Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Skateboard

Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Skateboard: Which is Better?

Not all of us were bad at the Photo Hunt games, but we often find it difficult to figure out the differences in personal electric vehicles because the industry is growing rapidly, and already there are hundreds of varieties of such vehicles. This article compares the top variants of personal electric vehicles (hoverboard vs. electric scooter vs. skateboard) to help you in choosing the right conveyance.

Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Skateboard: Comparison at a Glance

Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboards Vs Hoverboards

Both are excellent electric personal transportation devices, but there are some key differences between the two. They are both designed to be compact, convenient, and easy to use. However, an electric skateboard offers a more stable and safer ride compared to a hoverboard which requires more balance and coordination skills. That’s because electric skateboards come with four wheels, whereas hoverboards have two wheels. 

In addition, electric skateboards can go at a speed of up to 28mph, offering a thrilling experience for youth and adult riders. On the other hand, hoverboards come with a top speed of around 10mph and include a self-balancing feature, making them more suitable for kids. However, both use motor and rechargeable batteries for energy. On a single charge, some electric skateboards have a range of up to 20-30 miles, while hoverboards tend to have a range of around 7-15 miles.

Apart from these, there is a slight difference in the price. Electric skateboards cost $300 on average, while one can get a good hoverboard for $200. However, both have high-end models, which cost thousands.

Which is Better?

It depends on your intended use. If you are buying a gift for your kid, then we recommend a hoverboard, as it is easier to control and learn. Plus, it includes fancy features like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. Your child will find them more intriguing. In comparison, electric skateboards are not designed for kids under 10.

Electric Skateboards Vs Hoverboards

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Hoverboards Vs Electric Scooters

A hoverboard is also called a self-balancing scooter; however, it is different from an electric scooter in many ways. An electric scooter can be used for daily commutes or long-distance rides, but a hoverboard has a limited battery life, which doesn’t allow it to be used for long-distance rides. Both use lithium-ion batteries for energy, and both have two rubber-pneumatic tires mostly.

Electric scooters have motors like hoverboards, but they don’t have a self-balancing feature. Note that even with the self-balancing feature, a hoverboard is more difficult to learn than an electric scooter. However, electric scooters are very fast compared to hoverboards; the average speed of hoverboards is around 10mph, while electric scooters have an average speed of 25mph.

Some self-balancing scooters have large tires and are high off the ground to prove a smooth riding experience, even on bumpy and paved roads. On the other hand, electric scooters look like kick scooters in shape, except for the wheels, which are small in size.

Compared to hoverboards, electric scooters are typically safer and easier to ride because they come with a platform for the rider to stand on and a handlebar for steering.

Lastly, hoverboards are generally more expensive than electric scooters. The average price of electric scooters is $250, but the price varies substantially with the quality of the scooter.

Which is Better?

Electric Scooters are suitable for daily commutes and are easy to carry. Also, electric scooters come in a wide variety, so you can choose from many options. However, electric scooters are not as fun to ride as hoverboards. Therefore, if you are looking for something fun and exciting, then a hoverboard is a better option.

Hoverboards Vs Electric Scooters

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Electric Scooters Vs Electric Skateboards

Electric scooters and skateboards are not much different when it comes to speed and power, but they are different in shape and handling. An electric scooter is easy to ride and maneuver, while an electric skateboard requires a conventional skateboard riding experience.

Electric Skateboards have polyurethane tires, which are uncomfortable and noisy as compared to pneumatic tires. However, electric skateboards tend to be faster and have a longer range than electric scooters.

On the contrary, electric scooters are all-terrain conveyance as the bigger tires and structure make it easy to easily ride on rocky and bumpy roads. E-Skateboards are powerful but not high off the ground to bear the roughness of most terrains.

Electric skateboard decks are made of Bamboo or Maple; therefore, they look aesthetic and feel comfortable on paved roads, but the polyurethane tires are not in line with the flexible deck.

Electric skateboards are more expensive than electric scooters because the skateboard market is small compared to electric scooters. Remember that both electric scooters and electric skateboards aren’t safe for kids under 10. 

Which is Better?

Compared to electric skateboards, e-scooters are easy to ride and are more suitable for crowded neighborhoods. However, if you have prior experience with conventional skateboards, then you may find electric skateboards more fun to ride. Considering the design and handling, we recommend electric scooters.

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Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard: Final Verdict

The final decision of which type of personal electric vehicle is better depends on the user’s purpose and riding experience.

Hoverboards are usually slower and used indoors; electric scooters have a slightly higher speed than hoverboards and are excellent for long-distance travel, whereas electric skateboards are the fastest among them and are generally used for outdoor adventures.

By design, the e-scooter tends to be safest for kids and beginners as it offers better stability and control features. Even an electric scooter is safer than a hoverboard, but a hoverboard tends to be smaller in design, hence more affordable.

So get the one that best serves your needs.

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