Basketball Shoes for Kids and Youth

12 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids and Youth In 2023

Basketball is one of the most creative sports that kids love to play. Moreover, it’s a fun sport for kids of all ages. This is because it can be played both inside or outside, easily augmented on smaller or larger courts, and the equipment your kid needs are just a ball and a shoe. And in order to provide better protection for their tender feet, you should pick the right shoe for your child. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed some of the best basketball shoes for kids and youth from top brands to help you find the perfect shoes for your little one.

Shopping for basketball shoes for kids is a tricky one. With the tendency to develop very fast, kids outgrow their shoes very often. However, the trick here is to shop smarter. 

There are a few factors to consider when buying basketball shoes for kids. The cushioning system, grips, breathability, durability, and performance should be compatible according to the age group. 

We have thoroughly reviewed all the facts and come up with these 12 best basketball shoes that you and your child will love.

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Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Superstar Sneaker


Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker


Best Basketball Shoe For Kids: Adidas Originals Kids’ Superstar

Adidas Originals Kids' Superstar

Adidas is a popular name when it comes to basketball shoes. Adidas Originals Kids’ Superstar is one of the top-rated children’s basketball shoes out there. Starting with the classic Adidas 3-Stripe design, this Adidas Originals Superstar has upper-coated leather for long-term durability.

With a good lockdown and excellent support for maximum performance, this kid’s basketball shoe delivers the quality you’d expect from Adidas.

Traction is crucial when it comes to basketball shoes. The shoe utilizes a full-length rubber outsole, followed by a herringbone pattern for superior traction and grip. Not just in basketball, this Adidas Originals Superstar casual shoe is also popular in soccer, skateboarding, and hip-hop.

The shoe is also highly comfortable, but what caught our eye was the inclusion of the mesh lining for maximum breathability. Moreover, the signature rubber shell on the toe provides added protection for tender feet. The combination of these features offers an exceptionally smooth feel at the court, not to mention the classic, cool look.

Regardless of the weather, your kid would love to wear this iconic shoe all season. The rubber-made upper sole makes it easy to spot clean with a wet rag, making it an excellent pair for hiking

There’s nothing wrong with this shoe, but if you are looking for a perfect-fit shoe for your child, then you must mention the right size before ordering because we found that some customers are complaining about receiving the wrong size shoe.


+ Provides exceptional boost technology that gives junior players plenty of traction and cushioning.

+ The breathable mesh lining is an excellent feature of this shoe.

+ It is quite affordable and provides the best value for the price.

+  The shoe is durable enough to last until your kid’s feet outgrow them.

+ There are a variety of colors and sizes. So you don’t have to worry about getting the coolest and right size shoe for your kid.


– Before you order online, you should know what size to get. 

Final Thoughts: The Adidas Originals Superstar excels because it’s already established itself as an iconic basketball shoe for kids. With the leather upper capped, the famous rubber shell toe, and the herringbone-pattern outsole, any kid will be good to go the moment they walk onto the court with this shoe.

Best Basketball Shoe For Youth: Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Named after Air Force One-the aircraft that carries the U.S. President, the Nike Air Force 1 has two must-have kid’s shoe features to withstand the wear and tear of wild early childhood: very durable and super fashionable. The quality, traction, style, and comfort of this shoe are top-notch, something you’d typically find in an adult shoe.

The soft, springy cushioning and massive midsole allow kids to run, jump, and play all day long without any discomfort. They will still look good after playing hard outside.

With the non-marking rubber outsole, which is the best option for traction and durability, the shoe offers exceptional gripping on almost all sorts of courts.

What’s great about this shoe is that it has pivot points in the forefoot and heel, which offers multi-directional movements for multi-directional team sports like soccer, basketball, handball, hockey, futsal, and volleyball. We all know the importance of multi-directional movement for youth basketball players. Multi-directional agility isn’t only an asset,  but it is also necessary for long-term success in the sport.

Finally, this shoe’s synthetic and leather material is both waterproof and easy to keep clean. Furthermore, it uses perforations ventilation technology to help keep your junior’s feet dry and comfortable. The only thing you might not like about this shoe is the price range. Although this shoe is affordable, it certainly isn’t cheap. However, if you are looking for a youth basketball shoe under $100, check out our list of other best youth basketball shoe reviews below.


+ The improved design gives the shoe added multi-purpose appeal.

+ The shoe does an excellent job gripping the ground indoors and outdoors.

+ Good cushioning because of air zoom in the midsole allows the child to enjoy great comfort on the court.

+ Provides quality traction with rubber sole & solid support with so many color variations and sizes.

+ Overall great quality and excellent performance.


– This sneaker is a little more expensive than you would have hoped for, but it delivers the goods with exceptional quality.

– The shoe looks beautiful on tender feet but is too heavy for an infant. However, when buying this shoe, get a half-size smaller than usually required.

Final Thoughts: Unlike other brand shoes, Nike shoes last longer, and with little care, they can hold up for years. Moreover, their excellent customer service ensures that you get the product in perfect shape and without any hassles.

Great for youth around 15, the Nike Air Force 1 low sneaker provides just the perfect basketball shoe every youth needs. You can never go wrong buying a Nike air force 1 for a kid or a youth.

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Under Armour Kids' Pre-School Jet


Jordan Kids 
Air Jordan 12 Retro


Nike Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low


Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 9


Adidas Kids 
Cross Em Up 5


Under Armour Kids’ Pre-School Jet

If you are yet to find a perfect basketball shoe for your kids, check out this basketball shoe from Under Armour. The Under Armour Kids’ Pre-school Jet is custom-made for junior basketball players. It’s quite affordable too.

Any child’s shoe involved with sports needs to be very comfortable. Keeping that in mind, Under Armour has designed Kids’ Pre-School Jet using engineered perforations and molded construction to improve breathability. Not just that, the design also delivers an improved range of motion so that your kid can run faster and jump extra high.

The textile and upper mash provide maximum support and ventilation. So your child will enjoy the sweat and odorless environment inside their shoes all day long.

Under Armour always pays an extra effort to the protection facility. The TPU film on the toe cap ensures reliable protection for the toe from serious injury. 

The cushioning system of the shoe gets lots of appreciation from the experts. They use the Die-cut EVA technology to add cushioning foam to the bottom of the shoe. EVA midsoles are becoming quite popular in modern performance shoes because they are shock-resistant and lightweight. In addition, the traction pattern of the rubber outsole grips instantly on any ground making lateral movement more comfortable.

Finding the right basketball shoe for girls is a little complicated. This shoe comes in sizes for both boys and girls, making things a bit easier for you. The only downside is this shoe is more suited for kids between 8 and 12. If your child isn’t in this age group, you might have to look elsewhere. 


+ Rubber outsole keeps ankles straight so that kids don’t slide all over the court.

+ The casual look of this shoe makes it super practical for everyday use as well.

+ Good cushioning because of the Die-cut EVA sock liner.

+ EVA midsole offers a lightweight and responsive experience on the court.

+ Great breathability and ventilation support.


– This shoe is only designed for older kids, not for youth or toddlers.

Final Thoughts: The Under Armour Kids’ Pre-School Jet is an affordable pair of shoes ideal for the 8-9-years-old in your family who just started exploring a variety of different sports.

With its spectacular design and style, this shoe is definitely your child would love to wear. There are several colors of this shoe, so make sure you get the right one for your kid.

Jordan Kids Air Jordan 12 Retro

Jordan Kids Shoes are becoming popular among kids because of their unique design and comfortable fit. Among the other features, the non-slip and wear-resistant rubber sole assures a solid grip on the court while keeping the ankle straight with exceptional control. Also included is a multidirectional herringbone traction pattern that offers instant grip.

The upper structure is made of leather with a molded panel to ensure a perfect fit. Besides, the midfoot contains leather overlays for durability and stability.

What we like most about this shoe is the shock-absorbing EVA midsole. The EVA midsole, considered the most ideal for footwear, helps reduce weight and brings superior comfort with slip-resistance performance. With the lightweight mid and upper, the shoe is a hit among kids because of how comfortable it feels on the court. In addition, the soles allow bending freely to their required angle.

Also included in the shoe is a comfortable texture lining that improves breathability and offers the unparalleled pleasure of free running. Its unique design adds extra comfort with side-to-side movement. So your child can wear the shoe for day-long play.

The Air Jordan 12 Retro is a versatile shoe. Your child can put on the shoe for running, riding, walking, casual wear, and of course, on the basketball court. It’s also cheap and durable. So you don’t need to break the bank to buy a new pair for every different occasion.


+ The lightweight and shock-absorbing midsole will keep your child’s foot protected and comfortable.

+ The casual look of this shoe makes it useable on multiple occasions.

+ The solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern provides exceptional grip & control on the court.

+ The vertical and horizontal flex grooves provide flexibility in all directions.

+ Affordable basketball shoes for kids.


– The quality of this shoe could have been a little better.

Final Thoughts: If you are committed to getting your kid a high-quality and cost-effective pair, this is a perfect starter shoe for basketball games and practices.

The cool and comfortable design of this shoe will help your kid get started while figuring out the rest later. Overall, Wetike Kid’s Sports Shoe is a wonderful introduction to help your child flourish in their basketball dreams!

Nike Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low

If you want your child to be physically active, you need to make sure that they have the right sporting equipment. Getting them the Air Jordan Legacy 312 pair might be the first necessary step you can take.

One of the best features of this youth basketball shoe is that its design is inspired by Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3. So you can call it a modern-day design mash-up of iconic Jordan shoe elements.

Nike is a reliable brand in the shoe business. The rubber sole they have used in the shoe is very appropriate for basketball, outdoor gym, running, traveling, and casual uses.

It also comes in three colors. The red one has black, bold brand graphics on the upper sole; the Blue Lagoon has a great color combination of deep and light blue. And the black one is designed with a metallic gold torch in the brand logo. All three have a Jumpman logo on the stiffener. Therefore, you can choose your child’s favorite pair of shoes from a wide range of colors.

Having a well-fitted shoe is a prime rule to get on a basketball court. Considering this, Nike has designed this pair with a midfoot strap. It helps to lock down the feet while attempting to throw a ball through the top of a basketball hoop.

In addition, the Jordan Legacy has an air-sole unit under the heel to reduce the force of impact. Air-Sole is a Nike proprietary technology that makes the shoe safer to run on hard surfaces. This feature will rejuvenate your little Michael Jordan.


+ The shoe combines a classy look with reliable performance.

+ It comes with excellent cushioning and an air sole unit.

+ Midfoot strap for extra lockdown.


– Like other Nike shoes, it’s a little pricey.

Final Thoughts: The Air Jordan Legacy 312 pair is a nice-looking, lightweight shoe that is definitely going to be your kid’s favorite shoe to wear on and off the court.

All of the Nike junior basketball shoes come with an overriding theme that resembles the exceptional quality they offer. The pick of the shoe is the kid-friendly design, which is great for a junior basketball player who needs help improving his running speed.

Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 9

It’s another basketball shoe for kids from Nike, which comes with Nike’s trademark flexible rubber sole for maintaining proper traction in this footwear. So no compromise on comfort.

The synthetic sole ensures a durable and convenient user experience. Plush padding and soft foam add extra value to the shoe. It resists the palpitating vibration and helps smooth the landing. Moreover, the material is conveniently lightweight. So your child will enjoy extreme comfort while playing basketball.

The breathable fabric helps reduce suffocation from the shoe environment. Besides, the fabric will deliver long-lasting performance and support.

Many manufacturers don’t consider measuring the shafts accurately. But Nike has broken the chain and let the magic brings out. The shaft measures of these shoes are approximately from arch to mid-top.

The heel-to-toe cushioning system makes it even better for the kids. The foam midsole ensures a lightweight feel with great performance.


+ A great combination of leather and synthetic.

+ Midsole ensures reliable cushioning.

+ The leather upper makes it more comfortable and flexible.


– The tongue could be more tightly fitted. 

Final Thoughts: There are a few versions of Nike Kids’ Team Hustle. NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 11 and NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 10 are the other two popular kids’ basketball shoes.

The shoes are well made to withstand the punishment of the junior years. They offer a good grip on and off the court. Moreover, you would love the nice support around the ankles. Overall, this nice-looking shoe will surely be your child’s favorite shoe for a long time.

Adidas Kids’ Cross Em Up

Undoubtedly, Adidas is one of the most prestigious shoe manufacturers in the world. With Kids’ Cross Em Up, Adidas justifies its reputation as a quality brand. Just like Adidas Originals Superstar, the key materials of this shoe are also textile and synthetic leather. It has been a popular kids’ shoe in the market due to its startling performance and durability.

The synthetic sole responsibly maintains its obligation for great traction and durability. The traction improves the dribble, double dribble, and running with the instant halt-and-run. As the sole is slip-resistant, it reduces the chance of any unwanted accident due to the slippery surface of the court.

Like all Adidas shoes, the look of the pair is classy. Notably, the three bold lines and the pattern on the side vamp improve the design and make it more eye-catchy. In addition, the lengthy lace fits the look perfectly.

It is available in four different colors. So you don’t have to pick a straight color your kid doesn’t like. Pick the one that your kid will greatly appreciate.

The shoe is great for beginners. If your kid plays with a regular shoe, it might cause ankle and heel pain. Since the pair is specially designed for basketball-loving kids, it cares for your child as you always do.

The pair comes at a fair price. You can’t have such a perfect pair with this price point.


+ The shoe is flexible and comfortable for kids.

+ It provides great value for the price.

+ It fits perfectly.


– Not so wide, so the kids who are a little healthy might feel uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts: This is a perfect fit shoe for kids who would feel good moving around the court.

The shoe is only available for two age groups: little kids (4-8 years) and Big kids (8-12 years). Like many Adidas performance shoes, Kids’ Pro Spark offers excellent lockdown and good performance. Despite the shoe’s bulky build, your kid won’t feel heavy wearing them all day long.


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Adidas Kids' Adidas Marquee Boost


Adidas Kids Pro Next


Nike Kid's Kyrie Flytrap 


Under Armour Curry 3ZERO


Jordan Kids' Nike Air 10 Retro Gs


Adidas Kids’ Adidas Marquee Boost

Like the previous one, the textile and synthetic combination of this Adidas footwear gets a lot of applause from shoe lovers. However, the traction of the rubber sole is better in this shoe.

To improve breathability, they have made the upper mesh breathable, which makes the feet dry quickly. Boost is one of the most innovative cushioning technology from Adidas. They use Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for improved shock absorption of the cushioning system. Therefore, this shoe is engineered to provide the most energy return for maximum performance.

Moreover, it includes the OrthoLite sock liner technology for comfortable and diligent performance. It has a solid rubber sole with a herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern in the rubber outsole makes it a perfect collection for the basketball court. It’s no wonder it brings excellent grips on all types of surfaces. 

One thing we don’t like about this shoe is that it gets dirty quickly and requires a lot of wiping to clean it completely. Other than that, it’s a quality basketball shoe for kids.


+ Provide incredible performance.

+ It has a productive and responsive cushioning system.

+ The herringbone pattern delivers good traction.

+ The upper mesh makes it breathable and quick to dry.


– It was not as durable as it could have been outside.

Final Thoughts: This shoe is a perfect mix of feel and fashion. Your kid would feel confident every time he steps on the court wearing a marquee boost. 

This shoe is a kids-favorite because of its superior materials and color, as well as its comfortable feel and lightweight ride. These benefits come from a unique combination of features, including a molded ankle collar, breathable mesh upper, and cushioned heel. Your junior superfans would be excited knowing they’re rocking the same shoe as All-Stars and up-and-comers, from John Wall and Kristaps Porzingis to young stunner Brandon Ingram.

Adidas Kids Pro Next

Expectedly, younger kids don’t understand the quality, material, and stuff; they just need a good-looking shoe that fits them comfortably. So Adidas came up with this comfortable and cute basketball shoe for kids.

Like other Adidas kid’s basketball shoes, this pair also uses synthetic soles to maintain a long-lasting performance. Excellent grip and superior traction make it one of the best basketball shoes for kids.

Adidas has a reputation for serving excellent quality. So forget about the technology and materials used in this shoe. Just take a look at the outfit of the sneaker. You will rarely find such a pair with a classic and cool outlook.

The shoe fits accurately. So your child can comfortably wear this while running or playing. No hassle.


+ Great quality.

+ Very stylish.

+ Brings a casual look as well.

+ Comfortable and flexible.


– Not great customer care service.

Final Thoughts: This shoe is classy, comfortable, and works well on any surface. The only issue is that it needs to be more durable to hold up for long against all the early year’s play. If you want to get one pair just for casual use, this one might be a better choice.

Nike Boy’s Kyrie Flytrap

This one is a special edition of Nike for kids who love basketball and spend a lot of time on the court. Nike Boy’s Kyrie Flytrap is specially engineered to offer quick, comfortable movement. These benefits come from a combination of great features, including breathable, flexible uppers, supportive mid-cut design, and ample cushioning. So your little Kyrie Irving fan won’t get tired even playing for several hours in the summer.

It includes lightweight foam in the midsole that cushions perfectly. Besides, it ensures shock-absorbing landing and smooth movement. It also has a breathable mesh forefoot for maximum comfort. So kids will enjoy maximum breathability, and their feet will dry quickly.

The curved outsoles with flex grooves provide a reliable grip off and on the court. That is why the traction on the court is great.


+ Flexible and smooth bend.

+ Provides non-stop responsiveness.

+ Provides a reliable grip on the court.

+ Long-lasting sole.

+ Provides comfortable lock-down support.


– The white back part might get dirty very quickly. Not a deal-breaker, though.

Final Thoughts: Young boys would love trying the shoes on and running around inside and outside of the house. This one is a perfect pair to help grow their confidence on the court. 

They can even wear them to every other occasion. The color options of this shoe make it easy to match with a variety of clothing.

Under Armour Curry 3ZERO

Beginning with the shoe materials, the reinforced mesh textile upper covers this shoe. These elements make the shoe more lightweight and breathable. For ventilation, the shoe includes an open-holed mesh tongue with a lace-up closure. Besides, the collar and plush tongue offer a comfortable fit and ankle support. The textile lining adds a smooth and comfortable feeling.

Any basketball shoe for kids should have an exceptional cushioning system. Considering the need, Under Armour has added charged Micro-G cushioning in the midsole. It allows quick acceleration, comfort, and energy return. This shoe also leverages the Charged Cushioning technology to help with speed while allowing the junior players to change their direction with ease.

Along with Charged Cushioning, Uderanrm uses Anafoam technology in this shoe to provide a lightweight, customized fit with a supportive feel. When it comes to stability, the pair comes with an interlocking mechanism. The TPU shank (meta-wing) offers exceptional stability through the arch, heel, and forefoot.

Finally, this great-looking shoe is made from a synthetic rubber sole. The detailed Herringbone traction on the rubber outsole delivers robust grips on all types of surfaces.


+ It contains a herringbone traction pattern and a solid rubber sole for perfect grip.

+ Fits true to the size.

+ Reliable grip on the court.

+ Provides innovative lockdown.


– They’re a little pricey but well-built to last long.

Final Thoughts: This is a finely designed shoe engineered with the latest shoe technology. The shoe offers everything you need in a youth basketball shoe. Get a pair for your little “Stephen Curry fan” for his new hoops season.

Jordan Kids’ Nike Air 10 Retro Gs

The Jordan Kids Nike Air 10 retro Gs is considered one of the most classy basketball shoes for both kids and youth. You will get one pair of these shoes in the wardrobe of every shoe lover.

This is the first Air Jordan sneaker with the iconic ‘Jumpman’ logo and with a visible air-sole unit. Over the past years, the pair has been released several times with different colorways.

You won’t find a Herringbone pattern in this shoe, but they have stripes on a solid rubber sole. They are great for kids who want to improve their side and lateral movement.

The shoe is exceptionally comfortable to wear because of its unique cushioning system. Phylon midsole, combined with a Zoom Air-Sole unit, delivers responsive cushioning that feels great and lasts. Your child will definitely love it.


+ Great cushioning and court feel.

+ Thick rubber sole with stripes pattern provides great traction.

+ Provides a reliable grip on the court.

+ Exceptionally comfortable to wear.


– It is a little pricy but totally worth the price.

Final Thoughts: Featuring a high-quality thick rubber sole that is lightweight while providing a jaw-dropping cushioning system for exceptional comfortability, this shoe is one of the best we reviewed for youth.

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Best Youth Basketball Shoes

Questions & Answers

How to choose the best basketball shoe for your kids?

You need to consider a few things before purchasing basketball shoes for your kids. Here are the main features of a basketball shoe for kids.

The first area is durability. Youth shoes undergo many punishments, so you must pick a shoe with excellent durability. Most youth basketball shoes are made of leather and soft synthetic, so check that out when purchasing.

The next area to focus on is comfortability. You need to figure out what will work best for your child based on their height and weight level. Before picking one, make sure the shoe is designed to fit the corresponding aspect of your child.

For comfortability, you must pay attention to cushioning. Shoes with better cushioning should have good shock absorption and durability. Typically basketball shoes with air-cushion systems perform better than shoes with the foam-cushioning type. Finding the right size shoe is also vital for your child to become comfortable with their basketball shoes. Though finding a perfect fit is hard, try to find the best match for your child.

It’s well known that shoe traction is critical in sports like basketball. Traction is the capability of the shoe to grip the floor. There are enough technological advancements in youth basketball when it comes to traction. The outsole must provide enough traction to improve the mobility of your child. There are ways to check great traction on any youth basketball shoes. The softness and pattern of the rubber are key here.

The last thing you should do is set a range of prices for your budget. You shouldn’t compromise with the style while looking for an affordable shoe. The style will help your child feel confident when running on the basketball court.

Finding the best basketball shoes for kids shouldn’t be that difficult. Just check out the above-mentioned things before buying one. Remember to consider the opinion of your child before making the final decision. After all, it would be them who would use it.

Wrapping Up

These 12 pairs are not the best of the best, but in this price range, you will definitely not find something better from our above list. Taking every feature and facility into account, they are by far the best basketball shoes for kids and youth out there.

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