10 Best Snowboards for Kids and Beginners in 2023

Snowboarding is a fantastic winter sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Not just fun during the cold winter months, snowboarding offers an excellent way to get some much-needed exercise for kids at the same time. Snowboards, designed for kids, offer outstanding features, like increased stability, safety and durability.

That said, the market is flooded with a wide selection of kids’ snowboards. Picking a good snowboard for your child can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. Below are the 10 best kids snowboards on the market right now.

Best Snowboards for Kids and Beginners

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Snowboard for Toddlers: BURTON Riglet Snowboard

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At the very first, it’s a toddler-friendly snowboard from Burton. As we all know, Burton is the king of snowboarding gear and accessories. So, it makes sense that this company would have a few boards an expert might choose as the best one for their child.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Burton Riglet is its bright yellow color scheme. The colors are also attractive to younger children, which can increase their motivation to learn how to snowboard.

Secondly, the size is perfect for toddlers to glide around the carpet or in the backyard. This board also comes with an easy bevel and a soft flex. This is ideal for toddlers who are just learning balance and board control. So toddlers can have fun without worrying too much about falling. The board also has bindings that are easy to adjust, which makes everything much simpler.

Additionally, the Twin Flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail, which means your kid can ride it in either direction. Overall, this is an excellent first snowboard for toddlers who have shown interest in learning the basic skills of snowboarding.

Best Snowboard for Kids: SPORTSSTUFF Snow Ryder Hardwood

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The Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is a brilliant choice for kids and pre-teens weighing 35 to 140 pounds. The snowboard resembles a regular adult snowboard, offering high flexibility and durability at an affordable price.

Speaking of features, the laminated wood floor provides a smooth ride and speed for kids who like to go fast. This sturdy composite board is created via the multilayer machine-pressed wood technique.

It also has hook and loop bindings that are simple to step into, making it usable with a wide range of foot sizes. This design shows that the rider’s shoes or boots are secured to the board as they slide down the hill.

Overall, the SPORTSSTUFF Snow Ryder is a good choice for junior snowboarders as an entry-level board. To be noted, the Snow Ryder doesn’t have a metal edge, so it isn’t suitable to use for ski. It’s a simple board with only basic features.

Best Snowboard for Teen Beginners: STAUBER Summit Snowboard

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If you are looking to purchase a board for your teenage child this winter, don’t pass up on this excellent option that offers outstanding value and plenty of features that riders will love.

The STAUBER Summit Snowboard has the symmetric twin directional tip and tail, which means your child can ride this board in either direction. This is a helpful feature for beginners who are still learning how to snowboard, as it allows them the freedom of riding, whether they’re going down steep hills or cruising around groomed trails and slopes.

Additionally, this board is made of 100% real wood core and ABS plastic sidewall that are durable and can withstand impact without breaking or bending under pressure. You will also appreciate the lightweight construction because it makes the board easier for children to carry.

The STAUBER Summit Snowboard also has a full-length extruded base that reduces drag and allows the board to glide better through the snow. It’s easy to maintain, too, because you just have to wipe it down after use.

Another important feature of this snowboard is proprietary STAUBER Dyna Snowboard Bindings, which are specifically designed for kids. The bindings have a flex rating of 7 out of 10. The board is neither hard nor soft; rather, it has firm flex areas underfoot.

Overall, the STAUBER Summit Snowboard is an excellent option because it’s extremely durable and comes with beginner-friendly snowboard bindings. Plus, it has a lightweight construction that makes carrying the board easier for children.

Good Snowboards for Beginner Kids

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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BURTON After School Special Kids Snowboard

The Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard is a great snowboard for toddlers, beginners, and kids who just want to have fun while snowboarding without stressing about speed. Although it is more expensive than other snowboards on the list, it’s backed by the reputable Burton brand, known for its high-quality products. This snowboard is created particularly for kids who weigh from 25 to 50 pounds.

Speaking of design, the twin flex snowboard’s symmetrical design makes it simple for beginner riders to keep their balance during the ride. Whether they’re snowboarding forward or switching backward, the difference doesn’t matter. Better yet, the Biax Fiberglass offers a soft flex that makes it easy to control and a rider-friendly board.

Beginners and younger children will benefit from a flat-top bend with rocker characteristics. It provides continuous edge control and balance while also providing stability. The nose and tail lift, ensuring a catch-free ride as the edges float off the snow. It prevents the ends from catching so that toddlers and inexperienced riders can focus on their riding experience.

This snowboard is perfect for kids who are just learning how to snowboard. It comes pre-assembled, so they can start riding it right out of the box. The good news is riders do not need to use special snowboarding boots. This board works great with or without snow, so they can wear whatever boots they want while riding it.

Even better, this snowboard is built to last. This is a 900G wood board that is lighter than other boards, but it is still strong without compromising on pop, flex, or strength. Also, this board does not need regular maintenance.

To conclude, the Burton After School Special is one of the best snowboards for kids. It’s easy to use, fun, and full of impressive features that will help your child improve their snowboarding skills quickly.

Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard

The Camp Seven Drifter is a great snowboard for kids because it lets them ride in comfort. Even though this is technically an adult’s board, most reviewers said it also works well for teenagers and youth.

This board also comes with ultra-lightweight yet very durable bindings, which makes the entire process much easier for kids who have never used a snowboard before. Also, the board can handle itself on all terrains and in all snow conditions, so your kid can go skating no matter the weather.

What’s more, the snowboard has an upgraded CRX camber profile. This rocker design allows the users to float across the snow and gain some height, so they don’t catch an edge when boarding. The nose and tail are also intended to be under control the entire time, giving your kid greater stability.

Another fantastic feature about this board is that it’s a complete package, which means buyers don’t have to worry about getting any extras. However, if they want, there are several accessories for beginners available as well.

Compared to some of the other products on this list, few people had complaints about the Camp Seven Drifter. The most consistent complaint was that this board was expensive. Other than that, reviewers were thrilled with the purchase and felt this was a great snowboard for kids to learn about.

System 2023 Juno and Mystic Complete Women’s Snowboard

Like girls skateboards, you won’t find many snowboards out there that have been designed for beginner girls and women in mind. However, System has a great board for beginners who are just learning how to snowboard.

The System 2022 Juno and Mystic Snowboard come with an all-mountain CRCX rocker profile that offsets the weight of riders, making everything easier for beginner riders when they’re rising and down mountainsides or cruising around on groomed trails.

Another outstanding feature of this snowboard is that it comes with female-specific Siren Mystic Snowboard Bindings. These snowboard bindings are incredibly easy for beginners to use and very comfortable.

Like other premium snowboards, the System 2022 Juno and Mystic Snowboard is an excellent option because it’s an entire package, so buyers don’t have to worry about getting anything else when they order this item.

Overall, most reviewers were thrilled with the purchase because they felt this was an excellent snowboard for beginner girls who just wanted something fun and easy to use on their first trip out onto the mountain.

BURTON Chicklet Girls Snowboard

This is the third BURTON snowboard on our list, but that’s not a coincidence. BURTON has been making high-quality children’s boards for decades now, and the Chicklet is one of the best options available right now.

There have already been a lot of Burton snowboards for boys, so it’s time for the girls to get in on the action. You get all the premium features you would expect from a top-of-the-line snowboard at an affordable price.

The Burton Chicklet Snowboard is a snowboard for little girls, with a convex base and upturned edges. It’s a straightforward board with fantastic graphics for having fun in the snow while also teaching your daughter snowboarding skills.

Even better, it has a soft flex that’s simple to control and won’t be too quick. If your daughter already knows how to ride a skateboard or hoverboard, she will feel in command while riding on this snowboard throughout the entire time.

Another feature buyers like about the BURTON Chicklet Girls Snowboard is its lightweight design, which makes it easier for kids to carry and store. Overall, most parents were happy with how quickly their little girls learned how to snowboard with this board.

Other Recommended Snowboards for Beginner Kids

Emsco Group – Supra Hero Snowboard

This is the cheapest snowboard on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. It’s the number one choice in the category of freestyle snowboard on Amazon so far, which should tell you something about the quality of this product.

The price is low enough that most people can afford to buy this snowboard for their children, and it will still last through multiple seasons of use. The Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard is suitable for kids ages 5 to 15 years. This board is ideal for younger children who have never been on snow before and is a wonderful place to start. This board makes it simple to learn, especially for inexperienced riders.

You will love the fact that this snowboard is very customizable. Your kid can draw on it and make it your own. It does not affect the way the board works when your kid does this.

The board has a robust polypropylene body that is built to last. The bindings are adjustable, fitting any children’s feet while keeping them attached to the board securely and comfortably. To be noted, left-handed riders cannot customize their bindings.

Also, the bindings are not nearly as durable as the other board on the list. However, considering the price you are paying for this board, you can’t expect more.


The Agog Sports SLOPEDECK is another top pick in this snowboard guide. If you are looking for a board that is not only easy to use but also extremely well-designed for kids, this is a fantastic option. With the combination of natural, blue, and red colors, children will love looking at this board and riding it.

This snowboard deck is made of high-density plastic. The design of the deck might give you the impression of a kid’s skateboard, but the custom cambered design of the deck offers unmatched control for any urban outdoor environment. Thanks to its morphteck base, your child can comfortably cruise and carve in all snow conditions.

Even better, flexible material coupled with an extra-large deck makes the board more stable. This enables your kid to have more control while riding.

Get your kid geared up for more fun with this versatile snowboard! It’s flexible, which is ideal for carving. It will allow your kid to enjoy his time on the outside. If your kid is into freestyle snowboarding or just wants something new and fun to try, this could be a splendid choice.

Rossignol Circuit Snowboard

The Rossignol Circuit Snowboard is an excellent choice if you want a board that is both durable and will allow your children to progress quickly. This snowboard has been designed for adults, but it’s a great option for young kids as well.

Since this board is relatively lightweight, it’s easy for kids to carry and store as well. It is slightly more expensive than many of the alternatives on the market, but it’s also a durable board that will last through multiple seasons of use.

Beginners will appreciate the moderate flex that makes catching edges more difficult, which means they can focus more on learning how to ride than struggling with their gear. As they get better at snowboarding, this board will continue to serve them well, thanks to its high-performing features.

For example, the AmpTek Auto Turn Rocker provides a stable platform and easy maneuverability. Riders will also like the directional all-mountain flex, which is stiffer in the front for stability and softer in the back, allowing riders to have more control.

The Rossignol Circuit Snowboard also comes with a directional flex pattern that provides responsiveness at all speeds without being too catchy or twitchy. Overall, most buyers were happy with how easy it was for their children to learn new tricks with this board.


The above snowboards are some of the best options for kids in today’s market. Each board has its features and benefits. While all the products we reviewed are perfect for beginner riders, it’s important to choose a board that is designed with your child’s skill level in mind. The wrong snowboard might make your child hate snowboarding.

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