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15 Best Animated Kids Movies To Watch In 2023

We all love computer-animated movies, especially kids. There are countless animated movies out there. Even new movies are coming out every month. Well, 2023 is already looking like a very good year for kid-friendly animated movies. A good number of children’s animated movies expected to come out this year include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Disney’s Turning Red, Lightyear, and another sequel to Hotel Transylvania.

There are a few animated movies you should add to your must-watch list before heading to the theatres. Here is a list of must-see animated movies for kids in 2023.

Best Animated  Kids Movies


Released in 2020, “Soul” is one of the animated classics from our favorite Pixar Studios. Once again, Pete Doctor directed this animated masterpiece.

The movie tells the tale of a middle school band teacher who is passionate about jazz music. After falling through a manhole, he ends up in a mystical place — and he’s just a soul. The storyline might remind you of “Coco,” the 2017 Oscar-winning film. However, you might feel the theme of this movie is a little sophisticated for kids to understand.

The Croods

From DreamWorks Studios, The Croods is a super entertaining movie for people of all ages. The movie portrays the story of a Neanderthal family who was living in a cave peacefully, protected by their father Grug. But things got complicated for Grug when the cave collapsed. Now, Grug must convince his family and his daughter to follow him. 

This is a great movie to teach kids about courage, responsibility, and adaptability. The movie should definitely be on your list of animated movies to watch with your family. 

Even there is a sequelThe Croods 2 was released in 2020 with all of the adorable characters from the first film. As the Croods venture out of their cave, they must gather courage and strength to fight their biggest threats.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is an animated masterpiece from Pixar Studios. The movie portrays the struggle of a father (Marlon) to protect his son (Nemo) after his wife dies.

The movie shows that it’s natural for kids to fantasize, experiment, and explore. Sadly, we parents don’t inspire kids to explore and experiment. But there are many benefits of imaginative play for kids at an early age. Watching this family-friendly movie with your kids will definitely be a fun experience.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

After the last year’s How to Train Your Dragon, we don’t know how long we have to wait for another sequel. Don’t worry. You might miss Hiccup and Toothless, but you will see a new dragon named Sisu on the big screen this year. Brace yourself for a new fantasy-action-adventure film (Raya and the last dragon) from Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

Watching this family-friendly movie with your kids will definitely be a fun experience. Add it to your list of must-see animated movies to watch with kids.


Up is a beautiful and well-written Pixar-Disney animation movie directed by Pete Docter. It is no surprise that this list has a few movies directed by Pete Docter. Like most other Disney films, Pete Docter has tried to take us into a magical world filled with attractive, colorful characters.

Up has tried to show what life is like to be a younger teenager. The result is a fun, exquisitely animated movie for kids and teenagers.


Coco is an animated musical based on the background of the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos. The film tells a story of an aspiring Musician named Miguel and his journey of being a musician against his family’s consent.

You will be awed watching how beautifully the movie has captured Mexico’s the “Day of the Dead” tradition. Watching the movie, kids will fall in love with music, learn about the importance of family bonds, and more.


The story of Zootopia revolves around an ambitious and intelligent rabbit Judy Hopps who wants to become a police officer but is assigned as a parking duty officer by her superior. To fulfill her ambition, she must solve a missing predator case within 48 hours.

The movie sends some good messages to kids about diversity and working together. The most important message is you can overcome societal prejudice and bigotry to be whatever you want to be.

Big Hero 6

If your kids love Disney and Marvel movies, Big Hero 6 is a must-watch. This animated action-comedy film is centered around a 14-year-old robotics prodigy, Hiro Hamada. With the help of his health companion robot Baymax and a team of geniuses, Hiro Hamada must find the person behind the tragedy that killed his brother.

No doubt children, as well as parents, will be fully immersed in the movie while watching it together.


If your kids like fairy tales, they’re going to love Disney’s Frozen. Disney-Pixar’s Frozen is a story of two princesses Elsa and Anna (Voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel) with has a great sisterly relationship. But the superpower of the eldest one drove her away from the family to start a new life.

It’s a perfect movie to watch when snowing has just started during the winter season. Overall, this is a great movie to introduce your kids to the world of fantastic music.


Moana is another Disney animated movie that centers around an aspirational princess, Maui. With the help of a demigod, Maui goes on a mission to save the world.

It will be a perfect family movie during the summer season.

How to Train Your Dragon

If your kids love movies with animals, then they should surely watch this masterpiece. The story of Hiccup, a young Viking, and Toothless, a young dragon, will keep everyone engaged throughout the movie. After watching this one, they wouldn’t want to wait to watch the sequels of this movie.

The animated movie has a great story and is full of positive messages of friendship, intolerance, peace, and harmony. The kid-friendly characters and visuals make it one of the must-see family movies.

The Lion King

The Lion King is a live-action remake of Disney’s original The Lion King, released back in 1994. If you loved the original, you would also love watching this remake with your kids. The storyline is the same and revolves around Simba, who decides to go back to his place after being betrayed by his uncle.

You might think the previous one was better in terms of music and portraying emotions. Overall, you won’t regret watching it with your kids.

Toy Story

The combination of Disney and Pixar has brought us one of the best-animated movies of all time. Toy Story will be a fun, rollicking, masterminded adventure for kids.

Directed and written by John Lasseter, the movie has the absolute best voice-over cast, such as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Don Rickles.


If your child loves spaceships, cruises, and robotic characters, we have picked out a great movie for you. It’s another great movie for Pixar-Disney. Directed by Andrew Stanton,  Wall-E is a thought-provoking story that will remind our cruel behavior and irresponsibility toward our earth.

The Incredibles

Who doesn’t love superhero movies? It’s not the best Pixar-Disney film but good enough to keep everyone engaged during the whole time. The Incredibles is the movie you would love to watch together with your active kids.

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