Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave Quotes

10 Best Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave Quotes

Going back to work after maternity leave is a big step for the new moms. You might go through an emotional roller coaster when returning to work after maternity leave. There will be days you feel deep contentment, and days you wonder how you’re going to keep your head from exploding. However, there will be mostly negative thoughts in your head. On a typical day, you may feel depressed about going back to work after maternity leave. The other day separation anxiety about leaving your baby for work can creep into your head. The good news is these feelings are prevalent among working moms. And you can use some inspirational going back to work after maternity leave quotes to get a little boost during these difficult times.

Here is a collection of returning to work after baby quotes for working moms to move forward with grace and confidence.

Inspirational Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave Quotes For Working Moms

Quote #1

“After sixteen weeks of bed rest, my career, the very thing that had defined me, simply wasn’t what defined me anymore. Yes, I had skills and abilities I wanted to put to good use in the world, but right here, right now, this new baby, her older brother, and my husband mattered more than my job”  – Listen Somberg in Work PAUSE Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career.”

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

Most of us have a plan in our heads of how we will cope with going back to work after maternity leave, but it’s almost inevitable that your plan will change. Don’t beat yourself up if it does and be prepared if you find that you aren’t the same person you were when you left for maternity leave. If you feel you’ve changed, then embrace the new you and your new priorities. Lastly, remind yourself that you are doing your absolute best every day and that’s all your little guy can ask for.

Quote #2

Remind yourself that you are setting a great example as a working mum, so be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey! You will be great! – Hassia Hamidou, A Proud Working Mom

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

You have to think about yourself, too! As a first-time mom, you spend most of your time and effort to make sure your child has the best life possible. However, as much as you take care of your child, you have to make sure you are taking enough care of yourself.

Quote #3

“Welcome to the working moms club. And tears are perfectly OK.– Isabelle Roughol, A Mom & Journalist

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

This transition is hard, and you will run the gamut of emotions. It’s a given. When you hit those lows, think about the big picture (the future for yourself, your kid, and the family), and don’t do it alone. There are so many working moms that you can grab lunch or coffee with. When you hit those highs, savor them.

Quote #4

Be gentle with yourself, moms! It will all work out, whether you stew or ruminate about any of it.” – Author Lori Mihalich-Levin in Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return From Maternity Leave.”

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

When you spend time with your baby, make it ‘quality’ time, it’s not about the ‘quantity’ of the hours you spend together, but the ‘quality’ time. It can be hard because work always finds a way to creep in. But having that time, even if it’s just bath time or dinner hour, or the snuggle before bedtime, can sometimes be just what you need to push through the day.

Quote #5

You can have it all, you just can’t do it all.’ Delegate, de-prioritize, think about putting yourself at the forefront.– Author Sue Unerman.

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

When someone offers to help, take it always. Ask for work flexibility. In the first few months that you’re back if you can take some Fridays off, maybe once a month to spend with the baby. It’ll give you something to look forward to in the first few weeks of transition. If you don’t have one, try to find an employer who allows work from home and/or flexible work schedules. If your work doesn’t have one, start a working parents network. They can be a tremendous resource for carpools, babysitter recommendations, playdates, and a great way to hear how other parents are managing to rock both professional and parental lives.

Quote #6

You will do it, don’t worry – as a mom you do change, but for better for sure.”  – Spela Ramvos, A Proud Working Mom

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

Trust your judgment and your gut. Then stop worrying as there is nothing you can do. Then remember your judgment and your gut feeling and know you made the right choice. You can do this!

Quote #7

Never feel guilty. Sometimes work will come first, sometimes your child will need to. Whatever choice you need to make, stand by it.Victoria Moffatt, A Mom & Entrepreneur

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

It’s common for new moms to worry that your baby will miss you and probably you will too while you’re at work. To combat that mommy guilt, kick any negativity away from you. Just remember that soon the day will end and you can hold that precious bundle of joy. You will also find being a mom brings a whole new skill set to the workplace that people will value – efficiency, a new level of compassion, and genuine care for the team.

Quote #8

We are so, so proud of you for being a working mom and for giving this breastfeeding and working thing a shot. . . . Now get out there, attach a machine to one of the most sensitive and private parts of your body, and make the magic happen. You’re a warrior. You’re a working mother, and that’s an amazing thing.― Jessica Shortall.

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

You may find your peace with work by realizing that your kid’s lives were more enriched, not less, by having additional people love and care for them, not just you. It’s not easy being a working mom, but over time, you make it work.

Quote #9

Leave loudly. Never apologize for arriving late or leaving the office to collect your little one, or being a mum.– Nichola Johnson-Marshall from Working Wonder

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

It’s not that you don’t care about office etiquette. They should understand. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Your kids come first no matter what!

Quote #10

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your house and car will never be as tidy as they once were. A messy house is a funhouse. Just enjoy the journey.”  – Kristine Carlson.

Lessons to Learn From the Above Quote

Motherhood is a gift. Don’t waste the gift sweating on the small stuff. The first few days will probably be the hardest ones, just don’t give up. Also, know that it’s normal to have that emotional roller coaster. It’s clunky at first, but you find your rhythm eventually.

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