Best Baby Hair Growth Products

5 Best Baby Hair Growth Products of 2023

Barely any noticeable hair or bald spots are more common during the first few months of a newborn. If not affected by issues like autoimmune diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and fungus infections, most babies get their hair back by their 1st birthday. But what can you do if it seems your baby’s hair growth is a little slower than usual?

The good news is there are ways to safely speed up hair growth in babies. Let’s look at a few tips recommended by baby hair experts.

  • Cleanse the hair using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo designed for babies. Also, limit bathing your little bundle of joy to a couple of times a week.
  • Look for a light, non-greasy baby oil to massage your baby’s scalp.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your baby’s hair.

Adding a few hair care products to the baby’s regular hair care routine may actually help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. After speaking to several hair care experts, we have found some practical tips and product recommendations that can boost hair growth in babies while ensuring a clean and hygienic scalp.

Best Baby Care Products For Healthy Hair Growth

Here are some expert-picked baby care products that can promote healthy hair growth:

Okay | 100% Pure Coconut Oil

Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, coconut oil is considered one of the best options for baby hair care. If you are looking for baby oil for hair growth, we recommend 100% Pure Coconut Oil from Okay.

Okay’s 100% Pure Coconut Oil is made from the pure and natural extract of coconuts, not to mention it’s free from any additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Due to its natural and gentle properties, it works well with sensitive baby scalps and most hair types.

Cradle cap and similar scalp conditions can affect hair growth in babies. Coconut oil is also known for its conditioning properties and is often used to treat the cradle cap in babies. Hence, regular use of coconut oil can help improve hair and scalp health.

Since this oil acts as a great moisturizer, new moms can also use it to ease the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

SheaMoisture Baby Wash and Shampoo

Keeping your baby’s scalp clean is crucial to prevent the build-up of oils and specks of dirt that can clog the hair follicles and interfere with hair growth. Hence, experts recommend using a gentle baby shampoo once or twice a week to wash a baby’s hair. 

We recommend the SheaMoisture Baby Wash and Shampoo. What makes this baby shampoo an ideal choice is its nourishing formula. The formula is enriched with natural goodness like raw shea, chamomile, and argan oil. Also, thanks to the inclusion of frankincense and myrrh, it works both as a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Most parents love the gentleness of the product for delicate baby skin.

Johnson’s Baby Oil

Hair oil is known for stimulating blood flow, which can promote healthy hair growth. After every bath, you can use baby oil to massage your baby’s scalp gently. Johnson’s Baby Oil cushions your baby’s delicate skin from dryness, leaving it soft and hydrated. That is why many new parents also use it for pregnancy stretch marks prevention.

Johnson’s hypoallergenic formula contains a powerful blend of shea and cocoa butter with proven nourishing and conditioning properties. The formula is powerful but gentle enough to use on the whole body. In addition, most parents like its lovely, light fragrance.

Mustela Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel

Another highly recommended baby hair growth product is the Mustela Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel. This plant-based cleanser is specifically formulated for the delicate scalp and skin of babies. That means it can be used on the whole body.

It’s packed with naturally derived ingredients like Avocado Perseose and Vitamin B5 for keeping the baby’s fine hair and skin soft as well as moisturized. Also, the gel is free from parabens, phthalates, and other potentially harmful chemicals, making it a safe and gentle option for a baby’s skin. 

Best of all, it can help keep heat rash, baby acne, and Cradle Cap at bay. Please note that it’s a pricey product, but you can use a bottle for a long time.

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo

This medicated shampoo from Happy Cappy is one of the popular choices to treat dandruff and other scalp conditions in babies for several reasons.

First, it contains Pyrithione Zinc, an antibacterial and antifungal compound that helps reduce flaking and scaling. Also, there is Licorice Root Extract to prevent dandruff and itching on the scalp. 

New parents swear by the fact that it works like a miracle for seborrheic dermatitis and fungal acne in babies! Just note that this product is free from fragrance and harsh chemicals that are proven damaging to baby hair and scalp.

When to Consult a Doctor

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there may be a few underlying causes of your baby’s slow (or lack of) hair growth.

  • Some medical conditions, such as anemia or a thyroid disorder, can affect hair growth in babies. 
  • If you notice patchy bald spots with red, flaky scaling, it could imply a contagious fungal infection called tinea capitis or ringworm.
  • Nutritional deficiency or other health issues can lead to unusually brittle or dry hair over your child’s head.

In any of these cases, you should take expert advice to determine the cause and get appropriate treatment.

The Bottom Line

Very often, genetics influence hair growth and texture in babies. Some are born with thick, curly hair, while others have thin, straight hair.

So do not worry if your newborn baby has very little hair or is completely bald. It is completely normal for babies to vary in the amount of hair they have at birth and in the following months.

Instead of feeling burdened with the hair dilemma, take the time to enjoy this magical first few months of parenthood with your baby.

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