Roller Skates for Kids

10 Best Roller Skates for Kids and Beginners in 2023

Skating for many seems like a dangerous activity, considering the balancing skills required. However, it’s an easy-to-learn sport and a fun way to spend time for both kids and adults. But what roller skates are best for kids and beginners.

There are many designs of roller skates in the market from different brands. Lack of experience may limit you in choosing a durable product that will last many years.

If your child has shown interest in learning to skate, our curated list will make the selection process easier for you. We have identified some of the best roller skates for kids and beginners. Let’s have a look at them.

Roller Skates for Kids and Beginners

Our Top 3 Picks

XinoSports Kids Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls & Boys

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Do you want to buy your child a roller sate but worried that he/she would outgrow this within a couple of months? Then try this XinoSports Kids Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls & Boys.

Outdoor skating is much more enjoyable for toddler girls and boys when using roller skates with light-up wheels. The light-up wheels of XinoSports Kids Adjustable Roller Skates make skating super fun for beginner skaters. Also, they feature a breathable mesh above the inner sole to allow air circulation and keep the feet cool and fresh. So kids won’t feel uncomfortable while skating for extended hours, especially during hot summer.

The premium soft foam offers comfortable inner padding, which is much-needed for ankle support. The skates fit well. These features motivate your kids towards healthy physical exercise and promote self-confidence while having fun with friends.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your child rolling with these skates, worry no more. The design comprises a secure velcro strap and a high-strength safety buckle. Therefore, the boot stays firmly fastened on foot all the time. Also, the toe comes with TRP brakes that will put the skate to a stop when required.

The highly durable skates incorporate ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings and a high-quality reinforced framework. Likewise, it’s resistant to cracks and will last years to come. When you compare the quality of construction with the price of this roller skate, it’s a big win.


  • Adjustable design
  • Light-up wheels
  • Sturdy and Safe


  • Limited available colors

Sulifeel Rainbow Kids Adjustable Light up Roller Skates for Girls and Boys

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Like the XinoSports, the Sulifeel rainbow skates will also grow with your kid. Thanks to the adjustable boot base, you only need to press the push button and pull the heel and the toe apart to adjust the size. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for your growing kid, as you won’t be purchasing another pair for the next two years.

The rainbow-themed design looks super cool. Another outstanding feature in this design that excites kids is the colorful wheels that light up like a rainbow when they roll on the pavement. The litter gets brighter as the wheel keeps rolling faster, keeping beginner skaters engaged while having fun.

You don’t have to worry about energy use since the wheels self-generate the power. Another thing to note is that the price is reasonable considering the high-quality construction. Also, the standard of manufacturing is above average to ensure comfort and durability. Hence, it’s pretty safe for kids of all ages. 

The reinforced aluminum frame can withstand bumpy rides, while the PU wheels with the ABEC-7 bearings will easily undergo normal wear and tear. So, kids can enjoy a smooth roll at high speed. This pair of quad skates will be an ideal gift for your growing kid.


  • The rainbows and unicorns look cute
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Comfortable 


  • The design might seem girly

Chicago Men’s Classic Premium Roller Skates

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For a beginner roller skater, the quality of wheels under the boot should be top-notch. That’s why when designing the Chicago Skates Men’s Classic Roller, the manufacturer has put a lot of emphasis on the wheels.

This classic quad skate features polyurethane material for better traction and control, shock absorption. It also helps in preventing quick deterioration of the boots. The semi-precision bearings ensure there’s less noise when rolling on these skates. Therefore, beginners can ride both indoors and outdoors while giving them a smooth ride.

Each skate has a premium aluminum base mounting, strong enough to carry different body weights without bending. It also includes an adjustable track, making it easier to turn and control the skate while rolling.

The classic, high quality, and reliable front-toe-stop make quick-starts or emergency-stops easier. The brakes are adjustable to customize to a personalized breaking style.

Another feature is the high-top profile boot style for maximum support to the ankles. They also come with inner breathable padding and a cushioned ankle collar for maximum comfort.

The upper material is made from synthetic faux leather, which makes the skate not only stylish but also easy to clean after skating outdoors.


  • Quality wheels and bearings 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor  use
  • The tightened wheels make it a good option for beginners


  • You might have to replace the wheels and bearings after some time

Roller Skates for Kids and Beginners

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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Candi GRL Sabina Women’s Roller Skate

For a good early skating experience, girls need the right roller skates specially designed for beginners. The Candi GRL Sabina Women’s Roller Skate is a pair of four-wheeled boots that will enable teenage girls to hit the pavements or park with confidence.

The artistic quad roller skates come with a freestyle high-top boot design. The design offers maximum ankle support and comfort when gliding. The speed hook lacing allows them to tie the boot in a way that feels comfortable.

There is a long padded tongue beneath the laces to ensure no matter how tight the laces, the foot blood flow remains normal. The lightweight design also allows beginner girls to roll for longer hours.

Although lightweight, they are built with a strong chassis and metal trucks to withstand high impact. The polyurethane wheels and the Bevo Silver-5 Race rated chrome bearings perform well both indoors and outdoors. They offer the perfect traction and the ultimate speed for beginners to glide, dance, and spin as they wish.

Another reason why we love these skates is that they are super-safe. The safety of these boots is well-taken care of, thanks to the non-marking toe stop on both skates for slowing down or braking to stop.


  • The wheels and bearings are well-made
  • Lightweight PU wheels offer plenty of cushioning
  •  The lacing system ensures a comfortable fit around the entire foot


  • The toe top quality is poor

Trac Star Youth Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skate

Trac Star roller skate offers a true fit to children’s whole shoe sizes, courtesy of the adjustable chassis. By pushing the adjustment button and pulling the toecap, your child can grow with the skate up to 4 shoe sizes. This flexibility in the base allows the front and back wheels to move closer or further apart until your child’s foot fits comfortably.

The Cam-Lever buckle closure system for tightening around the foot is quick and easy for your daughter to figure out on her own. Unlike the other types, this design lacks the laces which most kids find difficult to tie. They make the boot feel good around the foot and ankle and are neither too tight nor too loose to pull off.

Specially designed for kids, the lightweight boots and tongues are well-padded for a great fit and make it easy for kids to roll and turn. The outer frame comes from reinforced polymer to avert ankle twisting. Your child will love colorful appeal as well.

We love that the urethane wheels are wide and ran on carbon bearings for a smooth and fast roll. Amazingly a non-marking toe stop is attached to each skate for smooth braking.


  • Looks cool
  • The size is adjustable
  • Specially designed for starters


  • The roller skates are only for girls

Trac Star Youth Boy’s Adjustable Roller Skate

The Trac Star roller skate is specially designed for growing boys who want to learn skating. Like the Trac Star Youth Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skate, these roller skates feature adjustable chassis by pushing the button to fit true up to the next 4 shoe sizes! Therefore, this one grows with your kid, and you don’t have to purchase new ones each year.

The quality and technology of the construction of roller derby skates are remarkable. Besides, the polymer frame is reinforced to resist breaking as your kid adds weight.

We love the chassis, solidly built but lightweight to allow your kid to skate for longer hours without being tired. The trucks offer real cushions and better control for dancing and turning.

Boys can be rough, but these quad skates can withstand such challenges. Also, the wheels are from urethane material to slow down wear and tear and carbon bearings for a longtime roll. These wheels are wider to cruise comfortably outdoors. There is also a non-marking toe brake for slowing down and emergency stops.


  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • The trucks make it easy to control and turn
  • The wheels and bearings work well for indoor and outdoor use


  • You have to be careful while choosing the right size for your kid 

Otw-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls

The Otw-Cool roller skates for girls are available in both small and medium sizes. However, because of their ability to adjust, your child will be able to ride them for more than a year. Hence, adjustable skates offer great value for the price point. It’s even interesting to note that your daughter can easily adjust the size by themselves by pressing a button.

Secondly, this skate features high-quality components. The components include urethane wheels with ABEC-7 bearings, ideal for both indoor and outdoor skating. The boot comprises impact-resistant polymer plastic to offer added durability. On the other hand, the inner boot, collar, and tongue are all padded with soft foam for super comfort and support.

Thirdly, for safety, the skates feature a triple closure system to ensure it doesn’t accidentally pull off or twist the ankles. It includes a 45-degree ankle strap, ratchet buckle, and laces-up closure for the safest skating experience. A toe brake will keep your child safe from obstacles or colliding with other skaters.

Lastly, these skates are designed for girls. That’s why they come in a mix of pink, purple and white colors, with the wheels illuminating bright pink and yellow colors.


  • Quite affordable
  • Looks cute with the lights
  • Soft padded collars make the boot extremely comfortable


  • Some reviews claim the skates smell like cigar smoke

Other Recommended Roller Skates for Kids and Beginners

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Roller Derby Fun Roll

Quad skates are often the best choice for beginners as they offer the stability and balance to build confidence. Designed for beginner skaters, these skates usually come with a wide stance with a low center of gravity for balance.

This feature makes rolling fun for toddlers and kids as it reduces the fear of falling. The rear braking system is unique to these skates and will prevent riders from falling backward, gain more control, and skate for longer hours.

The high-top boot featuring Cam-Lever buckles fits around the feet firmly yet comfortably. This type of locking system is not only safe for kids but easy to buckle up as there are no laces to tie.

The boot also has the inner side extra-cushioned with comfy pads to make it gentle on the delicate feet of the little ones when rolling. The chassis is expandable to accommodate up to five sizes. Isn’t this amazing, considering how expensive it would be to buy a new size every year!


  • The bearings offer good control 
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • The adjustable trucks and wheels make it easy to control


  • Not the best ankle support

C SEVEN-C7 Roller Skates

The C SEVEN C7 Roller Skates is another great choice for kids to keeping on rolling indoors or skate parks. This classic quad roller skate is a great way for them to learn how to skate.

These skates are more affordable compared to the adjustable types with buckles and polymer frameworks. Although they appear cheap, their quality is good for a starter before you can spend handsomely on a more advanced design.

And if you are looking for a pair that is all white or black, the C7 is your best option. They are equally great for comfort and are lightweight to allow your kid to skate for long hours without the need to take breaks now and then.

The retro design features a one-inch heeled sole riveted on a plastic base, which makes the skates look great and stylish. The boot is made from durable faux black leather and cushioned from the inside for comfort.

These skates will stand up to most outdoor surfaces. Even better, the highly hardened wheels are long-lasting and won’t wear out after a few weeks. The base of these skates is wider to roll easily over anything riders come across on their ride.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Made with quality materials 
  • The retro design comes in multiple different colors


  • The size isn’t adjustable 

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

We have already reviewed the Chicago Men’s Classic Roller Skates. This one is intended for girls and adult women. The design of Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates looks truly amazing with a classic high-top design. This unique style is simple yet elegant, with no buckles or polymer frameworks around the boot.

These classic quad skates have an easy lacing system like those on adult sports sneakers. The design includes smooth eyelets and speed hooks easy to fasten the boot and secure the ankle.

The boot consists of a durable vinyl material that’s easy to wipe clean with a wet piece of cloth. Also, the outer sole is made of rubber and is shock-resistant even on rigid pavements. The roller base features an adjustable truck and chassis for stability and balance.

Further, the base has a jump bar to reinforce the aluminum chassis and resist high-impact rolling. Great for outdoor skating, this spoked-core wheel model has a higher ground clearance. Hence, they are better at cruising on the uneven pavement without knocking your toes.

Lastly, it comes with a longer toe-stop that provides easy turning and control on different surfaces.


  • Good value for the price
  • Wheels and bearings offer smooth riding
  • The adjustable toe stops are helpful for starters


  • Not ideal for serious skaters

Best Roller Skates for Kids and Beginners

Questions & Answers

What type of roller skates is best for beginners?

There are two types of roller skates.

  • Quad Roller Skates
  • Inline Roller Skates

Quad Roller Skates

For kids and beginners, quad roller skates are ideal. That is because quad roller skates are easy to learn and the safest. This type of skates comes with four wheels arranged in a box for greater stability and balance. Therefore, kids can skate learn to skate with less fear.

Another this is quad skates are much more maneuverable than inline skates. So these skates are great for tricks and fancy footwork, once mastered.

Inline Roller Skates

Inline roller skates either come with three for four wheels aligned in a straight line down the center of the skate. Therefore, inline skates are harder to balance and takes longer to master. It is ideal for getting your kid a pair of quad roller skates. From there, they can transition into inline skates.

What age is ideal for kids to start roller skating?

There is no specific age from when kids can start learning skating, but the earlier they can start, the better. That being said, toddlers aged 3 years old and under are too young to skate. 

Learning at a younger age not only gives them the advantage to learn quickly but also provides several benefits. Roller-skating is a healthy way to get a break from the screen and get some much-needed exercise. Roller-skating also helps develop coordination and balancing skills. These skills are essential for children as well as adults.

How to choose the best roller skates for kids and beginners?

Not just age, there are other things to consider when it comes to choosing roller skates for kids.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, any child aged 8 years old or below requires close adult supervision while skating. Most injuries occur when a youngster loses control and collides with a person walking, biking, or skating. Therefore, you should hold your child’s hand while learning the basic skating skills and avoid skating in a crowded area.

Your child is likely to experience some minor injuries before becoming skilled at skating. Make sure your child wears appropriate safety gear like a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. Not only these reduce the risk of serious injury but also minimizes the fear of falling. Like many other skills, skating takes a lot of patience, practice, and perseverance.

Style and quality

The wheels and bearings are designed on purpose. If your child will be skating inside mostly, then you should buy skates with hard wheels. Otherwise, go for the softer wheels. 

A toddler or kids roller skates should look cute with additional skate lights. The final choice should be based on style, versatility, and ease of cleaning.


You need to figure out what skate size would fit comfortably based on the shoe size your child wears. Most products have instructions about finding the right skate size.

The ideal choice for a toddler or a growing kid is a pair of adjustable skates. Not just they fit great, they grow with your child as well. 


Whether you are a beginner or looking for something for your kid, there is always that comfortable four-wheeled roller skate to get started. What’s important is to choose a design that fits well and will last throughout the learning time. After perfecting, you may upgrade to other designs and skate like a pro. Hopefully, you can now shop for the best roller skate without any hassle.

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