Non-toxic Play Mats for Babies

10 Best Non-toxic Play Mats for Babies in 2023

Do you know that tummy time is crucial for your baby’s early development? All you need to encourage tummy time is a play mat. Not only play mats are great for tummy time, but you can also use them for cuddles, airplanes, yoga poses, and playing together. If your baby can sit up and crawl around, you can put the playmat in a playpen or play yard to create a safe play space as well. But it’s vital to choose a playmat that is free from toxic and harmful substances. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best non-toxic play mats for babies and toddlers out there.

Please keep on reading to learn more about our recommendations for non-toxic play mats.

Best Non-toxic Play Mats

Our Top 3 Picks

Baby Care Non-Toxic Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

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From Haute to Playful, Baby Care has a good collection of safe, non-toxic play mats. Apart from offering a safe and hygienic play place for babies, their playmats are waterproof and easy-to-clean, thanks to the eco-friendly PVC materials. All of their play mats are tested for safety compliance by a CPSC-accepted accredited laboratory in the US.

This reversible double-sided kindergarten mat comes in two different sizes and seven different colors. All the designs make it look classy yet fun for toddlers. Most importantly, it is super comfortable. As the playmat is well-cushioned and thick, your little one will love to crawl, flip over and sit on this playmat. The cushioned mat is likely odor-free. Even if you can smell a faint odor, it will go away within a couple of days. 

Parents like how easy it is to clean the playmat. You can completely clean any mess with hot, soapy water. As the playmat is made from the finest quality materials, it will be with your child many more years to come.

Worth noting, the playmat is free from phthalate, BPA, lead, latex, formaldehyde, etc. The manufacturer has used the latest technology to make it non-toxic. With more than 3000 positive reviews, it is one of the best-rated baby play mats on Amazon. Though it’s a little pricier, it’s worth the price.


  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof, and ultra-soft playmat
  • Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Fun kid-friendly designs and cute colors
  • Very easy to clean


  • A few users claimed a faint chemical smell at the beginning

Yay Mats Stylish Extra Large Baby Play Mat

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Looking for a stylish yet minimalist-looking play mat for your baby? Check out this Yay Mats Stylish Extra Large Baby Play Mat. As claimed by the manufacturers, the mat is 100% non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. This playmat is tested extensively to keep up with the US Toy & Safety Standards too. That means you don’t have to worry about potentially toxic materials such as lead, BPAs, and phthalates in baby play mats.

The product comes with a cute white and black design to support your baby’s visual development while offering a safe play space for your baby. The manufacturer also made sure the play area looks tidy and blends well with your living room.

Cleaning a baby play mat can be challenging. This waterproof play mat is super easy to wipe clean, which spares you from a lot of hassle as you don’t have to worry about frequent spills and bedwetting. It also has a smooth texture, so you get to clean it thoroughly. The cover is made from hypoallergenic foam, which is vital since babies usually have sensitive skin.

The pay mat includes a nice carrying bag so that you can carry it easily. In terms of affordability, the product is a little pricey, but it’s worth investing in a good baby play mat. Finally, most users had heaps of praise for the customer service department. 


  • Minimalist design and brightly colored play mat
  • Tested safe from BPA, Odor, and Toxins
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Waterproof and non-slip surface 
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Easy to wipe clean 


  • Little pricier compared to other play mats 

The Play Gym by Lovevery

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This one is a little different than the playmats we have featured before. Lovevery has combined the idea of a playmat and an activity gym to bring this play gym to the market. That’s why we believe that most parents love this play gym like no other. There are some more notable reasons.

First of all, the playmat is made from sustainably sourced wood and machine-washable polyester materials. All the materials are tested and certified non-toxic and 100% baby-safe.

The wooden frame is what makes it unique from other play gyms in the market. The durable and long-lasting frame is capable of holding heavier toys. Also, the frame has a smooth finish with no sharp edges. So, there is no risk of harming your baby. The thoughtful design of this play gym will give new parents peace of mind.

The surface texture is slip-resistant, while the mat is well-padded to make it feel soft and comfortable to little babies. The play gym helps develop your baby’s motor skills. It comes with some high-contrast cards and balls for the visual stimulation of your baby. There are also hanging toys, which are great to keep your baby engaged and busy for quite some time.

The play guide is something that most parents love. It is filled with age-appropriate activities so that you know which activities are perfect for different developmental stages. You can rest assured that your baby will enjoy playing with all the sensory accessories.


  • Spacious enough to accommodate more than one baby
  • Made from 100% baby-safe, non-toxic materials
  • Lots of accessories and sensory stimulants 
  • Simple and pleasant design 


  • A little pricier, but it will be a worthwhile investment 

Non-toxic Play Mats

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection

The baby play mats market is filled with poor-quality mats that are hardly thick enough and cushiony.

Baby Care Play Mat has been a top choice for most parents for years. Not just they design elegant-looking playmat, they only use the finest quality materials to keep your child safe. The waterproof surface makes it easy to keep clean. Baby Care uses eco-friendly PVC– so you shouldn’t worry about toxicity.

And the Baby Care mats are hypoallergenic, meaning these mats are safe and healthy choices for both infants and toddlers. Keeping the busy new parents in mind, Baby Care playmats are designed to make them effortless to clean. All you need is a mild or natural cleaning solution to clean up spills or messes.

These mats come with a two-sided design: one side that matches your interior design and another side that will promote learning. Quite uniquely, the mat comes with a two-year warranty, although it has a fair price point.

The mat comes in two different sizes. The large one measures 82.7″x 55.1″x 0.5″, while the medium one is 72.8″x 49.2″x 0.4″.


  • Available in two sizes to match your needs
  • Extra-cushiony texture for added comfort
  • Thick enough to keep your baby safe
  • Made with non-toxic PVC materials  
  • Colorful, two-sided design 


  • No major issues reported by its users

Ofie Play Mat by Little Bot

Ofie Mat by Little Bot might be the next thing you should consider if you are looking beyond the Baby Care play mat. Though they have a pretty similar price point, there are some features that make this play mat worth a try. Of the color options, you can choose from three different colors.

Like the Baby Care play mat, this one is stylish and feels premium baby play mat. However, the size is a little on the shorter side compared to the Baby Care play mat. As the materials used in this play mat are high-quality TPU foam, it will surely last a while. The soft padding offers a super comfy feel, especially when your little one tries to roll and crawl!

The playmat is pretty lightweight, while the cotton carry bag with a set of velcro straps makes it even easier to transport. Knowing that these mats are tested in US-certified labs for toxicity, you will get peace of mind. And it is easy to wipe clean, thanks to its simple design.

However, the white side of the playmat makes dirt more noticeable. Overall, you might like the design of Ofie Mats more than the Baby Care play mats. You won’t regret investing in this playmat.


  • Lighter than most play mats on the market
  • Made from high-quality TPU foam 
  • Comes with a quality carry bag
  • Simple yet stylish design


  • A little smaller in size

Baby Reversible Play Mat for Toddlers, Infants, Kids

Finding a non-toxic play mat shouldn’t be that challenging. This Reversible Play Mat from FORSTART might be exactly whatever you need.

At first, the playmat is made with non-toxic, BPA-free materials. The materials are also free from odors and baby-safe. The colorful patterns on the mat make it look adorable. There are six different colors to choose from.

Secondly, this playmat is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 2.1 pounds, making the play mat super convenient to carry. The included carrying bag also adds a lot of conveniences. Moreover, the printed pattern on the carrying bag makes it look classy.

Also, the mat is water-resistant, which means it is effortless to maintain and clean. You can wipe off any water or spills in no time.

The non-slip surface is another key feature of this playmat. Its thoughtful design makes sure that your baby doesn’t slip while rolling over or crawling. There are also raised symbol designs to provide a decent cushion and additional grip. That is why you can also use it as a yoga mat.  

The mat is durable, and it comes at a reasonable price point as well.


  • Non-slip surface prevents slipping and sliding 
  • No interlocking foam, so easy to fold
  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • Waterproof and durable 


  • Some users wish the mat came a little thicker

UANLAUO Baby Playmat

Uanlauo is well-known for making nontoxic, safe play mats and playpens for toddlers. Instead of choosing a little thinner playmat like the FORSTART Baby Play Mat, go for this Uanlauo Baby Playmat. As testified by one of its customers, it is one of the thickest baby play mats available on Amazon. No toxic materials are here. Worth noting it’s also BPA-free, meaning it is safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The texture is soft but firm enough for toddlers and older kids. It’s a durable single-piece mat, so it’s easy to fold. There is also a skid-proof surface suitable for crawling and cruising.

This playmat measures 71″x79″x0.6″, so plenty of play space for your little ones. You will get a full refund if you are disappointed with this playmat.


  • Thick enough to protect your baby
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Non-skid surface texture
  • Offers a large play area


  • As claimed by some users, it isn’t very durable

Other Recommended Non-toxic Play Mats

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Toddleroo by North States ABC Play Mat

Parents love that this ABC Play Mat from the Toddleroo by North States looks and feels good, yet it comes at an affordable price. It uses PE foam, which is non-toxic, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic. That means you don’t have to worry about the allergy-prone, sensitive skin of your baby. And the extra-thick pad with a diamond pattern texture makes sure that your baby enjoys maximum comfort while playing.

The playmat has a water-resistant and cushiony surface for a newborn. Moreover, it combines alphabet letters with colorful corresponding animals to boost your child’s imagination and creativity. And the size is good, considering it can cover a 71″ x 71″ area.

For parents who prefer lightweight baby playmats, this ABC mat is a good choice. With a weight of 2.75 pounds, the mat is super light to carry. Even it comes with a carrying case with a strap for convenient storage. 

You are free to choose from three different designs. This allows you to pick the design that fits perfectly with your room. Parents also love that it’s easy to clean. Finally, this versatile playmat is great for both indoors and outdoors.


  • Three different styles of choose from
  • Made of safe, non-toxic PE foam
  • Bright colors and cute designs
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Not durable enough to last long

Bammax Play Mat

If you are concerned about your baby’s play environment and looking for smoothing to provide a safe play space for your baby, check out this Bammax Play Mat. This non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, and soft play mat will surely impress you.

Firstly, it’s skid-proof, which will keep your baby safe from occasional slipping and sliding. The mat is made from premium XPE material, which is friendly to your baby’s delicate skin. And the mat is thick enough to offer protection from bumps and jumps, while the “shock-absorbing” design adds more to the mat’s comfortability.

This ultra-cushioned mat offers extra protection when your baby is playing. Also, you can fold the mat with one hand. Don’t worry about your baby making a mess. Even researchers suggest that it’s healthy for kids. This playmat makes sure you don’t need much effort to clean the messes and spills. And you get all the features at an affordable price.


  • It doesn’t take much effort for cleaning and storage
  • Provides a safe playground for your baby
  • Goes well with the living room
  • Good value for the price 


  • The quality isn’t good for young babies  

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam ABC Playmat Set

We think the Tadpoles ABC Playmat Set is one of the most affordable non-toxic play mats for babies. While it’s cheap, it isn’t made cheaply. Apart from the price, there’s a lot to talk about this play mat.

Tadpoles ABC Playmat Set comes in eight different aesthetically pleasing colors. And most importantly, 100% EVA Foam is used in this playmat set. If you are wondering, yes- it is deemed a safe material for babies.

The design of this playmat set is somewhat different from the other playmats featured in this list. The playmat set contains 36 foam pieces that can cover an area of 36 square feet.  For assembly, you need to arrange the 36 interlocking pieces in a way so that it creates a unique look for your room. 

The playmat set has colorful letters and numbers, a feature that you will love. While this feature is excellent for early learning development, not everybody will be a fan of this design. The border pieces that come with the set look great. However, some families complained that they had received incorrect border pieces.

This playmat set is also a great choice for busy parents, as it’s easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth with mild soap to clean it.


  • Interlocking pieces make it easy to assemble 
  • Designed with colorful letters and numbers 
  • Made from 100% EVA foam
  • Easy to clean


  • Not great for long-term use

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