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10 Best Nursery Blackout Curtains for Baby’s Room in 2023

Many newborn babies struggle to sleep for long hours. Creating an ideal sleep scenario is one of the keys to your newborn’s sleep. This is when a few baby sleep aids or soothers such as blackout curtains and white noise machines become necessary. White noise machines are specifically designed to offer a quiet sleep environment for your baby without any noise, no matter how small. In contrast, nursery blackout curtains or shades serve many purposes.

Blackout curtains are really helpful in blocking out light and keeping the cold air out during the winter. They are also great for keeping the heat and hot air out during the summer season as well. Regardless of the season, nursery blackout curtains could help babies get longer nap time, especially in the morning.

However, when it comes to shopping around for blackout curtains, there are a lot of options out there. So, you might have a hard time figuring out the best one for you and your baby. Don’t worry! We have done the hard work to help you find the right blackout curtain for your baby’s nursery. Let’s take a look.

Best Nursery Blackout Curtains

Our Top Picks

Best Blackout Curtain for Nursery: NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Panel Curtains

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Our Editor’s Pick is the Nicetown 100% Blackout Window Panel Curtains. It’s our number one pick for several reasons.

Most new parents struggle to find blackout curtains that can truly block 100% light and UV rays. Not just affordable, Nicetown curtains are true blackout curtains and superior in quality in terms of price. Compared to regular 1-layered blackout curtains in the market, Nicetown curtains are made with 2 layers of triple weave fabric. So no more shading of light into the nursery. Plus, these thermal insulated curtains not only block light but also reduce heat or loud noise from the outside, making it easier for your baby to fall asleep in a quiet environment. Perfect if you live in a sunny and busy side of an area.

Moreover, the curtains feel soft yet heavy-duty. So no matter how many times you wash them, they will still look pretty great. Plus, these blackout curtains are machine washable and dryer safe. You can iron them as well to give them a shiny look. But don’t iron after each washing. 

Like most of the previous customers, you are likely to get it neatly packaged and wrinkle-free. In addition, there are 25 different sizes and 10 design options that are elegant enough to give any nursery a gorgeous look. On top of that, with an easy-to-use grommet top, this blackout curtain is ready to hang in moments.

Best Nursery Blackout Curtain for Baby Girl: Deconovo Room Curtains

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Do you want a practical yet girly-themed blackout curtains for your baby girl’s nursery? Well, look no further. Deconovo has some great options for you.

Not only do they block 100% light, but also come in 19 different colors and designs. Not to mention that you get to choose from seven different sizes! Therefore, you will easily find one that matches your little one’s nursery décor. These are only a few reasons why they are an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ labeled.

The curtains are quite well-made to block out sun and noise, ensuring an improved sleep environment for your newborn baby. They help keep the nursery cool by blocking out sunlight from coming in through windows in the summer. In addition, they also prevent heat loss during winter months when you don’t want cold air blowing into the nursery so easily. So you can opt-out buying an indoor space heater for the baby room if you are trying to save some money.

Moreover, the sleek and smooth texture of the curtains will add a modern look to any indoor space. That’s why parents prefer these curtains for older baby rooms as well!

Best Nursery Blackout Curtain for Baby Boy: MANGATA CASA Kids Star Blackout Curtains

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Are you looking for adorable and stylish blackout curtains for your baby boy’s nursery? We recommend that you check out a few blackout curtains from the Mangata CASA. These are ideal options if you don’t want your baby’s room to be too dark. 

Though they aren’t true blackout curtains, their eco-friendly material blocks out 95% sunlight and reduces 10-20 decibels of noise to create a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby. 

Mangata CASA’s blackout curtains help the children bring a little magic into their life. When the light comes through the window, it creates stars on their walls and ceiling, making them feel like they are in outer space! Little babies will cherish these memories as they grow up.

Additionally, this blackout curtain blocks out heat in summer and keeps the cool air out during winter. It also balances room temperature against extreme cold or hot to create a comfortable sleep environment for your baby. This thermal insulation helps keep home conditions on optimal balance, saving you some money for heating/cooling bills!

Best Nursery Blackout Shade: ShadesU Dual Layer Zebra Roller Light Filtering Sheer Shades

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Our pick for the best nursery blackout shade is the ShadesU Window Blind Dual Layer Zebra Roller Light Filtering Sheer Shades. These shades come in 91 different sizes and 4 unique designs, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. They are also budget-friendly.

First of all, they come with a modern and stylish dual-layer shade design with opaque stripes, which are excellent for filtering light. Even you can control how much light or heat you want to let in.

Moreover, the shade blinds are well-made and fit most standard windows perfectly. On top of that, the zebra blinds are fairly easy to install since the instructions are pretty straightforward.

However, these are not 100% blackout shades but can effectively filter out over 90% sunlight. So, if you are looking for 100% blackout, check out our recommended nursery blackout curtains below.

Nursery Blackout Curtains

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Home Fashion Tulle Overlay Star Cut Out Blackout Curtains

Many parents become concerned about sleep training their baby in a completely dark room. They fear that it will be difficult to continue creating the same sleep environment as the baby grows up. This is when cutout blackout nursery curtains might come to the rescue!

Best Home Fashion has a great-looking curtain with cute little star cutouts. This curtain is available in 13 different colors and designs. Though it keeps the light out, it doesn’t feel like a pitch-dark sleeping space. The thick, sturdy blackout curtain allows light to peek through the cutouts that create a magical environment in a nursery room.

The curtain is well made, thick, and yet comes at an affordable price. Another important feature of this curtain is its easy installation process. Just attach the eight silver grommets with something installed directly above the window.

Hughapy Star Curtains

Looking for an affordable yet stylish blackout curtain for a baby’s room? This collection from Hughapy is surely worth considering, especially when you are shopping for a girly-themed nursery. The good news is these curtains come in 10 unique designs and 6 different size options but don’t cost much.

Sure, these curtains are well made like our previous recommendation but look more functional and fashionable. The stunning, sparkling voile overlay fabric used in the curtains gives a lovely and romantic vibe that will bring life to any nursery décor. The beautiful hues and the star cutouts add an extra touch of class when the light shines through!

Please note, these are not 100% blackout curtains, yet they keep the room fairly dark in the daytime. They’re made of high-quality polyester fabric, with a fine texture that hangs naturally. Plus, if you’re tired of always having to clean your curtains, these blackout ones are perfect for you. They can be machine-washed and dried in a ventilated area without being worried about color fading or shrinking. So don’t hesitate to add some magic to your baby’s nursery with these affordable star-cut-out blackout curtains!

BGment Moon and Stars Blackout Curtains

After extensive research on what little babies like and dislike, a renowned Californian designer designed these heavenly-looking curtains. Available in 8 different colors and designs, you get 6 different sizes as well. So, it will probably match with the nursery window.

Although it’s not a 100% blackout curtain, it will block 100% UV rays protecting nursery products. The glitter metallic silver stars emit soft shimmery lights in the baby’s room, providing just enough lighting.

Most importantly, the BGment blackout curtains are made of a special triple-weaved thick fabric that provides excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction. The fabric is also very soft, which feels great when touched.

Recommended Nursery Blackout Curtains

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Catarina Layered Blackout Curtains

Some curtains are the best for blocking outside light. Some are great for their look and designs. This blackout curtain from Exclusive Home Curtains has a combination of both! It is yet another affordable blackout curtain option that comes in 11 different colors and four different sizes, keeping in mind versatile nursery décor and style.

What’s unique is that these blackout curtains bring layered sophistication to your windows. With a combination of a sateen woven blackout curtain paired with the fashion of a sewn-in white sheer panel, they look beautiful on sliding doors, windows, or any other indoor setting.

Though these are not true blackout curtains, the light filtering fabric will help your baby sleep better at night by blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. The light diffusion also provides the perfect lighting for a long nap in the morning.

To be noted, these curtains are lightweight yet durable. You can use it either as a room darkening curtain or sheer window curtain. Plus, the high-quality fabric is machine washable. So, if you spill something on it, you don’t have to worry about needing someone else’s help to remove the stains.

PriNCE DECO Blackout Curtains

This could be a perfect choice if you need a nursery curtain with a 100% blackout option. You get six different sizes and seven different colors to choose from. These plethoras of options make them a very popular choice among the shoppers. But this is not the only reason they are wildly popular.

These functional window draperies will give your nursery the finishing touch it needs. Unlike other cheap curtains, they are made of linen. So, they do not have a shiny finish or sheen to them. Instead, they add depth and sophistication. The textured linen makes any nursery look gorgeous.

Additionally, these 100% blackout-lined curtain panels are thick, durable, and long-lasting. They can block out bright sunlight and UV rays to keep the nursery warm in winter or keep cool in summer. Plus, these blackout curtains can also block wind noise and TV glares.

If you need to buy curtains but want a hassle-free purchase, Prince Deco is the place for you. With their 30-day money-back guarantee and machine washable features, you can give them a try without worry. 

Amazon Basics Kids Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

Amazon’s own store is well-known for high-quality products at an affordable price. This blackout curtain is one of them. Made from 100% polyester fabric that is durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, noise resistant, and mildew resistant. These window covers are fashionable enough to keep up with the growing babies while being sturdy enough to last years of use!

This blackout curtain is a great way to add style and function to any child’s room. Available in 18 unique designs and colors, it will enhance the appearance of any nursery design. However, there are only two sizes available. So please check whether they match the size of the window of your nursery.

Well, this curtain does a great job of blocking the sunlight and darkening the baby room immediately! The blackout curtains are made of 100% polyester fabric that blocks out light from the outside while letting light from inside shine through. It also features grommets along the top for easy hanging on standard curtain rods.

Overall, these are cost-effective solutions if you want to add style and privacy to your baby’s nursery. We recommend this curtain if you need to darken the nursery while still maintaining a modern style. However, you might struggle to remove the wrinkles and creases. 

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If you live in a sunny area or next to busy streets, blackout curtains or shades might be very useful. Nursery blackout curtains might make a huge difference in a baby’s sleep quality during the early months. The above-reviewed nursery blackout curtains are all different in their way, but they have one thing in common. They are all designed, keeping your little ones in mind.

While buying blackout curtains for a nursery, one thing you need to make sure is that the product is safe for the baby’s room. Keep in mind that some nursery blackout curtains might have a chemical smell. You mightn’t notice that initially. However, if you install it on the window, you might recognize a chemical burning odor when strong sunlight hits the plastic film.

We hope this article has helped you to choose the best nursery blackout curtain!

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