Youth Baseball and T-Ball Bat

10 Best Youth Baseball and T-Ball Bats in 2023

Baseball offers many benefits for junior players. Playing baseball can keep your kids engaged for quite some time. Along with the fun, they get some much-needed developmental activities. With regular play, the core muscles and upper body of kids get good strength and balance. Apart from these apparent benefits, there are a lot of things kids can learn from playing baseball. In particular, baseball helps kids learn about teamwork, perseverance, friendships, dealing with failure, and more. A handful of equipment is necessary to play a baseball game, such as a baseball helmet, bat, ball, and a pair of baseball cleats and gloves. In this post, we will review some of the best baseball bats for kids and youth.

Youth baseball bats are different from adult bats. These baseball bats are lightweight, which is helpful for them to control. Even different age group has different baseball bats. Children ages 7 and under most likely get started with a tee-ball bat. For children ages 8 and over, you need to get a USSSA or USA Baseball-approved youth bat. If your child is 14 and over, he might need a BBCOR bat.

Therefore you need to consider a lot of things before buying the best baseball or t-ball bat for your child. It is especially important when your child is going to play the next little league game. Don’t worry. We have only featured top-quality youth baseball bats in this post. While you will undoubtedly find a bat within your budget, most of the youth baseball bats listed below have relatively excellent reviews on Amazon.

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Our Top 3 Picks

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat

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The new USA bat standard for the little league has made it tough to find the right baseball bat for youth players. Even it is more challenging if you are on a tight budget. The Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat is the best budget option that offers excellent performance for the price point.

This youth baseball bat has the right weight and length to make swinging easy and fun. The cushioned leather provides a comfortable grip for kids. The bat is made from composite materials and has ultra-light drop weight to provide durability and flexibility. Junior players will love the graphics as well.

The bat has a 2.25-inch barrel making it lightweight at the end. The bat is available in five different lengths along with two stylish designs. Both the pop and the sweet spot are generous for the price point. If you need additional pop with a larger sweet spot, consider getting one from EASTON or Louisville brand.


  • The graphics are cool
  • Decent pop and sweet spot
  • The leather grip feels comfortable 
  • The weight and length ensures a balanced swing


  • This bat is not ideal for heavy-hitting or older children

Franklin Sports – Kids Youth Baseball and Teeball Bats

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Franklin has one of the best-rated t-ball bats for kids. For a child who is just getting started in baseball, this Franklin Sports Teeball Bat is a great choice.

Franklin Sports is well-known sporting goods and equipment brand to parents. They have a wide range of sporting gear for different age groups. Their expertise in producing high-quality sporting gear has led to excellent t-ball bats for kids. This t-ball bat is a perfect fit for children aged 7 and under. Thanks to the aluminum construction, the bat is pretty solid and lightweight, allowing junior players to make excellent contact with the ball. The only downside is that the bat might dent easily while hitting continuously for a more extended period or using a real baseball.

Compared to the Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat, it has a bigger barrel approx. 2.625-inch. The grip tape around the handle supports a comfortable grip for small hands. The weight and length of the bat offer a good bat speed. Overall, this USA Baseball-certified bat is a low-cost option for little league players.


  • The 90-day warranty is a big plus
  • Nice color and size for little kids
  • Quality construction using aluminum alloy
  • The grip is designed to be extra tacky so that junior players feel comfortable holding the bat


  • The durability might be an issue for the long-term

Marucci CAT8 -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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If you don’t want to be disappointed after buying a youth baseball bat, choose the Marucci BBCOR Baseball Bat. This is a great investment you could make for your kid playing high school baseball. 

Juniors will love the two standard colors that the bat comes in. The AZ105 super-strength aluminum alloy construction adds durability to the bat. The bat has good grip thanks to the micro-perforated soft-touch grip technology.

The design of the bat offers a large sweet spot for hitting well. The aluminum material construction makes sure lots of pop for the bat. However, the bat is a little heavier, which means it’s not ideal for children aged 14 and under.


  • Excellent reviews from most of the users
  • Durable construction allows hard-swinging
  • Some good technology has been used to make this youth baseball bat


  • None of the users reported an issue

Youth Baseball Bats

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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Ortiz34 Homerun Kids Tee Ball Set

Is your child having a great time hitting the ball long and hard? It’s time to improve his hitting skills with a good quality t-ball set for kids.

The set comes with a youth bat, a baseball glove, and a soft cushioned t-ball. The t-ball bat is well-made from aluminum and has cool-looking graffiti prints on it that toddlers will love. The glove has a lightweight design that will make little kids feel comfortable. The t-ball is made from soft foam leather, making it safer for children. All these gears are great for outdoor hitting fun.

The set will be a great gift for junior baseball fans who are practicing their hits for the first time!


  • Great t-ball set for kids
  • Cool looking graffiti prints on the bat, ball, and gloves
  • Little kids will feel comfortable using the bat and gloves


  • The set isn’t for youth players as advertised

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat

If your child had enough cheap baseball bats and now looking for some upgrade, check out the Easton MAKO Youth Baseball Bat. Easton’s second entry in this list is a great-quality youth baseball bat with a high price point.

Easton is a premier youth baseball gear manufacturer, and this Composite Youth Baseball Bat is no exception. Thanks to the Thermo Composite Technology, this bat now has a bigger sweet spot than most youth bats out there. Also, the bat has a cushioned grip that makes youth players feel soft and comfortable.

The latest version of Easton MAKO has generous pop resulting in a better and balanced hitting. Like other Easton bats, you can expect good longevity.


  • Made from durable composite materials
  • The lightweight bat has an excellent balance
  • The bat has a great sweet spot and huge pop


  • Some reviewers feel the bat should be more durable for the price point 

Louisville Slugger Omaha

Louisville Slugger has some very good quality youth baseball bats. Louisville Slugger Omaha is one of them. Keeping up with the new youth bat standard, the bat has the USA certification stamp.

The Louisville Slugger Omaha is constructed from composite alloy and has a huge sweet spot for solid contact with the ball. The synthetic leather provides a comfortable grip. The bat is available in three different colors and sizes.

The bat has the highest barrel diameter for youth bats. Note that you will get a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty with this youth baseball bat. 


  • The bat has an excellent grip
  • Durable construction and solid design 
  • The bat has excellent hitting performance and looks awesome


  • Some reviewers think the bat is a little pricey

DeMarini CF Zen Baseball Bat

DeMarini CF Zen is one of the best performing youth baseball bats out there. The two-piece composite construction makes the bat very durable. Also, the construction helps to get better swing speed, balance, and control. 

The combination of paraFlex and composite has resulted in a big sweet spot. This is very important for swinging hard and long. The 3Fusion system further improves bat performance. 

Unfortunately, the bat costs more than the average price of youth baseball bats. It is understandable since the bat is stylish and impressive in terms of performance. If you aren’t so lucky and the bat gets cracked within a year, you can claim a replacement bat.


  • Excellent bat performance
  • Durable 2-piece composite construction with a balanced design
  • Innovative design along with the latest technology makes it a premium youth baseball bat


  • Some users claim that the bat gets cracked easily

Recommended Good Youth Baseball Bats

EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite – USA Youth Baseball Bat

If you are looking for a high-performance youth baseball bat, then take a look at the EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite. Apart from the performance, everything from the quality, design, weight to the size seems perfect for a youth baseball bat. 

The one-piece EXACT Carbon composite construction has made the bat pretty durable. The bat features a 2-5/8” barrel, which is big enough for a youth bat. Approved for USSSA tournaments, the bat is made for a wide range of children.

The balanced design offers an excellent bat speed and swing. Furthermore, the bat uses custom bat grip technology for better control, feel, and performance. These are different versions of EASTON youth baseball bats. We also have additionally featured a couple of items in our recommended list. Check them out as well. 


  • Good value for money
  • The grip offers the ultimate feel, cushion, and tack
  • An extended sweet spot for a good connection with the ball
  • Heavy-duty construction with the combination of Engineering and Advanced Carbon Technology


  • Some reviews claim that this baseball bat does not have any pop at all

Wilson Sporting Goods Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

If your child is active in sports, you might have come across the Wilson Sporting Goods brand before. From golf, tennis to baseball, Wilson Sporting Goods has a wide range of collections for kids. This Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat from Wilson Sporting Goods is a solid low-cost option for pre-teens. 

This youth baseball bat has ideal size and weight for pre-teens to hit like the pros. The synthetic leather offers an enhanced grip so that junior players feel comfortable hitting the ball. The bat is made from aluminum alloy and has a decent sweet spot.

The look and feel of the bat are also great. You will hardly find a better youth baseball bat for the price point.


  • It has a decent length to weight ratio
  • The design and construction seems pretty good for the price point
  • The bat has a nice weight distribution that results in better bat performance 


  • The bat has little pop

EASTON RIVAL USA Youth Baseball Bat

The last entry on our list is EASTON RIVAL USA Youth Baseball Bat. It’s USA Baseball-Certified, so junior players can use it for professional and high-school baseball leagues.

The one-piece alloy construction is key to making the bat lightweight and durable. The bat has a Cushioned FLEX grip that feels comfortable to small hands. The concave end cap ensures improved hitting performance.

The bat looks stylish. Fortunately, the bat doesn’t cost much. Even the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, which is a plus.


  • The bat has a superior grip
  • It has an affordable price
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The overall bat quality could be better

Best Youth Bats for Baseball: Buying Guide

We believe that finding the baseball gear is crucial for the development of your child’s game. You need to consider a few things before finalizing a bat for your child. The size and weight of a bat should match your child’s age. Even different leagues have their own set of bat standards. Yes, it will take some time to find a bat that perfectly fits your child. But the time is worth spending.

The design is a crucial factor. The bat should be designed in a way that junior players love how it looks. When buying youth sports gear, always take an opinion from your child.

The right bat size makes kids feel comfortable while having a blast. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable using the bat, he/she might lose interest in the game in the very beginning. If you want to know what size baseball bat you should get for your child, please check our youth baseball bat sizing chart below.

Youth Baseball Bat Sizing

We have already mentioned that baseball bat sizing is an essential first step. Many parents struggle to find what bat size is ideal for their child. Well, we have got you covered. Even though every child is different, this baseball bat size chart should work for most baseball-loving children.

Youth Baseball Glove Size Chart

Choosing a Baseball Bat For Your Child

Here are a few more parameters you should consider before choosing a youth baseball bat.


The bat weight is crucial for the development of youth players. They will feel uncomfortable using far too heavy bats and struggle to swing and control. Lighter bats don’t offer the optimal bat performance. A good youth bat shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. The best youth bat should have a balanced weight distribution with a decent drop (length-to-weight ratio), making it easier to swing hard and fast.


Youth bats are usually made from four different materials- aluminum, composite, wood, and hybrid. Aluminum alloy is a widely used material in youth baseball bats that tends to be durable and heavy. Bats made from composite material tend to be more durable and lightweight than bats made from aluminum. Wooden bats aren’t widely available in youth baseball since they tend to crack easily. Hybrid bats are made from both aluminum and composite material and offer a combined benefit of both.


More often than not, parents wonder whether buying a high-end youth baseball bat is a great idea or not. Though the price isn’t the most crucial factor but still a good factor for parents. A low-cost option is excellent for kids to have fun while getting the hang of the fundamentals. If your child is hitting like a pro, get him/her a high-performance bat.

Final Thoughts

Buying a youth baseball bat depends very much on the age of the youth player. Does a 6-year old need a baseball bat? No, a tee-ball bat would be ideal. That doesn’t mean finding an age-appropriate baseball bat is super hard. 

Buying an age-appropriate bat not only lets juniors have fun swinging at the ball but also allows them to learn the fundamentals of the game at their own pace.

As long as you consider all the factors we have discussed above, you should be fine making the ultimate decision of what baseball bat is best for your child.

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