Movies on Disney Plus For Kids

12 Best Movies on Disney Plus For Kids and Families Right Now in 2023

Disney movies are the best when you want to watch a film without getting bored. From kids to adults, Disney films are loved by people of all ages. That’s because the graphics, scripts, and characters bring a variety of emotions. 

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There is no shortage of films available for instant streaming on Disney Plus. If you’re thinking about one to watch right now, here are a few movies that are worth watching over and over again.

Best Disney Plus Movies For Kids and Families

Finding Nemo

This movie is all about a father’s love for his lost child. It starts with Nemo, the little fish child, trapped by some fisher. His father, Marlin, goes to look for him. He meets Dori, fights sharks, and leaves no stones unturned to get his son back. Nemo, too, tries to get back to his father in every possible way.

Finding Nemo was a big hit in 2003. If you’re up for a family-movie time, there is no better film!


In Tangled, the sweet rapunzel story of our childhood is reimagined in a more fun way! The uplifting messages in the movie are delivered in a way that is even understandable to young children. This movie will make them want to swing with Rapunzel’s hair and make fun adventures with a thief and whatnot!

The Lion King

“While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.”

The lion king is a cult classic movie with extraordinary visuals and music composition. Though it is a live-action remake of 1994 original, you’ll find the characters more realistic than the original.

Yes, it’s the same heartwarming story of a young cub, Simba. When Simba was little, he saw the cruelties of life. He had to face many challenges. But his miseries could not turn him stoned. Instead, he became braver than ever.


This one is a little different from most Disney movies. Instead of witches doing sorcery, you’ll find a rabbit police officer working to make the world better! 

It’s a story of an animal society that teaches us much about humans- but in a hilarious way! Children, especially young girls, will find the character of Judy very inspiring.

The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Even though you might already know the story, this movie is totally worth watching with your family! The songs and the dialogues will give you nostalgia. Walt Disney made this in 1937, but it is still just as charming.

The Incredibles

Mr. Incredible, a somewhat civilized person whose favorite fantasy is to have new adventures, is the hero here. You’ll laugh at him, and you’ll love him as well! The humor is astounding. This movie will relieve all your stress. Anytime you’re up for a quality fun time, pick this one up!


It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t watched this one yet. Moana is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant productions by Disney. Moana, the ocean girl, sails in the quest for a demigod to save her island.

The ocean vibe and the island people will take you there, giving your mind a fresh breath of joy. No wonder why Moana was a big hit at the box office!

Inside Out

When you look at yourself, what do you find? Different sorts of emotions, right?

The movie Inside Out shows how a little girl deals with all her emotions. Even though we think our negative emotions like anger, fear, and sadness hold us back, they are a necessary part of developing emotional resilience in children

All Disney movies come with a lesson, yet this movie has a special one. This movie offers a new perspective- obviously in a fun way!

Toy Story

Disney comedy was at its best in the movie Toy Story. If you’re up for some entertainment, this is the movie you’re actually looking for! Andy’s toys, Woody and Buzz, are just hilarious. Their fight and Andy’s love for them made this film fun to watch.

Toy Story has three more sequels. All of them are as popular as the first one. Once you watch them, you’ll know why!


Another classic that has its appeal still today. Being a human requires conscience, the sense of the difference between good and evil. Pinocchio, a wooden doll, wished to become a human. Pinocchio had a conscience to lead him to good deeds and a bad company who taught him the pleasure of sins.

The character of Pinocchio itself is an iconic masterpiece. As you can expect from Disney movies, it has great animation, characters, and educational messages for kids.


Bambi is a young fawn who is going to lead the jungle. Bambi teaches children about love and friendship. They would absolutely love him!

The visualization of this movie is very eye soothing. It was made in 1942 and is considered the most beloved classic ever!


“Let it go, let it go

You’ll never see me cry”

Elsa, the princess, has a superpower- everything she touches turns iced. She has to hide this ability from common people as they might misunderstand the princess. However, she eventually had to leave the castle, and the story takes a new turn after that!

Final Thoughts

With stunning visuals, soundtracks, and portrayals of positive role models, Walt Disney movies are equally entertaining for toddlers, kids, teens, and grown-ups alike. Aside from the above-mentioned Disney classics, you will find a solid catalog of kid-friendly movies on Disney Plus. So, what are you waiting for?

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