12 Best Beginner Skateboard For Kids in 2021

As kids grow and reach different milestones in their early years, it’s essential to encourage them to play and have fun. It’s not only healthy but also gives them confidence and boosts their interaction with the outside world. At an early age, bikes are favorite toys; however, as they reach five years, you may want to get them a scooter or a skateboard.

Initially, it might frighten you due to the risks that come with riding skateboards. Of course, you wouldn’t want your child to end up in the ER. Undeniably, it’s important to take all the necessary precautions. However, all is not lost since there are skateboards that are safe for children. Below here, we take a close look at the best skateboard for kids. These will give you an insight into what to consider when choosing a suitable product for your child. Keep scrolling.

Best Skateboards For Kids in 2021

Our Recommended Picks

Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard – Best Beginner Skateboard for Kids

Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood - Sustainable Compact Skateboard for Adults and Kids. Easy to Carry, Smooth to...
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198 Reviews
Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood - Sustainable Compact Skateboard for Adults and Kids. Easy to Carry, Smooth to...
  • Length: 19" | Width: 9" | Wheelbase: 12" | Trucks: Aluminum 7'' | Wheels: 69mm 76A | Bearings:...
  • The Most Portable: easy to carry around can fit in backpacks and lockers. Travel friendly: accepted...
  • Stable. Thick skateboard deck doesn't flex under weight. Large trucks make you feel stable and in...

The first to make it on our list is the Egg boards Skateboard which is suitable for kids and beginners. With an overall dimension of 19×9 inches, this skateboard comes loaded with all the features to make it a functional device.

Other features are a 12-inch wheelbase and seven-inch aluminum trucks. The wheelbase is twelve inches, whereas the trucks are seven inches and ABEC-9 bearings.

This product comes in a lightweight design that makes it portable. You only need to squeeze it in your backpack and carry it for an outdoor adventure. Furthermore, it’s easier to store, and the good news is, it’s plane-friendly.

Certainly, safety matters, and it shouldn’t be a problem since the Egg boards have large and solid aluminum trucks that boost stability. In addition, it’s made of bamboo wood which is a durable product that will not crack or fragment. The bearings offer a smooth operation and allow you to ride endlessly without getting tired.

  • A Large board made of sturdy Bamboo wood
  • Strong aluminum truck
  • Lightweight Portable
  • Plane-friendly
  • Smooth ride
  • Undersize for experts

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 – Best Electric Skateboard for Kids

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard for Kids, Teens | Kick-Assist A.I. Smart Sensors | Mini E-Cruiser...
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331 Reviews
Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard for Kids, Teens | Kick-Assist A.I. Smart Sensors | Mini E-Cruiser...
  • Move more, kick less — kick-to-cruise locks in your current speed up to 9. 3 mph, so you can cut,...
  • Powerfully responsive sensors — Intelligently placed sensors detect weight and motion,...
  • Real feel skateboarding — the 72mm (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels along with the Polypropylene deck...

If you are looking for an electric skateboard for kids, this one is a great choice. Swagtron is the global leader of electric rideable. From electronic scooters to e-bikes, they have made electrically rideable possible for people of all ages.

The best thing about this skateboard is that it is super easy to learn. Moreover, the maximum weight capacity is 150 lbs pounds, which is perfect for young kids.

It is well-constructed to withstand the punishment of tender age. The wheels are made of polyurethane. So they can help kids tackle even the most tougher terrains. In addition, the design improves stability and ensures that your kid is having fun at the same time.

The battery for the NG3 is UL-Certified. It takes as little as 90 minutes to charge the battery fully. When fully charged, your little one can ride 6 miles at a stretch. In addition, the 100W motor can power it at a maximum speed of up to 9.3 mph.

The rainbow backlight is a really cool feature, which is your kid will surely like. This is sturdy like the other Swagtron models, so don’t hesitate to give the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 kids electric skateboard a try.

  • Comfortable design
  • Has polyurethane wheels along with the Polypropylene deck
  • Good weight capacity
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with responsive sensors
  • The sensor might cause some troubles

WiiSHAM Skateboards – Best Skateboard for 10 Years Old

The easy part about the WiiSHAM skateboards is that it comes assembled, and therefore it’ll take just a few minutes to hit the ground running. Overall, this is a well-made skateboard, and a size 31 inches, it is suitable for beginners and experts as well. It’s also a good product for your chance to enhance their play.

The WiiSHAM consists of ABEC 9 speed bearing with anti-shock characteristics. Additionally, the affixed wheels allow you to pick up quickly and swiftly.

The skateboard consists of sturdy construction, which includes hardwood and tough wheels. Your stability is assured, and you can do several tricks while riding in the streets and pavements.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Speed bearing allows for a smooth ride
  • Stable for perfect balance and smooth start
  • The bearing a bit tight

SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard – Best Skateboard for 9 Years Old

SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard
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43 Reviews
SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard
  • Click SkateXS above to see all personalized and standard beginner skateboards - Panda, Pirate,...
  • Made by Skateboarding Parents - just for Kids; Custom assembled in USA
  • Skate Shop Quality - Only Top Name Brand Components

The SkateXS is a chic skater board and an excellent choice for fun-loving skaters. This trendy board comes in cool colors, and that allows kids to customize the stickers depending on preference. Examples of graphics include the panda, unicorn, starboard, and pirate.

These skateboards are suitable for kids and are more like fun toys. You can gift your child on any occasion.

The material is a premium grade, while the body frame is heavy-duty. Due to this, it not only guarantees maximum performance but gives you the confidence that your child is safe.

You can carry it for an outdoor adventure since it’s lightweight. Kids can also tuck in their backpacks when going to have fun with other kids.

  • Adorable colors
  • Trendy stickers
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Premium grade
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • May not support a heavyweight

SKITCH Complete Skateboard – Best Skateboard for 8 Years Old

SKITCH Complete Skateboards Gift Set for Beginners Boys Girls and Kids of All Ages with 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Board...
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114 Reviews
SKITCH Complete Skateboards Gift Set for Beginners Boys Girls and Kids of All Ages with 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Board...
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - Fully adjustable for safe speeds for small children with an easier to...
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR PROS - Fully adjustable for bigger riders with top quality bearings and a...
  • ✅ GIVE THE BEST SKATEBOARD GIFT - Surprise your son or daughter with an exciting christmas gift or...

From the frame, wheels to the bearings, everything about the SKITCH Skateboard is adorable and durable to deliver exceptional performance. This skateboard is ideal for small kids and beginners.

For starters, it’s not like the cheap skateboards that come in flashy colors only to break in the first ride. The SKITCH is made of sturdy construction that makes it ideal for experts. Thanks to its adjustability, a child can choose the 22 inches cruiser for a smooth ride.

Its top components are high quality, which includes high-traction wheels and super speed bearing. Therefore this lets you cruise smoothly and tirelessly. The unique design makes it a number one choice for kids and teens who’d like to get noticed. You’ll love the tote bag that comes with the package for carrying the skateboard.

  • Suitable for kids and pros
  • Comes in flashy design
  • Package includes a tote bag
  • Stable and tough
  • High traction wheels
  • Smooth ride
  • Adjustable
  • Costs a little more than standard skateboards

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Best Skateboard for 7 Years Old

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - Designed for Kids, Teens and Adults...
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318 Reviews
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - Designed for Kids, Teens and Adults...
  • SUPER PORTABLE Designed to be fun to ride and easy to carry around, this is our go-to board for...
  • DOUBLE KICKTAILS Double kick tails add fun and versatility to the mini cruiser skateboard. Mannies,...
  • HIGH QUALITY DECK Manufactured from 2 full plies of Bamboo and 5 plies Canadian Maple, the deck is...

The Magneto Mini Cruiser is more than a skateboard. It comes in a vintage wooden design made from the mythical Canadian Maple. Despite the high price, you’ll get value for money since it’s a skateboard for everyone.

It’s one of the largest options on the market, with an overall measurement of 27.5X7.5inches. The 18.5 inches wheelbase is thick sturdy for maximum strength and stability.

With the Magneto Mini Cruiser, you can do all tricks, including double kicks, for extra fun. The finish has a sandy effect that lets you grip steadily without sliding.

This board picks up pretty fast more so due to the high-speed bearings that enable you to accelerate quickly and smoothly.

This board comes in a portable design that makes it suitable for everyday skating. Storage is also east, and your child will have a blast riding in the pavements and streets.

  • Made of durable Canadian Maple
  • Has sturdy wheels
  • The components are of high quality
  • Large size for everyone
  • Accelerates quickly and smoothly
  • Portable design
  • Pricey

Merkapa Skateboard – Best Skateboard for 6 Years Old

Merkapa 22' Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners (Black)
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834 Reviews
Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners (Black)
  • Without batteries, No charge ★ Electricity generation from rotary power, LED always lighting...
  • Classic Mini Cruiser Deck ★ 22'' Long x 6'' wide PP plastic single kick board
  • V-truck And Base ★ 3.2'' heavy duty high quality aluminum, ABEC-7 bearing

The Merkapa Skateboard is one of its kind. Whereas you’d expect batteries to power these devices, the opposite is true for this skateboard. One amazing thing is that it operates without battery power, which is good because you don’t have to keep on charging. Instead, it uses rotary power; thereby, this leads to energy efficiency.

The wheels are fitted with LEDs that keep on lighting up, thus creating a spectacle.

The Merkapa is not so large and has an overall dimension of 22X6 inches. This means that it’s only suitable for young kids and beginners. For an expert, it may not be the best choice to do some tricks. Nonetheless, the heavy-duty constructions guarantee stability and durability.

Something else to note about this skateboard is the anti-shock feature, the anti-slip base, and high-speed bearings that ensure your ride smoothly and in comfort.

  • Stable and sturdy
  • Doesn’t use battery power
  • Wheel have LED lights
  • Suitable for kids and beginners
  • Anti-slip base
  • High-speed bearings
  • It’s not ideal for experts

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Best Skateboard for 5 Years Old

Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete. Model: White Panda
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1,551 Reviews
Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete. Model: White Panda
  • Performance - Abec 7 Skatro Bearings; 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels; 3inch lightweight aluminum trucks
  • Skatro Flexy Technology - A proprietary manufacturing process that ensures optimal flex on every...
  • Amazing Value - Skatro outperforms many of the leading brands and sells for a fraction of the cost

The Skatro Mini Cruise is made of sturdy plastic and much smaller when you compare to the wooden skateboards. Measuring 22 inches, it’s a small size when you compare to standard options on the market. The package comes with a T-tool whole color matches that of the skateboard.

One remarkable thing about this skateboard is the plastic board. Thanks to the stator flexy technology, the plastic is molded to boost flexibility. Therefore this board is strong enough to carry a heavy load without cracking or wearing fast. Furthermore, the deck enhances stability and allows it to balance perfectly.

With the Abec 7 inch steel bearings, the speed picks up easily with less friction. And so these are durable and will not wear fast. This skater board features a lightweight design with sturdy aluminum trucks for strength and durability.

Overall, this skateboard has excellent features that make it suitable for many people. Kids will love it due to the radiant colors.

  • Picks speed easily
  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy aluminum trucks
  • Stable designs
  • Smaller than most regular skateboards.

RIMABLE Skateboard – Best Skateboard for Toddlers

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Galaxy2
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1,715 Reviews
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Galaxy2
  • Rimable Plastic Cruiser Fully Assembled
  • 22'' Long x 6'' Wide Deck With 100% Fresh Material
  • High Quality 3” Thick Aluminium Trucks

Get your child this brilliant skateboard from RIMABLE. It’s a 22 inches product, a bit smaller than the traditional types. You’ll enjoy cruising on this skateboard since it balances pretty well, and a child or beginner can master quickly.

The RIMABLE is a stylish board with beautiful designs and vibrant colors. Teenagers find it cool since it blends perfectly with their style and sense of fashion.

The quality is top-notch and features three inches aluminum trucks, which will guarantee your stability on the wheels. Indeed, it can support up to 198 pounds, and this makes it ideal for most people from children to adults.

The speed bearings are a mark of superiority and allow you to cruise smoothly and fast. Due to this, you’ll spend less on servicing, therefore saving some money.

  • High quality
  • Sturdy
  • High-speed bearings
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Stability
  • The paint is poorly done and comes off after a few months

Krown Rookie Skateboard – Best Cheap Skateboard for Kids

Krown KRRC-70 Rookie Skateboard, Bear
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477 Reviews
Krown KRRC-70 Rookie Skateboard, Bear
  • Canadian Maple construction
  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch deck
  • 52mm urethane Krown graphic wheels

The Krown Rookie is 7.5x 31 inches, which is an excellent size for beginners and kids. This skateboard has everything you need to cruise boundlessly and learn new tricks

With a weight of approximately 4.75 pounds, the Krown Rookie is the highlight of safety. Constructed from the legendary Canadian Maple and five inches aluminum trucks, your child will balance and start easily.

Besides durability, this type of wood is strong and has a stylish appeal. Your child, particularly a teenager, will love this skater board due to the decorative details and vivid wheels.

As a result, your child will skate anywhere in pavements and parks comfortably. Another plus feature is the grip tape, which sticks on the underside sole for traction and secure grip. The black color is an added advantage since it will not show dirt easily.

  • Sturdy and Stable
  • Easy to balance and pick off
  • Stylish
  • Has a grip tape for traction
  • Black color
  • Not suitable for experts

ENKEEO 32″ Skateboard – Best Kids Skateboard for Girls

ENKEEO Skateboards Complete 32' 9 Ply Maple Wood Double Kick Concave Skateboards for Girls, ABEC-9 Tricks Stake...
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247 Reviews
ENKEEO Skateboards Complete 32" 9 Ply Maple Wood Double Kick Concave Skateboards for Girls, ABEC-9 Tricks Stake...
  • DURABLE AND SAFE: 9-ply quality maple wood deck withstands up to 220lbs; the top of deck is covered...
  • SMOOTH RIDING EXPERIENCE: equipped with ABEC-9 high speed bearings, silent anti-shock 85A PU wheels;...
  • PERFECT FOR STUNTS: fully symmetrical double kick concave design provides great control, ideal for...

Show off your skating skills such as how to nose pick up, kick-flip, and double click flip with the ENKEEO skateboard. For sure, this skateboard allows you to upgrade your riding sessions. Featuring a concave design, this skater board is ideal for beginners, kids, and expert players.

The wheels are super strong, whereas the unique design lets you upgrade your skills. So far, the ENKEEO is among the largest with a 22 inches size for beginners and 32 inches for experts.

Made from high-quality 9-ply maple wood, this trendy board is built to last. Thankfully, it can withstand a weight of 220 pounds, and therefore you can be at peace knowing that there’s a guarantee of safety.

We’ll also mention the ABEC-9 bearing that comes fitted with an anti-shock. Thus, this allows you to ride everywhere smoothly and effortlessly.

  • Durable construction
  • Concave design for skills build-up
  • Can handle more weight
  • High-speed bearing for a smooth cruise
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Stick poorly fixed

MEKETEC Skateboard – Best Kids Skateboard for Boys

Skateboards Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners 22 Inch(The Starry Sky)
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443 Reviews
Skateboards Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners 22 Inch(The Starry Sky)
  • ★【The Meketec Advantage】-Let your skateboard unique. the 3.25 inch trucks with different color...
  • ★ 【Performance】- 22.5 inch long x 6 inch wide deck, max load weight 200 lb, 60mm*45 pu smooth...
  • ★【High Value】- Meketec Unusual skateboard appearance outperforms many of the leading brands...

The MEKETEC skateboard comes in a dazzling and flamboyant blue color for hip kids and teens looking for some action and fun. The trucks are not only heavy-duty but also come in cool colors your child will love. Hence, it also makes a perfect gift idea for your child on their birthday, graduation, or any other occasion.

Their 22.5 inches sizing makes it suitable for kids and beginners. Further, the bearings can fast-track at high speed, thereby promising performance.

Performance aside, all the components are made to last. These consist of high-quality materials that not only guarantee durability but also give you value for money.

  • Awesome for beginners
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • High-speed bearings
  • High-quality components
  • Flashy colors
  • Reasonable price
  • Size not suitable for adults

Best Skateboards For Kids

Questions & Answers

What Age is Appropriate for a Skateboard?

There’s no appropriate age to start skating. Anyone can skate regardless of their age. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendsOpens in a new tab. that parents shouldn’t buy a skateboard for toddlers aged 4 years and below. That’s because they have less development and poor balance at this age to control and ride a skateboard safely. Younger kids aged 5 to 10 years will always need to be under adult supervision whenever they ride a skateboard.

Parents should take extra precautions while their kids are riding a bicycle, a skateboard, and a scooter. Wearing safety gear can reduce the risk of injury in most scenarios. Here are some essential skateboard safety gear for kids:

Also, make sure that your kid tries skateboarding away from any traffic with as smooth a surface as possible. Let them ride at a speed that they feel comfortable with. Slowly, they will have a good sense of their next steps, challenges, and progression points.

Which one is Safer for a Kid: Skateboard or Hoverboard?

A skateboard tends to be safer for young kids over a hoverboard. The reason is a skateboard is more stable than a hoverboard.

For riding at very slow speeds and indoor use, a hoverboard can be a better choice. For riding at speed, and over rough surfaces, a skateboard would typically be the more stable one. However, some kids’ hoverboards are more convenient due to the self-balancing mechanism.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Your Child?

Skateboarding is fun for kids, teenagers, and adults. When shopping for a skateboard for your child, it’s important to consider your child’s safety. From our review of the best skateboards for kids, a safe product consists of high-quality materials or components. Hardwood, such as Canadian Maple, is the best so far and will not chip or break. Also, the board should be no-slip and the wheels sturdy and with high traction. Such will allow your child to stay safe even when skating on slippery grounds. Bearings should allow the skateboard to cruise at high speed, whereas a trendy color is a favorite pick for a child.

There are three major parts to a skateboard- the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. Skateboards with shorter decks are best for kids who are just getting started. This is because they are easier to balance and handle. These skateboards are below 7.5″ in width. Your child can use them until they need a full-size skateboard, 7.5″ to 8.25″ inches in width.

You can get a skateboard for as low as $30. However, you shouldn’t get your kid a cheap skateboard because they are mostly made out of cheap materials and can break down easily. A decent skateboard will cost you anywhere between $100 and $150.

Final Thoughts

Getting kids familiar with skateboarding at an early age could be a great way to develop their coordination, balance, and physical fitness. At the same time, kids get to improve their social skills. It’s also cheap to get into. The only thing your child needs to get started is a skateboard.


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