Best Baseball Cleats For Kids And Youth

10 Best Baseball Cleats For Kids And Youth In 2023

Kids have delicate feet that can easily twist if the shoe is stiff. Sores and blisters are common, and it can be disheartening watching a child cry due to pain. A baseball game requires a full range of motion as your child is reaching for the ball. Due to this, there’s a need for both the kids and youth to wear comfortable and flexible baseball cleats.

It can be tricky choosing the best baseball cleats for youth since there are many designs from different brands. Although style and color matter, the best shoe is one that guarantees comfort on the pitch.

A child is just like a beginner, and as a parent, there are some things you need to watch out for when selecting a suitable pair.

In our review, we’ll explore the best cleats out there to make your selection easy. Let’s get started.

Best Baseball Cleats For Kids And Youth

Our Top Picks

Best-rated Baseball Cleat for Youth: Under Armour Kids’ Harper 4 Mid Rm Jr. Baseball Shoe 

Under Armour Boys' Big Kid Harper 4 Mid RM Jr. , Black (001)/White , 4.5
1,211 Reviews
Under Armour Boys' Big Kid Harper 4 Mid RM Jr. , Black (001)/White , 4.5
  • Synthetic upper is lightweight & durable with 3D print for added abrasion
  • Adjustable ankle strap locks you in with powerful stability & support
  • Full-length EVA midsole helps disperse cleat pressure & provides ideal comfort & cushioning

Under Armour Kids’ Harper is one of the best-rated baseball cleats for youth. The adjustable ankle strap provides great support and stability. The long shoe strings allow for a snug fit when tightened up and stay secured even after long use. The full-length EVA midsole used in these basketball cleats offers added comfort and cushioning for tender legs.

The rubber soles allow your kid to perform at a higher level by providing great traction and durability. You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes for a kid aged four to eight. This one is a parent’s favorite youth baseball cleats!

What most parents love about this cleat is that it looks amazing. The price of this cleat is also reasonable. If your child is ready for his new baseball season, this is a great way to get things going.


  • Adjustable ankle strap offers more stability and support
  • Lightweight and durable synthetic upper
  • Great quality product for the price
  • The rubber sole offers a firm grip
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Rubber molded cleat


  • No issues found

Best Youth Baseball Cleat for Wide Feet: Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid Baseball Cleat

Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid Baseball Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid),Black/White,3.5 M US Big Kid
84 Reviews
Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid Baseball Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid),Black/White,3.5 M US Big Kid
  • Performance-molded cleat featuring lightweight and durable synthetic upper with padded tongue
  • 9-Spike advanced outsole
  • Rubber stud

If you are having trouble finding comfy baseball cleats for your child’s wide feet, Mizuno’s Youth Baseball Cleat is the best choice. Not only it offers support for kid’s wide feet, but it also delivers maximum durability and a snug supportive fit.

It comes with a synthetic upper mesh to offer maximum durability. The 9-Spike advanced outsole offers maximum traction while the Mizuno Wave Technology boosts performance. Mizuno’s Youth Baseball Cleat is recommended for both boys and girls.

The added support for the ankle will keep your child safe while playing for long hours. Even though the price is a little on the high side, it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to keep your child’s foot and ankle safe. However, the short shoelaces are something some reviewers are complaining about.


  • Offers great ankle support
  • Lightweight 
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Looks cool
  • Comes with performance-enhancing Mizuno Wave Technology


  • No issues found

Good Baseball Cleats For Kids And Youth

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

Adidas Kids’ Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

Batting and fielding in baseball games require an excellent pair of rubber soles. These help in preventing an accidental fall, sliding, and imminent danger of fracturing or spraining your ankle joints.

A child’s feet are delicate, and it’s vital to ensure maximum safety by choosing a firm pair of cleats for stability as they reach or run to catch the ball.

Adidas Kids’ freak X Carbon Mid Baseball shoe tops our list as it meets all the standards required for all footwear in a baseball game.

This shoe has a man-made sole and is carefully designed to suit both girls and boys who want to prove their skills in baseball.

The rubber sole is well treated to give it a firm grip on the ground. Thus, your child can participate in an outdoor adventure where the field may be wet or slippery.

The Adidas brand is popular and is the undisputed king as far as quality and comfort are concerned. Their shoes are authentic with no imitations, and when it comes to these cleats, you’ll be confident that the brand is as real as it can get.

On weight matters, the Adidas kid’s shoes are light, and your child won’t feel the heaviness or bulkiness on their feet. Hence, a player can make swift movements with ease.


  • Unisex for both boys and girls
  • Lightweight hence comfortable for a child’s feet
  • Man-made sole
  • Firmness grip
  • Black in color
  • A brand you can trust


  • Color limitation since it comes in black shade only

Nike Boy’s Huarache Baseball Cleat

Have you ever heard why baseball players rarely slide even when playing in a wet field or slippery surface? The secret is wearing the right pair of baseball cleats. These have a unique design for playing baseball.

When choosing the right wear, for your child, the quality of the sole should be the first thing to consider. That is why we settled on Nike Boy’s Huarache baseball cleat due to its rubber sole with traction. Subsequently, this prevents sliding even on a smooth field.

Notably, the sole is also designed for a low-to-the-ground feel to give the child extra comfort.

We also considered the quality of the material in our selection. Candidly, synthetic, and leather material is easy to clean and maintain. It’s also durable and will last many baseball seasons.

Nike Boys’ Huarache is suitable for boys of tender age and slightly older. Therefore, your little one who is venturing in baseball has an opportunity to wear this cleat, which is very popular with boys.


  • Low profile design boosts comfort
  • Rubber sole has traction
  • Durable to last many months
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy


  • It’s not unisex

Under Armour Men’s/Boys Baseball Shoe

The majority of baseball players have trouble finding the perfect pair of shoes for their training sessions. Playing any game without a comfortable pair of footwear can be frustrating. Your child might get blisters, and nursing sores on the heels can be equally painful.

Under Armour Men’s/Boys Baseball Shoe features a full-length midsole, and this ensures maximum comfort by evenly distributing the pressure under the foot. Therefore your child won’t get the agonizing sores, and besides, the interior is soft for added comfort.

Another reason why we feel that this cleat is an excellent choice is the quality of the material—the exterior consists of synthetic leather for added durability and support.

An intense game can result in sweaty feet. The good thing about this cleat is that there is a mesh tongue that boosts breathability. Therefore the feet stay cool and dry for a long time.

You’ll love the under sole, which consists of rubber to provide optimal traction on any ground. Thus, there’s no likelihood of your child sliding during a tournament.

This shoe is light weighing only 8.5 Oz, thus the kid can move easily without feeling heavy on their foot.

Under Armour is specially designed for men and boys and comes in a fashionable white color.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • Optimal traction on slippery grounds
  • Meshed breathable tongue
  • Cushioned interior for comfort
  • Wide age range


  • Color limitation white, which shows dirt easily.

New Balance Kids Molded Baseball Shoe

It can be disappointing watching your little one sliding in the field as he plays his favorite baseball game. Either the ground is slippery, or the shoes have no traction. It’s easier to avoid such risks by getting them a good pair of shoes.

The New Balance kid’s shoe is a worthy consideration and will relieve you of this fear. With its evenly distributed cleats on its outer sole, your child will maintain a firm grip on the ground.

The material used is synthetic, and this it’s not only durable but easy to clean and maintain. You only need to dust using a wet cloth without necessarily washing it in water. It’s also suitable for damper climates.

This cleat is a perfect fit since the shaft has a low profile design. It extends low-top from the arc for extra comfort, and therefore your child can move around with ease.

The New Balance Kids shoe is suitable for kids between ages 4 – 8 years. Therefore you can fit your little one in the right size.

The color shade is black with a white blend, although the black color is dominant. This feature is vital since the black color does not show dirt easily, and when you wipe it, it shines again.


  • Wide size variety
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable to last many years
  • Comfortable
  • Sole offers traction


  • Not unisex suitable for boys and men

Other Recommended Baseball Cleats For Kids And Youth

Mizuno Baseball Cleat for Youth

Choosing an easy-to-clean and maintain sports shoe can be a challenge, especially for kids. Your little has no limitation while on the field; they can wiggle in the mud, and during the wet season, things can get out of hand.

Mizuno Baseball cleat offers an excellent solution to parents and kids alike. It’s made of synthetic material that you can easily wipe off dirt after each play.

The dominant color of the shoe is navy with white highlights, which look beautiful and noticeable as your little one is playing baseball.

This shoe is a perfect fit since it comes in different sizes ranges for kids between the ages of 4 – 8 years.

With the Mizuno Baseball shoe’, your money stays in your wallet. The rubber soles are durable to play in all field surfaces such as turf or clay soiled fields.

Appreciatively, with its low-cut design, the chances of your kid spraining are minimal. This makes it suitable for those who struggle in cleats and would prefer low cleats for comfort.

The cleat platter is uniformly spread on the sole to balance the foot properly. Thus, this helps maintain a grip on the ground as your kid plays.

If you need molded cleats, then Mizunos 9-Spike advanced cleat shoe is your best choice. With the full-length midsole cushions, your child’s feet feel more comfortable.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Comfortable on your child’s feet
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • High traction


  • The color variety is limited to only navy and white shades.

Adidas Kids’ Adizero Afterburner V Baseball shoe

Is your little kid struggling to lift their feet due to weighty baseball shoes? No need to worry since the Adidas Kid’s Adizero is your best bet.

Other than the popularity of the brand, the shoes are a comfortable fit. Your kid can move swiftly since the shoe is lightweight and doesn’t feel the bulkiness.

The shoe size is wide to cater to children aged 4 – 8 years. As good luck would have it, you can easily choose a suitable size since it’s displayed on the shoe.

This sports shoe consists of a synthetic material that’s easy to maintain, firm, and durable. On the upper side, you’ll find durable leather material. As well, the tongue has breathable webbing material that helps circulate fresh air and keep the feet dry and cool.

The rubber sole gives the shoe a firm grip and comfortability when your little one steps on a hard surface. The level of noise as your kid hits the ground is reduced.


  • Durable material
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Breathable tongue keeps feet dry
  • Firm and high traction sole
  • Easy to clean
  • Color selection wide


  • Although it’s unisex, it looks manlier

Nike Boy’s Alpha Huarache Varsity Mid Keystone Baseball Cleat

Quite often, kids forget to fasten their shoelaces. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you choose a shoe with a strap design. Aware of this challenge, we settled on Nike’s boy Alpha shoe.

This stylish cleat features a fastening strap, which is easier to fasten. It’s unlike shoelaces that are a nightmare to the little ones. Additionally, it’s made of synthetic and leather material, which is easy to maintain, considering the different types of field surfaces.

You’ll love the ankle design, which is mid-cut style. Therefore, this gives your little ankle stability and reduces the risk of sprain while in the field.

Nike Boy’s Alpha is a comfortable pair of shoes. Thanks to the foam midsole, there is cushioned comfort when your child hits the ground with force.

When it comes to flexibility, your child can move from one side to the other. The unique design enhances the natural range of motion as your child attempts to catch the ball.

The shoe features a black and white color, with black being the dominant color. Consequently, it complements your child’s sports gear and will look decent on their feet.

Also, it doesn’t show dirt easily and can be worn in all weather.


  • Durable material
  • Well designed
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Doesn’t show dirt


  • Expensive

Under Armour Kid’s Baseball Shoe

Are you looking for a baseball shoe that will cover your kid’s feet up to the ankle? You now have a choice. Under Armour Kid’s Baseball shoe is designed with molded synthetic upper to offer dependable support and comfortable fitting.

It’s made of 100% synthetic, which is durable and easy to wash. In addition, it doesn’t retain moisture and dries fast, making it suitable in hot weather.

You’ll be happy to discover that it’s a perfect fit on your kid’s foot as it has an adjustable ankle strap lock. Thus, this offers support to the foot and does not loosen as the child is playing. Also, it doesn’t sprain the foot due to the firm fit.

With a full-length EVA midsole, there is an equal distribution of cleat pressure. For that reason, this increases the comfort and cushions the foot sole from the hard surface.

The rubber molded cleats offer ideal traction and durability in all field types. Luckily, there is no risk of sliding and falling if the surface is wet or slippery.

The shoe weighs only 9.2 oz, which is extremely light and easy to lift the foot.


  • Comfortable on the foot
  • Firmness enhances safety
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Made from durable material
  • Lightweight design


  • Expensive

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How To Choose Best Baseball Cleats for Youth

These are the factors you need to look at before buying a youth baseball cleat:


Comfort and fit should be the first key consideration while buying a baseball cleat for your child. There are cleats for youth with narrow feet, wide feet, and flat feet. So you should choose carefully.

Your kid should feel comfortable wearing a quality baseball cleat. Don’t fall for something cheap or just because you like it. It’s your child who will be the first to feel it. An uncomfortable baseball cleat can cause damage to the tender feet.


Kid’s shoe insoles should be designed with elevated arch support for growing feet. Most of the baseball cleats use cushioned EVA insoles with good shock-absorbing properties. Some shoe manufacturers are using insoles made with materials such as Spenco or Poron to improve the overall quality.

Ankle Support

Baseball players, especially youth baseball players, need added ankle support for convenience in lateral movements. This is because they make quick turns, for which ankle support is a great addition to youth baseball cleats.

Low-top cleats are best for skilled players and offer the least ankle support. Mid-top baseball cleats are most recommended for kids and youth because they provide a combination of good ankle support and easy mobility. High-top cleats can offer more support for its bulky size, compromising mobility. However, either of them will greatly support jumping and landing with stability.

Good Traction

Traction in shoes is what stops us from slipping on different surfaces. High traction outsole is an important factor in that case.

The sole helps keep your toddler upright while running. As a result, traction is a feature that will greatly benefit kids of all ages. So, the best thing you can do is pick a baseball cleat that has proper traction.


Weight is also an important factor for youth cleats. Not only your kids will have less chance of tripping when running, but also they can run faster with them. So check if the cleat is made with soft materials.

The reduced weight is also great for a toddler to be able to move more freely. In addition, they can comfortably wear them for daily activities.

Cushion and Upper materials

Cushioning is mainly for protection and comfort. Kids love cleats that offer flexible cushioning. They are useful to absorb impact shock and protect the feet.

While a cushioned upper, in particular, will provide them with better breathability. This part is usually made in combination with synthetic and textile. The combination improves breathability that keeps children’s feet cool.

Choosing the Right Cleat For Youth

Getting the right cheat for your kid is a tough task. But it shouldn’t be this hard for you. We are often too obsessed with the brand name that we forget to look into some basic factors. Remember that baseball cleats aren’t just regular footwear just because they look like so. They have been carefully crafted to play baseball.

The best baseball cleats for youth usually come with the following features:

  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and colors to ensure a great fit
  • Offers good flexibility for easy and quick movements on the field
  • Excellent grip both in wet and dry field conditions
  • Sufficient arch support and cushioning for the ankle to reduce the risk of injuries
  • Lightweight and comfortable feeling

Finally, the last and most important feature is durability. You don’t want to buy a baseball cleat that won’t hold out for a single season. Make sure to go through some of the previous customer reviews before you make the final decision. Otherwise, there will be a good possibility of buying the wrong cleat for your child. Eventually, the risk of injuries from insufficient support, comfort, and flexibility increase.


From our review of the best baseball cleats for youth, your child’s comfort is something you should take into account during the selection process. Cleats consist of a breathable mesh that promotes air circulation and keeps the feet dry and cool. When it comes to safety, consider a sole that will provide high traction. Mostly, rubber scores high when it comes to sole selection. Check the weight of the shoe and preferably consider one with straps so that it stays in place. A stable midsole helps to distribute the pressure on the foot and helps prevent straining.

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