Nanit Plus vs Owlet

Nanit Vs Owlet: Which One Is The Best Baby Monitor Of 2023?

Bringing a baby home is the joy of every parent. However, this joy is coupled with a lot of pressure that most parents try to adjust. For some new moms, the situation gets complicated since they keep worrying about their baby’s safety when everyone else is sleeping peacefully. It can lead to fatigue since you may constantly check on your baby to confirm if he/she is breathing. Thanks to baby monitors, you can now get much-needed rest as you take care of your newborn baby by using a baby monitor. In this article, we will compare two of the best baby monitors out there: Nanit vs. Owlet.

When it comes to comparing the Nanit to Owlet baby monitor, you might get overwhelmed with so many great features of these two great baby monitors. Before moving on to our in-depth feature comparison, let’s take a look at some key differences between them. Nanit is well known for tracking the sleep patterns and breathing of small babies. On the other hand, Owlet scores great points for tracking oxygen levels and the baby’s heartbeat.

Breathing is vital for a child’s well-being, and so is the oxygen level. At the same time, the heartbeat is something you wouldn’t want to overlook as a mother when it comes to your baby’s welfare. The overall safety of the baby is the key to a settled mind and less anxiety.

You can only know the vital functionalities of your young one’s organs using monitors. That is why Nanit and Owlet come in handy. Studies even reveal that baby monitors can offer ‘peace of mind’ for new moms. However, you shouldn’t lower your guard in the physical monitoring of your baby. Always pay key attention to your baby, whether you’re using a monitor or not.

Now comes the decision of which among the two is the best choice. If you’re wondering which of the two brands will meet your needs, our in-depth analysis will answer all your concerns. Keep reading as we explore the differences, similarities, pros, cons, and other vital information.

Both Nanit and Owlet have many product lines. In this review, we have picked the best one from each brand. Let’s take a look at the two products.

Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision -...
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Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision -...
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Owlet Smart Baby Monitor

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Nanit Plus vs Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Comparison Chart

Nanit Plus vs Owlet Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit vs Owlet Baby Monitor: In-Depth Comparison

As shown in the comparison chart, there are some similarities and differences between Nanit vs. Owlet. Let’s explore them in more detail. 

Baby’s Sleep

Certainly, you envision a situation where both you and your baby have interrupted sleep or rest. Understanding your baby’s sleeping patterns is the first step in ensuring he/she gets a comfortable sleep.

If your child doesn’t sleep well, it can lead to restlessness, fussiness, and she will become irritable pretty fast. The Nanit monitor can be very helpful, which not only checks on your baby as she sleeps but also records clearly her sleeping patterns. That way, you can know whether she is sleeping enough or not.

In addition, the Nanit app equips you with ample knowledge of how to improve the quality of your baby’s sleep patterns in practical ways.

Owlet smart sock shows you when your baby is awake, has a light, or is in a deep sleep, making you better understand your baby’s sleep patterns. It’s popular and convenient for the majority of new moms. Plus, these services are available at no cost.

Although it’s not thorough and will not train you on your child’s sleeping patterns like Nanit, it’s a reliable monitor that gives you basic information about your baby’s sleep.

Alerts and Notifications

Nanit alerts you when your baby moves, cries or makes noise in her dreams. It is sensitive to any movement your baby makes, and it can disrupt your sleep with its many notifications if not properly set. It also lets you know your adorable baby’s temperature, such as whether it’s below or above the normal range.

Nanit notifications are delivered to your smartphone app, whereas Owlet sends notifications to your phone and the base station. Hence, this makes Owlet be a convenient device since you can choose to use the base station at night. It uses Bluetooth to receive notifications from the sock and consequently sends the alerts to your phone app. You can also receive notifications during the day in case you are away from home.

Owlet alerts you using light and sound when your baby’s heartbeat is irregular or the oxygen levels go down. You can adjust the levels of alert to how often you’d like to receive the notifications.

The light goes on at the base station accompanied by a loud noise, and your phone gets an alert too by beeping at the owlet app.

This alert saves life because it happens in the nick of time before breathing or heartbeat comes to a halt, giving you time to call for help in case of an emergency. The Owlet sock is not well fitted and is likely to come off and cause a false alert. Always ensure it is well placed, not too tight or too loose.

Nanit vs Owlet Camera

Nanit camera is mounted above the crib or using a stand next to the crib. When you choose a floor stand, the cables cross near the crib, but that shouldn’t worry you even if the baby was to pull them because they are properly insulated.

Nanit has a wide lens that views all around the crib keeping your baby in good view. The HD camera has very clear pictures of your baby, and at night it lights up in night mode.

The Owlet camera is magnetic and is easy to mount on the wall. It boasts of an HD 1080p camera that produces good quality pictures. You can view the video from wherever you are using the owlet app on your smartphone.

Data Saving

Owlet stores your baby’s breathing rate on the phone, and where there are any irregularities, you’ll be able to share it with your doctor. Nanit doesn’t store breathing patterns in your app’s history, and this makes it difficult to track when the breathing difficulties started.


Nanit uses breathing material made of fabric. Normally it’s used instead of a blanket so that the camera can have a clear view of the breathing patterns. The design incorporates patterned wear and a swaddle. It is costly to buy several wears since it only comes with one set. Additionally, it doesn’t require a daily clean up, and we consider this as a downside.

Owlet smart sock uses a tech sock that is worn on a child’s foot. The sock comes in different sizes to fit your baby’s foot between 0-18 months. It is mainly used when your baby is sleeping.

This washable sock is comfortable for your baby, easy to put, and lightweight. It is alright to wear the sock inside a pajama as long as it is in contact with the skin.


Nanit uses a high standard of encryption of AES 256, making it more secure to use, which prevents data from being hacked from your app. Owlet has lower encryption of AES 128, which increases the chances of hacking.

Twins or Multiple Baby

With Nanit, you can only use one camera, which is set as default to view in your phone app. This means you can’t spontaneously see in your app different babies at the same time. You only get an alert from one camera.

With Owlet, you can use the same app; however, you will need to buy a complete set of owlet monitors for each child. This makes it convenient for those with more than one bundle of joy.


The owlet camera has two-way audio where you can talk to your baby from your room, giving them calmness. You can easily hear the audio background when you turn it on in your smartphone app. A replay is possible even when you are away from home.

Another thing to note is that when the cam audio background is on, you will listen to sounds with the owlet app off. The background audio doesn’t go off when you switch off the app.

Nanit has 2-way audio that enables you to talk to people in your child’s room like the nanny or sing to your baby to soothe them to sleep. It is possible to turn off the audio when you don’t want to use it to communicate. Only persons with a Nanit account are able to use the camera and audio, which makes it secure for your whole family.

Echo Show

Nanit is integrated with the Amazon echo show, which makes it compatible. This feature makes it easy to see video streams and use audio when away from the baby’s room. Alexa is the common echo show that works well with Nanit. Hence it can send notifications to your phone for your convenience.

On the contrary, the Owlet camera and sock don’t work with echo since they’re not compatible.

Devices Compatibility

Nanit app isn’t downloadable on computers or PVC; therefore, you can’t view the camera’s streams. Anyway, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Kindle Fire tablets are also able to download the app.

With an Owlet, you are able to use the computer with the help of Wi-Fi to connect to the base station. You simply need a connected Wi-Fi network. When your Wi-Fi goes off, don’t worry because notifications will still come to the base station by use of light and sound. The base station can work with the sock by use of Bluetooth technology.

Pros Cons
Nanit Plus It can track sleeping patterns It’s costly
Monitors breathing Not easy to clean
High-resolution camera
High quality
Owlet Quality camera Sock coming out giving a false alert
Monitor heart rate and oxygen levels Allergic to some babies’ skin
Easy to use sock Expensive
Washable sock
Different sizes

Nanit vs Owlet: Similarities & Differences at a Glance

The basic features and functions are the same for most baby monitors. From our review, we also found some similarities between Nanit and Owlet.  Let’s check out the key similarities and differences between Nanit and Owlet.

√ Both baby monitors utilize Nightvision sensor technology. However, Nanit Plus takes the room temperature into consideration along with the Nightvision sensor technology.

√ Both have the option to connect more than one device to the camera. You can use Wifi to set both of them easily on your smartphone. For sleep insights, Nanit charges a yearly subsection fee after the first year, whereas Owlet is free for a lifetime.

√ Both include a two-way audio system and an easy to mount system. In terms of portability, Nanit Plus trumps Owler, thanks to the multi-purpose adjustable support stand. 

√ With both baby monitors, you will be able to monitor your baby’s activities. However, Nanit Plus focuses more on baby sleep patterns, whereas Owlet allows you to track your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate.


Do you really need a baby monitor?

A good baby monitor can be super helpful for sleep-deprived new moms. Not just a baby monitor brings peace of mind; it can also help you create a digital memory book for the baby’s first year. In addition, sleep insights can help you establish a sleep schedule for your baby.

Which baby monitor is best?

They serve different purposes. If you are more concerned about your baby’s sleep patterns, then go for the Nanit Plus. If you want to track your baby’s oxygen saturation and heart rate, then Owlet would be the best choice.

What are the alternatives to the baby monitor?

Yes, there are some good alternatives that you can consider, too. Check out our review of the lollipop baby monitor. It could be a good alternative to Nanit Plus.  If you are looking for a baby monitor that offers the combined features of both Nanit Plus and Owlet, get the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. It is another quality smart baby monitor out there.

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Final Verdict

There’s no question about it! Both products are immensely useful for parents looking for a safe product for their babies. These devices can monitor a baby’s breathing pattern and help improve their quality of sleep. However, there are differences, and users will get different experiences depending on the device they choose.

Since it would be costly for you to buy both Owlet and Nanit monitors and manage two apps on your phone, it would be advisable to settle on one. If you want to mainly monitor baby sleep and breathing, then Nanit Plus is worth giving a try.

For heart rate and oxygen levels, you can choose the Owlet monitor. All that being said, the most important thing is to keep an eye on your bundle of joy just to be sure they are safe, especially when you are away from them.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of using a baby monitor outweigh the downsides. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe even when you take some little time to rest. However, that shouldn’t mean that you stop checking on your baby every now and then.

Ensure your child’s sleeping position is proper to prevent the possible sudden infant death. Also, check the room temperature and humidity to be sure they are at a moderate level.

From our Nanit vs. Owlet review, we do hope you can pick the best device that will guarantee your baby’s safety.

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