Best Single Mom Songs

15 Best Single Mom Songs That Will Make You Feel Stronger

The power and influence a song can have on someone is truly profound. What are the single mom songs that you listen to inspire you to be stronger in being a single mom?  What are the songs that whenever you hear them, you feel pumped up? Or what are the songs that make you cry?

Single motherhood is full of so many different stories. These single-mom songs are all so beautiful and touching. Here are some of our favorite single mom songs.

Single Mom Songs That Will Make You Feel Stronger

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

Appeared on the album Home (2002), “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)” is a heartfelt and emotional song by Dixie Chicks that expresses feelings of love and longing. The lyrics convey a sense of hope and well-wishing as if someone is saying goodbye to a loved one and wishing them well on their journey.

The Strong One

Released in 2007, The Strong One is a song by American country music artist Clint Black. The song appeared on the album The Long Cool EP. This song’s heartfelt lyrics will remind you that you are a strong, independent, and awesome single mom.

Somebody’s Hero

“Somebody’s Hero” is a song written and recorded by Australian country music artist Jamie O’Neal. It was the second single from the album “Brave,” released in April 2005. It is a touching and emotional song that emphasizes the importance of love, sacrifice, and the often unnoticed acts of heroism that happen within families!

The lyrics describe the sacrifices and selflessness of a mother who may not be a famous or extraordinary person but is still a hero in her child’s eyes.

Pawn Shop Blues

Pawn Shop Blues is a song written and recorded by Lana Del Rey and David Kahne. It was produced for Del Rey’s debut studio album, Lana Del Ray, which was officially released in January 2010. This song is about past memories and how you feel when you let go of the memories.

Love Is All-Around

“Love Is All Around” is a song recorded by the Scottish pop rock band Wet Wet Wet, written by Reg Presley. This song was recorded for the album “Picture This” back in 1994. The lyrics express the joy and happiness of being in love and convey a sense of overwhelming emotion and the idea that love is all-encompassing. 

Two Black Cadillacs

“Two Black Cadillacs” is a song by American recording artist Carrie Underwood, taken from her fourth studio album, Blown Away. The country-pop song has powerful lyrics exploring themes of betrayal, revenge, and the consequences of infidelity. Carrie Underwood’s powerful vocals also add emotional depth to the song. 

Keep Ya Head Up

“Keep Ya Head Up” is a 1993 hit single by Tupac Thakur from the Album “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.” The lyrics touch on topics such as single motherhood, poverty, and the importance of maintaining hope and self-respect despite adversity.

The chorus of the song encourages women, especially single moms, to “keep ya head up” and not lose faith in themselves or their ability to overcome challenges.

Baby Mama

“Baby Mama” is a song by American singer Fantasia from her debut studio album, Free Yourself (2004). The song was released on May 3, 2005. The song celebrates single mothers and the strength and love they provide to their children. 

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara is a country song written and recorded by Sheryl Crow. This song was for the album, Feels Like Home, which was officially released in 2013. The song tells the story of a single mom who is trying to stay strong for her son. The lyrics explore themes of heartbreak and emotional vulnerability. 

She Didn’t Have Time

“She Didn’t Have Time” is a song recorded by Canadian country music artist Terri Clark. It was released in July 2005 as the lead-off single from her album “Life Goes On.”  This song’s lyrics address single moms who made sacrifices for their children, and in the end, it all came back around.

You’re Gonna Be

“You’re Gonna Be” is a song recorded by American country music artist Reba McEntire. It was released in September 2005. This song is about getting pregnant at a young age and having to go through all the struggles of being a single mother


Rockabye is a dancehall-inspired song featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. This song is a tribute to all single moms out there. Single motherhood can barely be expressed in words. Clean Bandit’s Rockabye is a musical expression to celebrate a single mom’s courage.

Thanks for My Child

“Thanks for My Child” is a 1988 debut single by Cheryl Pepsii Riley. This heart-stirring song seemed to speak for single mothers all over the world.

A Little Bit Stronger

“A Little Bit Stronger” is a song recorded by American country music artist Sara Evans. It was released in September 2010 and featured on the album Country Strong. This song is about staying stronger after a setback and never surrendering!

Tougher Than A Man

“Tougher Than A Man” is a song by American country music band Cowboy Crush. This song is dedicated to all young single moms who are going through a lot.

She never thought she’d be
A single mom at twenty-three
She doesn’t know if she can
But she’s gonna be
Tougher than a man

What other single mom songs did we miss on this list? Let us know about your favorite single mom songs below.

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