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10 Best Skateboards for Teenage Girls in 2023

The number of women skating is spiking these days. From little beginners to teenagers, skateboarding is now growing in popularity among girls. There are even brands that make skateboards solely dedicated to girls.

Girl skateboards come with colorful designs. Even some come with artistic patterns that match the style and personality of young girls.

So, skateboard for girls is a little bit different from boys. And you may find it a little bit tricky to choose the best skateboard from limitless alternatives. Thankfully, we have shortlisted some high-quality girl’s skateboards to help you find the best one. What could be cooler to a girl than shredding on a skateboard? 

Skateboards for Teenage Girls

Our Top 3 Picks

WiiSHAM Complete Skateboards for Teens, Beginners, and Girls

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WiiSHAM Skateboards is a cool-looking skateboard that’s popular among beginner skaters. Made from Canadian maple wood, it holds up well even after pretty heavy riding. The slightly tightened wheels are great for beginner girls to learn basic skateboarding skills.

The deck is wide enough to offer enough room for skateboarding. Riders will feel safe while having a fun ride. The weight of this skateboard is only 5 pounds. As a result, riders feel super comfortable while carrying it around.

Also, the lightweight board allows teenage girls to perform cool tricks, like popping and jumping. Plus, it comes with a floral design to standing out from the crowd.

The ABEC-9 bearings are sturdy and run smoothly. So, riders will experience a trouble-free riding experience even on rough surfaces. Apart from that, its bearings have a shock-resistant design to allow skating on any road. The metal tracks are small enough for easy maneuverability.


  • The slightly tight wheels and bearings control the excess speed
  • Made from high-quality Canadian Maple leaf
  • Cute flowery design for girls


  • The tight wheels might not roll smoothly initially as expected

WhiteFang Skateboards for Girls

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Color is the very first thing you should consider while buying skateboards for girls. The WhiteFang Skateboard comes with six different color options to choose from. The deck is made with Canadian maple wood and seems quite sturdy. Little girls will learn the tricks of skateboarding fast because it is specially made for beginners.

The first thing you will like about this skateboard is its 95 PU wheels with ABEC9 bearings. The wheels spin smoothly so that young riders can easily control the board. Also, the 95A High rebound PU bushing can minimize the high impact effect by absorbing shock. Therefore, learning new tricks is even easier with this skateboard. Beginner skaters will enjoy it riding with their friends.

The non-slip and wear-resistant grip tape keeps little girls safe while trying some tricks with this skate. The combination of high-quality materials and modern design will ensure its long-lasting performance. There is no additional hassle to put the skateboard together. It comes fully assembled. Just take it out from the box and enjoy riding like never before.

It can withstand weight up to 330 lbs, and it weighs only 5 pounds. Plus, it comes at an affordable price.


  • The high rebound PU bushing provides a smooth, comfortable ride
  • The 7-layers Canadian maple deck will last a long time
  • Great color varieties and pattern design 
  • Good enough for learning basic tricks


  • The trucks might not be as sturdier as expected 

X Free Skateboard for Beginners

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X Free Skateboard is a perfect option for beginner girls who are learning the basic tricks. The clean design and bright colors make it more appealing to beginners. There are three different colors with brand names printed on the top. The prints on the bottom look super cute, and teenage girls will love them. Also, it is sturdy enough to withstand the beating of a beginner rider for a couple of years easily.

The wheels and bearings come with a sturdy design, while the size of the trucks is excellent for beginners. The wheels might feel a little tight, but you can loosen the wheel nuts for improved speed. Apart from that, you can easily change the wheels and other accessories if needed. This skateboard is designed this way to withstand the destructive behavior of youngsters and beginners.

The best thing about this cool skate is its affordability. It costs less than other similar quality skateboards on the market. The wheels of this roller skate roll on smoothly, even on rough surfaces. So, girls who are new to skateboarding will find this model pretty cool.


  • Lightweight, so easy to handle and transport
  • Girls will adore the prints on the bottom
  • Great design for beginners


  • Not for serious tricks

Skateboards for Teenage Girls

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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Retrospect Quip Skateboard

Retrospect is well-known for making high-quality skateboards. Though it’s not a regular-sized skateboard, this mini skateboard for girls is no less than a regular skateboard in terms of performance. When we look at this model, we think of “quality with beauty.”

The wheels are made from PU plastic to ensure good maneuverability and smooth-riding while making the skate lightweight. The ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings spin smoothly for a long time without being loose. On top of that, it costs way less than others, yet it doesn’t look cheap at all.

Since it comes in bright and beautiful colors, girls will love it. The mental trucks are strong and adjustable if you want improved maneuverability with less effort. What’s more, it comes fully assembled. So, girls can start riding it right out of the box.

The combination of thoughtful design and quality materials has made it popular among young skaters. The board weighs only 4 pounds, which makes it lightweight. Also, it comes in a compact size for easy portability.


  • The wheels are bearings are durable yet very lightweight
  • A decent quality mini-cruiser at a super affordable price
  • Deck design is great for girls


  • No ideal for regular use

KPC Pro Skateboard

KPC Pro Skateboard is another cool skateboard for teenage girls for skating at the skateparks. The product comes in more than dozens of colors. Like some of the previous skateboards, it is also made from Canadian Maple wood.

The high-rebound urethane wheels are perfect for skateparks and streets. The wheels move along smoothly, even on rocky pavements. As a result, riders will enjoy riding this skateboard for hours. As reported by some Amazon customers, the Abec 7 Bearings of this skateboard have some quality issues. You might have to replace them after some time.

The skateboard features aluminum trucks, which are durable and lightweight. Also, it includes black grip tape to keep the little girl’s foot in place while doing stunts and tricks. Therefore, girls will be able to maintain the right balance while doing backside, carve, turn, and other skating tricks.

The cute graphics on the bottom make the skateboard super cool. The deck size of this skateboard is 7.75-inch, which is pretty close to the industry average. If you want to do some basic skateboarding tricks, this model is a good option.


  • The deck is well-made from Maple wood
  • A grip tape does its job properly 
  • Colorful graphics on the deck


  • The trucks and bearings aren’t up to the standard

BELEEV Skateboards

BELIEVE Skateboards is one of the best-rated skateboards for beginner boys and girls. There are eight different vibrant colors to choose from. The eye-catching graphics on the bottom will help you stand out from the crowd.

Made from Canadian maple wood, you can expect the deck to be strong and durable. The deck is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, which is enough to fit even the wide feet comfortably. Also, it can carry weight up to 220 lbs.

The high-rebound polyurethane wheels are tear-resistant to offer a smooth riding experience for beginners, even on rough surfaces. The Abec-7 precision bearings are also an excellent addition to the deck. This type of bearings offers superior shock absorption on rocky roads and surfaces. The deck is also equipped with solid aluminum alloy trucks that make sliding and turning super easy. The grip tape on top of the deck is resistant to slip, ensuring the highest safety for riders of all ages. The grip tape also provides the right balance and perfect positioning while riding. Hence, little girls can have a blast without the fear of falling.

The weight of this skate is 4.7lbs, so it is pretty lightweight. Therefore, rides will have more control while doing stunts and tricks. You will get a free tool kit to adjust the trucks and wheels.


  • Sturdy enough for beginners to try the basic tricks
  • Available in multiple colors and eye-catching designs
  • It comes with a tool kit 


  • The wheels and trucks might need some adjustments 

Amrgot Skateboards Pro

Are Amrgot skateboards suitable for beginners? Yes, Amrgot is one of the well-known skateboard brands and has some good quality beginner skateboards for girls. The deck is made from good quality maple wood, while the length and width are 31 inches and 8 inches. Riders will experience a smooth-riding thanks to the waterproof grip tape on the deck.

The PU wheels are pretty soft and designed this way so that they can roll smoothly on rocky surfaces. On top of that, the ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant will surely provide a noiseless, hassle-free, and high-speed riding experience.

Furthermore, the 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks are sturdy and offer good maneuverability. The best part of the Amrgot skateboards is the vibrant prints on the bottom. Teenage girls will surely love the printed floral designs.

Finally, it doesn’t cost much. The overall quality of this skateboard is excellent considering the price point. If you want to save a few bucks without compromising the quality, you should add it to your buying list.


  • Durable and flexible for beginners
  • Good value for the price
  • Girly design


  • A limited number of designs available

Other Recommended Skateboards for Teenage Girls

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Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is a brilliant pick for elegant outlook and superior construction. This could be a perfect gift on your daughter’s birthday or any special occasion. From more than twenty vibrant colors, you will surely find one that your daughter will like.

The deck size of this model is 8-inch, which is what a beginner girl needs. The 7-ply maple wood construction is also a positive aspect of this beginner skateboard. Beginners can use this skateboard to learn basic tricks.

The longboard has soft rubber wheels that work great on smooth surfaces. The ABEC 7 bearings aren’t that great but work fine for beginners. The grip tape on the deck offers optimal balance and stability. In addition, the 5-inch trucks make it easier to maneuver and control.

A riser pad is attached to raise the skateboard’s height and prevent the occurrence of wheel bite. It also helps with better shock absorption. The good news is the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for this skateboard. So, you get protection for cracks or defects for up to a year. You won’t find many beginner skateboards that offer a 1-year warranty. That’s why we think it is a good choice for beginner riders.


  • Lots of different colors and design available
  • Strong enough for basic tricks and jumps
  • Quite affordable 


  • The grip tape and bearings are good for the price but could be better

Geelife Skateboard for Teens Adults Beginners Girls

The design of skateboards directly or indirectly affects the performance of skaters. The Geelife Skateboard comes in a concave-shaped deck design so that users can perform a variety of tricks easily. In addition to better control and balance, the design offers excellent maneuverability. Also, the deck is lightweight, thanks to the maple wood construction.

Whether skaters are doing stunts or tricks, they will feel safe since the gip tape is super grippy. The PU wheels are skidproof, which is a plus while riding rocky pavements and rough surfaces. With these high-performance wheels, girls can ride smoothly and effortlessly for a more extended period.

With the quality 5-inch-thick aluminum alloy trucks, skaters will love its impressive sliding and turning capacity. Since it is crafted with precision, there is little room to complain about the skateboard’s quality.


  • It has a mild concave-shaped deck for better control
  • Eye-catching graphics and vibrant colors 
  • Comes assembled


  • Not the best quality. It mightn’t last long. 

Landyachtz Dinghy Complete Skateboard

Landyachtz Dinghy is a mini skateboard for girls who are interested in getting into skateboarding. From design to performance, it is ideal for girls in every way. Since it comes in a compact size and lightweight design, girls can carry it easily.

We all know girls are a little bit picky when it comes to colors. Thanks to its multiple options, you can choose one from more than ten different colors. The cool graphics on the bottom is the best part of this skateboard. Apart from the design, there are a few points worth mentioning. The deck is made with 7-ply maple wood. As reported by some customers, the grip tape does well for some time but gets dirty really first.

Though it is lightweight, it has an adequate weight capacity. Skaters can use this skateboard daily to learn new tricks. The impressive construction makes it fun to ride on any terrain.


  • It’s an excellent board for cruising around the neighborhood
  • Also available in different colors and designs
  • Great for beginners to learn how to skate


  • Some users were unhappy with the grip tape

Skateboards for Girls Beginners

Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of skateboarding?

Skateboarding can be a fun activity regardless of any gender. There are many benefits of skateboarding. For little girls, skating gives is a sense of adventure and thrill. They also learn that persistence is key to overcome any hurdles.

Teenage girls gain a sense of freedom and confidence through skateboarding. They also get a mental boost that usually comes with learning a new skill.

What size skateboard should a girl get?

What deck size should you buy mostly depend on personal preference. The average deck size is 8″. A beginner deck should be long and wide enough to try tricks and land comfortably on it. That being said, 7.5″ – 8” is a good size range for a starter deck.

However, you won’t find many boards with the size of the deck 7.5”. You might find some mini skateboards, but they usually don’t last long. Therefore, it’s better to go for an average-sized good quality deck even if it costs a little more.

How to choose the best beginner skateboards for girls?

There are a few important factors you should consider when choosing the best girl’s skateboards.


The first thing to think about is what is the age of the rider. If you are buying a skateboard for your kid, get a deck within the range of 6.5”-8″. If you are getting one for a teenage girl, go for the bigger skateboard with deck size 8″-8.5″.

There is no good age for children to start skating. Having said that, children under five might be too young to start skating.


Honestly, color and design are two very important factors to consider while buying girl’s skateboards. There are a few brands that make skateboards specially designed for girls.

Beleev, WiiSHAM, and WhiteFang have some amazing girly designed skateboards.


If you want a skateboard to learn the basics, get an average quality affordable skateboard. You can upgrade the parts if you want in the future. 

If you are an intermediate-level skater and want a skateboard for regular street or skate park skating, go for the pre-assembled complete skateboards. They are usually designed for that purpose.

For cruising around, the pre-assembled complete skateboards will do the job as well. They usually come with soft, high-quality wheels and bearings for doing tricks. Longboards are also great for cruising. 

Deck Quality

Now you should take a look at the size of the deck. Most decks come with the same build materials, usually with 7-ply maple wood.

The overall deck quality doesn’t vary much; however, the more expensive, the better quality.

Wheels and Bearings Quality

For wheels, 52mm is the most common wheel size— usually, the smaller the wheels, the smoother the ride but harder for a beginner. Check if the wheels have built-in lights.

The bearing should be well-made with high-quality materials.


A poor quality skateboard isn’t just a waste of money but can also be risky for a beginner while learning. Also, riders should wear a helmet, knee pads, and other protective gear until they learn the fundamental skating skills.

Keep safety in mind, but most importantly, skating should be fun. That’s why we have only selected top-quality skateboards for girls. Hopefully, we have succeeded in guiding you to choose the best one.

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