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Spectra S1 vs S2 Comparison 2023: Which One is Better?

Spectra brand is world-renowned for its high-quality and hospital-grade breast pumps. The most notable pumps are the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 models.

Are you looking for an electric breast pump and are torn between picking the Spectra S1 or S2? Yes, it can be confusing; but you’re not alone. Lots of parents may not tell the difference between the two breast pumps.

At first instance, everything about them is the same except for the color. Other than color, there are some key differences between Spectra S1 and S2. The Spectra S1 has a rechargeable battery that allows you to pump anytime, anywhere, whereas the S2 doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. That is why it seems that the Spectra S1 is designed keeping in mind working moms, while the S2 is designed for stay-at-home moms. Finally, the Spectra S1 is larger and pricer than S2.

This isn’t everything. There’s more. But worry not; we have a comprehensive review of the Spectra S1 vs. Spectra S2. We’ll slice up everything about these models and bring out the similarities and differences.

Let’s take a look at the two products.


User Rating

Spectra S1 

Spectra S1 


Spectra S2

Spectra S2


Spectra S1 vs S2: Comparison Chart

SPECTRA S1 vs S2 Comparison Chart

Spectra S1 vs S2: Feature Comparison

Beyond the obvious, the two pumps are loaded with features, and by the end of this review, you’ll be able to choose your preferred product. Let’s jump straight into the discussion.

Dimensions and size

When it comes to size, there’s no difference whatsoever. Both versions have an overall dimension of 7.9×7.9×6.7 inches.

Despite the similarities in size, there’s a notable difference in their respective weights. The S1 weighs 1.1kg, while the S2 model weighs 900 grams. As you can see, S2 is much lighter than S1, and we’ll find out shortly why this is the case.

However, the weight difference is too small, and you may not notice the difference.


Both pumps are efficient, and hence you don’t have to worry about insufficient drainage and discomfort. After all, the Spectra brand is top-rated in producing hospital-grade pumps, giving it an edge over the competitors of similar products.

However, the S1 comes with an inbuilt battery, one of its most outstanding features. Conversely, this feature is lacking in the S2 model and hence the difference in weight.

The battery offers a lot of conveniences, such as portability. So you don’t need to connect to an electric output to pump milk.

With the S2, your options are limited, and you may not have the luxury to pump anywhere on the go.


You can easily note the difference between the two pumps just by mere observation. Whereas both have a white body, the holding area has a different color. S1 has a blue color, while S2 is pink.

Both pumps have a closed system that negates the need to clean the tubing. The system efficiently keeps the tubes dry and prevents air from circulating between the tubing and the expressed milk. We found this an efficient method that protects the milk from contamination by viruses, mold, and bacteria.

For baby’s safety, Spectra’s pumps are hospital grade meaning you’ll get more convenience when extracting milk. Their design enables new moms to fill the bottle efficiently and fast with little to no hassle. For your peace of mind, your baby is safe and free from exposure to harmful pathogens and poisoning.

Still, on design, both pumps have a night light feature that illuminates the scene, and thus you can wake up any hour to pump.


Both pumps have an adjustable suction that enables users to set their preferred readings depending on the body’s response.

Additionally, both have timers that will alert you on the duration taken to pump. Typically, a pumping session takes fifteen minutes to allow the bottle to fill. We consider this a plus feature for both pumps since you won’t have to keep on checking whether on the bottle to estimate the level of the milk.

Both pumps have touch buttons that are easy to operate. With the digital control feature, you can program its speed to flow with your body rhythm.

The massage mode lets you have personalized pumping activity by being able to control the digitized screen. Moreover, both pumps automatically switch to different modes that imitate nursing a baby. 

Accordingly, the pumps have twelve suction levels, and thus you can choose one that works best for you. Whether you want the massage let down or expression mode, the suction adjusts to your preference. Even better, you can alternate between the two modes, and this is a good thing for moms who have difficulties getting a letdown during pumping.

Also, you can save the program that you frequently use for ease of follow-up. Being able to customize your settings is time-saving for future pumping needs.

Safety concerns

Safety is a major concern to parents when it comes to choosing nursing supplies, and Spectra Pumps are no exception. No parent would want a product that would eventually harm their baby. Both pumps are made of BPA and DEHP-free materials, and hence this gives you the confidence to shop.

Furthermore, the Spectra brand is owned by women professionals ranging from nurses, consultants, doctors, and more. They have been involved in the design process and hence understand the specific needs of nursing mothers. It gives you another reason to believe in their products.

Ease of use

It’s no rocket science to operate either the S1 or S2 pump. The set-up is easy out of the box and will take you only a few minutes to get started.

You’ll be impressed at how easy the digital control panel is easy to read, understand, and operate. This is good news for a new mommy who has never used a breast pump before.

Single and double models

Breast pumps are either single or double models. The S1 and S2 are versatile in such a way that they can be used as a single pump or double pump.

You can set the device to pump either one breast per session or both breasts simultaneously. Double pumping adds to the convenience of using the Spectra pumps since it’s time-saving when you’re at work.

Easy to clean

It can be a concern when it comes to cleaning the machines. However, the milk doesn’t pass the tubing while pumping since the backflow connector creates a blockage between the pump tubing and the flanges. The closed system means that there’s no need to replace the tubing.

As the milk will get to the filters, it’s vital to clean them thoroughly. Luckily the filters are removable for a quick cleanup.

When cleaning, use gentle soap and warm water. Also, boiling will keep away the germs and bacteria.

Before storage, put them in a steam bag for sterilizing at least every day or week. However, the company does not recommend microwaving since it can cause the cloudiness of the parts.

Quality and durability

The quality of both pumps is top-notch, and you’ll get real value for your money by picking either.

Spectra products are durable and long-lasting, and you can also gift or pass them over to generations. Without a doubt, both S1 and S2 will last many days to come.

One advantage of the closed system is that it adds value to the pump if you want to sell it.

Additionally, hospital-grade pumps are ten times more efficient when compared to regular pumps. Therefore, both S1 and S2 versions stand out from them since they are premium grade, strong and durable.

Besides renting a breast pump from the hospital, you can invest in an S1 or S2 pump and get the same value.

Insurance concerns

Before buying any breast pump, it’s vital to check with your insurance provider about your eligibility to get a free pump.

The same case applies to S1 and S2 pumps. If your company has no such package, then you order from online stores or stores that sell baby products.


Without a doubt, small parts like valves can easily get lost. At times they get ripped and need replacement.

Thankfully you can buy replacements for the Spectra brand. Alternatively, you can get it from Medela, whose parts are compatible with the Spectra pumps.


It can be challenging to find a pump with a powerful motor, and quite often, you may not get the desired milk quantity for the baby.

However, S1 and S2 have powerful built-in motors that can reach an optimal suction rate of 250 mmHg. Hence, you’ll spend less time pumping and get more milk.

If you’re pumping at night, you’d want something discrete, and a quiet pump will give you peace of mind. S1 and S2 pumps are impressively quiet, and no one will know you’re pumping milk.

Users of both pumps appreciate the silence when operating them. There’s no chance that your baby will wake when doing late-night pumping.


What’s in the package?

The package on any product is the ultimate decision to buy or not to buy. However, the package goes hand in hand with price.

The S1 costs more than S2. The high price can be attributed to the battery function that makes portability and functionality a breeze.

Other than that, S1 comes with a value pack consisting of a power adapter, power-cord pongs, two neck bottles, two backflow protectors, two duckbill valves, two tubing, and four flanges.

There’s also a bottle tote and a carry tote for portability. It’s more convenient when traveling with the baby, and you need to pack the items in a bigger bag.

The package for S2 includes a power adapter, power cord prong, two neck bottles, two backflow protectors, two duckbill values, two tubing, and four flanges.

When you compare the packages, everything is the same, apart from the missing tote bags in the S2 pack.

Spectra S1 vs S2: Our Test Result and Recommendations

When deciding on what to buy, there are several things to consider. Different users have different requirements when shopping for a pump. From our review, the Spectra S1 comes across as a highly efficient pump, which costs more.

However, the high price is due to the premium features that make it a convenient pump for breastfeeding moms.

For starters, the battery is a plus feature that lets you pump anywhere. Thus, we recommend the S1 for moms who are on the go since you can pump anywhere without connecting to a power source.

Although it’s heavier than the S2, the difference is insignificant. The tote bags for the pump and bottle make it easier to organize in your carry bag when traveling.

On the other hand, the Spectra S2 is for parents on a budget looking for a reasonably priced pump. If you need a hospital-grade quality pump but would like to save some money, then the S2 is an excellent choice.

The downside of this pump is that it’s not portable since it lacks a battery. Therefore, you can choose it as long as you want to use it at home or where there’s a power source.

The battery life is impressive and lasts approximately three hours. Hence you can pump plenty of milk before the next recharge.

Although the package includes flanges, it may not be possible to get the right size since breast sizes and shapes are different. It can be a challenge to find the right size, especially for new moms.

On the issue of price vs. performance, the Spectra brand is one of the best brands with a unique blend of price and quality.

Despite the differences in price, the pumps are affordable when compared to other brands. They are in high demand, and the majority of mommies will pick Spectra at first instance. Choosing either S1 or S2 comes down to preference.

We highly recommend the S1 if you’d like to use it at work, in a public place, or at night when the baby is sleeping. Although both pumps promise quiet operation, the S1 has a high rating since it combines portability and convenience of use anywhere.

Hence, even as you pump in a public place, you get to enjoy your privacy.

Despite being the most sought brand, spare parts are expensive and not easy to come by. It can add up to the costs, especially if you decide to get replacements from other models.

Finally, we recommend the Spectra S1 considering all the factors.


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Which is the best pump? Spectra S1 or Spectra S2? It all depends on your specific requirements.

Undoubtedly, the S1 is an upgraded version of the S2, and the battery feature is a friend to the rescue since you can pump anywhere.

Mommies can pump in the strangest of places, and this pump is a must-have. However, if you’re looking to save money, the S2 is a good choice. Other than the battery option, color, weight, and price, everything else is similar, and the Spectra pumps are a worthy selection for any mom.

If the battery feature is not an issue, then S2 is a better choice since it’s cheap and you get the same functions as S1.

That’s it; our review of the S1 Vs. S2 reveals that S1 is the clear winner due to convenience and portability. Hopefully, you can now decide between the products depending on your needs and preferences.

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