UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz

UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz Comparison 2023: Which One is Better?

UPPAbaby is a big name for baby strollers and has won high praise from parents with its outstanding products. No wonder the UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista are some of the popular products for the brand.

From the outlook, one would be mistaken to think these two are similar in every aspect. Indeed, some people think that Cruz is a smaller version of the Vista. On the contrary, several features set them apart, and perhaps you’re at a crossroads wondering whether to buy the Cruz or Vista.

We have done a ton of research into the two fabulous UPPAbaby strollers to see which one is the best.

In the end, we found that both UPPAbaby strollers are excellent, but there are some key differences between them. If you have a large family, the UPPAbaby Vista’s size and weight will suit you better compared to the UPPAbaby Cruz. While the UPPAbaby Vista is pricier than the UPPAbaby Cruz, the Vista comes with additional configurations, such as a bassinet for overnight sleeping. Having said that, the UPPAbaby Vista is our favorite of the two.

To get started, let’s take a look at the two products.


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UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista


UPPAbaby Cruz

UPPAbaby Cruz


In this Uppababy Vista vs Cruz comparison guide, you can explore the features, distinct characteristics, similarities, price, and everything else you need to know. Let’s roll right into the discussion.

UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz: Comparison at a Glance

UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz


The Vista stroller has an overall dimension of 36×25.7×39.5 inches when unfolded, 17.3×25.7×33 inches when folded with a seat attachment, and 16.8×25.7×33 inches folded without a seat attachment.

On the flip side, Cruz has an overall dimension of 24x17x34 inches. Clearly, from the measurements, the Vista is larger, wider, and longer than the Cruz.

The differences in size are attributed to the fact that Vista’s is a double stroller, whereas Cruz is a single stroller. What does this mean? Let’s find out.

The Vista turns into a double stroller and comes with a rumble seat. The design reveals an upper adapter for attaching the normal seat, whereas there’s a lower adapter where you can attach a rumble seat and convert it into a double stroller.

Both strollers have seats for toddlers. The rumble seat is the most notable feature of the Vista and is a duplication of the larger toddler seat. It’s designed for fitting on the lower end of the stroller and requires adapters for attachment.

As a bonus feature, it’s smaller and weighs less, and the good news is that the rumble seat comes with the package.

Converting into a double stroller is easy, and at the point of assembly, you’ll notice there’s a little hinge at the lower adapter for attaching the rumble seat. You can adjust the height of the toddler seat using the upper adapter.

After attaching the rumble seat, you’ll discover that it has everything like the upper seat, such as the canopy, peekaboo window, and UV protection. When collapsing the seat, you need to detach the rumble seat.

Seating Options (toddler seat, rumble seat, bassinets, and car seats)

Both strollers are full-sized for toddlers; however, as noted earlier, the Vista is a double stroller and has several seating options. On the other hand, Cruz is a single stroller that has limited seating options.

By seating options, we mean the number of seats a stroller can accommodate at the same time.

Vista can support two seats, two bassinets, two car seats, or a combination of both seats. However, Cruz is a single stroller, so it can only accommodate one seat at a time.

  • MESA Infant Car Seat

The UPPAbaby MESA Seat is an outstanding feature that works well with both strollers. Fundamentally, the front area is convertible to a car seat for both strollers.

The advantage of the MESA Infant car seat is that the mounting is easy, and you’ll not need any adapters. However, attaching the car seat to the stroller is the main difference. It’s pretty easy for Vista since you can combine it with another seat option due to the double stroller design.

For instance, you can mount the car seat alongside the rumble or toddler seat on the upper section. However, this is not possible for Cruz since you must remove any other seating option before attaching the car seat.

For both, the car seat is an accessory you can purchase separately from the UPPAbaby brand; however, you can get others from different brands as long as they’re compatible.

Examples of compatible brands include Maxi-Cosi and Chico, which require the use of adapters for attachment.

  • Bassinet

The Bassinet is a great addition to the Vista stroller. However, Cruz doesn’t have a bassinet in the package, so you can buy one as an accessory.

The Bassinet is approved for overnight sleep, and it’s a multi-use product you can use at home with a bassinet stand. The Vista bassinet is wider and has a large mattress cushion for maximum comfort.

Additionally, it consists of an eco-friendly material on the inside and a little window-like opening on the bottom that you can open to improve aeration.

Something else to add is the canopy cover that protects from UV sun rays thereby addressing the safety concerns of most parents.

The back has a zip opening for more air circulation, which makes it an ideal choice during summer.

Likewise, during winter, the bassinet is warm and cozy for the baby. Removing the bassinet from the stroller is a breeze since there’s a button that you can push with your fingers.

The bottom line is, although Cruz doesn’t have a bassinet, you can always consider purchasing one and attaching it to the stroller as an alternative seat.

  • The Toddler and Rumble Seat

As a double stroller, the Vista can accommodate the toddler and the rumble seat. However, there’s little difference between the two seats in terms of design.

Both are designed with little babies in mind. The stroller seat has buttons that enable the seat to go in either direction. This way, your baby can look at you or in front.

The recline is adjustable for both the Vista and the Cruz models, and you can add a snug seat to make it a full recline for a newborn baby.

Both toddler and rumble seat has a peekaboo window opening above, which you can toggle snaps easily. It allows fresh air to flow, and if you’d like more air, you can flip it.

Additionally, the canopy has a UV protection air mesh on the back for ventilation purposes and to boost breathability. On the same, there is a second peekaboo window on the front.

  • Under-Seat Basket

The under-seat basket is a common feature for the two strollers. This small pocket has a unique design that is quite larger and fits the rain shield.

UPPAbaby seems to have upgraded its version of the under basket, which is now larger and spacious and can accommodate up to thirty pounds. Lastly, the storage size for the baskets is the same for either stroller.

  • Baby Seat Compatibility

Although both packages don’t include a newborn seat, you can add a snug to make it newborn-compatible, so the baby lies flat.

  • Piggyback Attachment

For Vista, if you’d like another toddler to ride, you can add a piggyback, an extra accessory. The toddler will simply ride along. However, this feature is absent in the Cruz model.


The adjustability of either stroller brings convenience to use for new parents. On design, both have a handlebar with adjustable height options. Therefore, depending on your height, you can set your options for both your comfort and that of the baby.

Regarding storage, both models are foldable and collapse easily into a compact design that stands on its own, thanks to the push buttons. Again, you won’t have to worry about the material getting dirty during storage since you’ll only need to turn the stroller upside down.

The only downside noted for both options is that they need handles to help lift the strollers; hence, you may need help handling the weight.

The difference manifests in how one folds the two strollers for storage or transport. For Cruz, you need to pull out the handlebar; for Cruz, you push it inwards.

To sum it up, the Vista has a wider fold due to its large size compared to the Cruz.


A baby stroller is a great product for you and the baby. However, most parents worry about assembly and disassembly. UPPAbaby strollers have a good reputation when it comes to initial setup. Right from the box, it’ll take you only a few minutes to have everything together.

To lock and unlock, you’ll only need to activate the little latches or buttons. Assembly is easy since there’s a little latch when you turn, it opens up again. Additionally, locking the wheels is easy since you only need to push a button inside and adjust the footrest.

Durable Structure

Unlike most models on the market, UPPAbaby strollers are remarkably sturdy and durable. The main body of the Cruz and Vista is made of a durable aluminum frame that is sturdy enough to handle the body weight.

The highlight of this is the shiny and elegant powder coating that protects the aluminum frame from rust. Therefore, the product will stay as new for many years to come and be passed to generations.

The seats are made of durable materials that are resistant to wear, and without a doubt, UPPAbaby strollers are durable, classy, and value for money.

  • Polyurethane wheels

The structure of the UPPAbaby strollers also consists of durable polyurethane wheels, which are premium grade. These support the stroller’s body and the weight of the baby.

When it comes to wheels suspension, they are well built and allow for easy roll and push. The suspension is reinforced by larger wheels, which are easy to lock, and the difference lies in the wheels’ size.

For Vista, the wheels are larger than those of the Cruz model. The front tires have a dimension of 8 inches and 11.5 inches for the back wheels with a suspension for maneuverability.

For Cruz, the wheels are smaller at 6.4 inches for the front tires and 8.5 inches for the back wheels. There is a difference, though, since their back wheels don’t have a wheel suspension.

However, the current 2022 Cruz model has larger wheels than its predecessors. Nonetheless, Vista still takes the trophy as far as size is concerned.

  • Canopy

As for the canopy, there is not much difference between the Vista and Cruz. For both strollers, the modern version has a new canopy, which is all extendable, unlike the old version with a silver pull-out option.


You may think that both strollers have different weight capacities due to the differences in design. On the contrary, the weight difference is small or insignificant.

The Vista weighs 27 pounds and can accommodate babies weighing up to 50 pounds. Although the Cruz can accommodate up to 50 pounds, it weighs 25.5 pounds.


Obviously, the Vista costs more than Cruz since it’s a double stroller, larger with more features and more advantages. Cruz costs less and is the right choice for parents on a budget.

Style and elegance

Both are available in different color options, and you can pick one that suits your style.


uppababy vista



uppababy cruz

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista: What is Included in Each Set?

UPPAbaby Vista Set

The UPPAbaby Vista set comes with the following things:

  • A toddler seat
  • A bassinet with a storage bag
  • A bumper bar
  • A sturdy frame with foam-filled front and rear wheels
  • Two important accessories: a bug shield and one rain cover

UPPAbaby Cruz Set

The UPPAbaby Cruz set includes the following items:

  • A toddler seat
  • A strong frame made with aluminum alloy 
  • The toddler seat is equipped with both a rain shield and a bug shield 
  • A bumper bar

UPPAbaby Cruz Vs. Vista: Who’s the Ultimate Winner

The Cruz and Vista are incredible options, as noted in our review. Both are good choices for families, and there’s no clear winner as your pick entirely depends on the family size and budget.

UPPAbaby strollers are of high quality, durable, and a must-have for families with small babies. Vista UPPAbaby stroller is designed for families with more than one child. For instance, if you have twins or two small children with little age difference, it’s an excellent choice.

Vista is a sturdy double stroller that can accommodate two babies at the same time. You can carry one child in the upper seat option and the other in the rumble seat. Also, it allows for convertibility and gives you the opportunity of using two seats simultaneously.

Conversely, the Cruz is a single stroller recommended for smaller families with one child. Also, if you’re looking for a budget option, then it’s an excellent choice.

The Bassinet is an excellent choice that comes with the Vista stroller. However, if you have settled on the Cruz baby stroller, there’s no harm in buying it as an extra accessory.

Although there are price differences between the two products, it doesn’t mean that Cruz is of inferior quality to the Vista. It boils down to the extra benefits of Vista that are absent in Cruz. We highly recommend Cruz for small families on a budget.

When picking a stroller for use on different terrains, the Vista is a good pick due to the larger wheels and the all-wheel suspension at the front and back tires.


UPPAbaby has come a long way in providing durable baby products; even better, they keep upgrading their strollers with premium features.

Whereas Cruz is a single stroller for small families, the Vista model has wider adjustability to support different family needs.

It’s an expensive option that requires users to add more accessories, such as an adapter, rumble seat, car seat, and piggyback. Also, if you have storage space issues, you can go for Cruz.

That’s the end of our UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz comparison. You can now decide on what to buy between the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista based on the above-mentioned differences and similarities.

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