Post-Baby Body Reality

The Post-Baby Body Reality and Ways To Accept Yourself

A lot of us raise concerns about the changes a woman’s body goes through after having a baby. To familiarize yourself with the post-baby body reality, we have compiled a list of real post-pregnancy body pictures that show what the post-baby body looks like.

The Post-Baby Body Reality

Motherhood is a major transition. It changes you physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and philosophically. However, your post-baby physical body changes depend a lot on your individual body type, reaction to delivery, breastfeeding, etc. The truth is it will never go back to the previous normal. Instead, you will have a new normal. Here are some harsh realities about the post-baby body.

You gain weight. And to make the matter worse, your shoes and clothes no longer fit.

@sarahbaughen shared an uncomfortable truth about the post-baby body, “I know that no matter how much weight I lose, that lose skin sag will still be there, and that’s still something I’m finding hard to accept. I still have a decent separation, which although I’ve managed to bring it together a lot, is still very deep and causes that pregnant-looking pooch. But instead of obsessing over all that – I’m going to try and focus on what I HAVE achieved.”

Mom on Instagram

You get acne and stretch marks, maybe worse.

These stretch marks and acne will fade over time but not completely. @kimcheepie wrote, “No jean size is right, no thought kind, and no mirror is forgiving. And if the physical changes weren’t enough, the baby blues arrive just in time to give me mental cloudiness. This is MY dark side of postpartum.”

She further added, “Am I okay every day? No. Do I feel defeated every day? No. Do I HATE my body? Nope. Even in its unconventional beauty, I respect my body and slowly learn to love it.”

Mom on Insta

You keep your hair and then you lose it.

This Mom shared her postpartum hair loss story on Instagram.  She wrote, “Who knows why my postpartum hair loss was so bad with my last pregnancy…stress, hormones, diet…all of the things combined? I’m just happy it’s growing back faster than ever now!!” 

Postpartum Hair Loss

You get bigger and sagging breasts. And you will never look the same again.

This Mom on Instagram put it perfectly, “RIP to all those boobs that used to be perky, round, and wonderful.”

mom on Instagram

How to Accept Your Postpartum Body

Being a mom is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can ever have. However, we often feel overwhelmed by all the nappies and purees and being called just someone’s Mom.  Along with these issues, the struggles of accepting your post-baby body can hit you pretty hard. You start experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, and feelings of insecurity.

Is it possible to fall in love with your postpartum body? Yes! Here are a few powerful tips you can follow to make peace with your postpartum body image struggles.

Remember Who You Are

What did you use to do before you had a baby? What did you use to wear before maternity wear became your everyday choice, even when your baby is already two years old? Having a baby will change your life, but it shouldn’t stop everything. Little things such as wearing mascara, reading a good book, and watching your favorite movies can make a big difference.

Don’t let your dreams drift too far just because your baby is your priority now. You are as important as he/she is. If you aren’t happy, it will affect your little ones too. You can become the mother you’ve always wanted to be. “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are,” says Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.

Find a Support Group

Having a good network of friends and family around you is very important. Not only will they support you on days when you just need a hug from a grownup, but also they can help you to get back into your old hobbies. Perhaps you need a friend to go running with, or perhaps you can ask if they could look after your baby for a few hours so you can recharge your battery. In those situations, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Have fun with your friends. Your priorities might have changed from hanging out with friends to indoor fun with kids, but it doesn’t mean you can’t laugh out loud together and talk about the most outrageous things! Laughter and sunshine are the best medicines in life. Surround yourself with positive and kind people. They can help you improve the downward spiral of self-esteem after pregnancy. 

Push Yourself Outside the Comfort Zone

It is so inspiring to everyone when you go after your goals. Set an example for your little baby that you are willing to take risks and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Include children in your new challenge and let them be part of your journey. Mommy yoga is a great way to start feeling like yourself again after pregnancy. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you aren’t giving up on your dreams just because of motherhood.

Get a little notebook and write your goals down every day. It’s the first and most important step to start working towards your dreams. Completing little things every day, like new running distance, workout programs, or decluttering, is also important for improving your self-esteem after pregnancy. When you do something from start to finish, it will give you a sense of achievement and help you become a confident mom. 

Get Rid of Mommy Guilt

Consider talking about how you feel about your postpartum body. But talk and listen only to people who are close to you. It doesn’t matter what the neighbor next door thinks. This is your journey, not theirs. You know what makes your family happy. And most importantly, you know what makes you happy! Aim to be the best version of yourself, nothing else!

Don’t Judge Yourself on Your Looks

Stop comparing yourself to others! Don’t ever think of your postpartum body as ugly. Fill your head with positive messages about how amazing and unique you are.

Change your perspective. Try to see your body in a positive way. It’s just some extra fat! They will go away eventually. If you want to get rid of the fat faster, consider seeing a physiotherapist for a detailed assessment and individual exercise program.

Don’t ever let negative thoughts bog down your self-esteem. Instead of getting upset about not fitting into your old jeans, buy the right size to fit your new shape. When you wear clothes that fit, it’s pretty easy to feel confident and attractive.

Trust Your Intuition

As new moms or first-time moms, we tend to second guess and stress over every decision we make. These little things make a new mother’s life harder. Instead, feel confident that you’re doing the very best that you can and that you are the very best Mom for your little baby. We all make mistakes. But no one could possibly love and care for your baby the way you do, and when mistakes are made, they are made in love, not malicious intent.  Don’t listen to negative people. They are not worthy of your attention. Surround yourself with positive people. Believe that you are doing your best to raise a good human being.

Also, don’t listen to everybody’s advice about how to lose your baby weight and what food to eat. Some issues like hair loss and stretch marks will fade over time. Combining exercise with healthy eating will also help alleviate other body image issues. Seek help from a nutritionist or trainer if you need it. But don’t force yourself to crash diet or some other quick fixes. It took nine months to get you in the current shape, so it will take at least that much time to regain your pre-pregnancy body.

Take a Break from the Social Media

The perfect post-pregnancy body photos on social media create extra pressure on new moms. We tend to compare ourselves to the Perfect Instagram Moms, and the comparisons leave a real consequence on our self-confidence. It also causes us to miss out on real stories and real connections with real moms. None of us are perfect, but each of us is perfect enough. As long as your baby is happy and thriving, you’re doing a great job.

“But if we want God’s peace and joy, we can’t waste our time trying to be people-pleasers,” suggests Joyce Meyer, author of The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations. Just keep in mind that you have a beautiful little baby, and you are doing the best thing you can be doing for yourself, your body, and your baby right now!! You will get there.

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