Best Scooter for Teenagers

10 Best Scooter for Teenagers and Youth Beginners in 2023

Nowadays, scooting has been a popular transportation medium among teens. As they see their siblings and friends are having fun with their own scooters, they start to think, “why not get my own?” After all, there are scooters for teenagers on the market, and they are super affordable too.

Whether you want to buy a good stunt scooter or trick scooter, there is one. There are a few factors you should consider while buying a scooter as you don’t want to buy a new brand every year. We have done the hard work for you. In this discussion, we have rounded up the 10 best scooters for teenagers and beginners. Keep reading.

Best Scooter for Teenagers and Youth Beginners

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Scooter for Teenage Girls and Boys: Lascoota Scooters for Teens and Adults

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When shopping for a scooter, the first thing you should consider is the quality of the wheels. You’d want to be sure that the ride is smooth and will not cause trouble while riding. We recommend the Lascoota Scooters since it meets all these requirements. It’s safe, has an extra-wide deck for stability and weight balance.

The scooter is well-built, comprising durable aluminum and steel. Furthermore, it comes with rubber handles for maximum comfort.

We love the quality of the brakes, which enhances the reliability of this scooter. Moreover, the dual front suspension system ensures steadiness and improves performance even on rough pavements.

The scooter comes fully ready to use, so it eliminates the hassle of assembling after purchase. When it arrives, get it out of the box and start cruising around.

Another thing to add is that it’s fitted with a carry strap for easy carriage. Besides, it folds to a compact size, making it easy to carry around and store.

This piece of equipment grows with teenagers as it has an adjustable bar with four adjustable heights to suit the rider’s height. Also, it’s stylish and comes in six unique designs to suit your preference. Lastly, for the safety of other users, you can fit a brake light.


  • Study and excellent for teenagers, even strong enough for grown-ups
  • It comes with bigger wheels for better gliding
  • Adjustable and comfortable handlebar


  • A little harder to fold

Best Scooter for Youth Beginners: Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter

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Getting a scooter that can withstand all-weather roads may not be easy. Choosing from many brands in the market may confuse you. You can select Mongoose Expo Scooter, which is specially designed for sandy roads or rough terrains.

This scooter is made of thick tires which can even cruise in grassy fields and loosely graveled pavements.

It features a wide deck measuring 14″ x 4″ to ensure the feet stay comfortable and balanced. The handlebar is adjustable by 3″.

Kids usually get attracted to fancy and striking designs. This scooter is stylish with a BMX-style handlebar and axle pegs. The front and rear caliper brakes are also easy to apply as they provide enhanced safety and control.

The scooter is an excellent choice for a kid between 6 and 9 years old with a maximum weight of 220 lbs. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The wide deck design is there for added balance and stability.

You can’t compare this scooter with a regular skate wheel scooter as it features 2 axle pegs. These enable riders to divert and venture even into sidewalks.


  • The air-filled tires ensure a good riding experience 
  • It comes in three different colors
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Poor braking performance 

Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers & Youth: Razor E300 Electric Scooter

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Looking for the best electric scooter for teenagers? Razor E300 with a 250-watt motor is a good choice. The powerful motor of Razor E300 can reach the top speed easily even when climbing hills or cruising on rough surfaces. 

It cruises at an incredible speed of 15 mph, which means the machine can easily climb hills without affecting the speed and performance. The best part is that it has two 12V rechargeable battery systems with an average battery life of 40 minutes.

This scooter has 10-inch wide pneumatic tires, which are great for comfortable rides on all surfaces. The frame is well-made and sturdy enough to accommodate both teens and adults up to 100kg. Best of all, the all-steel frame can withstand the beating of teenagers even on rough terrains.

This scooter comes with twist-grip acceleration control, a hand-controlled rear brake, and a retractable kick start. All of these guarantee a safe ride for beginners. If you encounter an obstacle, you can easily bring the scooter to a halt using the front hand-operated brakes.

You will experience less noise while riding. The speed of this scooter allows users to have fun. Teen and adult riders will experience a thrilling ride with this scooter. 


  • 24-volt rechargeable battery lasts long 
  • The inflated tires offer a smooth ride
  • It has a top speed of 15mph


  • It isn’t foldable

Scooter for Teenagers and Beginners

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

If your child is old enough to transition from kid scooters to teen scooters, Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter will be an excellent choice. Whether your child is 12 years old or 14 years old, this Razor scooter will be a thrill to ride. The height is adjustable to meet your child’s growing needs, and it serves both short and tall riders comfortably.

The scooter is sturdy, thanks to the super-strong deck that allows weight up to 220 pounds. Additionally, the extra-large urethane wheels offer smooth and enjoyable rides. Notably, it’s made of high-quality aluminum material to make it last longer. Also, it allows your child to cruise around with comfort, safety, and stability.

This scooter is easy to fold, thus super convenient while traveling. Besides, it’s lightweight, so your teenage child can easily carry it around. Its stylish design is appealing to teenagers, and it features bold colors and eye-catching graphics.

The handle is made of soft foam material to offer a non-slide grip and extra comfort. Its rear fend brake allows quick and smooth slowing or halting without compromising the safety of the rider. Finally, the rider can bring it to a halt abruptly in case of emergency or swift turn.


  • Sturdy and stylish deck design
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to fold and carry


  • No tools for tightening anything

Swagtron K8 Titan Folding Commuter Kick Scooter

When your child has outgrown the old scooter, it’s vital to budget for a single scooter rather than buying a new one from time to time. Fortunately, several brands offer excellent quality scooters for teenagers; Swagtron is one of them.

First of all, this scooter has a unisex design and safe to ride on. It’s easy to unfold, and with a height-adjustable design, you can choose the right height for your growing child.

The Swagtron is lightweight and easily foldable. Hence, this makes it easy to carry around and store. We love the sleek yet stylish design that teenagers will adore.

It’s strong enough to support up to 2210lbs and flexible enough to deliver a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces.

Swagtron Scooter is travel-friendly as you can fold in three simple steps and fit it in a small space. Thus, this allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle even when on the go.

Without a doubt, there’s no other scooter that can beat Swagtron K8 on sleekness and functionality.


  • The handle grips are water and sweat-resistant 
  • The adjustable height mechanism works fine
  • Folding and unfolding is easy 


  • You might want to replace the smaller wheels for a smooth ride

SKIDEE Scooters for Teens for Teenagers and Adults

If you’re looking for a lightweight scooter for your teenage kid, consider this scooter from Skidee. It is super affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy this scooter. Taking a look at the price, you might think it’s made cheaply. But that’s not the case.

The first thing that we like about this scooter is that it’s sturdy and safe for teenagers and beginner riders. The frame of this scooter consists of heat-treated aluminum with alloy steel. It makes the scooter sturdy while keeping all the joints firmly in place despite heavy use. Likewise, the well-made deck is slip-resistant and wide enough to accommodate the feet comfortably.

For optimal comfort, the handle grips are covered with rubber to make them comfortable on the palm. Both beginners and experts can ride this scooter due to its excellent balance and stability.

Teenagers will love the lightweight yet compact design of this scooter, which allows them to carry it around easily. The wheels are made of high-quality material to make them sturdy and durable. They also enable the rider to have a smooth and fast ride on any surface.

The flex brake in this scooter eliminates any rattle when riding. To conclude, the reinforced neck profile and strong bars hold up when you apply tricks.


  • The scooter comes with high rebound PU wheels for a smooth riding experience
  • Three different cool colors to choose from 
  • Good for beginners to try basic stunts


  • Some users claimed that the bearings start to make noise after a few months of use

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Children develop enthusiasm in scooters even at a very early stage. It’s a habit they pick from older siblings. However, Razor has a uniquely designed scooter that both older kids and teens will love. 

Your child will enjoy cruising with this 3-wheeled scooter. All the wheels have low-angle trailing casters that allow a spectacular display of drifting and spinning. Worth noting is the unique rear wheel design which provides enhanced traction and carving. The front wheels also offer stability when riding on rough terrains. The wheels are larger than regular wheels and are securely bound to prevent accidents or falling off.

It will grow with your kid up to the teenage years. The color of this scooter is vibrant. The hand-operated front brake enhances the reliability of this scooter.

The heavy-duty deck has an anti-skid surface to prevent the feet from sliding. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, especially during travel or to store.

Your child will have an easy time controlling this scooter, thanks to the soft rubber grips. It helps your child maintain balance at all times. This scooter is suitable for kids 6 years old and up.


  • The large pneumatic front wheel ensures a smooth ride 
  • Designed keeping in mind control and comfort
  • 3-wheeled scooter for older kids and teenagers


  • The back wheels need to tighten a little

Other Recommended Scooter for Teenagers and Beginners

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CITYGLIDE C200 Kick Scooter for Adults, Teens

If you are looking for a scooter to ride on rough roads or pavements, you’ll need a scooter that can glide smoothly on rough terrains without compromising on safety and performance. The CITY GLIDE C200 scooter is what you need.

First and foremost, this scooter is foldable and easy to carry around. It features an adjustable bar height mechanism to accommodate different heights and age groups. This bar stretches from 37 to 40 inches.

The scooter comes with big wheels, which are made of PU materials. Therefore, it’s good enough to accommodate your grown-up child. Also, there is a one-touch folding mechanism that allows collapsing the scooter to a more convenient size. Apart from being lightweight, it occupies very little space when it comes to storage and portability.

The scooter features soft foam handles, which are comfortable on your palms. The deck is made of high-grade aluminum. It’s designed with responsive rear nylon brakes for extra safety while the bearings ensure a smooth ride. Also, you can glide faster, even on bumpy pavements.

This scooter requires no extra tool for set-up as it comes assembled. The reflective sticker on the front is a plus since it ensures the rider is safe even when visibility is not very clear.


  • The wheels and bearing are great for any urban terrain
  • Super easy and compact folding
  • USA-based customer service


  • The locking mechanism could be better

Hurtle Scooter for Teenager

Though scooters are popular among kids, teenagers also find them fun and convenient for moving from one point to another. When buying a scooter for your teenager, opt for one that is designed for younger kids or teenagers. The Hurtle scooter’s advantage is that it serves both older kids and teenagers due to the adjustable height mechanism.

This scooter comes with a lightweight alloy deck and high rebound PU wheels, which guarantee smooth glide. A wide concave deck will make riding comfortable for beginners. Maintaining proper balance is also easy because of the wide design. Moreover, the deck can hold a weight of up to 220 lbs.

It has solid and high-quality bearings and a reliable, powerful braking system for safety. Maneuvering and controlling the scooter is easy, even on rough surfaces. With the adjustable handlebar, you can choose the right height that suits your needs. The T-bar handle is covered with rubber to ensure comfort and a good grip. 

Hurtle Scooter is popular with the youth due to its graffiti and multiple color options. Other features worth noting are the foot stand, front suspension, and folding buttons. There are also the reinforced fork features and mudguard protection, which are necessary for overall safety.

Lastly, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport. It is also affordable and can grow with the kid. Certainly, you won’t regret investing in this scooter.


  • The wide deck is excellent for tricks and slides
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Good control and stability


  • Some users reported quality issues

Fast 88 Scooter

Teenagers love showcasing different tricks and stunts. Why not buy your teenager a scooter so that he can show his skills? The Fast 88 Scooter is foldable and easy to carry, so it doesn’t restrict your teenager from cruising around.

The first thing to note is it comes with disc brakes to offer the rider better controllability. It also prevents accidents when faced with obstacles ahead. It has a wide deck and a strong handlebar. Also, you can adjust the height depending on each rider’s height.

This two-wheel handheld kick scooter looks fashionable. Its design minimizes instances of skidding and ensures the safety of the rider. The big wheels are fantastic on rough terrains, so riders can ride smoothly without losing balance and stability.

The frame is made of aluminum and lightweight for easy portability. The easy folding of the scooter addresses not only portability but also storage convenience. Consequently, it takes only a small space when folded.

The Fast 88 scooter offers excellent value for the price since it can grow with your child. Because of gigantic wheels, there is enough room for the feet. Thus, it’s easy to control and an ideal option for beginners. Though it’s cheap, it doesn’t compromise on its quality.


  • Bigger wheels for a smooth ride over rough terrains
  • Easy and super-fast folding system 
  • It comes with a cute little kickstand


  • The deck is not wide enough for adults

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Best Scooter for Teenagers & Youth

Questions & Answers

What type of scooter is best for teenagers?

There are three most common types of scooters. Know about each of them before choosing the right item.

Two-Wheel Scooter

Riding a two-wheeled scooter isn’t that easy. If your child already knows how to ride a scooter, then a two-wheel scooter will be a good option. Young kids won’t take long to learn scooting, even if you buy them a two-wheeled scooter. This type of scooter usually comes with handlebars that are easy to adjust.

Three-Wheel Scooter

These are best for kids who have just started learning to ride. Not only are they super affordable but also the safest. They usually offer good balance and stability for beginner riders.

Electric Scooter

This type is also great for teens and adults. They come with a rechargeable battery inside. They are primarily designed for riding long distances.

How to choose the best scooter for teenagers?

Keep in mind a few crucial factors:

Size of wheels

Choose models with big wheels. Bigger wheels usually offer a smoother ride while riding in urban areas.


Will the scooter be used for trying tricks, stunts, or transportation? Know the answer before making a decision.


Try not to buy hugely-discounted scooters for your children. It is better to go for a quality scooter, even if it costs a few extra bucks.


Clearly, the best scooter for teenagers and beginners is one that guarantees safety to your child. It should be high-quality and able to withstand different surface conditions. You can also consider an adjustable scooter that is easy to carry or transport. Above everything else, the scooter should be easy to use, especially for beginners. Hopefully, you can now shop for the best product effortlessly.

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