Are Sleepytime Teas Like Chamomile Tea Safe During Pregnancy

Is Chamomile Sleepytime Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Sleepytime teas are popular among individuals who have trouble falling asleep at night. They usually come as a unique blend of soothing herbs such as chamomile, cooling spearmint, lemongrass, lavender, etc. The herbs and flowers in sleepytime teas give the body a relaxing feel for better sleep at night. Among the ingredients, chamomile is prevalent and works as a calming agent in most sleepytime teas. Like many people, you might also feel obsessed with chamomile sleepytime tea. But when you are expecting a baby, you need to practice precaution and follow expert advice.

Read on to learn more about what experts say about drinking chamomile tea while pregnant, plus the effectiveness and benefits of chamomile sleepytime tea.

Is Chamomile Sleepytime Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

There have been limited studies regarding the effect of herbal tea consumption during pregnancy. That’s why pregnant women are advised against drinking herbal tea while expecting. Since extracted from herbs and flowers, chamomile sleepytime tea is often used as herbal medicine. Like regular medications, chamomile sleepytime tea should be cautiously handled during pregnancy.

While chamomile tea isn’t recommended during pregnancy, occasional sipping of a cup of chamomile tea is likely okay. However, some studies suggest that chamomile contains anti-inflammatory and labor-inducing properties; hence overindulging chamomile tea while pregnant may raise the risks of unfortunate events like miscarriage and premature labor. So you shouldn’t consume chamomile in large or medicinal amounts without talking to your doctor first.

According to most experts, herbs such as aloe, ginseng, licorice, calendula, and sage aren’t good in any form during pregnancy. On the other hand, there are some safe herbal teas like ginger, red raspberry leaf, and peppermint. Even though they are likely safe, you should still avoid drinking more than a couple of regular-sized cups a day.

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Pregnancy-Safe Sleepytime Teas and Their Alternatives

Since caffeine-free, the herbs and flowers in sleepytime teas have sleep-inducing effects like many other pregnancy-safe sleep aids. Many herbal tea brands are out there, but not all of them are safe for pregnant women to consume.

Celestial Seasonings is one of the finest herbal tea brands that strictly follow FDA guidelines regarding herbs used in their teas. Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Sleepytime Tea is safe to drink throughout different pregnancy stages if taken in reasonable amounts.

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There are also safer alternatives if you are hesitant to take chamomile sleepytime tea during pregnancy. Both ginger and peppermint tea is safe and effective in promoting sound sleep and calming the restless mind fueled by the rollercoaster of pregnancy emotions.

The Bottom Line

Sleepytime tea might be an excellent addition to your bedtime routine if you get a green signal from your doctor.

All herbs have some side effects, more or less. So you need to check the ingredients first to avoid unusual herbal substances. Try consulting with your physician to know whether specific components in your sleepytime tea are safe or not!

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