grip. As this ball is suitable for outdoor use, so it’s not as soft or spongy as the Evolution. However, it comes with some added durability at the expense of softness. This is a potential plus in competitive indoor and outdoor games.

Wilson NCAA replica game basketball gives a good amount of bounce. The bounces are perfectly consistent on different indoor surfaces. When you are all sweaty for playing too long, you might feel uncomfortable holding the ball. To address this issue, Wilson came up with moisture-absorbing technology. The cover will naturally take up the moisture, and you will be able to play with ease.

Other than the official size, Wilson NCAA Replica offers an intermediate size basketball with 28.5”. Even kids aged around ten years can play with this basketball. It’s definitely worth giving a try.

However, this isn’t a cheap indoor basketball, not expensive either. If you are looking for an indoor basketball at an affordable price, it’s a great investment. 


  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Usable for indoor and outdoor play


  • Doesn’t perform great when it comes to holding the air pressure

Molten Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Are you a huge fan of the basketball game? Are you looking for a basketball that can meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor games? Well, then this Molten basketball might be what you are looking for.

Molten is a well-known sports brand all over the world. They supply basketball during FIBA competitions and also in the Olympics. So, it is no wonder that this one is FIBA-approved basketball.

It has the most unique and incredible design. If you are playing inside your house with your kids, this is the best basketball for showing them some basic shots and rebounds. The true consistent bounce will make your indoor play more engaging and entertaining. 

Even though the grooves are much shallower than other indoor basketballs in the market, it offers a satisfactory amount of grip. The contrasting colors will help you to find the backspin of the ball as well.

This basketball ensures you higher durability because of its advanced technology of manufacturing. Its synthetic cover prevents fast wear and tear while playing in a rough place. You will also get a one-year warranty. All in all, this is an excellent indoor basketball for the price point.


  • Great texture
  • Holds air well
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Holds up well for long use


  • The ball might feel heavy for kids

Other Recommended Indoor Basketballs

Spalding TF-1000 Classic Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding TF-1000 Indoor Game Basketball is one of Spalding’s popular basketballs on the market. It’s been maintaining its standard for a long time. But for some unknown reason, Spalding stopped manufacturing this ball. Then they declared its new form TF-1000 classic, and it has been basketball enthusiast’s number one choice within a short period.

It feels amazing to hold this basketball because of its ZK microfiber composite cover. It has a vintage look that will make you fall in love with this basketball. Also, you can get it at a cheap rate than other indoor basketballs.

Spalding TF-1000 Classic will impress you with its superior grip during the game. It has a wide channel, keeping in mind that a wide channel offers an optimal grip for shooting. Spalding also used advanced moisture technology so that you can feel comfortable playing long hours with it.

The construction of this basketball is also high-quality. The rotationally balanced butyl bladder ensures the least amount of air leakage so that air pressure can stay constant. Also, the nylon windings ensure fantastic performance both indoors and outdoors.

This basketball is approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association). The soft, tacky feel it offers perfect for an indoor game. As a final verdict, if you are looking for an affordable indoor basketball with superior quality, you can choose Spalding TF-1000 classic indoor game basketball.


  • Feels like the original Spalding TF-1000
  • Good value for the price
  • Superior grip
  • Durable


  • Air retention capability not good as advertised

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop 5-inch Foam Basketball

Indoor basketball can be a fun way to ensure the proper physical and mental growth of toddlers at an early age. However, choosing the right indoor basketball for toddlers is a great concern for parents. The ball that has the right size for toddlers should be the first consideration.

SKLZ pro mini foam basketball is a perfect choice for indoor, home basketball. It has the perfect size and weight for toddlers. Your little one can play with this basketball inside the house, and you would hardly hear a noise. Isn’t that great?

Made with foam, the SKLZ pro mini feels squishy and soft. The thin coating on the outside improves the moisture-wicking properties of the ball by preventing it from soaking up water or other moisture during play. It bounces pretty well both on the carpet and wooden floor. And the bounces are very consistent.

It has the same size as the regular PMH ball. We also found that this basketball comes as a replacement with the SKLZ pro mini hoop, a popular basketball hoop for toddlers and kids. The amount of grip it offers is suitable for little kids. In addition, it is very safe to use.

It’s a good investment if you want the right indoor basketball for your over-the-door basketball hoop. Your kids are going to love it.


  • Not noisy
  • Very bouncy
  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • Lightweight indoor basketball


  • The outer layer peels off easily

Chance Premium Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Chance Premium, a relatively unknown basketball brand, has an excellent indoor basketball on the market. This basketball is made with quality materials and is becoming increasingly popular among basketball enthusiasts.

Its unique design is the first thing that will catch your eyes. The combination of varieties of colors makes it stand alone in a market that’s flooded with unicolor minimalistic basketballs.

For young players, having a ball with a good grip is essential. With an aggressive pebble pattern, this basketball ensures superior grip and ultimate control during the play. The premium rubber material of this ball ensures a decent bounce during the game, and also it eliminates the need for a break-in period. In addition, the consistent bounce can help them with their dribbling. 

Chance premium comes with various designs, and all of them look fabulous. There are three available sizes- 27.5″, 28.5″ and, 29.5″. 

Its premium quality makes it versatile. Players can use it for indoor, outdoor, gym, wood floors, black-top, concrete, practice and, playground courts. 

Finally, it was a fairly inexpensive basketball ball. The only downside is it has a stinky smell for the first few days. 


  • Decent bounce
  • Inexpensive basketball
  • Available in different sizes
  • Fabulous color combination and design


  • Mediocre grip

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Buying Guide for Best Indoor Basketball

Choosing the right indoor basketball isn’t that easy. There are some differences between indoor basketballs and outdoor basketballs. Here are some points you should consider:


The first thing that you need to look out for is the quality of the basketball. The material with which the basketball is made is the key factor here. Rubber covers are the best for indoor play.

Air retention

Well-made indoor basketballs offer superior air retention. Look for indoor basketballs that have butyl bladder for improved air retention.

Grip and Bounce

Top indoor basketballs are specially designed to provide exceptional grip and bounce. Some basketballs have moisture-wicking properties to improve grip, even through dirt and moisture. You also need to choose a ball that offers a consistent, reliable bounce on different indoor surfaces.

Size and Weight

The size and weight do matter most for toddlers and youth basketballs. You should check the product specifications before you make a final decision.

So what is the best basketball for indoor games?

As you have already seen from our above list, there are quite a number of top quality indoor basketballs in the market. When it comes to the best indoor basketball, Wilson Evolution is a popular pick. Everyone loves Wilson Evolution because of its quality material, weight, and affordable price.

SKLZ Pro Mini is so far the most sold indoor basketball for toddlers and kids.

Baden Elite and The Rock are the other best indoor basketballs we recommend for beginners. They are both durable and affordable choice.

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