Best Shoes for Toe Walkers

Best Shoes for Toe Walkers to Prevent Tippy Toe Walking

Babies go through different stages of development and learning processes as they grow. Tippy toes walking is a normal part of learning to walk. This behavior in young children usually goes away as they get a little older. If toe walking persists beyond the age of two or three, it may be a sign of a condition called idiopathic toe walking. The weight imbalance on the toe causes extreme tightness of the calf muscles and can lead to other problems. The best way to prevent this is by using specially designed toe walking shoes for babies. These shoes are specifically designed to provide optimal ortho support for tender feet. They also come with a low-impact natural gait design, encouraging a more normal walking pattern when walking or running.

However, finding the right tippy-toe walking shoes for a child can be difficult, as there are subtle differences from regular kiddie walking shoes. For this guide, we’ve done all the hard work to gather some of the best shoes for toe walkers out there.

With these shoes, you can arrest the habit of tiptoe walking with children! Even better? Pediatric orthopaedists often recommend these shoes. So, let’s dive in.

Shoes for Toe Walkers

Our Top Picks

Memo Alex Boys’ Corrective Orthopedic High-Top Leather Boot Diagnostic Sole

Our first pick for toe walker shoes is the Memo Alex Boys’ Corrective Orthopedic High-Top Leather Boot, specially designed to help improve idiopathic toe walking. It comes in many different sizes, so you will easily find a pair that fits your toddler.

Well, this pair is often recommended by pediatricians and orthopedists for its notable features that offer optimal support for defect prevention and correction.

What’s best about this cute baby shoe is that it offers great stability and maximum comfort to your baby while supporting healthy foot development. Also, the unique design aims to diagnose, prevent, and correct postural disorders for forming the proper foot development.

Merrell Unisex-Child Bare Steps Ridge Hiking Boot

Merrell Unisex-Child Bare Steps Ridge Hiking Boot is another excellent choice for toe walkers. It features a durable leather and water-resistant mesh upper with a non-marking rubber outsole for excellent traction. Better yet, this pair also has a flexible sole and an extra-wide toe box to support natural movement and healthy foot development in toddlers.

In addition, there is a removable insole that can be replaced with a custom orthotic if needed. The flexibility and convenience of this shoe are two other positive aspects. Because of the hook and loop closure system, this pair is easy to take on and off. Nothing lifts the spirits of a parent more than watching the little explorers have fun without pain and discomfort!

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe

For our final option, we’ve picked a post-op shoe. This BraceAbility Post-op Shoe is easy to put on and super comforting.

What’s great is that this pillow is made of semi-open style and airflow-friendly material. The lightweight, orthopedic foam insole provides great comfort while walking. Plus, the square-toe design also supports healthy toe development.

Buying Guide for Toe Walking Shoes

There are a few features to look for in shoes for toe walkers:

  1. Wide-Toe Box: Look for a shoe with a deep, wide-toe box. A wide toe box allows the toes to spread out and move naturally, which can help encourage proper foot alignment and gait.
  2. Heel Design: A rigid heel counter keeps the foot in the right position and prevents the foot from sliding forward in the shoe.
  3. Flexibility: It’s important to choose flexible, lightweight shoes that allow natural foot movement and promote a more normal walking pattern.
  4. Arch Support: Toe walkers may have low or flat arches, so shoes with good arch support can help promote proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the feet and legs.

Finally, we recommend having your child evaluated by a pediatric orthopedist to determine the cause of the toe walking and get specific recommendations for treatment and shoe selection.

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