Nursery Dresser with Changing Tables
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6 Best Nursery Dresser with Changing Tables in 2023

Are you looking for the perfect nursery dresser with a changing table?

It might seem like a straightforward decision because all nursery dressers look alike.

However, if you don’t pay close attention, you might end up buying the wrong one. Not only will you lose money, but also many of these might be unsafe for your baby.

Don’t worry. To make it easier for you, we have handpicked six of the very best nursery dressers with changing tables. Each one will provide you with the best value for your money and plenty of space to organize all those baby essentials. Plus, all of them meet or exceed ASTM safety standards, meaning they are safe for your baby. Let’s take a look!

Best Nursery Dresser with Changing Tables

Our Top 3 Picks

Delta Children Ava Dresser with Changing Top, White

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The Delta Children Ava Dresser is picked by our editors as the best nursery dresser with a changing table top because of its stylish look, build quality, compact design, and safety features.

Built to last, assembly for this product takes 1-2 hours or fewer, so you can have your baby’s room ready in no time! Assembled dimensions are 36.5 L x 26.5 W x 38.5 H Inches, meaning it will perfectly fit in a small nursery. Plus, the height of the dresser without the changing table top is 34 inches, meaning you can use it easily even if you’re short.

The included changing top is an impressive addition to the dresser. This makes it easy and convenient to change diapers when needed. Therefore, making life easier for parents by not having all the hassle associated with traditional dressers. As a bonus, once your child becomes potty trained, you can remove it and use a dresser for years to come! To be noted, this does not come with a changing pad. However, you can purchase one separately.

Speaking of the design, the sleek white finish on this dresser is what distinguishes it from other units. Moreover, it has splayed legs and elegant knobs to add flair. The splayed legs give this piece a mid-century modern vibe, while the clean lines and simple design make it easy to match with other pieces in the Delta Children Ava collection.

This isn’t all about the changing table. If you’re searching for the ideal storage to keep your baby’s goods, this is the dresser for you. This dresser comes with three large drawers, which measure 13.25 inches from front to back and 5.75 inches high. It can hold up to 50 pounds, perfect for organizing all the essential baby items. On top of that, each drawer has an easy glide metal ball-bearing system with safety stops to keep them in place. This means the drawers open and closes smoothly, with no sticking or catching. 

When buying nursery furniture from Delta children, you know it’s safe because they meet or even exceed ASTM safety standards. However, one thing to notice here, there is no guardrail on the edge of the changing table. So, be careful when using the changing pad. Apart from that, this affordable nursery furniture has all the convenient features to take the number #1 spot as the best nursery dresser with a changing table.

Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Nursery Dresser

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Next on our list is the Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table & Dresser. This is another excellent baby dresser available, and it’s easy to see why. It includes all the bells and whistles a perfect nursery dresser with a changing top should have.

Like the Delta Children Ava, the Dream On Me Marcus also includes a changing table, making diaper changes easy. It’s built from sturdy materials. The assembled dimension is 36 x 23 x 43 inches, meaning you can easily fit it in a small space. But it does come with three spacious drawers that can hold all the necessities. Plus, this product meets all the safety standards to ensure the utmost safety for your baby while using it.

What we love the most about this dresser is it fixes all the shortcomings of the previous one with that little extra cost.

First, it comes in seven unique designs and colors, unlike the previous model with only one finish. It will surely match your nursery décor. But keep in mind that price changes depending on the color and design.

Second, it only weighs 72 pounds, making it one of the lightest models on our list. It means you can move it easily.

Third, it has a safety rail to keep your little one safe while you’re cleaning their diapers.

Fourth, it comes with a 1″ thick changing pad with no additional cost of comfort. It also has an easy release buckle that keeps your baby safely strapped in place during diaper changes.

However, this furniture also has a couple of drawbacks. Assembly is more complicated than the previous dresser. Plus, some reviewers mentioned this dresser had a chemical smell when it first arrived. Overall, the Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser feature style and storage in perfect harmony. With a bit of extra cost, you are getting an elegant nursery dresser that is easy to match with other nursery essentials, such as a baby crib or a nursing chair.

Delta Children Lancaster Dresser with Changing Top

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Here comes another dresser with a changing top on our list from Delta Children. Delta is one of the most well-known names in the nursery & baby furniture market. They provide high-quality furnishings that are both practical and affordable for new parents. Their construction is also solid and robust, so you won’t have to worry about quality issues after a few months.

Among other models from this widely reputable company, the Lancaster dresser is one of their most popular dressers because of its sleek and modern curved apron design. It also comes in three different colors: grey, Bianca white, and dark chocolate. Thus, it gives you a wider variety of options than our number #1 pick to match the nursery décor. Interestingly, the price and other features are almost the same as the Delta Children Ava Dresser.

Yes, it’s built from solid wood, even there’s a changing tray attached. But the assembled size is a bit bigger than the previous dressers but still fits in a small nursery.

However, the drawer size of this dresser is bigger than the previous models. It means you can store almost all the baby accessories. On top of that, the chest of drawers has a tip-over restraint that ensures the furniture will remain securely in place. This helps to reduce injuries when moving around the room or coming into contact with objects nearby. Also, you will save a lot of space in the nursery. But some reviewers complained the drawers are a little difficult to close. Maybe it is for safety that toddlers can’t open them.

Speaking of its drawback, this dresser doesn’t include the changing pad. You have to buy it separately. Plus, there are no guardrails around the changing pad like our number #2 pick. However, it does come with safety straps to ensure safety.

For the shoppers who take pride in stylish nursery dressers, this affordable Delta Children Lancaster 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing top is a perfect choice.

Baby Dresser Changing Table Combo

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Babyletto Hudson Dresser with Removable Changing Tray

Our premium choice of the best nursery dresser with a changing top comes from the Babyletto. Babyletto is the modern nursery brand for stylish parents who don’t want to compromise on design or safety. They provide everything families need to create a safe and functional space for their babies.

Yes, you have to pay a premium price for this model, which is significantly higher than the previous models. But you will get premium features as well.

First, featuring the iconic turned-out foot, this stylish furniture is designed with playful detail in mind. It comes in three different colors and designs. Assembling the dresser is easy. It measures 39.75 x 19.25 x 37 inches and weighs 113 pounds, which makes it bigger and heavier than other models. Regardless of the size, it fits well within a small nursery. Sure, transporting this furniture is a bit difficult, but it’s the sturdiest among all the dressers.

Besides using durable material in its construction, the Babyletto has also ensured that each drawer front uses TSCA-compliant engineered wood. Thus, it can withstand heavy weight without buckling or breaking down under normal daily usage conditions.

Most importantly, this versatile dresser not only comes with three spacious drawers but also with a storage cabinet. This unique feature is absent in all the models we’ve reviewed on this list. Finally, have a place to store all those extra items that have been cluttering up your house!

The size of the drawer measures 21 “w x 15″ d x 5” h, which is pretty standard. They have glides for smoothing movement. Like the other dressers, it also features an anti-tipping mechanism to secure it to the wall.

Like other models, the Babyletto Hudson comes with a detachable changing tray that can hold a separate changing pad. It’s suitable for babies weighing up to thirty pounds. However, one upsetting thing about this dresser is the changing tray is smaller than the standard changing pad. If you get a 32″ Naturepedic changing pad, it won’t fit inside the changing tray. The inside dimensions are only 31″ while most changing pads are 32″. So please keep this in mind while buying the changing pad.

You should also know it is considerably more expensive than other brands. But for style, usefulness, and durability, it is worth having a look.

Delta Children Sutton Dresser with Changing Top

Another dresser from Delta Children is on our list- and for good reasons. If you are looking for a dresser that will give you the bang for the buck, then Delta Children Sutton could be a perfect option. You can get it well under $180, which is significantly lower than the other models.

Sure, it might not be a gorgeous-looking dresser like other models. But they have cut no major corners to justify the features of this affordable dresser with a changing top. It just gets the job done.

There is no compromise of safety even if this dresser comes at a very cheap price. This dresser is engineered and tested to meet ASTM Furniture Safety Standards. Additionally, it includes a tip-over restraint so that the furniture does not fall on top of them if you accidentally forget about their presence in another room!

Like other premium models, this Delta Children Sutton dresser also comes with a removable changing top. Better yet, all standard changing pad fits with the changing tray.

The assembled dimensions are 34.75 Inches W x 17.5 Inches D x 37 Inches, making it smaller than other models. But that also means it takes up a small area in the nursery. Even shorter parents can use this dresser comfortably.

Irrespective of its small overall size, this dresser is perfect for storing all the baby clothes, accessories, and toys. It comes with three large drawers that measure 30.25″ wide, 14″ deep, and 6″ tall. These are even spacious than the other pricier models. This dresser also features metal drawer glides with safety stops to ensure safe use of the product year after year with no problems or concerns at all!

The trade-off of this cheaper option is some reviewers reported this dresser had an unpleasant chemical smell. Plus, there is only one color and design to choose from which might not fit your nursery décor.

But apart from these minor niggling points, this is a great value for money dresser. Its affordable price tag means everyone can get their hands on one without breaking the bank – you can’t ask more for the price.

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, Espresso Cherry

Let’s wrap up our review with this Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad. What’s bothering you to choose the best nursery dresser with a changing top?

Is it the price? Do you want just a minimalistic changing table with a pad? Or both? Well, the answer lies in the Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad.

Please note that this is a changing table with a pad- not a dresser. There is no drawer or cabinet associated with it.

Although the Delta Children Infant Changing Table with pad appears to be rather basic, it usually performs the best by concentrating on the primary characteristics of a changing table.

This changing table is easy to put together and sturdy after being assembled. It also has a safety strap that prevents your child from falling off the table or leaving it unattended.

This changing table is made of solid wood and composites. The water-resistant pad has safety rails that enclose all four sides around the top, while two shelves provide open storage space for diapers or other items you might need to store there.

However, some users mentioned a problem with the pad that came with it being dirty. The shelves are thin, so you have to be careful of how much weight they can hold while using them, or else they might bend under pressure. Plus, the 24-pound weight limit means it will not be of much use after the baby’s first year.

We only recommend it if you are tight on your budget and want a simple nursery changing table. Sure, you have to sacrifice some features compared to dressers, but the price you are paying for this justifies its value.


While preparing for a baby’s arrival, you need to choose all the nursery furniture wisely. Before buying a nursery dresser with a changing table, you should be mindful of a few factors, such as the space in your home and your budget. You should also think about how many children or babies are going to use this dresser before making a new purchase.

We chose these products based on the mix of quality features, cost, and overall value for the price. Whatever your criteria, these six options are the best nursery dressers out there that come with a changing table. So why not try one and see for yourself?

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