Is Licorice Root Safe During Pregnancy

Is Licorice Root Safe for Pregnancy Skincare?

We hardly pay attention to all the food ingredients we consume and ingredients used in skin care products because there are so many of them in a single formula. But when it comes to pregnancy, we should think twice before taking in and putting any ingredients on our bodies. Licorice root is one of those questionable ingredients for pregnant women. So is it safe during pregnancy?

Below we have discussed what researchers say about licorice root during pregnancy.

What are the Health Benefits of Licorice Root?

Ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated licorice as it was known for its medicinal properties. Licorice root extracts were used for treating cough, asthma, and sore throat. You might have consumed it unconsciously before. For the natural sweetening compound called glycyrrhizic acid, licorice root is often used to flavor soft drinks and herbal teas.

The use of raw licorice root has evolved with time. Thanks to licorice root’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the raw licorice powder component is commonly used for skin care products like facial cleansers and beauty masks. They are not necessarily based on licorice powder but have a good amount.

 Acne prevention, anti-aging, glowing skin- the potential skin benefits of licorice root are numerous! Some benefits of using it include the following-

  • It helps repair damaged skin.
  • Gives a brightening effect to your skin.
  • Cleanses away acne-causing bacteria and guards against future acne breakouts.
  • It helps to tighten your skin, therefore, minimizes your wrinkles.
  • Helps fade acne spots on your skin.

So it is no wonder why so many people love it as an everyday skincare thing.

What research says about consuming licorice root during pregnancy?

Scientific research has found potential pregnancy risks associated with high doses of licorice root consumption. Glycyrrhizin, a component of licorice root, might affect fetus development. In one study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers have found that mothers who used to consume more licorice root while pregnant had less intelligent babies than those who consumed less of that.

Don’t be scared if some licorice root is taken accidentally while pregnant. A lower dose (<10mg) of licorice root consumption is likely safe and even beneficial for relieving nausea in early pregnancy. Having said that, you should take proper guidance before taking any foods with licorice root.

Should you be concerned about licorice root in skincare products?

Well, it is considered safe if you’re only using it in a limited amount for your pregnancy skincare routine. Your body will not be able to concentrate the Glycyrrhizin in a harmful amount. Your baby should be safe.

Yet, as there is some evidence of potential harm, you should be concerned that you’re not over-using it. It would be best if you could find some alternative skincare products while pregnant. Whatever you do, just watch out for any changes in your body. And most importantly, talk to your doctor. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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