Unique Middle Names for Amelia

50+ Unique Middle Names for Amelia

Amelia, a name of German origin meaning “industrious” and “striving,” is a beloved name choice for baby girls. When paired with an appropriate middle name, the name Amelia becomes even more appealing. 

But before selecting a middle name for Amelia, you need to consider a few things that involve a combination of personal preference, aesthetics, and meaningful choices. Thankfully, going through our list of classic and timeless middle name options for Amelia, you will surely find a middle name that complements its elegance and charm.

Nicknames For Amelia

Amelia surely has several cute nickname options if you are looking for one.

  • Ami
  • Ames
  • Meals
  • Amy
  • Millie
  • Mia
  • Lia
  • Mimi
  • Emmie
  • Ame
  • Ellie
  • Allie
  • Emmy
  • Leah
  • Mel

Best Middle Names For Amelia

Picked from multiple resources, this list has some classic and elegant middle name options for Amelia.

Amelia Lucy

Meaning: Graceful light

Amelia Charlotte (Middles name ideas for Charlotte)

Meaning: Free and petite

Amelia Evan

Meaning: Lord is gracious

Amelia Louise

Meaning: A renowned warrior

Amelia Beth

Meaning: Pledged to God

Amelia Eve

Meaning: Living

Amelia Elizabeth

Meaning: God’s promise

Amelia Louise

Meaning: Famous Warrior

Amelia Victoria

Meaning: Victorious

Amelia Catherine

Meaning: Pure

Amelia Whitney

Meaning: From The White Island

Middle Names For Amelia

One-Syllable Middle Names For Amelia

Among the countless suggestions online, we think below are the one-syllable middle names that match the style of Amelia best.

Amelia Blake

Meaning: Fair-haired, dark

Amelia Claire

Meaning: Illustrious, Enlightened

Amelia Faye

Meaning: Fairy

Amelia Grace

Meaning: God’s grace

Amelia Jade

Meaning: A precious stone

Amelia Jane

Meaning: God is gracious

Amelia Mae

Meaning: The month of May

Amelia Paige

Meaning: A young helper

Amelia Quinn

Meaning: Descendent of Conn

Amelia Rose

Meaning: A flower

Amelia Joy

Meaning: Great pleasure

Amelia June

Meaning: Follower Of Juno

Amelia Lynne

Meaning: From The Lake

Amelia Rae

Meaning: A well-advised protector

Amelia Dawn

Meaning: Awakening

Amelia Maeve

Meaning: She who rules

Amelia Jean

Meaning: God is gracious

Amelia Ruth

Meaning: A compassionate friend

Amelia Fawn

Meaning: A young deer

Middle Names For Amelia

Unique Middle Names For Amelia

Looking for unique middle names for Amelia? We recommend these distinctive options:

Amelia Fleur

Meaning: Flower

Amelia Ilana

Meaning: Gorgeous

Amelia Therese

Meaning: The harvester

Amelia Madeline

Meaning: Woman from Magdala

Amelia Colette

Meaning: People’s victory

Amelia Noelle

Meaning: Christmas

Amelia Willow

Meaning: A willow tree

Amelia Hazel

Meaning: Hazel tree

Amelia Rosalie

Meaning: Rose garden

Amelia Daphne

Meaning: Laurel tree

Amelia Estelle

Meaning: Little Star

Amelia Solstice

Meaning: Stilled sun

Amelia Azura

Meaning: Sky-blue

Amelia Calliope

Meaning: Beautiful-voiced

Amelia Rhiannon

Meaning: Great queen

Amelia Lux

Meaning: Light

Amelia Elowen

Meaning: One who is powerful like an Elm tree

Amelia Evelyn

Meaning: Desired

Amelia Jeanne

Meaning: God is gracious

Amelia Mignonette

Meaning: Favorite

Sibling Names For Amelia

Here are some great sibling name ideas for Amelia that are picked from parent discussion forums and other sources. 

Brother’s Names For Amelia

  1. Amelia and Benjamin
  2. Amelia and Samuel
  3. Amelia and William
  4. Amelia and Daniel
  5. Amelia and Alexander
  6. Amelia and James
  7. Amelia and Henry
  8. Amelia and Oliver
  9. Amelia and Nathaniel
  10. Amelia and Charles
  11. Amelia and Theodore
  12. Amelia and Jonathan
  13. Amelia and Matthew
  14. Amelia and Harrison
  15. Amelia and Nicholas

Sister’s Names For Amelia

  1. Amelia and Charlotte
  2. Amelia and Olivia
  3. Amelia and Grace
  4. Amelia and Sophia
  5. Amelia and Isabella
  6. Amelia and Eleanor
  7. Amelia and Abigail
  8. Amelia and Penelope
  9. Amelia and Victoria
  10. Amelia and Lillian
  11. Amelia and Rose
  12. Amelia and Clara
  13. Amelia and Emily
  14. Amelia and Scarlett
  15. Amelia and Stella


When selecting a middle name, remember to consider factors such as the flow of the names together, the meaning behind the chosen name, and how it complements Amelia’s first and last name.

It might take some time but try to enjoy the process. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative as you embark on this delightful journey of naming your little one!

Unique Middle Names for Amelia

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