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10 Best Mother Daughter Songs That You Will Love

There are a lot of mother-daughter songs out there to celebrate the special bond a mother and daughter share. You can play these songs on special occasions (e.g. Mother’s Day, Wedding, etc.) to appreciate all the things she has done for you. Below is a list of some of the most popular mother-daughter songs that will make you cry every time you listen to them.

Best Mother-Daughter Songs

Mama’s Song By Carrie Underwood

This wonderful song by Carrie Underwood is something worth listening to. It expresses the mother-daughter love quite accurately in so many words. You will love the emotional lyrics of Mama’s song: “He makes promises he keeps and he’s never gonna leave, so don’t you worry about me, momma!” It’s a must-one for your list of mother-daughter dance songs.

Never Grow Up By Taylor Swift

“Never Grow Up” By Taylor Swift is a song worth considering for your list of mother-daughter songs. It’s crazy that one song can make such a strong impact on your life, and is able to connect with you emotionally. The way Taylor is able to tell the lyrics, it seems like the song was meant for you.

In My Daughter’s Eyes By Martina McBride

In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride has been a classic for mother-daughter songs for a very long time. This song will make you think of your mommy. No other song describes the struggles of motherhood so clearly.

Because You Loved Me By Celine Dion

This timeless and fantastic song best describes the sacrifices of a mother. This song really points out to the moms because they have always been there through it all. A good choice for your list of mother-daughter songs.

The Best Day By Taylor Swift

This is a lovely song to add to your list of mother-daughter songs. Listening to this song will bring back so many of your memories from the past. This song is a sign of how well Taylor portrays the feeling of ultimate love for and from her mother.

Isn’t She Lovely By Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is truly a master of music. This song is about the pure love a parent feels for his/her daughter. It deserves to be on any list of mother-daughter songs. Only Stevie could write such emotional lyrics:

Isn’t she lovely

Isn’t she wonderful

Less than One minute old

I Turn To You By Christina Aguilera

I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera is an anthem for moms and frantic teens. Though its lyrics don’t mention ‘mother’ at all, listening to this song will remind you about your mom. A great mother-daughter dance song for special occasions.

I Hope You Dance By Lee Ann Womack

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack is a perfect mother-daughter song for any occasion, as well as a wedding. The song’s lyrics convey a heartfelt message about hope, love, and the importance of taking chances in life. The lyrics are as follows:

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

Like My Mother Does By Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina did an amazing job here of describing the enduring love of a mother and what it means to a daughter. While this song is typically chosen for a mother-daughter dance, it can also be adapted for a father-daughter dance if the lyrics are meaningful to you and your daughter’s relationship.

When I love I give it all I’ve got

Like my mother does

When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray

Like my mother does

Rockabye By Clean Bandit

This song portrays the struggles of a single mom. The lyrics describe how she struggles a lot to make sure her daughter has everything. Let’s show your mum you love her and how thankful you are.

What are your favorite Mother-Daughter songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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