10 Greatest Father-Daughter Dance Songs of All Time

Father is an important figure in our life; hence, it is our responsibility to cherish him. A father-daughter dance can help create some unforgettable memories for yourself. It could happen any time, but occasions such as Father’s Day and weddings Opens in a new tab.are perfect for a father-daughter dance. That could be the only father-daughter dance you ever had, but you will remember it forever! Keeping all of these in mind, we have created a list of the greatest father-daughter dance songs of all time.

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Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs

From heartwarming gospel to best country father-daughter dance songs, this list has it all. Pick one that best describes your relationship with your father.

1. Butterfly Kisses

“Butterfly Kisses” is one of the greatest father-daughter dance songs ever written. This sentimental song was written by Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas back in 1997. It is definitely going to be an emotional moment when you will do your “Father-Daughter” dance at your wedding.

Artist: Bob Carlisle

Album: Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace)Opens in a new tab.

Songwriter(s): Bob Carlisle; Randy Thomas

Genre: Christian/gospel

Length: 5:38

2. I Loved Her First

This is a classic father-daughter dance song. The lyrics, in particular, are extremely heartfelt and touching about the love of a father for his daughter. And it’s easy to dance to.

Artist: Heartland

Album: I Loved Her FirstOpens in a new tab.

Songwriter(s): Walt Aldridge; Elliott Park

Genre: Country

Length: 3:32

3. Daddy Dance With Me

It’s up there with the previous two songs. The song speaks volumes about the special connection between a father and a daughter. In addition, Krystal Keith’s pretty and strong voice makes the song a wedding day special.

Artist: Krystal Keith

Album: Whiskey & LaceOpens in a new tab.

Genre: Country

Length: 4:37

4. My Little Girl

Country music star Tim McGraw’s “my Little Girl” is one of the most popular father-daughter dance songs in recent times. The lyrics of thing songs will remind you of all the simple moments, laughter, and adventure you had with your dad. If you don’t know there is a book with the same nameOpens in a new tab., co-authored by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas.

Artist: Tim Mcgraw

Album: FlickaOpens in a new tab.

Songwriter(s): Tim McGraw; Tom Douglas

Genre: Country

Length: 3:38

5. Through The Eyes Of My Father

Popstar Brianna Haynes pays tribute to fathers Opens in a new tab.all around this world with a classic pop song. This beautiful song is a fantastic choice for the father-daughter dance. The lyrics of this hit song send a spiritual message about a father’s love for his daughter.

Artist: Brianna Haynes

Songwriter: Brianna Haynes

Genre: Pop

Length: 4:21

6. Father And Daughter

If you’re looking for a father-daughter dance that isn’t too slow, pick this! Paul Simon always has slightly quirky lyrics, which is one thing we love about him. The line “I’ll stand by you like a postcard of a golden retriever” is perfect for a father’s wish for his daughter.

Artist: Paul Simon

Album: The EssentialOpens in a new tab.

Producer: Warner Bros

Genre: Pop

Length: 4:07

7. Stealing Cinderella

It’s a great country song about father-daughter love. Through this song, county music star Chuck Wicks did a wonderful job to convey the message that a daughter will always be the little girl to her dad. It’s a must-have for a father-daughter dance songs playlist.

Artist: Chuck Wicks

Album: Starting NowOpens in a new tab.

Genre: Country

Length: 4:01

8. Isn’t She Lovely

Isn’t She Lovely is a sentimental father-daughter dance song. It shows the intense love of a father for his daughter.

Artist: Stevie Wonder

Album: Songs In The Key Of LifeOpens in a new tab.

Songwriter(s): Stevie Wonder

Genre: R&B

Length: 6:24

9. Daughters

Jon Mayer’s raspy and sultry voice makes it a great father-daughter dance song. The simple lyrics deliver a wonderful message, a truly good father can leave a wonderful impression on his daughter.

Artist: John Mayer

Album: Heavier ThingsOpens in a new tab.

Genres: Rock

Length: 3:59

10. The Way You Look Tonight

This is a popular first dance wedding song. The beautiful lyrics will bring back a lot of fond memories to you.

“With each word your tenderness grows
Tearing my fears apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart.”

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Album: Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and RosesOpens in a new tab.

Writers: Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields

Genre: Jazz

Length: 3:20

These above ten heart-warming father-daughter dance songs best describe the bond a father and daughter share. What is your favorite father-daughter dance song? Please comment below.


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