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10 Best Tennis Shoes for Toddlers and Kids in 2023

There is no right time for your child to start playing a sport. At an early age, children should be encouraged to take part in various sporting activities. Apart from having fun, there are also amazing benefits of active play for children. Equally, parents have a responsibility to ensure their children engage in certain sporting activities that promote overall good health.

If your child has shown interest in tennis or any other sport, you should encourage and emphasize the fun of the game. Mastering any sporting activity requires practice, and it’s not something they can learn on their own. You have to be present and guide them as they make their first milestones. When your kid is ready to start a sport, he/she will need a list of starter gear. On top of the list should be a pair of shoes for your child. Tennis shoes for toddlers and kids are usually comfortable and made to withstand the abrasive tennis courts. Even these tennis shoes are excellent for regular use. That’s why most parents would settle for tennis shoes than regular shoes for their kids.

As you will find out, the market has lots of tennis shoes for kids to offer; however, there are several things to keep in mind when picking a suitable pair for your child. We’ve assembled some of the best tennis shoes for toddlers to help you in the selection process. Let’s get started.

Best Tennis Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Our Top 3 Picks

Overall Best Tennis Shoe for Toddlers and Kids: Polo Ralph Lauren Child Sneaker

If you are looking for tennis shoes for toddlers and little kids, you can settle for the Polo Ralph Lauren Child Sneaker. This unisex pair of sneakers will make your child look like a little prince or princess on the tennis court. Don’t be confused since there are there different colors to choose from. Not just each of them looks cool, but also sturdily made and consists of a durable sole that protects your child’s heels from hard-floor impact.

Putting on these sneaks will be a walk in the park since they comprise a hook and loop design. The opening is quite large, so your child will not face a problem when putting them on and off. The inner sole is well-padded and offers a soft cushion for your child’s feet. Also, Polo Ralph sneakers have a clever design and a rounded toe box for extra comfort.

The best part is that they are unisex, and you can fit your child regardless of their gender. Your child’s feet will stay dry and fresh even after an active session, thanks to the breathable material. The shoes are reasonably priced, and therefore you can pick a pair comfortably within your budget limit.

Best Tennis Shoe for Boys: Adidas Unisex Tennis Shoe

adidas Baby Grand Court Sneaker, Black/White, 9K M US Toddler
9,538 Reviews
adidas Baby Grand Court Sneaker, Black/White, 9K M US Toddler
  • Regular fit
  • Rubber outsole; Textile lining
  • Synthetic leather upper

If your son needs a good pair of tennis shoes, the Adidas Unisex Tennis Shoe will be a good choice because they are super comfortable and supportive of active boys. We love the fact that they are super light, and therefore this makes it easy for your child to move, run and walk in them.

The shoe is good-looking, which means your kid can wear them regularly, even when off the court. With a rubber sole, this pair will hold on regardless of the surface. Another thing we need to mention is that the boot opening is broad, and your child can easily slide their feet with minimum struggle.

Irrespective of the weather, your child’s feet will stay dry since the upper comprises a breathable material that doesn’t overheat. The shoes are available in different sizes, which can suit toddlers, little children, and big kids.

Overall, we love the comfort, durability, and flexibility of these shoes. We recommend them for parents who are looking for a suitable pair of tennis shoes for their little ones.

Best Tennis Shoe for Girls: New Balance Unisex Tennis Shoe

New Balance 996 V4 Tennis Shoe, Guava/Peony, 10.5 Wide US Unisex Little_Kid
548 Reviews
New Balance 996 V4 Tennis Shoe, Guava/Peony, 10.5 Wide US Unisex Little_Kid
  • 8 mm drop; due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all...
  • Full-length Ndurance outsole provides superior traction and durability to help get more wear out of...
  • Lightweight EVA midsole provides flexible cushioning and absorbs impact

We considered design, comfort, and ease of use as some of the most important factors when picking the New Balance Unisex Tennis Shoe. The fascinating thing about this pair is its combination of stylish design and striking colors. Without a doubt, New Balance tennis shoes will be your girl’s favorite buddies on the court.

These sneakers have a flexible sole made of rubber that offers great traction while on the tennis court for safe and comfortable play. We are particularly impressed by the wide opening that ensures your child can fit with ease. Also, the 50% mesh ensures maximum air circulation for breathability.

Another thing we like is the lightweight material that makes it easy for your child to flex the feet. Also, the soft cushioning absorbs any impact that may be caused by jumping on a hard surface. Another feature that caught our eyes is the toe tip that offers superior durability and prevents early wear and tear. Overall, this is an inexpensive pair you can consider if you’re on a budget. You’ll get great value for your hard-earned money and your child will feel comfortable wearing them.

Tennis Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Tennis Shoe

Just like adult tennis shoes, kids’ sneakers should be comfortable to accommodate different feet. The Heelys Unisex Kids’ Tennis Shoes are made to offer the best comfort for your child’s delicate feet. They are a little pricey; however, you’ll get the best bargain since it’s a durable pair that will last years to come.

During summer, you want your child to explore the outdoors and have some active play. Certainly, they will sweat a lot, and thus you need a pair of summer-friendly shoes with excellent breathing characteristics. It’s for this reason we choose the Heelys Unisex Kids’ Tennis Shoe since the material is breathable. That means there will be ample circulation of air for the little feet.

Another thing we love about these shoes is the rubber sole which has remarkable traction. Therefore, this takes away your worries that your child might skid on the tennis court and probably get injured.

Best of all, the shoes are versatile, which means your child can wear them for any outdoor activity. Lastly, the shoes are available in different sizes and colors. Hence, you can pick a suitable pair for your child.

Adidas Unisex Tennis Shoes

Most parents hesitate to purchase specific tennis shoes for their children because of the high price and the fact that they’ll outgrow the pair in no time. Even though the Adidas Unisex Tennis Shoes come at a high price, there’s every reason to buy this pair for your child.

Durability is an important aspect when buying any product, and these shoes are made of 100% synthetic material. Therefore, they are high quality and give the impression that they’ll not wear out quickly. Likewise, the soles are made of durable rubber and have high traction. Therefore, this also is a guarantee of safety for your child.

Many parents prefer Adidas since they’re comfortable. The shaft opening and the toe box are spacious, and there’s no chance of your child getting bruises. A soft yet firm material cushions your child’s feet, while the hook and loop closure makes it easy for your child to remove on their own.

Keds Girl’s Tennis Shoes

We picked The Keds girl’s shoes for obvious reasons, which include durability and comfort. These tennis shoes are not your ordinary sneakers since they come in a stylish design that boosts their versatility. Therefore, your child can wear them on and off the court. For support and flexibility, you’ll like the deep flex grooves. Thus, your child can move comfortably without feeling a strain on their delicate feet.

We love the lightweight nature of these shoes, and since they weigh only a few ounces, your child can jump and run while wearing them.

The rubber outsole is durable enough to withstand the abrasive surface of the tennis court. Plus, the high traction sole on the base is made to grip any surface and for added protection. The upper part of these shoes wins several points since it’s well-cushioned for comfort.

The material is breathable, and there’s enough space for the toes to move. If your kid lands more on their heels, the memory foam in the sole coddles them and diffuses any impact from the hard ground. Also, there are several sizes available for kids up to twelve years.

Heelys Unisex Tennis Shoe

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for your child to play tennis, you can consider the Heelys Unisex Tennis Shoe. First, it comes at a reasonable price when compared to Adidas in our earlier selection. However, don’t be frightened that you’ll get a lower bargain by purchasing this pair of shoes. On the contrary, it’s well made and comprises durable material for long-lasting performance. Not just your child will outgrow them; even the younger siblings will find them in good shape.

Quality is not the only thing we considered when we selected this pair. The front area is generously large and round. Therefore, your child’s feet will fit in there snuggly without feeling squeezed up. In addition, the lace closure holds the shoe in place to withstand any movements at the court. If you have a child with wide feet, then this pair is the perfect selection.

We forgot to mention the rubber sole, which can withstand different surfaces. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your child sliding as they reach for the ball. Also, there are some unique features we noticed about this shoe, such as it has a cushioned footbed. Therefore your child will not get bruised on their delicate heels as they engage in tennis.

You’ll get more value by purchasing this product since it has a heel plug remover, wheels, and heel plug. Overall, it’s a good buy and highly recommended for parents on a budget.

Other Recommended Tennis Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Saucony Unisex Sneaker

If your child has chubby feet, it can be tricky to find a comfortable pair. Most of the time, you’ll find a wide variety of narrow shoes that may not be comfortable on your child’s feet. Saucony Unisex Sneaker is designed for kids with extra-wide feet and offers the best comfort while playing tennis or other activities such as running and walking. No matter the terrain, these shoes are the best choice since the sole is made of rubber and will hold pretty well onto the ground.

The cushioning sole is another reason we choose these shoes since it offers the ultimate protection to your child’s delicate feet. We love the flexible cushioning that makes it ideal for running, walking, and jumping. Likewise, the breathable mesh provides an avenue for fresh air to circulate inside the shoe for more comfort. The inside is spacious, and we like the sizable toe box that gives room for the toes to move.

The shoes come in different sizes and colors for a wide range selection. They are elegant, and the sparkly design makes them versatile to wear anytime. Overall, the Saucony is an affordable pair of tennis shoes, and your child will love wearing them.

Adidas Unisex-Child Courtjam X Tennis Shoe

If you are looking for a nice pair of toddler tennis shoes with a soft material and nice style, you can consider the Adidas Unisex pair. The extra-wide opening makes it easy for kids to put on, move around and play.

The rubber sole is durable and offers the best traction to protect your child on different floors. The shoes are great for toddlers or kids with wide feet, and it makes a little sense since the inside is roomy and comfy.

They have a flexible inner sole which pampers your child’s heel and offers a cushion in case of a jump on the hard floor. Even if they cost a little more than ordinary options, they offer a good value for money and worth every cent. The shoes are available in a bunch of lovely colors and stylish patterns that both you and your child will love. With the elegant design, your child can wear these shoes even on other activities such as a walk in the park or an outdoor picnic.

K-Swiss Toddlers Shoes

The last pair of toddler’s sneakers are from K-Swiss Store, and the good news is that they come at an incredibly low price. However, there are a few color options, and the sizes available are only up to four years.

Other than that, the material is 100% synthetic, and you can be sure the pair will last many days. We love the slip-on design that makes it easy for the child to put and remove. Also, the wider opening allows kids with wide feet to slip easily.

For durability, we considered the rubber sole, which also has excellent traction regardless of the surface. In addition, the front area comprises a three-piece toe and is quite spacious. It offers some room for the toes to move. The shoes are very flexible, and your child can do many activities, ranging from walking, jumping, and running. Other than tennis, the shoes can be worn on another occasion and therefore, it’s a versatile pair worth your money.


As we’ve come to the end of our review, one thing is for sure, once your child plays, there’s no stopping. As a parent, you have the responsibility to ensure that your child has the best gear, even at an early age. Our review of the best tennis shoes for toddlers and kids reveals that the best pick should be durable, comfortable, and flexible. It should have a high-quality sole with excellent gripping quality. We hope that with these in mind, you can pick the best pair for your child.

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