Flight Attendants Memorise Your Face While Boarding a Plane For Specific Reasons

When a flight attendant welcomes you on board, it is not only a sign of politeness. It is also to analyze and assess you, as many flight attendants and crew members confirmed. 

Getting ready

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Cabin Chief Duygu Eren Toysa of Turkish Airlines explained that while it might feel like the whole crew is judging you, memorizing your face is actually for your benefit. Toysa said that identifying those boarding the plane can help the crew in a variety of situations. 

Finding aids among passengers 

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A flight attendant, Janice Bridger, told Quora she memorizes strong passengers. She might need them in case of an attack or emergency, so she always knows where to find them. Bridger described fit and strong passengers as almost part of the team and a valuable resource. 

Helping hand 


Toysa noted that the crew also wants to identify nervous flyers and be there to help them settle. Tosya confirmed that the crew is always on the lookout for possible helpers in an emergency. The main goal is to preserve everyone’s safety, and being friendly is only part of the job. 

New flyers 


Flight attendant Kimberly Sullivan notices first-time flyers because of the way they walk. She also shared that all flyers need to understand the language in case of emergencies. She added she also asses physical abilities because they may determine where to sit someone.

On the lookout for intoxicated ones


Nuralia Mazlan from Air Asia shared that she always looks for intoxicated passengers. A flight attendant for Wizz Air who goes by the name Rania on TikTok confirmed that she, too, checks whether someone is sick or intoxicated. Mazlan further noted that once the plane is in the air, the crew and other passengers might be exposed to unwanted behavior.

Naked and in the air

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Mazlan shared a story about an intoxicated man. The man, reportedly 20 years old, took off his clothes while the plane was 10,000 feet in the air. She knows that intoxicated passengers can easily cause trouble, and that’s why they are her primary concern. But there’s more the crew wants to know about the flyers. 

Looking for coworkers

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Bridger also wants to know whether coworkers are on the flight because they know how to act in emergencies. If there’s a potentially harmful situation, they will act as if they were part of the crew. She recalled a horrific crash that would have been worse if there hadn’t been a fellow captain on the flight. 

The accident from the 80s 


Bridger reminded that 1989 United Flight 232 suffered a significant failure while in the air. Dennis Fitch, another United Airlines captain and DC-10 flight instructor, helped save 184 surviving passengers. In total, 111 people died, and only 13 had no injuries. It is considered to be one of the deadliest engine failures. 

Do not bother with compliments

A flight attendant of six years, whose TikTok handle is @wheelsupwithtyra, said that complimenting, or even worse, hitting on the crew only makes things awkward. The Delta Air Lines employee asked people nicely not to try things with her or her coworkers. She explained they have to be nice, but it does not mean you will ever get a green light. 

The crew has to be prepared for everything 

While the job appears glamorous, the whole crew has to be ready for anything. That includes giving birth mid-flight, trying to revive a person who suffered a heart attack, communicating if there’s a disagreement among passengers, and even being ready for an unlikely yet possible fatal accident. 

Annoying the crew is bad 

A former flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic noted that working with humans was a great experience but reminded that not all people are friendly. She faced racist and misogynist passengers but did not put up with their behavior. Annoying the crew will get you nowhere. 

Tips and tricks 

Flight attendants can make your traveling experience a nightmare if you continue annoying them. Some confessed to farting into irritating passengers’ faces, while others would reset tv screens from time to time. They also have codes for rude passengers and those they actually like. Regardless of where you fit, they are always watching you! 

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