Best Music For Baby In Womb
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15 Best Music For Baby In Womb

Human beings aren’t designed to be happy. So we try different ways to make us happy. Music is just one of the ways to make us feel better. It’s no different for a baby in the womb. Even researchers have pointed out some significant benefits of playing music for babies in the womb.

So, pregnancy might be a great time to share your taste in music with your unborn baby.

The Benefits of Playing Music for Baby in the Womb

Playing music for unborn babies has a wide range of benefits that include early brain development, improvements in listening skills, and a whole lot of other benefits after birth. Here are three key benefits of listening to music during pregnancy.

Unborn Baby’s Brain Development

Although learning happens after birth, it is possible to teach your unborn baby. New studies suggest that language development actually starts in the womb. And music triggers certain areas of the baby’s brain that might have a lasting effect on learning. Therefore, your baby is more likely to develop a strong interest in music and musical instruments from an early age. So why not make singing songs or talking to your unborn baby a habit while pregnant? 

Prenatal Bonding

Singing to your baby is an important part of forming a solid prenatal bonding. Infants can recognize a mother’s voice from the womb, so you can use it to build a solid early bond with your baby. Interacting with your bump can also help you deepen your feelings for your baby.

The Calming Effects

If you listen to the same piece of music and sing or hum the same melody over and over during pregnancy, it is more likely that your little one will recognize that melody and might respond.

A new study shows babies can remember music they heard in the womb up to 4 months after birth. After your little one has come into the world, you may have greater success in soothing your baby and putting him off to sleep just by singing or humming that special melody.

Pregnancy is a significant transition for a new mom. Listening to pregnancy music will calm your nerves too. 

When to Start Playing Music for Baby in the Womb

According to BabyCenter, babies in the womb can hear low-pitch sounds around 15 or 16 weeks. Around week 25 or 26, they start to respond to voices and noise.

You might be wondering, “What should I play for my baby-to-be?

You can play anything you like. However, slow and soothing tunes are the best to start with.

Our Top 15 Favorite Music for Baby in Womb

Below, we’ve assembled a womb-friendly playlist that you and your baby-to-be will definitely love. From classical music to pop, this list has it all. So put your headphones on and start dancing and singing along with our ultimate pregnancy playlist.

How to Play Music for Baby in the Womb

You are your baby’s first and most important role model. It’s always better if you can sing a song or play an instrument. If not, that’s fine. You can just play and listen to a song either from Spotify or YoutubeThere is a new and safe way to connect with your baby. It’s the clip-on pregnancy belly buds from WavHello. They are safe for your baby’s ears or skin and can also be easily worn while moving about your day as usual. Check it out below.

Wavhello BellyBuds Baby Bump


When you are pregnant, you have to be careful with what you do. Your actions during pregnancy will have long-term effects on your baby. Remember, a fetus is a baby that hasn’t been born yet. It gathers plenty of experiences before it is even born. So be careful when you play music for a baby in the womb.

1. If you listen to music or play an instrument, keep the volume at a comfortable level. Try to keep the volume about the same loudness as a normal conversation.

2. Don’t just put random headphones on your belly. Many belly buds use self-adhesive chemicals to make the buds sticky. The chemicals might enhance the sound and make it very uncomfortable for the baby.  So be mindful while buying belly buds or baby bump headphones. And always remember to keep the music at or below 70 decibels.

3. Add a wide variety of music to your pregnancy music playlist. Do it mostly for your enjoyment than anything. It is all about creating a positive environment of stimulation for both you and your baby.

4. Listen to music for your own pleasure instead of focusing too much on your baby’s development. Don’t forget that music can also help you stay sane and grounded during difficult times.

Remember, it’s about the joy you experience together in the present that matters. Exposure to music is an important part. So yes, sing and play music and strum along on the guitar with your baby, and do it joyfully.

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