Our Team

We’re a team of experienced editors who obsessively scour the retail landscape (both online and off) to find the right products for you and your baby. Besides being experts in our fields, we have a passion for products and services that make your journey to parenthood easier.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help you make the right purchase decisions—it’s that simple.

What We Do

We exhaustively research and recommend a broad range of products and ultimately make a curated list of recommendations from writers with expertise in every product category we cover. We do receive an affiliate commission on some products that we recommend if you click through to the retailer’s site and make a purchase.

After we publish an article, we don’t just forget about it. Our team is relentless when it comes to updating and keeping our existing recommendations fresh, accurate, and helpful. Our recommended products are budget-friendly, and we’re not loyal to any one specific retailer or brand. We make it a point to source recommendations from reliable companies who deliver exemplary customer service so that you can have a seamless shopping experience.

Please note that all products, including those we review and recommend, may, from time to time, be subject to recalls or revised use recommendations. Therefore, we urge you to monitor any official announcements here https://www.cpsc.gov/Newsroom/ that may be related to the products you purchase.

We usually review over-the-counter products. Our writers also review medical statements, claims, and recommendations. However, you should consult your healthcare team to determine if a specific product—especially a food, supplement, or medication—is right for you.

We also know how frustrating it can be to do your research on a product only to add it to your cart and see that it’s out of stock. We try to mitigate this by having dedicated editors check availability daily to provide you with the best user experience possible.

Why You Should Trust Us

The product recommendations from ParenthoodTimes are purely editorial. Our team never takes free samples for reviews, nor lets retailers, public relations firms, or salespeople dictate our content and product coverage. Instead, we do the heavy lifting ourselves by tapping into our network of experts and testers to help you make smarter purchases and avoid that dreaded buyer’s remorse.

How We Select Products

We aim to select the safest and most effective products on the market. This means we do our homework to ensure that the products we recommend meet specific criteria, especially when it comes to supplements, makeup, and skincare products. We work hard to be transparent about why we recommend certain skincare products and offer you easy-to-comprehend information to help you select the best product for your needs.

How We Test Our Products

Our team spends weeks and months evaluating everything from face moisturizer to toothpaste to determine if these products are worth the spend. We typically pick three to five products in the same category to make comparisons, which gives you real insights into how different brands and models measure up against each other. They make sure to capture all the important details to give you the most information before you buy.

You can find our editor’s top pick—under the “Recommended by ParenthoodTimes” tagline to help you make the most informed buying decision. We give you an overall star rating, pros, and cons for each product.

We want to make sure we’re providing you with the most unbiased feedback that we can.

Meet Our Team

Sara Abernethy

Sara Abernethy is a certified wellness coach, counselor, consultant, and lecturer. Helping others is her passion. She uses 25+ years of nutrition & whole-body wellness experience to create content that inspires and informs readers.

Isabella Parenti

Isabella Parenti is a skin care specialist and associate editor of ParenthoodTimes. She has demonstrated expertise in the beauty, health, and wellness industry spanning more than fifteen years.

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If you have questions, comments, or opinions you’d like to share with our team of editors, please feel free to email us at [email protected]