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10 Best and Safe Iron Supplements For Pregnancy, Vetted by Registered Dieticians

During pregnancy, occasional fatigue and weakness are very common. If you feel excessively tired, light-headed, or dizzy, you are most likely suffering from pregnancy anemia. There are some risk factors associated with pregnancy anemia; one is you aren’t getting enough iron from your meals. That’s why healthcare providers often advise taking iron supplements during pregnancy since they’re highly potent and absorbed quickly into the body for quicker results.

Even without pregnancy anemia, iron supplements can be helpful for pregnant women as they need folic acid, which is found in most iron supplements. Notably, folic acid reduces the high rate of congenital disabilities in children. During pregnancy, you need these supplements because your body and the growing baby compete to have the available nutrients. Eating a balanced diet along with necessary supplements is key to raising a healthy baby since your diet affects the unborn child.

If you’re looking for the best iron supplements for pregnancy, you’ll be overwhelmed by the wide varieties on the market. However, make sure that the supplements you choose are safe for you and the baby. Remember that you need to consult with your OB/GYN before taking any over-the-counter iron supplements during pregnancy. Now, let’s have a look at our curated selection.

Best Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

Our Top 3 Picks


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MegaFood Blood Builder

MegaFood Blood Builder


NATURELO Vegan Iron Supplement

NATURELO Vegan Iron Supplement


Slow Fe Iron Supplement

Slow Fe Iron Supplement


MegaFood Blood Builder

MegaFood Blood Builder

Pregnancy can come with many surprises; luckily, this supplement is safe and combats fatigue and weakness. MegaFood Blood Builder will deliver the right amount of nutrients that you and your baby need during pregnancy. As the name suggests, MegaFood blood builder increases the iron levels in your blood. Therefore, it reduces fatigue associated with gastrointestinal complications such as nausea and constipation during pregnancy.

Another reason to consider this supplement is that it’s loaded with nourishing whole foods, which reduces the risk of other associated problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also provides your body with the right amount of folic acid. It’s worth noting that folic acid helps the body create new cells and is important for your unborn baby. Equally, it helps treat certain types of anemia, such as those caused by a lack of sufficient red blood cells.

Another useful ingredient is vitamin B12 which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Other elements in this product include Vitamin C and beetroot which support your body in iron absorption. As a result, you’ll feel more energized when you take these supplements. You should consult with your doctor for optimal dosage.

This iron supplement is gluten-free and doesn’t contain harmful elements. There are no flavors added to it, making it a popular iron supplement among pregnant women. The body tolerates it well, and it doesn’t have any adverse side effects that can harm you or your unborn baby. If you are struggling with constipation-related issues, it will be a good choice because it doesn’t worsen constipation as some supplements do. It is clinically proven safe for consumption at all stages of your pregnancy. In addition, it reduces fatigue that comes with pregnancy weight gain. 

Naturelo Vegan Iron Supplement

As an expectant mother, your body needs iron supplements for your health and that of your baby. Our expert dieticians recommend taking iron-rich foods during pregnancy through diet to support the functioning of the red blood cells. Taking iron supplements is one way to meet the needs. Unfortunately, not all iron supplements are suitable for pregnant women. However, with Naturelo Vegan Iron Supplement, you can never go wrong. These tablets are known to increase your iron level, which is vital during pregnancy and labor.

Naturelo Vegan Iron blend contains 25 mg of iron as well as vitamin C extract from organic Acerola cherries. This iron blend also includes ingredients sourced from spinach, organic beet, kale, pumpkin seed, and Swiss chard. Without a doubt, this rich blend will boost your energy levels and dramatically reduce fatigue. The best part is that they don’t cause constipation during pregnancy.

Another reason this blend is a top product is that it contains beet, which has a high absorption rate thanks to its bioavailability. Vitamin C boosts the absorption of iron as well. Therefore, you will notice excellent results within a short period.

This iron supplement is a versatile product and can be taken by menstruating girls, pregnant women, blood donors, and people suffering from anemia. In addition, you don’t have to worry about safety since it’s GMP-certified and is Gluten-free and Non-GMO.

Slow Fe Iron Supplement

Slow Fe Iron Supplement is the number one choice of many pregnant women for iron deficiency. The pack contains 30 nutrient-rich pills with more than enough iron servings per pill(45 mg). The easy-to-swallow pills are highly effective without any adverse side effects such as diarrhea or constipation.

No more indigestion issues or upset stomachs. The iron pills gently work to support the body that can’t tolerate regular iron pills. You’ll be comfortable taking these tablets as they taste good. Also, they are safe and don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to pregnant women.

It’s a versatile supplement that will boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue. It also supports your muscles and boosts brain health. Also, it strengthens the immune system and regulates your body temperature.

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Safe Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

Vitron-C Iron Supplement

During pregnancy, the risk of iron deficiency is very high because of the high demand from your body and the baby. Unfortunately, diet alone cannot offer the body the right amounts and hence the need for supplements. Vitron-C Iron Supplement is a high-quality iron pill that you can take during pregnancy.

This supplement is filled with iron which is essential for your pregnant body. It improves your energy levels and fights off fatigue due to iron deficiency. Additionally, this blend is loaded with 125 mg of Vitamin C, which is essential in supporting your immune system. The gentle formula also improves the iron absorption capability of your body.

Another notable ingredient in the formula is carbonyl iron, a vital component that ensures easy absorption of iron into the body, minimizing side effects such as constipation. It’s no wonder why it is one of the most popular iron supplement brands for pregnancy in the US.

Amazon Elements Iron

Iron demand remains at its peak during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Therefore, you’ll need a safe supplement during pregnancy to restore the iron levels in your body. You can’t make any mistake by choosing Windsor Botanicals, which is a nutrient-packed supplement that is useful for pregnant women and those suffering from iron deficiency.

One unique thing about this supplement is that it’s quickly absorbed into the body for faster results. Each pill contains 35 mg of iron which is more than the daily iron requirement during pregnancy. In addition, folic acid increases the production of red blood cells. Beetroot in the supplement helps in the absorption of iron.

Further, folate is a blood cell builder which protects your body against anemia. Indeed, a single pill offers up to 167% of the daily folate value, which is an incredible amount.

For prenatal support, foliate also helps in the baby’s development and reduces the risk of congenital disabilities and preterm birth. For dizziness or shortness of breath, these pills will work like a charm. Lastly, it also helps in restoring the glow of your skin, nails, and hair.

Garden of Life Iron Supplement

Pregnancy anemia or not, the Garden of Life Iron Supplements might be very helpful for your body during pregnancy. First of all, each iron pill is packed with 22 mg of whole-food iron that’s gentle to the body regardless of the stage of your pregnancy.

There are also various vitamins, such as vitamin C and B12, to enhance iron absorption in the body. Other ingredients include natural cofactors, which comprise vegetables and up to 23 different varieties of raw fruits. In addition, the raw probiotics and enzymes present in each pill ensure the proper blend of the nutrients so that the pill easily gets absorbed into your body. Thus you don’t have to worry about constipation during pregnancy.

Thanks to the energy blend, your body will feel energized the whole day. Finally, this supplement is safe and doesn’t contain gluten, dairy, binders, and fillers.

Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron

A pack of Natures Plus Iron Supplements contains 90 chewable pills to meet your iron needs during pregnancy. Each pill is packed with multiple nutrients that your body needs during pregnancy. For example, a pill contains beet, raspberry, rose hips, and fructose. There’s also silica and Vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron into the body.

With a raspberry flavor, you’ll enjoy chewing the tablets even during pregnancy when your appetite levels are down. Notably, each tablet comprises 27 mg of iron and provides your body with the required daily intake. Therefore, it’s a potent supplement that you can depend on to provide the body with the right amounts of iron.

Beyond that, you will like the natural flavors of the pills. For your peace of mind, no harm will come your way since it contains natural products and has been manufactured with the highest levels of safety.

Finally, it’s a versatile product that you can take even after your baby’s arrival to nourish your body with iron, vitamins, and folic acid.

Other Recommended Safe Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

VegLife Iron Supplements

VegLife Iron Supplements

VegLife Iron Supplements might be what your body needs for a constant supply of iron during pregnancy. The best thing about these supplements is that they’re loaded with various nutrients to support easy iron absorption. For example, you’ll find Vitamin C, Folate, and Vitamin B-12 in each pill. Other ingredients include vegetable cellulose, vegetable blend, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Another reason we choose these supplements is the high potency value of iron, making it suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Likewise, individuals with iron deficiency can benefit from taking these supplements as they have high values of iron which are easily absorbed into the body.

High levels of Vitamin C will help in the absorption of iron and the body’s immune system. In addition, it doesn’t cause nausea and vomiting experienced in most women who take regular iron supplements during pregnancy. The formula is safe and doesn’t have chemical additives or preservatives. Lastly, it’s plant-based and therefore doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Now Supplements Iron

Now Supplements Iron

If you’re looking for an unflavored iron supplement for pregnancy anemia, you can consider Pink Stork Iron Supplements. Pink Stork’s unique formula supports your body’s iron needs and also boosts your immunity. That is because they are rich in natural vitamins, herbs, and nutrients to support you during your whole early motherhood journey.

The tablets primarily have Iron Bisglycinate and Vitamin C. These two ingredients not only help boost your immunity and energy levels but also increases iron absorption in your body. The manufacturer recommended dosage is one capsule every day to supply your body with iron and other essential nutrients. However, you should still talk with your healthcare provider about the ideal dosage.

You’ll be pleased to note that this formulation is safe and free from gluten, sugars, dairy, or soy products. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any side effects. Finally, these iron supplements come from a trusted brand that you can use during pregnancy without worry.

Solgar Gentle Iron Supplements

Solgar Gentle Iron Supplements

If you are looking for natural iron supplements to take, you can consider the Flora Floravital Iron blend. This yeast and gluten-free formulation ensures an optimum supply of iron to the body.

Constipation can be a significant problem when taking supplements. Thankfully, this formula is safe and doesn’t cause any constipation. Best of all, it’s easily absorbed into the body for quicker results.

In addition, you’ll love the fact that it’s made from natural sources and doesn’t contain dairy, gluten, lactose, or alcohol. Plus, it is free of chemical additives, artificial colors, and dyes.

It is noteworthy that this formula is also excellent for breastfeeding moms. So, you can continue taking it without worrying about postpartum constipation. We highly recommend this natural product for pregnant women since it only contains natural herbs, Vitamin C, and other types of vitamins.


A good iron pill for pregnancy should be packed with all the proper nutrients to address iron deficiency during pregnancy. Our research also notes that there are other valuable compounds present in iron supplements that help the body during pregnancy. For example, folic acid helps create new blood cells, whereas Vitamin C helps absorb iron into the body. Therefore, when shopping, make sure these nutrients are present in your iron supplement to better nourish your body and your baby.

Another thing to consider is the safety of you and your baby. It is ideal to choose iron supplements from well-known and pregnancy-safe brands while pregnant. We have thoroughly researched each product on this list and made sure our recommended products are free from gluten, soy, dairy, chemical additives, or preservatives. Hopefully, you can now pick a good iron supplement for pregnancy with less hassle.

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