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5 Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands Safe For Kids in 2023

Putting nail polish on a baby’s nails might seem an adorable thing to do. But the question remains- Is nail polish okay for kids? It’s a practical concern since many regular nail polishes contain an array of chemicals that can harm the development of baby nails. Also, baby nails are so delicate that putting polish and then cleaning it off with a remover could damage the nails.

The good news is some nail polish brands claim to be non-toxic, odorless, and kid-friendly. These polishes are made especially for little children and don’t last as long as regular polishes. Also, with these kid-friendly polishes, painting the little nails and removing the paints doesn’t require much effort since they automatically peel off within a day or two.

Safety Concerns of Nail Polish for Children

As you already know, many traditional nail polish products contain chemicals that may be harmful to children if ingested or inhaled. Some of the chemicals commonly found in nail polish include:

  1. Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a chemical that is used as a hardening agent in some nail polish products. Several research studies have shown that persistent exposure to formaldehyde increases the risk of having asthma in children.
  2. Toluene: Toluene is a chemical that is used to help improve the flow and consistency of nail polish. Not just nail products, many hair dye brands also use toluene. While it has been linked to neurotoxic and irritating effects, high levels of exposure to toluene can cause developmental delays in children.
  3. Phthalates: Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in some nail polish products to make them more flexible and durable. It is a dangerous chemical and can have damaging effects on children’s brain development.

Non-Toxic, Safe Nail Polish Brands For Kids

When picking a nail polish for your child, it’s a good idea to choose a brand that specifically formulates nail polishes for children and is toxin-free. This will help ensure your child’s safety and minimize the risk of irritation or other negative effects.

There are several cosmetic brands that design nail polishes that aren’t only safe and gentle on the little nails but also free from harsh chemicals. Some examples of these brands include:

Piggy Paint 100% Non-Toxic Girls Nail Polish

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If it’s the first time your children want to color their toenails, look no further than the Piggy Paint Nail Polish. Available in a wide range of fun colors, it is safe for children because its water-based formula doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates.

Most parents love how it goes on smoothly, like regular nail polishes. The polish dries in no time, so you won’t have to worry even if your girl goes to sleep with her nails painted! Also, it’s odorless and easy to peel off. Not to mention the price is very affordable, making it one of the most popular non-toxic nail polishes for little girls.

Tomicca Kids Nail Polish Set for Girls

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With a water-based formula with natural ingredients, this nail polish set from Tomicca is specifically formulated with little kids in mind. So you can be sure that this nail polish kit is perfectly safe for children to use. Thanks to the clean, non-toxic formula, it is also safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum.

Additionally, this nail polish comes in a variety of fun colors and six incredible shades. So younger kiddos will be able to experiment and play with different colors on their nails. The polish is also easy to apply and remove, so there is no risk of causing any damage to the nails.

The quick dry feature of this nail polish is excellent for kids who don’t want to wait. Last but not least, it’s odorless.

Townley Girl Non-Toxic Natural Safe Nail Polish

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Inspired by Disney Princess characters, Disney Princess – Townley Girl nail polish is part of a larger line of beauty products that are specifically designed for children. Aside from non-toxic, non-irritating, water-based nail polishes, this product line also has lip gloss, hair accessories, and makeup sets for kids. Designed to be safe to use, these products offer fun ways for children to express themselves and explore their creativity.

Perfect for kids over 3, this Townley Girl nail polish set includes a great variety of shades and vibrant colors. The paint dries fast, which makes it great for a super quick blast at home. The nail polish is also easy to remove without utilizing a nail polish remover.  

What’s better? You will get 18 nail polishes in just one set. Be assured that there are no harmful vapors or chemicals that can cause any damage to the little nails. Even the set comes in an adorable package. You won’t find a better birthday gift for your little girls — especially at such a great price.

Karma Organic Nail Polish

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The Karma Organic Nail Polish is a safe alternative to traditional nail polishes for parents looking for non-toxic, gentle nail polish for kids. It’s formulated without harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates, which are known for causing respiratory problems or skin irritation in adults and children.

Made in the USA, Karma Organic comes in a wide variety of colors that will make little kiddos excited to get their nails painted. In addition to the color varieties, the brand offers a range of natural shades, such as glossy and matte.

Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set

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If your little one enjoys getting her nails painted, this Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set is something you’ll need. It is one of the most popular water-based nail polishes for toddlers on the market today. 

Why? Simply because it isn’t only safe for children to use but is also easy to apply and remove! You can easily wipe the paint off with a wet tissue or cotton pad before it is completely dried. 

Additionally, no need to use a nail polish remover with harsh chemicals to remove the paint when it dries out completely. It is also easy to peel off from the edge. So it can be a safe and fun way to keep your little one busy for a long time.


If you don’t pay good attention, a number of conventional nail polishes can expose your children to toxic chemicals. Fortunately, there are nail polishes that are designed for kids. These safe, non-toxic nail polishes have earned accolades from parents and experts alike.

These kid-friendly nail polishes encourage children’s natural expression while playing with them. We recommend that you choose one from the above recommendations. We can ensure you that these products are safer for children and are less likely to cause irritation or other adverse effects. Talk to a healthcare provider or dermatologist if you have any concerns. They can provide guidance on the safety of different nail polish brands and suggest appropriate products.

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