Best Non-Wi-fi Baby Monitors

10 Best Non Wi-Fi Baby Monitors of 2023

As parents, we want the best for our babies. We want to provide them with a safe and healthy environment where they can grow up and learn to thrive. Therefore, using a baby monitor is a convenient option. Typical Wi-Fi baby monitors send video signals through your home Wi-Fi network, so everything being sent by the monitor is available to anyone who might hack into your network—including criminals and hackers. That is when a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor could come to the rescue for new parents.

Fortunately, there are plenty of non-Wi-Fi baby monitors with features like video, audio, color-changing nightlights, and more. But with so much to choose from, how will you know which one is right for you?

We’ve done the hard work for you! Here are 10 of the best non-Wi-Fi baby monitors on the market today.

Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Our Top 3 Picks

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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If you’re looking for the best non-Wi-Fi baby monitor, look no further than the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. This non-Wi-Fi baby monitor is one of our top picks because it’s got all the features new parents need, plus a few extra bells and whistles to make their life a little easier.

Why do you need a monitor that offers more controllability than most others? Well, the benefits are multifold! 

Being able to zoom in on your babies can be invaluable, especially when they’re in a toddler bed. The Infant Optics DXR-8 has both optical and digital zoom capabilities along with remote direction control of the camera. So you can see even the smallest details of your little ones without losing picture quality, no matter whether it’s day or night. The baby monitor also has an alarm function, two-way talk, remote thermometer, and invisible IR night vision.

A sound-activated LED bar marks the noise level in your baby’s room so you can guess if your baby is feeling distressed or calm.

You’ll love the fact that it’s expandable up to four cameras with Scan Mode, so as your family grows and you have more rooms to keep track of, you can add additional cameras to your system if you want to monitor one room at a time.

This monitor will last for 12 hours on audio-only mode, 8 hours with a live screen, and includes a spare/extra monitor unit charging cable. To conclude, this non-Wi-Fi baby monitor offers everything you need. However, the 700 feet range limit and ‘out of range’ beeping sound seem a few downsides.

Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

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It is hard to find a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor that offers balanced audio and video performance at an affordable price. There are only a few out there, but one of them stands out because of its extra features and great customer support.

We found that this Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor is only comparable with Infant Optics DXR-8 in terms of features. Like the Infant Optics DXR-8, this one has all the key features you need in a baby monitor.

This easily portable baby monitor comprises features like crystal-clear 720p imaging and exceptional night vision. Not only that, you can move the camera around horizontally and vertically for a 330° corner-to-corner view and 110° floor-to-ceiling view, respectively. So you’ll be able to monitor your baby from any angle. You can enjoy all the benefits of these features without being connected to Wi-Fi. So you don’t have to worry about possible interference or hacking.

What’s better, the 5″ monitor display is large enough for easy viewing and allows for two-way communication between you and your children. Thus, you can reassure them if they wake up from a nap or tell them it’s time for bed. This feature also means you won’t have any trouble seeing what’s happening in another room of your home while monitoring your little one at night and during daytime hours. 

Finally, the set also comes with a free crib attachment clip, making it super easy to install. And if all of that isn’t enough, this baby monitor has an amazing battery life of 12 hours on power-saving mode and 8 hours for continuous usage. You’ll never have to worry about being out of range or losing connection with your little one again.

Babysense HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor

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What if you are expecting a second baby or a twin? Do you need a monitor for each of your baby’s rooms? Not really! The good news is you can now monitor multiple babies or rooms simultaneously with a baby monitor. For example, baby monitors with split-screen functionality allow monitoring multiple babies at once. And we’ve found a great split-screen baby monitor from the popular baby monitor brand, Babysense.

The Babysense HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor is Amazon’s choice baby monitor that comes with two separate cameras that can be placed in different rooms and controlled by a single unit. The split-screen works flawlessly, allowing you to view multiple rooms simultaneously. You can remotely zoom, pan, and tilt the camera for high-quality images. Not only can you enjoy better control over a range of camera motion, but the monitor also offers a full 360-degree view of the room so that you can get a great view of your baby in almost any position.

It uses a wireless secured interference-free signal for connection, making it super difficult for intruders to hack into your baby monitor. The reliable signal means parents do not have to worry about the connection dropping suddenly or frequently. The night vision feature is solid, with a good enough image to identify what you are looking at and whether it is something worth getting up for.

Being able to talk back and forth to a child is a real handy feature for new parents! They can talk through the mic to soothe their little one back to sleep without getting out of bed.

You will also love the bonus features- night light, adjustable room temperature control, a sound machine with white noise, baby lullabies, etc. The only downside is that there isn’t an intuitive or easy way to mount the cameras. But once set, there are not so many monitors on the market that can beat this one feature-wise.

Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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MoonyBaby No Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

If you are looking for an alternative to the Babysense Split-Screen Baby Monitor, here is a great option. This one is also a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor with features that make it worthy of consideration.

The monitor is medium-sized (4.3″), unobtrusive—but reliable. It’s simple enough for even the most nervous parent to use and set up but is packed with features that will help even the most experienced parent feel comfortable leaving their child unattended for long stretches.

This non-Wi-Fi baby monitor comes with a night vision camera so that you can see your child even in a dark room. This camera uses an IR 940nm, glow-free sensor to give you a crystal-clear picture day and night.

Having the option to add more cameras makes this baby monitor ideal for parents with twins or multiple children. Still, it is also a good choice for parents who want to monitor their baby from multiple angles. Each camera can be mounted on a wall or set on a flat surface to get the best view of your baby’s crib or play area.

One of the best features of this model is its voice activation (VOX) power-saving mode, which allows you to monitor and help conserve energy while watching your baby remotely. This product also has room temperature sensing and noise sensitivity monitoring capabilities, which make it ideal for sleeping babies or those with allergies or other sensitivities. The private wireless signal doesn’t require internet access, so the monitor is hack-proof and secure.

With its affordable price point, this monitor is a great option for parents who want all the functionality of a video baby monitor with no fuss that comes with wires or apps.

Kidsneed Video Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor at a low price, the Kidsneed Video Baby Monitor is one of the best options out there. It looks cute, yet it has most of the high-end monitors’ features. Don’t believe our words? Just take a look at the features.

First and foremost, you can install it without any fuss. We appreciate how easy this product is to use and understand. Regarding picture quality, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. You can even see the baby pretty well using the night vision feature. 

It has a built-in privacy protection feature, so you can check in on your baby without the fear of getting hacked. Like others, it also has a remote controllability feature of panning, tilting, and zooming the camera. So if you want to look at something else in the room or just reorient yourself, you can do that on demand.

And we are also a fan of its remote temperature display. Knowing what the temperature is in your little one’s room at all times is super soothing for the mind.

Although the battery life of the monitor isn’t that great (about 3 hours), you can use different modes to save the battery life. The battery life lasts up to 12 hours in eco mode, which is great for parents who are busy during the day and cannot check on their children for long periods.

The quality of the monitor is excellent, even though the monitor is only 3.5inch. Overall, this product has all the features parents want in an affordable non-Wi-Fi baby monitor.

VTech VM919HD Video Monitor

Popular yet VTech baby monitors have received many negative reviews earlier. That’s not the case with this video baby monitor. The VTech VM919HD Video Monitor is one of the best non-Wi-Fi baby monitors on the market, thanks to its improved design and safety features.

Setting up and using the monitors are straightforward. The instructions were simple enough that even someone who isn’t tech-savvy should be fine setting everything up themselves. So you can immediately start monitoring your baby as soon as it comes out of the box.

The best feature is that the parent unit comes with a 7″ screen size, which is usually rare in the baby monitor market. This allows you to enjoy crisp, true-color videos on a large screen. The camera provides a wide-angle view up to 110 degrees and side-to-side up to 270 degrees, allowing you an unobstructed view of your baby.

Better yet, the camera is zoomable up to 4 times using the parent unit, so you don’t have to leave your bed just to adjust the camera’s position when needed. You can talk to your baby thanks to the 2-way talk feature, while soothing sounds and lullabies play right from the camera itself. You can choose between 4 soothing sounds, including white noise and a trickling stream, or baby lullabies if you want something for your baby’s sleep.

Along with these great features, the unit comes with automatic infrared night vision in HD clarity so that you can see your baby clearly in the dark. All these convenient features and an affordable price point make this monitor a much better choice compared to the old ones.

GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor

The GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor offers top-notch picture quality and night vision. Also, it is an Amazon’s Choice product that testifies its quality. 

First of all, the GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor is very portable, thanks to its sleek and compact design that allows you to move around the house easily. You can even expand up to 4 cameras to monitor your little one no matter where they are. And if you’re worried about conserving battery life, don’t fret! This baby monitor also has an Audio Only Mode feature that helps preserve the battery up to 50%.

The other notable features of this monitor include the remote temperature display, two-way audio, and alarm function.

Still, some of its features need improvements to become a top pick on our list. It has a slim 2.4-inch color display that is on the smaller side. Some parents may find the small screen size an issue and opt for a larger screen size monitor. Even some users claim that the monitor often malfunctions after a few months of usage. Overall, this is a budget choice baby monitor for parents looking to transition from audio to video monitors.

Other Recommended Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

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HelloBaby Baby Monitor

The HelloBaby Baby Monitor is one of the best-rated non-Wi-Fi baby monitors on Amazon. Let’s explore its features and usability.

The monitor features a 3.2″ screen and a digital camera with automatic night vision, so you can see what’s going on in even the darkest environment. You can remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera, so you can get a closer look at what’s happening without running into your child’s room every 10 minutes.

The two-way communication feature is great—you can talk to them through the monitor back and forth. The sound level LED indicator will also alert you if they become upset or wake up while you’re out of the room.

Another feature we love is that it tells you the temperature of your child’s room on the screen. Whenever it gets too hot or too cold, you’ll know immediately. This affordable monitor is undoubtedly an excellent choice for new parents looking for a reliable non-Wi-Fi baby monitor.

Newbaby Video Baby Monitor

We are excited to tell you about our experience with another Non-Wi-Fi baby monitor. It is the Newbaby Video Baby Monitor. It does everything it says it will, and it’s also super affordable. With most models ranging from $100 to $300, this monitor only costs around $50, making it very attractive to parents who want something reliable without breaking their bank account.

In terms of usability, this baby monitor is easy to set up right out of the box. The connection is stable, whereas the picture quality is clear and crisp, including the night vision. You can zoom in or out, talk to your baby, or even play lullabies.

You’ll also love that you can hear your child without hearing muffling background noise. When you turn the volume up or down, that background sound goes off after a couple of seconds, so you don’t hear it all night.

However, there are some tradeoffs considering the price. The main downside is that the battery life isn’t very long—about 4-6 hours. But on the upside, it does beep when it needs to be recharged, so you won’t wake up one morning and discover a dead monitor because you forgot to charge it.

While some parents have complained about the small screen size, others have said that they don’t mind as long as it does the job well. Also, minimalist parents or parents who travel a lot find the compact design very handy when they are on the go.

Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor

It’s the last entry on our list—but don’t let that fool you. Considering the price point, it is quite impressive how well it works. 

Besides available at a great price point, this monitor has two options for screen size: 2.7″ and 3.5″. The larger screen makes it easy to see your baby without having to get too close or squint. The smaller screen is handy if you’re going to be using your monitor on the go a lot or if you have little space in your home but want to see your little one. And no matter which screen size you choose, you’ll also have the option of mounting it on your wall with the included wall mount kit.

The audio is just as impressive as the video: the monitor offers two-way audio so you can talk to your child whenever you need to.

It also comes with five soothing lullabies so that you can lull your little one back to sleep from anywhere in your home—or even from outside.

Besides all these top-notch features, this monitor also includes an Audio Only Mode setting. This allows you to save battery life by turning off your camera while listening through your monitor’s speaker, making this monitor ideal for various situations.

However, the low price comes with some limitations. It doesn’t have a remote pan/tilt with a motorized camera, so you’ll need to move the camera manually to follow your child around the room.


We know how overwhelming it can be when trying to figure out what to buy for your baby. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed going through our list of the best non-Wi-Fi baby monitors.

And we’re confident that this comprehensive review guide will get you on the right track to finding a great non-Wi-Fi baby monitor.

Still not there? We’re happy to help. Reach out if you have questions or are looking for more information.

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