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10 Best Kids Movies on Hulu in 2023

It’s easy to grab any movie for yourself. But when it’s about what to feed your kids, you definitely have to be extra concerned about the storyline and graphics. Also, ask whether your kids are really going to love it or not! But if you have a Hulu subscription, no worries.

We’re here with some great movie recommendations that kids will love!

Top Kids Movies on Hulu

Corpse Bride

There are tons of mistakes a human can make. But how about the mistake that is both horror and fun in an unusual way?

The movie starts with a great pianist making a great mistake on his wedding night. Instead of the real bride-to-be, he gets married to a corpse! And right there, his life started to change- he became a part of the underworld!

Corpse Bride is a brilliant creation by Tim Burton. He gathered all his favorite performers- Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham, and Emily Watson to make it perfect. This movie was nominated for Academy Award as a best-animated feature film back in 2006.


Shrek will definitely be on the list if you ever ask anyone to recommend the top five Halloween movies for kids and families. Almost everyone has already seen it. In case your kids haven’t tried it yet, go for it without a second thought!

This is all about Shrek’s fun journey to rescue a princess. When Shrek lost his residence to lord Farqaad, he had only one way to get it back, rescuing Princess Fiona!

Even though Shrek is a hero here, he was basically a monster. The goodness in Shrek is very inspiring for everyone.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a beautiful fairy tale for older kids. But unlike other princess tales, it’s a great combination of fun, quirks, and action. It’s a story you would like to tell your kids when they’re bored at home. Though the plot is pretty basic- a princess is going to marry someone awful and eventually gets rescued by a pirate- you’d love it for the way it was portrayed.

Dear parents: note that this movie contains some violence- sword fight, death by poison, etc. Don’t miss out on this classic Dreamworks production if it is okay with you!


Blu is a funny macaw who has been raised by a little girl since his birth. He knew how to ride a skateboard as a starter and how to brush his teeth, but he never learned to fly. One day he gets to know there is another macaw of his kind and travels to Rio De Janeiro to get in touch with her.

Your kids are going to love how hilarious this movie is. The whole Rio film series is pretty entertaining and enough to present you with a good family movie night!

Mr Popper’s Penguins

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you had some penguins in your house? Well, it is for sure that your children will be much excited to have them there! You’ll see how Mr Popper raises his penguins.

This is another great film to make your family night special. It will teach kids the importance of love and friendship, social interactions, and reality. Though rated 6.0 by IMDB, you might love it more. Especially when Jim Carrey is here, you will never know what magic is going to happen!

Snoopy Come Home

Snoopy Come Home is a classic animated film from 1972. It’s like a living comic book. Snoopy, the dog, travels to his home and has new experiences.

This movie is perfect for kids of age below five. When you have to do some chores and don’t understand how to keep your baby quiet, go to Snoopy!

Happy Feet

With this movie, you’ll lose yourself in Antarctica, the land of dancing Penguins! All the penguins there have to find his heart song all by themselves. And it is a must to attract their soulmates. Sadly, a young emperor penguin does not have the ability to sing. So he goes with dance skills to cover his lack of singing ability.

Happy Feet will make you dance with these lovely penguins! When it comes to enjoyment, this movie is such a delight! This movie did not only win peoples’ hearts, but it also won the Oscar for the best-animated Film!

Arthur Christmas

Hold tight because Santa Clause is coming to town! Thousands of presents are getting ready.

This movie is about a family who makes Christmas happen! The protagonist here is a Santa and the others around him. The story starts when Santa mistakenly leaves a child to reach. The youngster of the family immediately set out for him with a present. This movie teaches us that every child deserves happiness, and we must not let anyone be upset as a result of our own mistakes. No doubt this movie’s going to make your family movie night so entertaining whether it is Christmas or not.

Ape Star

Jonna, a little orphan, finally gets out of the orphanage when a gorilla adopts her. An ape mommy might not sound very warm, but this gorilla, unlike others, is very warm and sweet. When Jonna’s life started to get better with her mom, they had to face some problems.

This movie will teach your kids that love can come from anyone. We should not judge people based on shape and looks. Love can triumph over all the ill feelings and make the world a better place.

Missing Link

Mr. Link lived a long time in solitude in a jungle. One day he decides to find his relatives and try living like a socialite. How did he adapt to society?

This movie is a package of extraordinary graphics with a good sense of humor. Chris Butler has directed this film so well that it got nominated for the academy award too! No wonder why it will be a great addition to your kids’ watchlist!


Still, looking for more? We recommend that you check out our list of favorite kid-friendly movies on Amazon.

You can trust all these movies at your leisure without any hesitation. Your kids might not like all of them the same way, but some will surely be their favorite and leave a good memory forever!

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