Best Beginner Piano Keyboards for Kids
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10 Best Piano Keyboards for Kids and Beginners to Learn Piano in 2023

As a parent, we all should encourage our children to play and explore. However, when a kid shows interest in music, most of us get confused about what musical instruments to buy for our kids. Then we start wondering, should I buy a piano keyboard, a drum set, or a guitar for my child? Yes, these are all fantastic choices to start with, but you need to go with one that is easy to learn for beginners and will help learners build a solid foundation in the basics of music. That’s when a piano keyboard becomes the go-to musical instrument for most beginner kids to learn music. 

No doubt that having the ability to play a musical instrument is a wonderful skill that anyone can have, from kids to adults. The beauty of music is that it has a personal touch. It allows us to express what is inside our hearts to the world in more than just words. By providing the opportunity to learn piano from a young age, you are giving your child a priceless gift that will last a lifetime. 

Picking the right piano keyboard is key for both kids and adult beginners. A piano keyboard designed for kids and adult beginners should either come with semi-weighted or weighted keys so that it actually feels like a piano. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 piano keyboards that are best out there for kids and beginners.

Best Beginner Piano Keyboards for Kids

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Beginner Piano Keyboard for Toddlers: Baby Einstein Notes & Keys Magic Touch Wooden Electronic Keyboard Toddler Toy

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If you have a toddler who has shown interest in art and music, we would recommend starting with some fun musical toys like the Baby Einstein Wooden Electronic Keyboard Toddler Toy.

From play mats to baby walkers, Baby Einstein has been crafting unique and creative baby products for decades to promote early childhood play, with each design being of the highest quality standard. This Baby Einstein Wooden Toy Piano comes with piano music sheets, auto-play buttons, and a magic touch feature instead of press-able keys. All of these features make it a perfect first piano keyboard for toddlers older than 2 years of age who are just getting started in music. However, for toddlers under 2 years of age, we recommend the following items. 

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This interactive piano keyboard is well-made. The entire construction is of high-quality wood and plastic to enhance its durability against the carelessness of kids. In the beginning, toddlers will love listening to all the nice songs and melodies. As they grow, they will be more interested in creating their own melodies.

The piano music sheets will make the early learning process easier for kids. It also has color-coded keys that will help them develop the foundation of music. The imaginative and creativity-sparking design will keep both you and your child engaged, especially when you play it together for fun.


  • Magic touch keys to make it fun
  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • Includes music sheets


  • A little on the heavy side for toddlers

Best Beginner Piano Keyboard for Kids: RockJam Keyboard Piano for Beginners

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The RockJam 88-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano is an all-inclusive digital piano keyboard for kids. It comes with all the accessories a beginner child needs to start learning piano. The set includes:


  • A pedal
  • A sitting stool
  • Keynote stickers
  • A keyboard stand
  • The main keyboard
  • A music sheet stand
  • A pair of headphones

This one is perfect for kids to work on their rhythm, musical listening skills, and musical vocabulary. Don’t worry if you have limited space for a piano. Despite all these accessories, it doesn’t take a lot of space. Kids will love it once all the accessories are put together.

This RockJam set also comes with an interactive LCD touch screen that shows which tone, tempo, and rhythm your kid is playing. With a handful of demo songs, the display screen guides kids on which of the 88 keys they need to press to keep playing along. This built-in teaching mode saves a lot of your time while your kid learns to play independently. Starter kids, in particular, will learn to play the piano much faster if properly guided.

This model also features over 100 piano sounds and captivating rhythms for your child to explore and become creative. While exploring different sounds and melodies, they will love listening to their own creations through the inbuilt 5-watt speakers.

Despite all of these features, it is quite affordable as well.


  • Perfect for beginners to start learning piano
  • The set comes with lots of accessories
  • Available in four different versions
  • The stand is adjustable in height


  • The training app is free for only 1-week

Best Beginner Keyboard for Older Kids & Adults To Learn Piano: Yamaha PSR-EW300 76-Key Portable Keyboard 

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With the feel and sound like a real piano, this Yamaha portable piano keyboard with 76-key will be the perfect keyboard to inspire your child’s curiosity and creativity for music. Though it feels like a real piano, it incorporates some modern technology to make it simpler for novice kids to learn piano. It comes with a user manual to assist both kids and youth in exploring all the features offered by the keyboard.

The full-sized keys look and feel like weighted keys even though they aren’t weighted. You will be impressed with the number of built-in bells and whistles that come with it. The songbook includes both built-in songs and illustrated lessons, which will be helpful for independent play in the absence of a tutor. Since it is a digital piano, there’s no tuning necessary. Therefore, beginners can easily utilize its powerful sound system to create detailed and high-quality melodies.

Not only this keyboard has a compact and portable design, but it also comes with a height-adjustable stand that can be easily adjusted to fit both a young child and an adult. The music sheet stand will help read music and support digital devices during the practice. You will love playing this lightweight instrument both indoors and outdoors, as you can power it with batteries.


  • Great sound quality
  • Lots of impressive features
  • Kid-friendly and space-saving design 
  • Touch-sensitive, responsive piano keys
  • Helpful free downloadable learning resources 


  • You need to buy a few accessories separately, such as foot pedals and headphone jack

Beginner Piano Keyboards for Learning

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The reason more and more young kids and youth beginners now want to learn how to play the piano is because there are lots of affordable digital pianos out there. For instance, Yamaha has a great digital piano for learning at a reasonable price, which includes 88 fully-weighted keys. The combination of weighted keys and sleek design makes it feel like a real piano.

The digital piano looks durable and is designed with beginners in mind. You will be highly impressed with the sound quality, making learning piano even more fun. In addition, there are 10 different piano voices to offer a realistic feel during practice. And with the many pages of music sheets, learners of all ages and grades can start working on their piano skills without a piano tutor.

This piano has a compact design and features a volume control panel with only one sample per key and two built-in speakers. Also, it includes a power supply, power adapter as well as a sustain pedal. The built-in headphone jack on the back is very helpful.

This piano looks very appealing to beginners as it is available in elegant black & white color combination. However, it doesn’t include a music stand for mounting the music sheet. Overall, Yamaha p71 is an excellent option for beginners to start learning piano.


  • Compact and stylish design 
  • Great sound quality with 10 different voices 
  • The full-weighted keys make it feel like a real piano
  • The customizable options make learning easy for beginners


  • The sustain pedal seems small and poorly made 

Alesis Recital Digital Piano

If you didn’t know how many keys a full-size keyboard piano has, the Alesis Recital Digital Piano for beginners has them all. It features the complete 88 keys, just like the professional pianos, to enable your kid to learn and play like a pro. It gives beginners the whole idea of what it likes to play a keyboard.

All the 88 keys are highly responsive, which makes this choice a powerful experience. This feature makes it fall in between a touch-sensitive keyboard and fully weighted keys pianos. And with this kind of adaptive feel, your kid will have a natural playing experience.

As a powerful learning tool, this keyboard features a Lesson Mode to practice notes by following along and a Record Mode for your kid to replay his day’s learning efforts. The stereo headphone that comes with the keyboard allows your kid to practice in private without bothering anyone.

Playing this Alesis Recital keyboard is more fun, especially when connecting it to a recorder, mixer, amplifier, or other sound system. Let your kid play be it indoors or outdoors, using either the power adapter or the 6 D-cell batteries.


  • Compatible with power adapter and batteries
  • Built-in speakers deliver good-quality sound
  • Designed for older kids and adult beginners
  • Features lots of educational contents 


  • Customer service isn’t up to the mark

Best Choice Products Beginners Complete Electronic Keyboard Piano Set

This Best Choice Electronic Keyboard Set features an auto-start LCD screen and 61-keys that lights up immediately when pressed! The high-quality and multifunctional LCD screen shows every function you are using.

If your child is a beginner and worried that you need to hire a piano tutor, worry no more! This electronic keyboard set comes with easy-to-follow lessons for novice players. It has a three-step training mode to guide users towards the correct notes, helping you to learn.

Besides learning to play the basics, this model is an excellent choice for kids who just want to create melodies and songs for fun. For beginners, the keyboard set includes a USB port in the back, which users can utilize to play their favorite music and imitate the tunes. What’s more? The set comes complete with a music stand, keyboard stand, music stool, headphones, built-in speakers, and more.

This digital piano keyboard is well-made that will surely last years to come. With the nonslip texture, the keys feel good and comfortable to use. The sound of tunes and effects is excellent to offer your kids a fantastic learning experience.


  • The keyboard stand and bench can be adjusted for convenience 
  • Comes with headphones, a music stand, and a stool
  • Multifunctional LCD screen for direction
  • A complete set for beginners and kids
  • Easy to operate and assemble


  • The keys aren’t weighted

Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano

Comprising 61 keys, the Alesis Melody Keyboard is perfect for kids and youth beginners interested in learning a new acoustic instrument. This digital piano keyboard comes with all the basic features at an affordable price.

The compact digital piano keyboard has an electric powering system so that you can easily run it with a power adapter. In addition, it comes with powerful educational features to help starters learn piano. All the interactive online piano lessons and music sheets are helpful to get youngsters up and running in music. The weight of the keys is another important factor when you need to consider. The keys aren’t weighted and don’t feel like real piano keys. However, the sounds and effects feel realistic.

The quality of the sounds delivered by the built-in speakers is good considering the price. You will love the fact that beginners will get almost all accessories to start their musical journey, such as a bench with 3 adjustable height settings, headphones, a stand, and a microphone. Even the headphones can automatically mute the built-in speakers for private practice sessions. 


  • A good beginner keyboard for learning how to play piano 
  • Includes everything to get started
  • Online piano lessons included
  • Comes at an affordable price 


  • Some customers claim the customer service is unresponsive
  • Not great sound quality

Other Recommended Beginner Piano Keyboards for Learning

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Yamaha PSRE373 Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Yet another Yamaha keyboard for kids on our list. The Yamaha PSRE373 Keyboard will go a long way to teach your kids how to play a keyboard. The styles and sound quality will let your kids enjoy it to the fullest, making it an excellent choice for beginners who wants to learn piano.

As one of our picks for the recommended keyboard for beginners and kids, it offers so much fun for the price point. It comes with 61 touch-sensitive keys, and they are arranged in a way so that your kid can comfortably reach all the keys from one end to another. All the functions are simple to use for kids. The free digital songbook with built-in songs is a plus. There are over 622 stunning voices and a few styles, like a menu on the front panel along with the book.

The sound and build quality of this keyboard are outstanding. Also, the compact and lightweight design of the keyboard makes it super portable. With the backlit LCD screen, your kid can start practicing without needing anyone else in the beginning.

This set is specifically designed for young kids, but adult beginners can share the fun as well.


  • The built-in speakers produce impressive sound
  • It comes with lots of voices and styles 
  • All the presets are fun for young kids


  • The keys aren’t very responsive

Casio CT-X700 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Easy-to-use and simple pianos are suitable for younger kids. These pianos will enable your kid to transit successfully from a beginner piano to a full-size piano. Unlike the regular full-size keyboards, the Casio CT-X700 Keyboard has 61 keys to help beginners quickly move to a more advanced musical keyboard in the future.

The key to learning piano is how to press the right keys at the right time. This keyboard has full-size touch-responsive keys, which most trainers think is the best for beginner kids. But contrary to this opinion, you can train your little pianist whatever you feel will best suit him/her.

The keyboard also includes more than a hundred sounds and built-in songs to start with. Hence, your kid will get an excellent opportunity to practice different sounds and melodies. Moreover, it features a built-in LCD screen to show the notes, making it easier for kids to learn music notation. 


  • Optional battery power option makes it easily portable
  • Built-in songs and lessons to play along with
  • The LCD screen makes it easier to learn
  • Great sound quality and fun for kids


  • Not as practical as advertised

Casio SA-46 -Portable Keyboard

Any keyboard designed for beginners, in particular for toddlers, should be user-friendly, or they will lose interest too soon. The Casio SA-46 -Portable Keyboard allows them to mess with the tones and tempo as it is the right size for a child to operate confidently.

This set has a volume control feature for kids, which is simple to find. Your children will love to showcase their quirky taste in music, even at night, without making it a big deal. The sound quality and the tones are excellent too.

This Casio keyboard is very lightweight for kids to handle or move from one room to another for learning privately. Young children can also take it outdoors conveniently, as there are 4AA batteries as an alternate power source. And don’t worry about wasting power since it comes with an automatic shut-off feature that shuts down the keyboard after about 5 minutes of inactivity.

This keyboard is worth its value for the money. It comes with lovely preset tunes to grow your child’s interest in music. It’s excellent for beginners who want to learn the piano basics before committing to a full-size keyboard.


  • Fun for kids as well as young beginners
  • A wide range of sound presets
  • Easy to use features
  • Lightweight design


  • Power supply not included

Best Piano Keyboards for Kids and Beginners

Questions & Answers

What age is ideal for a child to start piano lessons?

There is no right age to start piano lessons for kids. However, the standard age, from when most kids start playing, is typically between the ages of 6 and 9-years-old.

Some kids younger than 6 might also be ready for piano lessons. Make sure your kid can recognize numbers and follow instructions before they begin to take piano lessons.

Though there are many benefits of learning piano at a young age, it is important that your child shows a passion for playing it. Hence, choosing a good starter keyboard is also crucial.

How do you choose a piano keyboard for kids?

There are a few crucial things you should consider before buying:

1. You have probably heard that the more the number of keys, the better. But that shouldn’t be the case for a kid’s keyboard. While a regular piano comes with 88 keys, keyboards with keys between 25 to 61 are recommended for kids.

2. The sound of a piano keyboard should be interesting and wonderful. This feature is important for all-level players. Check the user comments in the reviews section to gauge the sound quality of in-built speakers.

3. Many brands, such as Yamaha, RockJam, Alesis, and Casio, design piano keyboards for kids. Choose a keyboard that comes with a variety of features/sounds for kids. It is wise to invest in a good quality keyboard but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to buy an expensive keyboard in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Each of the instruments on our list has something to offer to kids and beginners. Even the ones that seem to have simple features will go a long way in perfecting the skills needed to play a piano keyboard. Learning takes a different angle for everyone, and the design you choose will help shape the piano player your little one will become.

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